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UPDATED: Warriors upset by UC Riverside, but still in first


UC Riverside crashed the party and trashed any potential plans for a week of celebration for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

The Warriors, who have been pulling off improbable victories all season, suffered an improbable loss of their own in the form of a 77-71 shocker to UC Riverside.

A crowd of 6,624 (7,957 tickets issued) at the Stan Sheriff Center was at frenzied decibels in the second half, but ultimately left in stunned silence as the Warriors saw a six-game winning streak snapped.

Hawai’i dropped to 22-4 overall and remained in first place in the Big West Conference at 11-2. The Warriors still have a magic number of two with three games to play to clinch the regular-season championship.

The Warriors can still clinch the title on Saturday with a win over CSUN, but it will also require losses by both UC Irvine and Long Beach State earlier in the day. Otherwise, the title chase will run into next week’s games on the road.

UC Riverside, which was on a four-game losing streak, improved to 14-15 overall and 5-8 in the Big West with the upset win.

“It hurts – it should hurt,” Hawai’i head coach Eran Ganot said. “The great thing is we get to play Saturday. This team, we’ll try to lean on our experience with how we bounced back from losses before. Just like when you win a good win, you get to enjoy it for a second and get ready for the next one. When you lose a tough one, you can’t sit there and pout. Get ready for the next one.”


Aaron Valdes led the Warriors with 23 points, including 5-for-9 shooting from 3-point range. He also had six rebounds and four steals.

Roderick Bobbitt added 17 points and seven assists with zero turnovers. Stefan Jankovic contributed 12 points and 10 rebounds, and Mike Thomas had seven points and four rebounds.

Just five days after out-scoring UC Irvine 9-0 to close the game in a road win, the Warriors were-out-scored 9-2 by the Highlanders to close this home loss.

“Wake-up call,” is how Mike Thomas described it.

Sophomore guard Isaac Fleming added: “I wouldn’t look at it as a setback. I look at it as, like he said, a wake-up call. Every time we lost this year, we went on an eight-game, nine-game win streak, so we just have to wake up.”

Hawai’i trailed by 10 points with less than 10 minutes remaining in the second half, but rallied to take leads of 67-65 and 69-68 in the closing minutes.

UC Riverside won it at the free-throw line, converting 9 of 10 in the final two minutes. Meanwhile, Hawai’i did not even attempt a free throw in the game’s final five minutes.

“When we’re just passing on the perimeter, as always, we’re not very effective and you can’t get to the (free-throw) line that way,” Ganot said. “We didn’t get to the line as much as we usually do … we settled some.”


Hawai’i had possession of the ball, trailing 72-71 with less than a minute remaining. However, Jankovic missed a runner in the lane and UCR’s Secean Johnson grabbed the rebound with 18.8 seconds remaining.

Johnson was fouled immediately, and made both free throws to make it 74-71. UH’s Sai Tummala then missed a 3-pointer, and the Highlanders closed the game with three more free throws.

Each team was whistled for 22 fouls, but UCR went 27 for 32 (84.4 percent) from the free-throw line while Hawai’i went 16 for 23 (69.6 percent).

“I don’t really want to speak on the refs, but we just let the refs get to us and we shouldn’t let that happen,” Fleming said. “We should have kept our composure.”

The second half also featured five technical fouls – three on Hawai’i and two on UCR. After the game, Bobbitt detoured from the handshake line to have a conversation with UCR head coach Dennis Cutts.

“It’s information I have to find out about, but what ever it is, that can’t happen,” Ganot said, noting that the Warriors had received just one technical foul in 12 previous Big West games. “In one game we had three.; 22-3 (record) with pretty good composure, 0-1 here with three technicals. We have to do better, stay composed in some really tough moments.”

Hawai’i opened the game with a 9-2 lead, as the Highlanders committed four turnovers in the first four minutes. The Warriors still had a 21-16 lead when the Highlanders went on a 9-2 run to take a 25-23 lead with 4:30 remaining in the first half.

The score was tied at 28, but UCR closed the first half with an 8-4 surge to take a 36-32 lead at intermission.


The Highlanders had leads of 52-42, 59-49, and 61-51 in the second half before the raucous crowd helped fuel the Warriors’ rally.

