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Championship Hawai’i basketball teams to be honored at UH on March 28

The University of Hawaii men's basketball team defeats Long Beach State and captures the championship of the 2016 Big West Tournament at the Honda Center, Anaheim, CA on March 12, 2016. Photo: Brandon Flores.

The University of Hawai’i men’s and women’s basketball teams will be honored at a special rally on Monday, March 28, at 12:30 p.m. at the Campus Center Courtyard on the UH-Manoa campus.

The UH men’s and women’s teams won Big West Conference Tournament championships within hours of each other on March 12 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. As a result, the Rainbow Warriors and Rainbow Wahine both participated in the NCAA Championship Tournament.

The UH men’s team made program history with a 77-66 first-round upset victory over Cal on March 18 in Spokane, Wash. It was the first NCAA Tournament win for the program. The Warriors had another valiant effort in the second round, but were eventually eliminated by Maryland.

The UH women’s team lost its first round NCAA Tournament game at UCLA on March 19.

Players and coaches from both teams are expected to attend the rally, along with the pep band and cheerleaders.

The public is invited to attend.


  1. We thank these good athletes!! I think it will make anothet great sendoff. Last 2 years terrific recognition.emotion and team warrior strength. Quite amazing run for Dyrbe to Quincy!! Another standing ovation. Then done prepare for next year of life!!

  2. Good job Men AND wahine!!

  3. This is dumb from a marketing standpoint if this supposed to be THE public celebration. If it’s just a school pep rally, fine. But if it’s it meant to be the celebration for the public, for the supporters and season ticket holders of UH Men’s Basketball? On a school day in the middle of the day? There will be no parking and most people will be at work. Not to mention the venue is limiting. If they’re gonna do a middle of the day thing, they should have done (too late now) a parade during spring break through downtown Honolulu (kids could have come because of spring break and adults from downtown there). Or, how about they delay next Friday night’s Volleyball game by an hour and have a ceremony before the game and raise the flags for basketball and at the same time pack the house for Men’s Volleyball?

  4. I like the way you think KellyO! A parade would be awesome and well deserved!

  5. Dayton: Eran Ganot and Laura Beeman will headline a special 90-minute “Call the Coach” show on ESPN 1420 this Tuesday at 6 p.m. The public is invited. Same place: La Salle Room at the Pagoda.

  6. A parade?? A parade should only be for a national championship or at the least a sweet sixteen or elite 8 apparances, not for just a win in the tourney.

  7. UH needs to act like it’s been there before, And fully expect to go back and win the first round game again season ( if the ban is lifted) or the year after that.

  8. @warriorfan2 you kook! UH has never been there before, so how can they act like they’ve been there before. This is the first time UH has won a NCAA tournament game. This is a huge deal. This is a milestone for UH basketball. Its human nature to remember our first things… our first girlfriend/boyfriend.. our first kiss… etc. So let them celebrate and let the kids play. We aren’t a big university drawing in big name recruits. In fact most of our team were 2 stars or less mixed in with a three star (Jankovic) and possibly borderline 3 stars. Nevertheless, this team beat a good Cal team with 2 possible lottery players, though they were missing 2 key players. Be happy for the university and this team. I’m pretty sure that the basketball team brought in more money than the football team this year and that isn’t supposed to be the case. The basketball team brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars and will help our recruiting in the long run.

  9. Getting to the tourney and winning one game should be something UH strives to do every year ,especially in a weaker conference like the Big west. I fully expect UH to be favorites to win the big west every year with Ganot.

  10. Jankovic and Valdes. They finish well graduate in May. Accomplished academic goals.Their basketball careers.you would think they are in a NO LOSE situation. Go pro good. Transfer to good school best offer for run at ncaa good too. Whatever decide we are happy for them. This season No one can take away. Wish them the best. Interesting. If choose pro they would secure agent then collegiate career done. Thanks to Stefan and Aaron.I do not blame accelerated decisions. NCAA response or not. Be happy! They made Hawaii happy!! Hope not another 14 years until another ncaa run.!Celebrate the moment. Like Sugar Bowl team. A rare in a lifetime event!!

  11. I dont think we will have to wait 14 more years honestly. I’m pretty confident UH will own the big west, We just have to lock up Ganot and pay him and his asistants well.

  12. That’s terrific the men’s and women’s basketball teams are being honored. Well deserved.
    They sure created a lot of excitement this year.

  13. Per Mcinnis both Jankovic and Valdes will decide within the next week whether to stay or go pro (doesn’t sound like transferring is on the table). Hope at least one of them sticks it out. Even if the NCAA denies our appeal, imo sticking it out for next year would have just as big of an impact on the future of the program as making the tourney this year did. If we can stay competitive next year instead of being in full out rebuilding mode, we can actually build off our great year rather than start anew. If any of them (or Thomas/jovanovic) stick it out for their senior year, they’ll rise to the level of local heroes.

  14. It would have nice to have the rally event at a site where more of the public can attend and participate.

  15. Nice, in-depth interview with Ganot by Shannon Tangonan in this morning’s SA. Nothing revealing for followers of this blog, but quite insightful for the general public. Worth a read if you take the paper or have access to its online content.

  16. A mini parade with a trolley over to the governor’s office, around downtown, head down king st., go down kalakaua through wakiki, up kapahulu and back to campus. That would be nice!

