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Warriors score impressive road win at UC Santa Barbara, 76-64


How about that for a rebound victory?

The University of Hawai’i responded from its first conference loss of the season with a resounding 76-64 road win at UC Santa Barbara on Thursday. A crowd of 1,722 at the Thunderdome in Santa Barbara, Calif., watched the Warriors sweep the home-and-home season series from the Gauchos.

The Warriors improved to 17-3 overall and remained in second place in the Big West Conference at 6-1. UC Irvine, which is in first place at 7-1, did not play on Thursday, and will not play again until it visits Hawai’i on February 11.

The Hawai’i victory – its third straight road win, by the way – came just five days after a disappointing 14-point loss at home to Long Beach State. The Warriors were out-rebounded by 19 in that loss, but came back to beat UCSB on the boards, 41-36.

“It always starts with our players,” head coach Eran Ganot said in a post-game interview on ESPN 1420 radio. “I’m so proud of them for their composure, their leadership, after a tough loss at home.”

Junior forward Aaron Valdes, making his first start in nearly a month, scored 18 points, including 9-of-10 shooting on free throws. Junior center Stefan Jankovic had a double-double of 16 points and 10 rebounds. He shot 7 for 12 from the field and 2 for 3 on free throws.

Senior guard Quincy Smith continued his solid play of late by contributing 15 points, including 2 of 3 on 3-pointers, and five rebounds.

“He’s a big part of our identity,” Ganot said of Smith. “I know it was surprising from day one when he played such a big role for us. I think people were surprised by that, but if you were there with him every day in practice you’re not. He affects the game in so many ways. The bonus is he gets 15 points … he always rebounds, he guards his tail off and he’s got a 3 to1 assist to turnover ratio. I like those guys.”

Junior forward Mike Thomas had 11 points and six rebounds, and senior point guard Roderick Bobbitt finished with nine points, six assists and five rebounds while playing all 40 minutes.

The Warriors turned up their defensive effort in the second half, and eventually pulled away from the Gauchos after a back-and-forth first half. The teams exchanged the lead seven times in the first half, and Hawai’i had a 36-33 lead at intermission, despite UCSB shooting 56 percent (14 for 25) from the field in the first half.

“We didn’t defend well in the first half and we were lucky to be where we were at,” Ganot said. “Obviously the key was what we talk about all the time – defend, rebound, take care of the ball. We did all those things in the second half.”


UCSB managed to tie the score at 36 early in the second half, but the Warriors went on an 8-2 surge a few minutes later to take a 47-40 lead with 13:45 remaining.

Hawai’i stayed in front the rest of the game, although UCSB got as close as one. An 8-0 run by the Warriors late in the game increased the lead to 64-54 with 3:41 remaining.

A rushed, off-balance 3-pointer by Bobbitt from the top of the key as the shot clock expired gave Hawai’i a 67-56 lead with 2:54 remaining to seal the win.

The Warriors, playing without injured guard Isaac Fleming (ankle), shot 45.3 percent from the field, and 16 of its 24 field goals came off assists.

Michael Bryson led the Gauchos with 16 points, three below his conference-leading average. Gabe Vincent added 15 points for UCSB, which upset first-place UC Irvine last week.

Hawai’i will remain on the road for another conference game at Cal Poly on Saturday. The game will be televised on ESPNU (Oceanic channels 219 and 1219) at 5 p.m. (Hawai’i time).

Thursday’s Big West Results
Hawai’i 76, at UC Santa Barbara 64
at Cal State Fullerton 61, UC Davis 57

Saturday’s Games
CSUN at Long Beach State
Cal State Fullerton at UC Santa Barbara
Hawai’i at Cal Poly, 5:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time), ESPNU
UC Davis at UC Riverside

Screen shot 2016-02-04 at 8.45.22 PM


  1. Super proud of these guys. Great work by Aaron Valdez after a difficult game last week. Great effort. Great poise. Very happy for these young men. The announcers were the least “homer” announcers I’ve ever heard!!