A 12-2 surge by the Warriors tied the scored at 63 with 5:34 remaining, and then Hawai’i got its first lead of the second half at 67-65 on a putback by Jankovic with 3:35 remaining.

UCR responded immediately with a 3-pointer by Jaylen Bland, but Hawai’i answered with a floater from Bobbitt to take its last lead at 69-68 with 2:33 remaining.

Jaylen Bland led the Highlanders with 20 points, including five 3-pointers; Secean Johnson added 19 points and 10 rebounds, and DJ Sylvester scored 18, as UCR avenged a nine-point loss to Hawai’i last month at Riverside, Calif.

It was UCR’s second game without senior forward Taylor Johns, who was dismissed from the team last week for violating team and athletic department rules. Johns, a first-team All-Big West selection last season, was averaging 15.5 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. Even without him, the Highlanders out-rebounded the Warriors 35-31.

“Win or lose, you go back to work,” Ganot said. “It’s the same routine, it’s the same message. This game is very humbling, life is very humbling.”

Saturday’s home finale against CSUN is “Senior Night,” and Roderick Bobbitt, Quincy Smith, Sai Tummala and Dyrbe Enos will be honored after the game. It is also a “White-Out” game (all fans encouraged to wear white shirts), and it is already an official sellout.

CLICK HERE to view boxscore

(Game photo courtesy Matt Osumi)

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 1.33.30 AM

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UC Irvine at UC Davis
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  1. Humbling indeed. Coach you have to have

    everyone under control. Costly lost of com-

    posure lost you 2 Big West home games.

    Probably swung open door of confidence for

    whole league. Warriors can be beat at home

    On road go undefeated? Confident team can

    bounce back against csun. However matadors

    will give you there best shot they are spoilers.

    Warriors just get better in Anaheim where it

    counts the most 3 wins or 1 loss and done we

    hope not!!

  2. Can’t lose momentum during this critical period. need to come back strong and put the hurt on csun.

  3. Ganot cannot coach he has a very talented team that’s why he’s winning and he will not win The Big West with Flening playing low minuets like he has been he’s ruining any chance of him coming back next year smh. Ego ego ego Ganot this 1’s your fault buddy.

  4. Sorry to see a loss like this, but the feeling before the game was the same as with Long Beach State game…they were all starting to believe their own press clippings and did not respect the Highlanders. It’s history now, but sure as the sun rises on a new day, CSUN will look at this and try to be that much better than they were last week to ruin our Senior Night.

    BTW, I thought I saw Bobbitt with at least two steals…box score has to be wrong.

    GO BOWS…finish strong.

  5. Spectator I couldn’t agree more. Just look at Fleming he ain’t having no fun this year. They got to play the kid – he’s really talented! I believe Ganot can coach Xs and Os but he’s being exposed on the intangibles. I want to see Ganot throw his jacket or stomp his feet Ala Riley Wallace. Regardless he clearly didn’t have the boys prepared mentally this time.

  6. Rod is a good ball player but like I said earlier this yr you have a bonified pg in Fleming and won’t give him a opportunity to share the load with Rod.When these guys made the stretch run last yr who was relieving who for whatever reason Fleming is not in the equation is it the scheme,system or other smh.
    We have 3 conference games remaining let’s put our egos aside and go win these games as a team.(Know player bigger than the team)

  7. It is just so amazing how critics come out after a loss. Some posters only post after a loss. Why is that? Now we have 2 posters that say Ganot cannot coach. 22-4 says otherwise. Previous coaching staffs could not win on the road, much less be in first this late in the season. Also Give credit to Riverside. They played a great game and weathered our comeback, and made pressure buckets in prime time. Kentucky has amazing talent but has lost 7 times this year. Bad coaching? Just enjoy the ride. This team is indeed special and I support both them and the coaching staff win or lose. My support is always unconditional. On to Saturday!

  8. We’ve bounced back strong from every loss. We will do the same here. No matter the loss, we should all honor the seniors on Sat with same enthusiasm as when Irvine was here earlier. Team needs us the most now.