  17. Okay, let’s all be civilized. We can all agree and disagree, it’s America. I do think the Campus Center is too small, but hey, whatever. It would have been nice to have it at the Stan Sheriff, indoors, don’t have to worry about weather, etc., but I understand that the facility is in use for volleyball, etc. Anybody thought about Blaisdell? Or, maybe, center stage at Ala Moana! Just throwing it out there.

    It should be celebrated, both the men’s and women’s BB teams. For this UH program these types of championships are too far in between. We can’t dominate like other teams do. As soon as we get a very good to great coach, we lose that coach to a bigger school with much more money. That’s the way it is and it’s not going to change. At some point we risk losing Coach Beeman, and if Coach Ganot continues to have outstanding teams, we risk losing him too. It’s tough man. Changes happen all the time.

    These men’s and women’s basketball teams are special. They overcame adversity and persevered to win the conference tournament to earn the right to go to the Dance. They will get rings!!!!!! CP3, Deandre Jordan, Kevin Love, and Damian Lillard got no rings!!!!! Hehe! Kevin (grandpa) Garnett has one. Does Isaac Fleming get a ring?

  18. Losing coaches to more lucrative job is just the business of sports but other than JJ,who have we lost to another school in any major sport?I really can’t think of any. I believe you are right sadly, that if Ganot has continued success here he will definitely receive offers that we simply can’t match. If coach loves this place and it’s history(he seems very genuine to me) then maybe for one of a few times in recorded history we can say it isn’t about the money! That would be awesome. Great season Warriors, you made us all proud!!

  19. Don’t know if anyone cares but Irvine has made it to the CIT semifinal and will travel to play Coastal Carolina, a team we beat 76-63 on November 11, 2015.

  20. Reading a lot of downer comments here despite the best season in school history. Pretty pathetic.

  21. Here’s some insight into free throw shooting, looking at Wilt who was pretty good when he was real skinny in high school or something. A theory is that often muscular players are not good FT shooters, like Shaq, Dwight Howard, etc. Near the end of the video, he says what happened when he went to a psychologist for assistance.

  22. At one time a player could shoot FT’s by taking off from the FT line and then dunking the ball. Also, there used to be a rule giving a player three shots to make 2 FT’s in certain situations, both mentioned in the video above.

  23. Buggs on TV now in CIF Div II championship game. TWC Sportsnet, analog channel 23. Streaming,

    Announcer said he may need surgery on his knee after the season.

  24. Sometimes old injuries can be a bother. Has Bobbitt’s injury bothered his game at all, or his recovery time between games? See that Buddy Hield has moved Oklahoma passed Oregon 80-68 and into the Final Four. Can’t help but to think Hawaii was just that close !
    I guess we are cheering Go Oakies ! or something.
    Doesn’t have that same ring, but well, we were that close !
    Go Bows !!

  25. Buggs ” …been playing with a torn ACL,meniscus and fractured femur, … “

  26. Buggs’ Long Beach Poly team fell short, 48-43. Buggs had 20 points, six rebounds and six assists. After the game, he apparently revealed he had been playing with a torn ACL and fractured femur throughout the playoffs, and chose to postpone surgery to finish his senior year. A reporter called Buggs’ performance “absolutely insane,” considering the extent of his injury.

    That kind of mental and physical toughness reminds me of Quincy.

    Should Buggs require surgery, hopefully he’ll have time to rehab and be ready for the fall. If not, he can take a redshirt.

  27. Is it even legal for a student athlete to play with those types of injuries? Very stupid decision on part of Buggs, parents, coaches, and doctors.

  28. clyde …. The 20 pts was in the game before in the CIF Div II SoCal Regional championship on March 23. In today’s game for the CIF Div II State championship he had 6 pts, some assists, rebounds and fouled out in the 4th quarter.

  29. islandman. Thanks for the correction; it seemed too “insane” to believe.

  30. And now Kansas is gone.
    Villanova over Kansas 64-59.

  31. Irvine beat Coastal Carolina and are going to CIT final. That’s good for the Big West, yeah?

  32. i’m picking irvine to win it all. go irvine !
    still not the dance. i say 128 teams to the dance next year. better yet, 1/2, whatever that is. go big west!
    Go Bows !!

  33. Leland Green senior shooting guard just committed. From Redondo beach So Cal. Looks like Eran got a good one. Welcome to the Warriors !

  34. 1/2 of all eligible. and not more than 3/4 of any conference to be represented, no matter what !

  35. Leland Green, espn 3 stars, 6′ 1″,

  36. Never heard of Green but I just watched one of his several highlights on YouTube… looks good. Very athletic and already has the body of a DI player.

    Next year we’ll have three true freshman – Owies, Buggs, and Green – fighting for 1-2 starting positions. Post-season ban or not, the future looks bright for Hawaii basketball.

    If earlier reports are true, Janks and Valdes will announce this week whether they’re going to stay or not. Could it be during tomorrow’s rally?

  37. Green is a great get. Now lets get Kavaughn Scott, Will McDowell White and Namon Wright and retain MIke and Jovanavich and we are good to go. Would be a huge plus if Valdes decides to stay.

  38. Somebody check Green’s birth certificate because he’s absolutely jacked. Looks like a real solid get. His shot release is a bit low so he might need to work on that for the college level, but he’ll only be a freshman. Like the signing.

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