  2. Great job, Road Warriors! Way to come together! On to destroy Poly!

  3. Great game by all UH players especially since we didn’t have Flemming playing. Good to see Valdez back to true form and not messing with the chemistry.

    I agree about the announcers, they were not homers and actually praised a lot of the UH players and team overall.

  4. Road games are where you truly see what your team is made of. Great game plan and adjustments by the coaches.

  5. Warriors swepp road trip..tied for first at 7-1 with Irvine.
    LBSU, Irvine , and UH top 3 in league, other 5 eligible BWC championship contenders not
    enough firepower and BBIQ smarts..

    Go Bows!!

  6. UH will get votes, 3 for top 25 again..sunday..

  7. The UCSB radio announcers had high praise for Hawaii.
    Fantastic team effort, after everybody was saying the team was falling apart. All contributed to the win. Bobby C named Q player of the game, but said many contributed. Such as Janks, Thomas, Stef, Sheriff, Sai and Niko. Eran noted Valdes on defense gave Bryson a hard time. Roderick played all 40 minutes.

  8. It must be tough being a hater of this coaching staff and team, and they keep winning!

  9. BWC only 3 teams can make ncaa
    Not very good teams, no athletes, or good basketball players
    49ers, Anteaters and warriors.
    Other teams not very good..

  10. Not team clyde..
    They are great..
    Love the 3 or 4 year guys..
    UH rough in tough monetary times
    Love Quincy, Isaac, Rod, Janks, AV, MT..Niko, Dyrbe, Zach Stef..
    They are winners!
    They just finish what they started last season..
    Imagine if warriors beat 49ers
    Top 20 team for sure..

  11. Clyde..I did predict UH to go 28-1 before season started pre bwc tournament..
    I believe in guys..
    KellyO too!
    You think I am not happy team going tto ncaa elite eight?
    No way!!
    Clyde ewarriors don’t finish bwc season 15-1 I will be brokenhearted

  12. As Mama V Says not staff..it is all about the team..past ..great one year run..
    Dave, David and Robert smiling!


    UCSB Used to SWEEP US
    FULL Reversal!

    ONLY Way to EARN Full Credit, Full Value…
    SWEEP This Road Trip
    Finish The Job You Started So Well Tonight

    Go ‘Bows!

  14. Sweep guranteed..my favorite team 2015-16 edition..second chance!

  15. clyde too bad Irvine won in OT at Poly
    ..mustangs will lose by 18 against warriors on saturday..guaranteed! !

  16. Must be the staff too. I saw Jacobsen working hard along with Ganot. As eagle mentioned, UCSB swept UH last year. Still early, but last year UH was 3-5 on the road and 5-3 at home.

  17. Great way to come back from a terrible home loss. Have to keep tough and play like men.

    KelleyO, if you’re referring to the Big West tv commentators, then I completely agree. They were very unbiased and had high praise for our Warriors. They were also very funny!

  18. UCSB also swept UH in 2013-14.

  19. Way to seal the deal on this one bows! Nice all around team effort!

    Man I don’t know if its just me but I’ve noticed that Hawaii home games have the best quality, more professional bigwest tv streaming. ucsb’s was not that good

    Looking forward to the poly game on Sat.. got tickets for that,,woohoo!!

  20. Awesome win. Only the winner of the conference tournament goes to the big dance. Go Warriors

  21. Woohoo! Awesome win, and on the road nonetheless. Not the prettiest win, but they won the way they knew best. Going forward, I’m considering the Long Beach St. game a fluke loss. Was anyone else on their feet screaming when Bobbit banked that 3 at the buzzer?? Awesome stuff!

    FG% wasn’t there, but the Warriors hustled for rebounds, made their FT’s, and minimized the dumb fouls and bad choices. This team does not need their shooting to be on-point to win, however if that was the case tonight, it would have been a blowout.

    Going forward, I feel like if we don’t win at Poly, it’s going to be a huge disappointment. Keep it up team! Let’s GO BOWS!!!!!!