  9. I am going to have to agree with mokana on this one. We are still 22-4 and still in first place! Settle down people! This was a really bad loss, no doubt about that but everybody who wants to throw Rod and the coach under the bus right now is super crazy.

    This team did not lose two in a row all year and I will bet money that they not losing two in a row this week.

  10. As I said in my very first post on the subject of this game. What I learned…and as fans we can learn just as we ask the team and coaches to learn from the season…what I learned from this season is this is probably a GREAT loss for us, if there is such a thing. Our pattern is to lose and come back strong. This is the perfect time to lose and to take that loss, refocus and come back stronger than ever for five straight games!! Best of all, four of those games are on the road, where we are most focused and have not lost since Texas Tech.

  11. Wow, some disappointing comments, but I won’t point out which ones. I was way overconfident going into last nights game and I’m sure that the team was as well. Now the team knows they’re not invincible in conference play and records don’t mean anything.

    Players are people and they aren’t perfect. They have emotions and can lose composure at times. The best way to deal with it is to learn and move on. It’s become quite apparent that reffing isn’t going to go our way most of the time. I think once the players buy-in to that concept, it will be easier to move forward and handle in-game situations better.

    And I don’t always agree with everything the coaching staff does but I’m fairly certain that without them we wouldn’t have one of the best records in the country right now and in the running for a conference championship. They have tons of experience and know what they are doing. They create the plan and execute it, and that has worked 85% of the time this season.

    In reflecting on last nights game, I can quickly think up at least a dozen things that happened last night off the top of my head that had it not went that way, Hawaii wins. Little things here and there that all culminated into just enough of an insurmountable deficit. The team will go back and analyze it, and hopefully learn from it so that we can get our next run going. If we can put one more 6 game win streak together, we’ll be in the big dance.

    I will say this, after last night, even an NIT invitation sounds pretty great. A conference championship also sounds amazing. Hopefully the players are feeling the same way and re-focus their efforts and are motivated to finish out the season (and post-season) strong. Let’s GO BOWS!

  12. Give credit to UCR and their plan. Radio commentator said Johnson was a match up problem for UH, he also had 10 rebounds. They also made it hard to get the ball in to Janks and when we did, he was doubled up. Freshman guard Sylvester played well and Bland shot 5 of 11 three pointers. UCR had 9 assists to 15 TO’s, but outrebounded UH 35 to 31. They had 4 steals to UH’s 9.

    UCR leads the Big West in FT shooting in conference games at 76.5 % and is 4th in 3PT FG% at 34.7 %. UH is 7th at 32.7 %. LBSU is 3rd at 35.2 %. Achilles heel for UH could be 3 pt and FT shooting, although they have done those well in some games.
    6-9 Larsson is from Sweden, does he know Sheriff ? 6-7 Boezeman and 7-0 Dijkstra are from the Netherlands.
    Fleming had sound words about composure in the above article.

  13. People were spoiled by the success of the team, and reacted accordingly to a disappointing loss … at home. It’s unfortunate, as mokana points out, that a loss seems to draw the lurkers out of hiding. Suddenly, everyone’s an expert.

    It’s not a cliche when Ganot says it’s tough to win in conference, even more so when the target is on your back. This team is 11-2 in the BW, in first place and controls its destiny as far the conference title and NIT berth are concerned. It’s a position the eight other teams would die to be in.

    Time to move on. Looking forward to joining the sellout crowd at the arena tomorrow and expressing mahalo to the seniors.

    On a side note: Parents get a pass on what they post here. I may not always agree with what they express, but I’m thankful their sons chose to play here.

  14. Isaac M, well said. I wrote a long response to Oakland but it is being moderated and I don’t know if it will be posted. I don’t think it is an angry post, it is reasoned, but perhaps too personal and just getting too personal for a blog. The bottom line is I apologize if I offended anyone. I love ALL the kids as I have always said and I didn’t name names. TWO players have actually TWICE not come out for the Alma Mater, BOTH leaders, I NEVER named names so if everyone chose to see Rod as the guy I was talking about it says something right there.

