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UPDATED: Warriors honor seniors by beating CSUN, 89-78


Gritty, balanced, exciting, and under adverse conditions. The same words that have been used to describe this amazing season for the University of Hawai’i basketball team came into play again in a fitting regular-season home finale that had the Warriors topping CSUN, 89-78.

A sellout “White-Out” crowd (10,300 tickets issued, 9,103 through turnstiles) at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the Warriors improve to 23-4 overall and remain alone atop the Big West Conference at 12-2.

“The energy was electric – you could feel it in the crowd,” head coach Eran Ganot said. “It was three things, almost – the responding from a tough loss Thursday, Senior Night, obviously a lot at stake. Just really proud of our team for their professionalism since that (loss to UC Riverside on Thursday) … we came back, had great attitudes, bounced back, and that’s the mark of a really good team.”

Hawai’i now has a magic number of 1 with two regular-season games remaining. Any combination of one Hawai’i win or a loss by UC Irvine and Long Beach State would give the Warriors their first Big West Conference title.


CSUN dropped to 10-19 overall and 5-10 in the conference, including two losses to Hawai’i. UC Irvine is in second place at 11-3, and Long Beach State is in third at 10-4. The Matadors are in seventh place, but are ineligible for the Big West Tournament due to a self-imposed post-season ban.

Stefan Jankovic continued his mastery of the CSUN defense with 28 points on 8-of-10 field goal shooting and 10-of-12 free-throw shooting to lead the Warriors. In two games against CSUN this season, the 6-foot-11 junior center scored 62 points on 22 of 25 shooting from the field.

It was also “Senior Night” for the Warriors, and the three seniors certainly did their part in the win.

Senior forward Sai Tummala had 16 points and six rebounds off the bench. He shot 5 of 8 from the field, including 2 for 4 from 3-point range, and 4 for 4 on free throws.

“That last loss was really tough, and I think we had a lot of emotions built up going into this game,” Tummala said. “We wanted to win it. It’s Senior Night. It’s a big night for everybody, and I’m just glad we got this win.”

Senior guard Quincy Smith had 10 points on 5-of-7 shooting, and was also one of the primary defenders on CSUN’s Kendall Smith, who scored 15 points on 6-of-20 shooting. Kendall is Quincy’s younger brother.


“We got a great team and we got a lot of great players, so when somebody else is not playing for what ever reason it’s just another opportunity for somebody step up,” Smith said. “Different people have done it every game, that’s why we continue to win.”

Senior point guard Roderick Bobbitt had 13 points, eight assists and seven rebounds, but shot just 2 for 12 from the field (but 9 for 11 on free throws) and committed eight turnovers.

“We’ve been through adversity last year and we came together and fought strong and we had a season that most people didn’t think we could have,” Bobbitt said. “We already knew that we could fight through adversity and just stay together, stick together, that was the main key, and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

Bobbitt, Smith, Tummala and fourth-year junior Dyrbe Enos were honored after the game. Enos entered the game with about a minute remaining, as the crowd chanted “Dyr-be! Dyr-be! Dyr-be!”

“I never felt more pressure,” Ganot said of hearing the chants from the crowd. “I thought they’d throw me out of here if I didn’t make the move (to get him in).”

Hawai’i shot 52.8 percent from the field, while holding the Matadors to 42.6 percent (including 30.6 percent during the decisive second half). The Warriors also converted 29 of 37 (78.4 percent) free throws to CSUN’s 19 of 27 (70.4 percent). However, Hawai’i committed a season-high 23 turnovers.

“We were giving up too many easy baskets,” Tummala said. “They were getting a lot in transition, they like to get out and run. It takes a little while to adjust to it. Second half, we picked up, got back, we played hard and got the win.”


As has often been the case this season, the Warriors started the game without a key starter. Bobbitt opened the game on the bench, apparently due in part to his role in the previous game, when he exchanged words with UC Riverside head coach Dennis Cutts both during and after the game.

“Lesson learned, hopefully,” Ganot said. “I think his attitude was great today … we could have defended btter, rebound better, but our attitudes were definitely better.”

Freshman Sheriff Drammeh got the start instead, with Quincy Smith moving from shooting guard to point guard to open the game. Bobbitt entered the game with 12:29 remaining in the first half, and remained in the game until the closing seconds, when the outcome was decided.

Even with the makeshift lineup, the Warriors jumped to a 15-6 lead to open the game. CSUN chipped away and took a momentary 41-39 lead with 1:52 remaining in the first half.

Jankovic scored 17 points in the first half, including two free throws with 2 seconds remaining to give the Warriors a 43-42 lead at intermission.

The Warriors then opened the second half with a 15-5 run in the first six minutes to increase their lead to 58-47. The Matadors never got closer than eight the rest of the way.

The capacity crowd helped fuel the victory, reaching deafening roars of “De-fense!” throughout the second half.


“Just very happy for them that they could have this moment in front of this type of crowd, because they deserve it,” Ganot said.

Hawai’i will conclude the regular season with road games at UC Davis on March 3, and at Long Beach State on March 5. The Big West Conference Tournament will follow, March 10-12, at Anaheim, Calif.

“Obviously, we got two games left in the regular season and then we got Big West Tournament, where we need to win three games to go to the (NCAA) Tournament,” Quincy Smith said. “We got five games in a row we need to win.”