  22. Only chance poly wins…they get super physical against warriors..warriors great finesse team. And elite jc guard bobbitt so good..have to body him up and hack janks with no fouls called on his defender..
    Only chance
    Warriors will rout mustangs unless coach callero roughs up UH..only chance..push..shove..
    Should be good game
    BWC senior coaches, Turner, Williams, Monson, Callero, Les, really good coaches, plus coach taylor of fullerton..
    Should be Awesome bwc tornament!
    Love conference play..
    Think irvine undefeated on the road too?
    Big game next week at SSC!! Irvine vs warriors!!


  23. UH out rebounded the top rebounding team in the conference, 41-36. Janks 10, Mike 6, Valdes, Quincy and Roderick, 5 each. Bryson had 10.

  24. Tavs, yes, Big West TV commentators. They were even correctly noting, I thought, when certain Gould should have been called against UCSB that weren’t.

    Did anyone else notice a change in attitude with some of the sportsmanship in our guys? Maybe these teams just don’t have as much animosity toward each other for whatever reason, but Valdez helped a UCSB guy up off the court, and our guys checked on their guy who had lost his contact. And I swear, it might be my imagination, but it helps us with the calls we get. The refs notice and I could be wrong, I haven’t checked the numbers, but it seemed like we went to the line a lot more than them for a change.

  25. In Ganot we trust. Everybody else pay cash.

  26. Ganot would dismiss whole team if they don’t listen. That I admire in any coach. Janks still too many fouls KellyO..
    Love that this team, they want ncaa bid..
    Warriors finish what you all started last championship game March 2015 BWC tournament..
    Really sad, Garrett G Money could not be part of UH run to perhaps deep run in ncaa tourney.
    Same with Spearman..Fotu, and company..
    Ganot hard pressed to get 3 or 4 star talent after this season..

    However I truly believe Eran will lead team to 33 wins and elite eight ncaa dance
    He got the athletes!!

  27. No cash…koa bowl!

  28. UH is 4th in the least points allowed in conference games, or 69.1 ppg average. Irvine is 1st at 62.4 ppg allowed.

    In points scored, UH is 1st at 76.4 ppg average,. Irvine is 7th at 70.3 pts ppg, if calc is correct.
    UH is tied for 2nd with Long Beach in point differential at 7.3. Irvine is 1st at 7.9 ppg. All the other teams have negative point differentials.


  29. Team I love….management can do better..ugh!?
    Have to get football team winning so UH athletics still here in 5 years!

  30. islandman..

    .still concerned about freethrows..
    Did overall pretty good tonite..
    Hope quincy ups freethrow average to 75 percent, could mean ncaa bid
    Q will do good!!

  31. Hard pressed to recruit due to pending final sanctions including loss of scholarships and one year post season ban.

  32. We actually tend to get to the line a lot. But that’s because we tend to play aggressively. Even against LBSU, with all the weird charge calls, we went to the line WAY more than LBSU.

  33. What DID happen to Hugh Durham mid major midseason coach of year award?
    Ganot would win that And coach of year award!
    Rolo has tough act to follow!

  34. Hey man, I have my tickets to the BW Tournament, in the Team I trust! Ganot, I’m getting to know and trust. I like him pretty much, as I’ve said he’s growing on me, his youth was indeed exposed last game and he’ll learn who to trust in the media soon enough. Recruiting is still in question for me but you all keep assuring me and that’s a wait and see…I’ll be sticking around. This year…however far they go…GA and BT will always be a part of the success of this group, of getting them here, bringing them together, because they did not have a choice in leaving. Same with Fotu. To Fotu, these are still his teammates and he thinks about them and wishes them well. The other guys you talk about, UHfanz1 like NWC he chose to leave. That’s different. And of course, Eran Ganot will be a huge part of it as the coach this year, especially if they go to the dance.

    Keep it going, boys. It’s your journey. See it through.

  35. Uhfanzonly1,

    Consider this a warning to you, and you alone.

