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California prep guard Leland Green commits to Hawai’i

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Leland Green, a 6-foot-2 guard at Redondo Union High School in California, has made a commitment to play for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, according to several sources.

Green averaged 14.4 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.0 assists per game during his recently-completed senior season at Redondo Union. He was a first-team All-California Interscholastic Federation selection.

The Seahawks were ranked among the top 10 teams in California before a season-ending loss in the Regional Final of the state playoffs.

Among the other programs also recruiting Green were UTEP, Northern Arizona, Southern Utah, Nevada and New Mexico, according to numerous recruiting sites.

Green and UH signee Drew Buggs were teammates for the Earl Watson Elite team on last year’s AAU circuit. Here are some of Green’s highlights:


  1. I like that Green and Buggs were teammates. You can see the latter (wearing a white head á la Bobbitt) in some of Green’s highlights.

  2. Outstanding. Welcome Leland! You and Drew can be quite a backcourt combo for UH and along with your teammates will hopefully take UH back to the Dance again.

  3. Appears to have as much quickness as a ‘Q’,
    BUT Arrives already with Good Balance And Shooting Form
    So On those two measures — important for Consistency, Avoiding Unnecessary Fouls, and Just Pure Shooting
    Solid on three, free throws, mid-range including floaters
    And ‘our’ ‘0’ or ’00’ should be available (unless a returnee takes)

    Very Good “GET”

    What I LIKE MOST Is that This Appears to Indicate Good to FULL HEALTH of “OUR”
    California AND Aussie Pipelines…

    WE REALLY ‘SHOULD” Issue a FORMAL APOLOGY to The FOTU Family (NOT That They Should EVER Trust UH Admin) BUT To Re-Open The Prospective PRODUCTIVE AOTEAROA (New Zealand) Pipeline…
    E.G., Jaime Dixon Got a 7-0 One and Done (NBA) and We Got FOTU The SAME Year…

    Go Staff! #1 In The West ! (When YOU ‘DESTROY’ the PAC-12 Top CAL Team SWAGGER!)
    GO ‘BOWS!
    JUST KEEP WINNIN’ The Recruiting Wars

  4. i really like this prospect just from watching the video it’s mostly of him shooting the rock a weakness of hawaii this past year

  5. Nice. Shooting guard? Good physique like Spearman. Wonder what his shooting stats are? The video little shaky.

  6. No, not Spearman. Certainly not Q.
    Hands down, Green reminds me of Jerome Freeman. Solid. Same quick shot.

    Green. Sounds like a natural for the Bows. Go Bows !

  7. His jumpshot looks like Garrett Nevel’s

  8. We sure are locking up some big time recruits even with the post season ban looming. I like how these kids are sold on the coaching staff and doesn’t let a possible one year ban hinder their long term college choice. If we can land Kavaughn Scott who also plays with Green and Buggs on the AAU circuit that would be a huge first class for Ganot.

  9. Syracuse is in the Final Four for 2016 . They self-imposed a postseason ban in February of 2015 for that 2015 postseason. Too late for any players to leave for that season. They had 2 seniors and one grad student last season. They lose two scholarships per year, for four years. Should UH have self-imposed a ban for last season ? They were hoping that they would not have been subject to a ban and it would have affected Nevels.

  10. 34% from three, 68% from the line. for a guy who gets fouled that much, he’ll need to clean those up, but its a solid place to start.

    He’s far more impressive in traffic and finishing through contact than he is as a shooter.

  11. When can he sign?..cant let this one get away… drammeh, buggs and green could turn out to be a better combo than bobbitt, quincy and flemming

  12. Seems to not be afraid of contact when driving to the rim. Will probably get a lot of And 1’s.

    Good get.

  13. A guest on the Curran show said Under Armour had the foresight to give Stephen Curry a sponsorship in 2013. Curry played for a mid-major school Davidson and his father’s alma mater, Virginia Tech, had offered him to walk-on.
    Nike blew their chance to keep him,per article below. Do you know the correct way to pronounce ” Stephen ” ?

    Green shot 51.7 % on two’s for overall FG % of 48 %.

  14. Welcome, Garrett Jefferson II!

  15. LOL, he is NOT Garrett Jefferson II. This guy is already a far better player.

  16. I’m not sure I want to make comparisons with our current backcourt. He will be different and what I like from the videos (let’s remember these are highlights) is his strength/height, balance and willingness to go to the basket for his points. He should be an excellent addition to our team.

    BTW, who has scholarships and who are the walk-on players on our team. Do these three (Buggs, Owies and Green) fill out or are we going over? A big would be nice but I don’t think we have the scholarships. If a player is given a scholarship, and then is redshirted, how do you count that towards our scholarships? Finally, can the coach, and do you think Coach Ganot would, withhold a scholarship from a player who had one this year? Would love to see all of our juniors come back but in the case of Janks, I don’t think so.