    Someone called me shameful and asked if I had seen this and that. As a matter of fact, I have already written letters to the Big West Commissioner, the AD of Riverside and the Riverside Coach Cutts condemning the behavior of Coach Cutts toward Rod Bobbitt. I also plan to write letters regarding the officiating crew, whom I felt lost control of the game before it started, as Riverside came out pushing our guys before the first whistle blew and our guys pushed back and none of them even noticed. It was clearly part of Riverside’s game plan.

  15. Thanks KellyO, and might I add that it’s been a pleasure having you around the warrior insider community! You bring excellent insight and experience that is much appreciated. You’ve made some excellent posts, including from today and I’m impressed at your objectivity and proactive attitude. Very refreshing.

    As far as it goes for me, I just try to keep it positive. Deep down, I feel crushed and devastated after last nights loss, and with that obviously comes some strong emotions but I try my best to keep them in check. I know who the team is and what they can do, and last night was not a very accurate representation of it.

  16. Per another poster, Manoa, on another forum, UCR has good ball movement, forces us to chase, boxes out, rebounds and teams like it and LBSU that work their ball possession / defense, get rebounds to take away our break and with ball movement that forces fouls will be tough to beat in the tournament and UH needs three straight games of hot shooting.

  17. Does anybody know what Bobbitt and the UCR coach was saying to each other? I didn’t even notice it at the game but watching the replay and the TV crew was showing it and commenting on it. I didn’t even know what happened at the end of the game because I was already leaving the arena.

    I have to be honest because it looks like the UCR coach did a good job of ignoring Bobbitt after the game when Bobbitt was up in his ear. It looks even more bad that all the UH coaches let Bobbitt go after the UCR coach like that. I think it is Niko Filipovich who finally pulls Bobbitt away that you can see on the replay. The TV crew mentioned that Ganot was talking to the UCR coach after that, but they didn’t show it so I don’t know if they were arguing or not.

  18. Defense, rebounding and getting the ball inside to Janks is a must tomorrow nite against CSUN before a packed house , last home game , come on Warriors!!! Protect the House!!

  19. Rod situation was instigated but what I like most at the end of the game Mike & Isaac was still willing to talk to the media after a tuff loss with Ganot and willing to except the blame as a team not a individual.

    Oakland, we both know the drill folks going to ride with you when you on top I’m just glad you didn’t here the statement on the radio regarding JUCO that was totally unnecessary. Bobbitt and family enjoy senior night and I will see yall in Anaheim.

  20. Fall down twice.. Get up 3 times.. These guys will bounce back no question. Another wake up call.. Should
    Make the bows hungry and dig down deep and come together.

    I feel Ganot has done a great job so far this year. He has a good head on his shoulders, and always addresses
    What needs to be worked on and adjusts accordingly.

    Teams are now going to double team janks.. And I think Hawaii hasn’t prepared how to execute through that
    In there favor. At least lastnight’ game

    I do agree there should’ve been some change ups on offense. But you know what..
    Hawaii had there chances. Like coach says give credit to ucr. They took the bows
    out of their game.

    I feel Hawaii needs to make a statement win on Sat! Get on an early lead and never look back!
    Send the seniors out in style as they deserve! But I’ll settle with a 1 point win lol!

    You guys know what to do! Just get back to playing Hawaii basketball!

    Let’s go Bows!!

  21. It hurts to lose a game that we all expected to win. However, give credit to Riverside; they played good defense, especially double teaming Janks, made good shots and hit their free throws. I expect this will wake up our team to win at least two of the next three games, but I have to admit that the loss of composure is a bit concerning. Although we don’t know what was being said, Bobbitt going at with the Riverside coach was not a good idea.

  22. UH deserved what they got, a big head and a large point spread going in spelled trouble and it was a disaster. Tummala had a bad game, Jankovic was double teamed all night. The only 2 guys who played well were Bobbitt and Valdes. Just look at the rebounding margin, and the amount of foul shots Riverside got, and made. UH was sitting on their laurels from the recent road trip and big win over Irvine. UH could be flat on Saturday as CSUN played us tough last week and could lose the next 2 on the road. To finish with a 4 game losing streak to finish 11-5 and not win the regular season would be a total disaster. And that would not be a good omen going into the conference tournament. In one day, we went from NCAA at-large possibilities to having a lot of questions about even winning the conference regular season at all.
    In life and basketball, nothing is guaranteed. You just can’t get into foul trouble early, and the stupid technicals too. Inexcusable. But, as I said, we deserved what we got. We know Bland was their best player so why didn’t we stop him. “We let em off the hook.!!!!” The Riverside coach was smiling all night because he knew they were getting into UH’s head. And Bobbitt lost his cool. He acted like Cam Newton after they lost the Super Bowl, a sore loser. I was proud of Fleming. He was very much under control and I think he should have been in there more. Just my opinion.