    I have previously issued general warnings about dominating the Comments section with too many posts and dwelling too much on the past. You have clearly chosen to transgress these warnings. Now let’s add bringing up the same issues, ad nauseum.

    The staff of WarriorInsider has been very patient and lenient in allowing you to post many of your comments, but it has reached a point where too many people who follow this site have voiced their concerns to me about your insistence on posting instigating remarks, veiled or not. This includes members of the program, both past and present.

    As you have mentioned numerous times, you have been a follower of this site for several years. I thank you for that loyalty.

    With that, I am asking you to take a step back from posting comments on this site. You obviously are still welcome to view the stories and videos, which I hope you will continue to do as a fan. However, your thoughts on the current program clearly do not fit with the flow of others who follow this site.

    Please do not reply to this post with another Comment below.

    If you have anything to say on this matter, please e-mail directly at dayton@warriorinsider.com

  36. Thanks, Dayton — Very Clear…
    NO Need to Incite or for Repetition

    Back to ‘Bows

    ‘Slight’ Edge in number of fouls: 23-18
    On the Road [Mahalo]
    How you get ‘Em?

    HUGE Advantage in Free-Throws
    Team Goal: Make More than the other team Takes
    Made 22 of 34 (still plenty room for Improvement)
    UCSB Only 7-13; 15 points accounts for Margin of Victory

    BANISH the LBSU-Game-Type LACK of Effort
    Return to Defense And Rebounding
    As Islandman pointed out
    Out Rebounding UCSB — one of the other Top Three Rebounding Teams,

    GREAT Team Balance and Contribution, too
    Could ‘Almost’ Feel Isaac in Spirit With the Team
    Learning to InterAct between Teammates IS Part of Good Team Building
    So When the Heat is On Next Time, I Do Expect ‘Bows WILL Do Even Better

  37. Go Bows! Double- Double performance from Janks:)

  38. I’m still thinking that Janks will get a 30 pt game or two before this season is over.

  39. more important to play as a team of course. and get the wins.
    Go Bows !

  40. Great job by the guys of sticking together and rallying from adversity.

    Now take it to Cal Poly!

    We’ll be there next week for an epic homestand!

  41. Thank you Dayton. I didn’t get a chance to see the game live but a 12 point victory at UCSB is a great win.

  42. Great job Bows! After the lost last week we move from #35 to #115 in the nation, after the win last night Espn moved us to #75. Top 48 teams get an automatic bid!!! Just win Out!!!!! Let’s get it done Lets Go Bows!!!!!

  43. You see what I mean about rebounding? The stats before the game don’t matter. Its what happens in the game. As I and some others said before UH is a good rebounding team and they only had that one bad game.

    I didn’t get to see the game and only listen to second half on radio. Sounded like Q and Mike played big time again. If they can keep stepping up like they have the last few games, this team is so much danger to opponents. The only thing I don’t like is the bench guys like Tummala and Jovanovich and Sheriff not stepping up as much as they need to. This team turning into another Fab Five (or 6 when Isaac come back)!

  44. Did the Big West stream have any sound ? I didn’t hear anything, so i listened to the UCSB radio announcers from the UCSB basketball web page. They were slightly ahead of the streaming video but lucky they were announcing the mostly good plays for UH that were forthcoming on the video.
    So what some said were the Big West TV announcers was actually the UCSB broadcasters ? They were pretty critical about the UCSB team and complimentary about UH as others have posted.
    Today’s newspaper article mentioned the tough defense Valdes played on Bryson, if you were wondering what happened to Bryson, though he scored more in the 2nd half.
    UCSB had 32 pts in the paint and UH only 18, but UH seemed to stop some of those from them in the 2nd half.
    UCSB had 6 second chance pts and UH 9. Compared to the game with LBSU who had 22 second chance pts to UH’s 13.