  17. Either Jankovic leaves, and we free up a scholly for a big, or or he stays, and it doesnt matter.

    We still have one more scholly anyways. we have 4 graduating, and Fleming leaving. minus one scholarship for the ban, we have one left.

  18. Eran and staff nice 3 freshmen guards no matter what ncaa appeal. That is the way to goal or One good role grad senior like Sai. Now a couple of Mike Thomas’ or Aaron Valdes types. Only 11 total scholarships over next few years so Ganot selective good. Now take on look of Ganot signed roster. Recruiting key. Will miss 3 guards warriors lost. Welcome Leland!!

  19. Scholarships : Owies, Buggs, Green, Purchase, Stef, Mike, Aaron, Sheriff, Niko. Two more to give out to reach 11, if Janks leaves. A redshirted scholarship player counts as a scholarship. Scholarships are mostly subject to renewal every year, i think.

  20. Eran and staff know. Perhaps more than losing Jankovic. Losing battle tested Rod. Q. And Fleming. Leadership and basketball smarts created 3 year great run. Good test post Quincy Smith who was part of 70 wins and ncaa 2nd round. Eran get some athletic smart small fowards or stretch power fowards!

  21. Honestly, it was a pretty disappointing turnout at the ceremony. No free t-shirts so hardly any students attended I guess. Set up wasn’t the best either on the campus center stairs. Well, us diehards and true fans are grateful to you all and will back the men and women no matter what. Thanks for an awesome season. Will travel to Anaheim and Spokane without blinking again! No matter who comes in, comes back, or who leaves, we will support you as part of the Rainbow Warrior TEAM.

  22. Different times. Lot going on in people’s lives. Not like Fab Five time. Just real world. In fact so much turmoil we all go through. This season is done. Wait 61/2 months for next season. Students on break.people at work. Just dynamics. Good season though. Thanks to team!

  23. Strong shooting guard with skills.. Nice recruit

  24. My take…..if the sanction is upheld and Janks and Valdes leave…..we should give the freshmen PT to prepare them for the following year.

    Start Owies….Green and Drammeh in the back court(with Buggs redshirting due to knee injury). Play Purchase and Kavaughn Scott in the front court and let them get the chemistry going for the following year. 2017-18 should be a good year since the team had a whole year to work together.

  25. Not sure on what basis this author is coming from, but he says Jankovic is a possible candidate to transfer to Michigan St. I would hate to see him go and have not liked Michigan St. since we demolished them a few years back and Tom Izzo whined about the game conditions but I think I’d have to cheer for Janks if he moves there. No doubt in my mind he’s perfectly capable of starting for them day 1.


  26. Souunds like that Michigan state fan is just wishful thinking.

    Kahuna , the freshman will have to play whether the sanctions are upheld or not.

  27. Reminds me a little of Fleming. Seems to be able to finish at the basket. That low release on his shot could prove to be troublesome. Good quickness. He may be more of a defensive player on the D1 level. To be compared to the current players he’s going to have a lot to prove on and off the court.

  28. The low release shouldnt matter if he’s taking open looks off the pass and not trying to be a hero with the step back threes and fade aways. Its not like its much different from Bobbit’s (who also has a low release far forward from his body.).

    My guess? He learned to shoot before his arms filled out especially with his wide shoulders. People with short arms need to release lower, So maybe he just learned his form when he was young and no one corrected it. but its still functional, and as long as he isnt shooting off the bounce too often, it will be fine.

  29. So what came first the chicken or the egg?

    Ask the NCAA what comes first sports or academics?

    This rule allowing the player to move schools during their senior year due to a school being on post season ban creates hypocriticalness. A senior to be as a student athlete, is having a big hill to climb to graduate during the next 12 months, allowed to transfer due to this. A senior to be has done well both in the classroom and the court but the schools that come calling does not have his major making it difficult for him to graduate. A senior to be is no where close to graduating.

    I am sure there must be guidelines for this situation but they should be based on the academic standing of the student athlete. The NCAA enforcing their way again not to make them look like the gestapo but to be thought of as an organization that is empathetic to the student athlete.

    The big question is their bias on when and whom they will be empathetic to.
    The NCAA better not turn their heads on what happened at both Louisville and North Carolina. Illegal and fraudulent actions by their school, coaches and student athletes. No major penalties on this would be ludicrous and sinful on the part of the NCAA.

  30. Strong, quick, good overall speed… What caught my attention is that he appears to possess long arms. Without seeing his measurements, I’d guess that he has a 6’6″ or 6’7″ wingspan. If he’s committed to playing defense (which will guarantee him lots of minutes), he could be a Def. POY candidate year in and year out.

    Shooting stroke needs some work, but hard to tell from highlight videos of him shooting 100%. Not sure how strong he is with his left hand (weak side) handles.

    Could be a real solid player.

  31. did he just travel on that dunk?

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