  23. Ferd is reporting that the BWC officials are reviewing the UH/Riverside game due to the 5 techs. Bobby Dibler is the head coordinating official and we can expect his decision soon. At the very least, with the same officials doing the game on Saturday…there will be a very short leash on what they will tolerate…believe me.

    As a player, “Let No One Rent Space Inside Your Head!”


    GO BOWZ…play every game like it is your last.

  24. Very talnted team Eran has. He is proud of them. It

    almost looked like last year technicals trash talking

    cost UH 2 home losses huge letdown for we in arena.

    Eran has to show he is leader boss if it means sitting

    down all the guys who were chirping do it. Old school

    however team will focus more.Cutts Riverside team

    carried out game plan and hit their shots. Formula

    for opponents now. As for some guys not joining us

    us for alma mater. Sad young ones wonder what

    happened. Have to reel in emotions warriors can

    still win in Anaheim just going tobe War now!

    Support seniors and grads..send them off. Csun

    I believe theus will try same strategy against jankovic

    and drive to basket rebound by committee. Fans come

    out 10000 strong great game for warriors hopefully!

  25. From where I am looking we lost one game. It was devastating loss no doubt but it still counts as only one loss. I cannot imagine being flat two games in a row, then lose two more on the road and not make any tournament. I respect your opinion Derek, but with all the awesomeness this team has accomplished this year why would this scenario even cross your mind? We control our own destiny. I expect the coaches to coach and the players to come out and take care of business Saturday night. It is a given that they know what is at stake as it is the same goal when the conference season started. Go Warriors!!!!

  26. Team1st…

    Just because you were banned from posting when your name was uhfanzonly1, it doesn’t mean you can suddenly change your identity and disobey the moderators and start posting negative things about Ganot AGAIN… You veil your words to make it sound like you’re supporting the players but you go for any chance you can get to blame Ganot for something, like lack of control.

    Look, you were the first to make a comment when this story got posted and you got everybody going… looks like that was your intention all along.

    For an older gentleman, an older fan… you sure are very immature. I wish you would act like a better example for the rest of us. There are only a few games left. Please don’t encourage negativity just because you are still angry about what happened to Benjy. And please… we don’t need you to mention Benjy again. We’re heard your interpretation a THOUSAND times already.

  27. Article in today’s SA said the head of officials is going to review the game. Matlin had no comment.

  28. Backbeat, didn’t you say before that you’ve been an official at some point in time? What can we expect from the video review? On a personal level, I find it highly questionable that no calls were made against Riverside in the last 5 minutes yet they shoot 10 free throws in the last 2 minutes. It appeared to me as though Janks got fouled on a crucial last drive to the basket with under a minute to go but no call was made. I feel like the no-calls resulted in the players losing their head and possible taunting coming from UCR coaching staff. Not cool.

  29. Either way top teams programs have to be

    professional rise above. Coach should address with

    his athletes that he as coach will battle for them, stop wit

    on and off court banter. So critical. Hope

    parties involved get warning not suspension.

    All we warrior nation want now? Send seniors

    out with huge thanks and momentum win against csun!

    Go warriors!!

  30. Njcinto, By all means with know disrespect the bar is set by coach Benji and staff if we don’t win in Anaheim with the nucleus of this team this year was a bust just my opinion keeping it 100% real. I agree with a lot of the coaches reasoning of benching Isaac but personally I’m waiting to see how they handle this situation.

  31. Last night’s loss was disappointing, but it didn’t have any real effect on the season. It didn’t knock the team out of the regular season title chase and an NIT bid, and it didn’t knock them out of the conference tournament title chase and an NCAA Tourney bid.

