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Warriors look to continue road streak


The University of Hawai’i basketball team continues to defy the odds this season, and the next opportunity presents itself on the road this week.

The Warriors departed Honolulu for Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon for a two-game trip in the Big West Conference. Hawai’i will play at CSUN on Thursday, and then at UC Irvine on Saturday in part II of a “showdown for first place.”

(Photo from UC Riverside road game on Jan. 14, courtesy Warren Haraki)

Hawai’i is 20-3 overall and alone in first place in the Big West at 9-1. In the modern era of UH basketball (since all-collegiate schedules started in 1968), only three previous teams can claim similar success at this stage of a season: the “Fabulous Five” teams of 1970-71 and 1971-72, and the last NCAA Tournament team of 2001-02.

This UH team now has a chance to do what no other UH team has done before: increase a road winning streak to five.

The Warriors have already won four consecutive road games – all against Big West competition – which ties the school record for most consecutive road victories. The 2013-14 team also won four straight Big West road games (although those wins have since been vacated as part of an NCAA penalty). The aforementioned Fabulous Five team of 1971-72 also won four consecutive road games.

The Warriors also have a current four-game winning streak overall, and have won 12 of their last 13 games.

Thursday, February 18, 5:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Where: The Matadome, Northridge, Calif.
TV: None
Internet video: Live streaming broadcast at www.espn3.com
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM
Internet audio: Live on www.espn1420am.com
Live stats: www.hawaiiathletics.com

Screen shot 2016-02-14 at 2.20.06 AM

Wednesday’s Big West Games
UC Irvine at Cal State Fullerton

Thursday’s Big West Games
UC Davis at Cal Poly
Hawai’i at CSUN, 5:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
UC Santa Barbara at UC Riverside

Saturday’s Big West Games
CSUN at Cal Poly
UC Davis at UC Santa Barbara
Cal State Fullerton at Long Beach State
Hawai’i at UC Irvine, 6:30 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
— — — — — — —


If you already played the video below, you should (hopefully) know that it is a tongue-in-cheek interview featuring Aaron Valdes and Jakob Cornelissen, also known as “Not Rod Bobbitt” in the video.

Here is how it happened. First, a request was made for an interview with Roderick Bobbitt, but he was unavailable on that day. Valdes suggested using a “stand-in” for Bobbitt, and was told that if he found a willing stand-in and conducted the interview himself, the video would be posted. So here it is.


  1. A win at CSUN would be amazing, yet somewhat expected given the way the season has been going. Hopefully the warriors aren’t caught looking ahead to the game at Irvine, which will definitely present a challenge but not the point of focus just yet on the road trip. I have full confidence that coach Ganot and staff will have the boys ready and focused to take down CSUN. It’s still a road game in conference and CSUN is a dangerous team. Very much looking forward to watching it on ESPN3. LET’S GO BOWS!

  2. Hope they sweep and Eran voted coach of

    the year Big West Conference. He deserves it!!

  3. Hearing a different tune from someone in the posts.
    Good interview above.
    Note Quincy has a higher 3 pt FG% than his brother in conference games, 37.5 to 27.8, also FG% 44.7 to 40.5. Kendall has the edge in FT%.

  4. I wonder if Quincy and his brother were playing lock down D on each other from young age so they both got good at driving to the basket and not good at shooting from outside. It is unusual to me that two brothers are both guards and both are great athletes but not good shooters.

  5. I feel pretty great about the way we are playing as well, but the careful, nervous, one-game-at-a-time side of me says we have a long way to go and need to stay focused on each opponent and not focus on streaks or accolades or records. Long Beach has only lost three and may be a bigger threat to us than Irvine. We still play them at home, along with Irvine who had a very bad shooting night against us, albeit partially atleast caused by our defense. On top of those two, three other road matches and two more home games.

    I hope Isaac comes back this game because we can afford for him to ease back into it tonight and throw things out of kilter a little, the way Aaron did his first game back, and then he needs to be fully in synch when we play Irvine. Has anyone heard anything on Stef? He was in a boot after the game on Saturday.

  6. Islandman… “Hearing a different tune from someone in the posts.”

    Maybe he needs to just say/write words to feel like himself again or feel like he’s part of the board… but I’m not sure if the words are sincere. I infer a sense of sarcasm in the tone of the words.