  45. Of course the stats say something about the rebounding of any given team in relation to the other teams in the conference . But the stats are pretty close in the Big West. Irvine is now 1st in conference games rebounding at 38.9, UCSB is 2nd at 38.6, LBSU 3rd at 38.5, UH 6th at 34.6, CSUN last at 30.5.
    Jovonovic stepped up with 2 for 2 baskets, one when the score was 30-31, one assist to Mike when the score was 32-31. 2 rbs, 1 steal. Sai hit a crucial 3 pointer when the score was only 51-49 in the 2nd half. Sheriff had 1 assist and played tough on defense, etc.

  46. s/b spelled Jovanovic.

  47. islandman, I get it that you are a stats guy so I don’t want to debate. All I was saying is the rebounding stats before the game didn’t matter in this case. Rebounding is something you can not game plan you just have to do it. Box out the man closest to you when the shot go up. No such thing as double-teaming the other team best rebounder!

    UCSB might be second in the Big West in rebounding and UH is sixth but guess what? There is only one stat I care about and that is UH 2, UCSB 0. That is the wins!

  48. I thought a lot about the team’s performance against Long Beach. I really think it is going to prove to be the most important game of the season. The announcers last night kept mentioning how loose and casual Hawaii looked on the court. I really think that the whole sell-out hype really got to our guys. I think they felt a lot of pressure to sell out the Stanley, first off, and then to perform. I think where they normally are relaxed and have fun, they were pressing. And I think that during the week they were surely less focused. I believe they will do much better next home stand because of it and from here on out. I think it bodes well for the tournament as well. I think these guys are ROAD warriors because they play well within and amongst themselves, more so than “for hawaii”, which is no dis on them, I think they DO play for the state and the fans but that after turmoil they’ve gone through together, I think when they’re together on the road they feel that bond even more of what they’ve accomplished. Those are my musings, anyway.

  49. Team wins together with balanced production. 4 (Valdes, Jankovic, Smith, and Thomas) in double figures scoring and Bobbitt added 9 more, plus key rebounds and assists, plus one big 3 pointer that was the biggest dagger to put the spread to 11 points. Plus, making more F/Ts 22 to 7 for UCSB the biggest difference, with Valdes 9 for 10. To me, a very, very solid outing on the road. Coaches and players are to be commended for their efforts. I thought UCSB had the edge going in being at home and the fact they beat Irvine by 16 on the road. But, UH came to play and matches up with them very well. With Fleming nursing a sprained ankle, you could say that the wounded dog (the team short of a key player) is very, very dangerous and the UH team came out fighting and played very agressively. They “EARNED” it! I’m really proud of this group and the coaches are doing a tremondous job too. Next stop, San Luis Obispo. Taking care of business!!!!!

  50. Mahalo Dayton! (Re: UHfanzonly1)

    The majority of WI & UH MBB fans truly appreciate your putting a stop to his repetitive & annoying posts! BOTH the UHMBB TEAM & CURRENT COACHING STAFF deserve everyone’s support. No one can deny that the team plays hard & together. Especially since the start of the BWC games, Quincy & Mike have been tremendous in their all-around play! I strongly believe that Janks, Isaac, & Aaron have yet to reach their peak performances for this season. Isaac, wishing you a speedy recovery – hopefully in time for the UCI game next Thursday.

    First things first – take care of the California Poly Mustangs tomorrow! GO BOWS!

  51. Kelley O the Long Beach game is over we came out flat and couldn’t make a shot the first seven minutes of the game and they did,the fans had nothing to do with it,The week before we played in front of 9,100 plus and won BIG these are not kids these are grown man no need to make excuses for them, the team has move on time to stop bringing that up! Fans show up big next week!!!!!! Let’s go for standing room only!!!!!!!!Also this is a basketball blog not football, no disrespect to the football team but I’m a basketball fan you won’t catch me on the volleyball blogs talking hoop.My son could of play anywhere but he picked Hawaii and as a proud dad I’m happy for him to be part of UH history! Keep it up team! Cali Love to the island ……

  52. IF The Team LEARNS The Best Lessons fro The LBSU Debacle,

    They ‘Might’ Never Show Up ‘Not-Ready-to-Play’ again
    They’ve Performed Well Most/ALL Other Games…

    Better to Learn THAT Lesson Now than in Post-Season…
    OR On the Road..