    I trust the coaching staff to reinforce the process they’ve preached all year. One game at a time. One possession at a time. Then go through the same routine they always do, win or lose. “We do what we do” as Ganot likes to say.

    I expect the team’s leaders to set the tone, put the game in perspective, focus on CSUN, work hard, honor the program, and honor the game. Make sure the seniors go out with a W in their final home stand.

    It’s bounce back time, Warriors!

  32. bigdaddy we know your son appears 100% physically

    More efective as starter or off the bench

    Skilset incredible and on ball defense nba worthy

    somtime look sad on side wants to play more?

    Just wondering. Your son super chill and locals love


  33. Unless there is a different film for the Big West to look at that can hear what Bobbitt and the UCR coach is saying then I don’t think they can really do anything because there’s no proof. If you watch the TV replay, you can see Bobbitt following the coach after the game and getting up in his ear but the coach keep walking and there is no incident. Even during the game it was not obvious that they were jawing at each other.

    I was in the upper level behind the UCR bench and could see when the UH guys were talking to the UCR bench but it didn’t look like anything that doesn’t happen at other games. I thinking maybe something personal was said to set it off. Kawika Hallums talked about it with the TV crew after the game about how theres secret ways to talk trash without the refs seeing or hearing.

  34. Dibler will review the videos and if necessary will interview the officials. Officials are like cops, they have each other’s backs, so I don’t expect any of them to be recused from what I saw. Bench control is something few officials do a good job of these days so that might be an area of concern if Riverside’s coach was being an unsportsmanlike bad actor last night. But considering what I saw, nothing will come of it.

    There may be a problem, however, of how our captain followed their coach after the game. As for the fouls and no calls, one has to look at it through non prejudicial eyes. It was a tough game to call and the only mistake I saw was that they allowed them to play in the first half, but tightened up hard in the second. Got to expect more from our leaders to control themselves…even in a loss.

    If Ganot has hard evidence, his only recourse is to Blacklist that official. Having said that, it might be tough to get another to replace him from the mainland in time for tomorrow’s game. Believe me when I say, every official doing the BWC tourney will be made aware of what happened last night.

    You don’t won’t to draw that kind of attention to yourself as you will always have 3 pair of eyes and ears on you just waiting to blow that whistle. But know this, they are all trying to do the best job they can so they can reach the post season too.


  35. Let’s stay positive here people. We are still in first place. We can’t have a perfect season like everyone wants. Games like this will build character and make this team better down the road. They need to bounce back and win these next three to seal the BWC regular season championship. Ganot definitely needs to control his team. 3 technicals no matter what the situation is, is unacceptable, it’s called composure. Let’s pack the house for Senior Night and send the guys off in style.

  36. Big West, UH mulling sanctions after game against

    Riverside. Wish it reversed outcome. Anyone know

    what type of potential sanctions and against whom?

    Hope not warriors.

  37. I saw coach Jacobsen on the tv talking in a conciliatory way to coach Cutts as Cutts was going into the locker room. I think on the radio post game show, Eran took time out for a few seconds to say a goodbye to coach Cutts, who had a security escort.
    Probably have to let the coaches handle any dispute during the game and not have the players talking to the opponent’s coach.

  38. Take no team lightly!!

    One loss in conference playoffs and all the expectations and hoorah go out the window.

    It’s never about how you start.

  39. Kanoa and sports animals saying that UCR doubled down near the paint and played off of Mike, Quincy and Sheriff, allowing them to shoot from outside if they wanted to. That turned out to be smart coaching on UCR’s part, for this game.
    Sai missed a few and if we made a few more FT’s the game would have been closer, maybe.

  40. Public reprimand to Roderick by Big West commissioner, but UH giving out no suspensions, apparently.

  41. Islandman, just read that too… So who makes the penalty for such reprimands if not the Big West, UH? lol, no way we gonna suspend Bobbitt at this point in time. I agree with people who realize the severity of losing your cool, I hope this is a one time only thing for Bobbitt he’s the leader and if he loses it again it could cost us more when it counts.

    Go ‘Bows

  42. Kaimukian ….Coach Cutts had high regard for Roderick and a couple of others in his comments before the game, if you read McInnis’ recent blog post.