    Furthermore, when you post something and everyone knows who you are, you can engage in discussion with people back and forth. When you say something, like he now occasionally does, and people aren’t sure if THAT’s you… then you can engage and have dialogue with people anymore, especially the people you’ve befriended over the past few months.

    It must be killing him right now, actually.

  7. This is Janks 4th year playing in college, beginning in 2012-13, but since he only played 3 games for Missouri in 2013-14, he can play next year because he was allowed to red shirt in 2013-14 by the NCAA.

  8. KelleyO ….We play LBSU at their home. They have won 5 straight, but still have to play Irvine and Hawaii again.

  9. Maybe athletically CSUN matches up better with warriors?

    Should be fun for family and friends watch Smith

    brothers go at it! ESPN3 Look forward to it!

  10. ^oh, hello, UHFanzOnly1, it must be killing you to not be able to mention the previous coaches in your posts now.

    I’m a little worried about playing at the Pyramid than this upcoming Irvine game. Historically, we’ve never really played well there for some reason.

  11. Just Win Bows!!!!!!

  12. This team is on a mission! They will bring it! Go Bows!!!

  13. Battle of Smiths…
    Return of Isaac
    Bounce Back Janks
    Avoid Foul Trouble, HIT!

    Just WN !
    And WIN Again!

    Road Warriors
    Extend ROAD Streak to SIX…
    Opportunity To Lock Out Irvine & LBSU….
    NIT Magic Number Five (SIX Better)
    LIGHT ‘Em Up Again!
    BEST of The BIG WEST?
    GO ‘BOWS!

  14. S23A … The Irvine game will be at Bren Events Center, but the Pyramid is a bit worrisome too later when we play LBSU at the Walter Pyramid Center .
    ” On March 5, 2005, Long Beach State officially renamed The Pyramid to Walter Pyramid in honor of Dr. Mike and Arline Walter. The Walters were given this recognition for a $2.1 million donation given to the university.[4] In addition to being the vice-president of Levi Strauss & Co., Dr. Mike Walter was also a dean for Long Beach State’s College of Business Administration from 1993 to 2000.[5] (wikipedia)

  15. Walter Pyramid, no Center in the name.

  16. Let’s just focus on the CSUN game. We can’t afford any losses.

  17. Get on the bandwagon. Only two more home games next week to see this team in person. AV and Janks can/will graduate this summer, so they may be gone regardless of the potential NCAA post-season ban in 2017. If the ban is upheld, then MT and Stef Jovanovic could transfer without having to red shirt somewhere else. So potentially, you have only two more games to see: Rod, Q, Sai, Derby, AV, Janks, MT and Jovanovic…. yikes…

  18. This year NCAA run. Try to win games in tornament.

    Great testament to team and hawaii fans and extende

    family and friends. Otto, hope not…could be true.

    We might not see team like this again

    Very special group!

  19. Texas Tech def. No. 3 Oklahoma 65 – 63.

  20. I would be surprised that players would leave the program since they only have one more year to play. It would be best not only in their interest but in the interest of the Hawaii men’s basketball program to to continue the work to put Hawaii on the map. And what if UH is successful in Arbitration by overturning the post season ban? If not successful we can still strive for 20 wins, which would really make a statement about this program and the future recruiting. Once a Warrior always a Warrior.

  21. Agree, THIS Team, KEY Factors:

    1) They, More Than Most, ‘Almost’ Always,
    SHOW UP Ready-to-Play;

    2) Lock-Down, Great Rotation, Help Defense
    Keeps Them In Most/Every Game;

    3) Avoid Foul Trouble (Attrition)
    ESP. Key for Active Players like Janks, MT, AV, Isaac

    4) “DEPTH” Next Man Up, Every Man Up;
    Rest of the Way, Gotta Be Ready to Deal wth (Hopefully Temporary) Loses
    Like AV, Isaac (WELCOME Back!) or Game-by-Game (Illness, etc.)
    Report from Road (BC) that AV suffering Flu-like Symtoms?
    TribeVX4? Hopefully Quick ‘Recovery’, IV, Jordan-esque Tough Game?,,,
    Stay Healthy, Guys!

    Keep Improving
    Keep Climbing
    GO ‘BOWS!

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