  53. Earlier in the season, it seemed that Hawaii caught a few breaks as far as the health of the team and the opposition. The Warriors were injury-free while several opponents seemed to be missing a key player, a starter, or top reserves. Sometimes, good fortune plays a big part in a team’s success, and it was looking that way for the Warriors.

    Then, Valdes gets hurt, and just when he’s cleared to play, Fleming is injured. Through it all, the team persevered and that’s a testament to this 2015-16 squad. Credit goes to the players for regrouping, the coaches for reinforcing the “next man up” mantra and, of course, the trainers.

    Personally, I was hoping for at least a split on this road trip. Now, with that gritty win over UCSB, the possibly of another road sweep sits front and center. One game at a time, one win at a time. This team can do it.

    Kelley: I totally agree that the team might have felt the pressure to perform before a sellout crowd against Long Beach. But, more so than that, I thought Long Beach came out and punched them in the collective face and the team was not prepared for such aggressiveness, particularly on the boards. The ensuing off-court sniping was unfortunate, and hopefully a thing of the past. Long Beach deserved to win that night, but it served as a wakeup call and it showed in yesterday’s play against the Gauchos.

    Well, enough of the past; the focus is now on Poly. Glad that tomorrow’s game will be on ESPNU; Big West broadcast is better than nothing, but it’s pretty poor from some sites.

  54. I’m Starting to think …

    This Team Really “Gets” that They Can Each Impact and Affect The Game Outcome…

    That They All — First Five/Six/Seven ALL Are Leaders

    That they’ve Been Together Two-Three Years
    Know Each Other And CAN Respect AND Call Each Other Out
    THAT IS A Powerful Team Thing
    Usually Reserved For Very Mature Teams

    Go ‘Bows!
    (GO Staff!)

  55. Oakland510, are you one of Bobbittsl’s parents? Cool!

    As for the game, its simply a case of focus. The focus wasnt there for long beach. It was their last night.

  56. Xer 21 yes I’m Rod Dad.

  57. We all know by now that UH is great at crunch time. That’s what happens when you’ve played for two years for most of the players in rotation. Then you throw in their personas and their never say die attitude. Each player can be a go to player because they all have that ability to step up to the plate and deliver. How many games have we seen where it’s close throughout most of the game. But when it comes to crunch time and a close game you just know that something is about to happen. Because this team can make stops and make plays when they need to. Even on the road. And they can get better. Championship basketball.

  58. Mike,Quincy, Aaron, Roderick and Niko feel at home playing in Calfornia, i think, since that is their home state plus Stef went to high school in CA with Niko.

  59. Thank you and mahalo Dayton. Road Warriors onto Cal Poly another tough opponent The game is on ESPN U at 5 pm sat.

  60. Oakland510, no disrespect but the beauty of being a fan is we don’t have to practice all week and focus immediately on our next opponent. We have time to reflect…too much time, no doubt! The best way to have gotten the fans to show up next week after the LBSU game would have been to 1) win 2) if not win, play hard all the way to the end of the game 3) for every guy to bust their ass like Quincy for the WHOLE game. Seeing as we did none of that, winning both games on the road is the next best way to redemption, and they are half way there, so let’s hope it brings the crowd back.