  43. Maybe Isaac or Sheriff or Niko start in Rod place?

    Still officials now watching warriors every move word

    actions. More adversity. Put warriors to test. Warrior

    and man mature time! Embarassing though!

    Rod become better for it captain leads by example!

  44. Big Flem see you when you touch down in cali in a few weeks, everyone I hope you enjoy the last home game of the season!!!! It’s been a really great year for HAWAII Basketball ! When Roderick narrow things down to four schools St. Mary’s Missouri Oklahoma Hawaii Was left on his list, two teams who would for sure be top 25 the next two years plus St. Mary’s had been recruiting him since ninth grade would give him the opportunity to stays in the Bay Area but he picked HAWAII told me “Pops Hawaii is coming up a couple cat name AV and Thomas from Cali the go Janks was coming from Missouri A clean lefty from Delaware name Fleming and the homie from the bay (Q) Trust Me Pops” . Guess He Showed Me!!! 5 Steals away hope you can break it at home tomorrow son ! Just Win Bows !

  45. Other then the T 17 pts 7 asst 3 reb 0to
    Take it all night long!

  46. Team1st, coaching again? your comments does not sit right with me. somewhat undermining…

    Oakland510: Great to have you and your family in Hawaii! Hope we will pull off a great win against UC Northridge and give Rod and his other warrior brothers a great send off!

    Go Bow!!!

  47. Oakland

    Your son one of best pg’s all time at UH

    he has good jumper to three line. Reason warriors

    have 44 wins and countingso far!!

    Excellent defender and facilitator

    We love Rod took us towards 2 championship runs

    NCAA still there for taking.

    Thankyou to Bobbitts for sharing Rod with Hawaii!

  48. 7 asst could = 14-21 pts +17 pts
    Not a bad night running the point!
    Jank makes the layup Sai hits the three
    9 asst no T we win. And Rod the man then lol CRAZY

  49. Oakland we both know Rod & Quincy are his hommies he will never allow you to say nothing if you mention their names true friend indeed he understand his role.

  50. Thanks Team1st
    Just Win Bows

  51. Big Flem this team has everything going for them, last year they got close but this season we ready to make noise!

  52. Oakland 510 and Tinkerbell, tried to respond earlier but my post being moderated all day so let me try again. Guess I’m not a parent so I can’t just call people out whenever I want. I never used Rod Bobbit’s name. Two players, both team leaders, both have done this twice, didn’t come out for alma mater. I have repeatedly made positive comments on this blog about many of the players on the team, including both of these players. I have also noted when I have been wrong and I have repeatedly stated my love for the players above all.

    I love Rod Bobbitt as I love all the kids. I speak my truth as a parent, coach, player myself over the years. Rod plays his okole off and his heart out and his skills are obvious. Oakland51, you said once these kids are men and should be treated as such, yet you make excuses and call me out and put me down like I’m against your son. I am FOR the TEAM that you always talk about. I am FOR Rod becoming a better man so that he will grow and become a better human and mentor to future players. His actions are not who he is, and his actions are what need adjusting. He needs to find that balance in his competitive spirit. I’m sure Rod doesn’t care about accolades (though you seem to, records seem important to you), but I would like to see him get some votes for Big West Player of the Year. He will never get that, though, because the coaches vote on that and the Riverside Coach will see to it that Rod doesn’t get that award.

    This apology we’ve had to make on behalf of one of our players…it IS embarrassing for the fans and for the University. That sort of behavior, in Hawaii, we say it is not Pono. But does that mean we don’t love our player who made the mistakes? Of course not. We embrace, forgive, love. In Hawaii, we don’t care about the records or the individual accolades. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we like to win as much as the next guy. But we are TEAM first. And respect. And Ohana. And humility. And aloha.

  53. Thanks to Niko and Jamie, as seen on a tv news clip, they were the ones that kind of help diffuse the thing before it went on any more.

  54. s/b “difuse.”

  55. KelleyO

  56. KelleyO hope you make it to the states and show your support when the tournament begins! Until then Gooooooooooo Bowwwww

  57. Oakland510, I’ll be there sir, FYI, Hawaii is a state, LOL!! Our President was born here! 🙂

  58. Oh, and I love you too, Oakland510. I love a man who loves his child. Need more strong dad’s like you and Big Daddy in this world. Go Bows!

  59. Sellout tomorrow night ! Warrior Time ! Come on guys put two good halves together. !

  60. KellyO,
    It’s all good. I’m a die hard Basketball fan. I support so many different College teams/NBA teams.
    Fans show their spirit in different ways.

    Oakland510, you have a son that plays outstanding basketball. I saw clips of Rod in High School, then I followed your son when he played for Indian Hills, then of course to watch this young man go to Hawaii and capture new records. It must be a wonderful feeling to see your son accomplish so much. Best wishes to you and your family Mr.Bobbitt!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Go Bowsssss!!!!

  61. Does anyone know if we are able to stay late after the game and give leis to the players?

  62. Coaches gotta know I’m not bias Rod a senior let him as way say on the east coast rockout

  63. Coaches gotta know I’m not bias let Rod lead the way (much respect)

  64. What was said by the UC Riverside coach to get Bobbit affected? Losing a game would not affect a player like Bobbit as depicted by the video and media statements. Definitely something was said by that coach.

    Where is it that nothing is said about UH asking for people who might have heard the rumblings. Investigate the incident more before apologizing.

    UH’s public statement should have stated this. “Before making a statement, we will do a thorough investigation on why things happened between our player and the opposing team’s coach. After making every effort to uncover what started such chain of events, no further comment will be made.

    The apology is like making our player the guilty party. Is it that much less of a hassle and the legalities involved to make the student athlete the culprit?

  65. No player should argue with the opposing coach, including an opponent’s player arguing with Eran. If he has an argument, he can take it up with his own coach to handle it. Before the game, Cutts made good comments about the UH team and Rod.

  66. “UH responded thusly from athletic director David Matlin and coach Eran Ganot:

    “We accept the reprimand handed down by the Big West Conference. Roderick takes full responsibility for his actions during Thursday’s game and he understands those actions do not live up to the standards we expect of our student-athletes. Rod let his emotions get the best of him and he will learn from this and be a better leader of this basketball team. We apologize to UC Riverside and the Big West Conference.”
    (McInnis blog)

  67. I agree with not an expert. No one has reported a thing about the other coaches commenys. It’s like we’re cowering before the league just to appease them and not create a further stir. Bobbit is usually cool headed and I’m going to back up our boy here. We deserve to know what instigated this and I doubt bobbit was the one who started it. Regardless, that may have been in the UCR coaches game plan to do that. If so they win…literally.

  68. My opinion as someone else stated here: play Fleming more = win. Period. Anyone who disagrees need to get glasses lol…

  69. Bobbit found guilty before any investigation done. A coach being Dr. Jekyll before a game and a Mr. Hyde during a game. Here they go again no due process for an athlete playing for UH. Fotu given none and now Bobbitt.

    If Bobbit believes he was wrong he should make the apology not only the coach and not only the school. Man up and state I reacted in a negative way and apologize not only to the UC Riverside coach but also the school, my coaches, my fellow teamates and the fans of Hawaii.

    On the other hand if the UC Riverside coach stated something derogatory initially that started this, than this should be brought to the fore front. If he did not do such a thing, Mr. Bobitt needs to apologize personally for the good of himself and the UH basketball program. Someone apologizing for someone else does not cut it.

  70. I stand with Rod; Whatever Cutts said to him was probably personal and he took exception. The UCR coaching staff was animated from the get-go. Their one assistant coach with the shaved head was throwing a fit every time UCR got called for a foul. He would jump up, do a spin while holding his hands to his head, etc. the head official from this game should be reprimanded for letting it get out of hand.

  71. The refs for the game get graded a big fat F for lack of control. Things were getting chippy early in the game and they should have talked to both coaches and pulled each team to their sides so things could get cooled off. Hoping senior night goes a lot better. Go Warriors !

  72. So, are these the same refs for tomorrows game? Team is gonna have to be angels.

  73. Not an expert, well said. I want to hear what Bobbit has to say. But maybe we should move on. Not worth a suspension at this point in the season.

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