    The reflections I had on that game weren’t meant to be negative. They were, as I noted, my musings. Teachers have students reflect all the time as part of the learning process. Coaches and bosses use it in leadership groups. It aids critical thinking. So let me reflect on your comment on these being grown men and not kids. I understand. But we’re all life long learners. Always growing, I hope. When my son was your son’s age, I thought he was a grown man too, still living at home, dropped out of college, so I said “you’re a grown man” and kicked him out of the house. So he joined the damn army, and all of a sudden he felt like my baby again. Several tours to the Middle East and three kids later, he is now 35, has his MBA and is out of the Army! And one day we were at the park and his 7-year-old daughter was playing on a tree with her brothers and they were using sticks like weapons, and a guy who was working in the park walks up to him and said he was an Arborist and started in on my son about how he shouldn’t let his kids play like that, it was bad for the trees, or something weird like that. My son just stood there with his arms crossed and nodded at the guy. The guy eventually walked away. You have to know that my son grew up with major anger issues, he used to punch walls and windows when he was mad. I said “wow, that guy was a jerk!” He said, “yeah, I sure have grown up, huh?! In the old days, I would have beat the crap out of that guy!” He said, “I’ve got kids now.” And we both smiled knowingly.

    Anyway. More musings. Thanks for listening. I know, not exactly basketball, but basketball, all sports, are a metaphor for life. That’s why I love them so much.

  61. I have to agree with the good decision to ban UHF1. He turned into a crazy troll. Reminds of an ex who get dumped but keep stalking because they can not let go. Every time I saw his green name on a comment I would just ignore it but sometimes hard to do when others keep arguing with him.

  62. Islandman, its too bad you could’t hear the bigwest tv commentators. They were like 2 drunk guys in a bar telling it straight, their comments and observations were really funny. And surprisingly, they had many good things to say about the Warriors. If I understood correctly, one mentioned that in comparing teams (LBSU, Irvine and Hawaii), he felt Hawaii is the best team in the conference. Good to hear.

  63. Kelley O it’s all good we are one!!!!!! It’s all about them Bows!! Let’s get it done tomorrow .

  64. 808Rock they did speak very well about the team.

  65. 808Rock,
    i think i heard the same commentators on the UCSB audio link. That’s why i asked if the streaming had any announcers. If there were any, i think they were UCSB announcers last night. I don’t think some posters realized that they were UCSB announcers. I didn’t hear the name of lead broadcaster but i heard the name Ford for the color man. The below is for UCSB women’s bb below, but it refers to Mr. Ford.

    “Steve Wendt is in his fourth year as the play-by-play voice for Gaucho Basketball. The 2000 UCSB graduate cut his announcing teeth at campus radio station KCSB and went on to serve as the play-by-play voice for a pair of minor league baseball teams – the Sonoma County Crushers and the Stockton Ports. He is also currently the voice of the Helena Brewers during baseball season.
    Wendt is a native of Novato, Calif.
    Former Gaucho and Los Angeles Laker Don FORD will handle color commentary duties through-out the season, with former UCSB assistant coach Kristen Koch filling in from time to time as well.
    Ford also lends insight to UCSB men’s basketball broadcasts”

  66. I have to admit that I didn’t expect the win at Santa Barbara, especially without Fleming and with Valdes looking pretty rusty in the Long Beach game. Looking at the stats it was a total team win, with almost all of the starting five in double figures. Quincy really impresses me with his all out effort each game, defending , rebounding, making steals, disrupting the other team and more recently knocking down shots. For the season to date Q gets my most improved award and I hope he keeps it up. Looking forward to the remaining games at home.

  67. Actually, that’s Big news for me. Oakland510’s post: “Top 48 teams get an automatic bid!!! Just win Out!!!!! Let’s get it done Lets Go Bows!!!!!”

    I have been thinking we are simply OUT if we don’t win the conference tournament. Still lamenting ‘what a terrible system’. But this is different. This changes everything.
    HOPE ! Not that I don’t think we can’t win the tournament. I do. But all the more terrible for instance if we went without a loss all year and then ‘something happened’. So it occurs to ask the question, does that mean top 48 teams ‘after the conference tournaments? or before?’ I should think it out but I’m still kind of shocked about this ‘news’. Where have I been that I missed this. Did you guys all know this?

  68. I’m not an expert, but the only automatic bids are the conference tournament champions. In that Espn BPI list, Irvine is projected as the automatic bid for the Big West, so far. The rest of the teams that get in to the NCAA’s are at-large picks.
    There are 32 automatic bids.
    “The remaining 36 bids were granted on an “at-large” basis, which were extended by the NCAA Selection Committee to the teams it deemed to be the best 36 teams that did not receive automatic bids.” (wikipedia)

  69. The first 48 on the Espn list include 12 of their projected automatic bids and their 36 projected at-large bids. The rest of the protected Automatic or 20 more bids are spread out further down on the list, such as Irvine.

  70. I feel an obligation, as a former journalist, a US citizen, a disabled person, and, well, someone UHfanzonly1 was very kind to, to say that although I respect Dayton’s right to ban anyone from this blog, I regret his decision to take away a voice on his blog simply because his opinions didn’t align with others’. Surely it cannot be the number of his posts, because it is so simple to scroll right past him if you don’t want to engage with him. For that matter, if he “incites” you, surely you can ignore him as well. I hope you do not take offense to this, UHfanzonly1, but I am disabled as well and although I get to the games, I am stuck at home a lot and it can be lonely and isolating and the social media community has added a lot to my life and my ability to be a participant and have a voice in the bigger world. I do most of this on Facebook, but for him, if UH BB was a big part of his history, why can’t we as humans be a little more tolerant of the guy and let him have his place in the community and his voice? He doesn’t seem like a bully and maybe he’s a little off his rocker (I do have a hard time following you myself UHfanzonly1), and honestly, and again I mean no disrespect UHfanzonly1, sometimes I’m like, NO, don’t use my name again, everyone’s gonna hate me and think I’m you or think I think like you and I DON’T! But I just like everyone, especially kids and old people. He’s one of our kupuna, you guys. And the part, Dayton, about “people from the program”? Can you clarify, is this site for UH? Is it sponsored by them? I’m seriously asking, I don’t know. If it is, your actions make a lot more sense. Anyway, this is all I’ll say on it but just wanted to say my peace. Thank you.

  71. If your team is not one of the automatic 32 bids by winning your respective conference tournament, then it is difficult to be named to one of the 36 at-large bids for the NCAA’s.

  72. Well said KellyO. Some of the other blogs can get very crude and rude, or worse, no one posts at all. There have been times that very very few others have posted to WI. Thanks KellyO for speaking up.

  73. If we don’t win the Big West Tournament our chances are pretty slim in being invited to the NCAA Tournament. The only way they would select Hawaii is if we are ranked in the top 25 by tournament selection time. We are not a big name team and despite the record will not get an invite to the Dance. This is the same problem the wahine team faced.

  74. KelleyO,

    I appreciate your feedback and commend you for standing up for Uhfanzonly1. I am not sure how long you have been following this site, but I thank you for recently joining the Comments section.

    To understand this matter is to know the history of Uhfanzonly1 on this site. Thus, the first part of my previous comment to Uhfanzonly1 is the most important part to note. There were several previous warnings directed at the general population of people who post comments here. Uhfanzonly1 knew about these warnings, and even praised it when others were banned in the past. Yet, Uhfanzonly1 consistently transgressed these same warnings, particularly in the last year or so.

    As the primary moderator, I can tell you that numerous derogatory posts over the years from Uhfanzonly1 had to be deleted before anyone else had a chance to read it. Trust me when I say that our staff was overly tolerant, and much of it had to do with Uhfanzonly1’s seniority and loyalty.

    Simply put, enough was enough.

  75. Lesson learned in the LB game. Do not let another team disrupt how you play. LB did what they did and won. What I noticed is that LB made sure when they fouled at times that it would be hard fouls. It was their game plan.

    Not to be taken as a softie team which UH is definitely not, however the coach should point out to the refs that these hard fouls could be considered flagrant because of their intent of wanting to make a hard foul. The intent of making a hard foul was there because there were a few too many. Thus these intentional hard fouls after 2 in a game should be penalized.

  76. Servante, if we dont win the BWT, we’re out, period. we could win out from here on out, we wouldnt make the cut. our RPI simply wouldnt be high enough.

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