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(Game photos courtesy Matt Osumi)

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Saturday’s other Big West results
at Long Beach State 66, UC Riverside 55
UC Santa Barbara 80, Cal State Fullerton 62
UC Irvine 62, at UC Davis 61


  1. Is it just me, or does this article feel very un-Dayton-like? Bobby-C-like in its rah rah tone. It was Senior Night. We won. I wanted to feel happy, elated. I felt really lucky we won. I felt it wasn’t the TEAM we have seen all year out there. Sai and Janks really came to play. Q would have, as always, with more minutes. As would have AV. “I never felt more pressure” Ganot said of hearing Derby chants? So he wasn’t planning on putting Derby in otherwise? That’s pathetic! He should have started him and Sai then pulled them also. And I say this meaning no offense at all to the family or the kid involved, but once again our no balls Admin has no answer for the public when the league publicly reprimands a player and leaves it up to the school to sanction the player. Do we have policies? Is our policy “it’s between the player and the coach”? Is the punishment always just sit him out for five minutes or is that only for THIS player because we think we need him so much but different for another player. And is it the same regardless of the infraction? Seems the same player got the same penalty once before for a reason we were never made aware of. What IS our student conduct policy? Arbitrary? Like coaches contracts? Maybe if the coaching staff had stopped the situation on the bench while the athlete was going off before the game ended and sent him to the locker room then, the incident after the game never would have happened? Where were the coaches? Ganot keeps saying he takes responsibility? I don’t see him taking responsibility. I see his staff standing around letting his player go off, at least in the replay. Maybe the player shouldn’t have sat out at all. Maybe Maitlin needs to reprimand his coach? Do the players care enough about their coach to feel bad that their actions can affect his job? But there don’t seem to be any real consequences because nobody wants to rock the boat of a possible championship, meanwhile that possibility may go up in flames before our eyes!!

    Sorry. I really really want to stay positive and supportive and I AM supportive, I go to the games and I cheer my okole off and I spend my bucks and go to the tourney even (well my husband spends his bucks and takes me, hehe). But heck, what’s a site like this for if not a place to vent among fellow fans who know and understand my frustration, who can put me in my place and give me perspective, who can support me or tell me I’m being a butt head? So fire away. I just had to let it out. I mean no offense to this very young coaching staff.

  2. Guess everyone has opinions and perceptions of what they see; it’s a snapshot. Personally, just enjoy and wish the team success. Within the team, they know the rules and if they are administered FAIRLY and consistently. At the end of the day, only the future will tell the tale.

    IMO the players on the bench show me the attitude of the “team,” these are the guys with the most itch to get out of their seats. Our TEAM BENCH is the BOMB, believe if anyone is looking at why this team has won 22+ games, check they out; NEXT MAN UP…

  3. CSUN had a good plan in running down the court fast after UH made a basket and it looked like our team couldn’t catch up with them at times. Also, a few times,they made good passes to an open player under the basket when UH was collapsing on a driving player, i think.
    Note to KelleyO, although it was only against HPU, a player you are talking about was held out for the entire game. For the other player, I’m wondering if Kahuna’s impression on the previous post is correct. Hope he is treated as the other players are treated, in a fair manner. The fans love Isaac as a player and a person.

    Rod in the video above and SA article:
    “People welcomed me in, all the fans, everybody,” Bobbitt said. “This is a great honor. I see myself moving here in the future, later on. Just a wonderful place and wonderful people. … We already knew we could fight through adversity, and
    stay together, stick together. That was the main key and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

  4. Let us hope that this team makes it to the NCAA tournament.

    Young men forget all the BS and play for yourselves and teammates.

    Do what it will take as a team to get there.

    Apparently there is too much drama going on both behind closed doors of authority and the media. An employee’s self preservation at the school that are their employer is #1. Read that carefully, it is not the institution it is the people in control of the institution.

    Why I am saying this is because the program will continue, coaches and players will come and go, the negative critics will jump at every chance to put you down and when your playing days are over they are over.

    Life will go on and some of you may realize your dreams, playing professional basketball somewhere on this round globe.

    Fans will have memories but your life is yours to make. Your memories for yourself is more important. Learn your lessons well from your time here in Hawaii and use it to make a great future and life for yourself and the family you have now and the ones you may bring into this world.

  5. I regret my earlier comments. I apologize. I KNOW the team will look like itself on the road. These young men rock, they are the BEST in the Big West. That’s all that matters. Whatever it takes to give these kids the NCAA berth, the dream they all came here to achieve. Go Bows.

  6. My comments have been deleted for opinions on the current coaching staff. Way to go WI!

  7. You can’t please everyone, right. Always something to complain about, right. Good God! We are 23-4 people. People need to know what the Golden Rule is. And that is “who holds the gold, rules.” Ganot is the Head Coach. He decides who plays and his responsibility is to win games. It is not a popular contest. He acknowledged that we need to get better with the defense and taking care of the ball, but he’s pleased with the team attitude. In my opinion, we are approaching one of the best, if not the best season in UH history and people are not satisfied that some people are not getting enough minutes, give me a break. Coaches coach, players play. Understand their roles. That’s it. The only thing that matters now is UC Davis on Thursday. Live in the moment, having fun together as a team says Stephen Curry. Good advice!!!! Me, I’m happy man. Both Warriors won!

  8. I agree with KellyO the coaches should have got the team under control vs ucr game. I couldn’t believe it personally.

    Hope they learn from that and move on. As a coach i would’ve told my kids the next time somebody complains, their coming out.

    Where Is Fleming?? He does not look happy.. He’s such a great player! Wish I knew what was going on with that.

    On a positive note I’m happy the team got a win lastnight to give them some momentum going in the road trip.

    Uc davis almost beat irvine. I know Hawaii can pull out the win.. Just have to stay mentally tough!

    I love this team!! Lets go bows!

  9. KellyO – my opinions are close to yours regarding the coaching staff. However my posts were deleted. Maybe it’s because I mentioned that I favor the last regime.

  10. Derek, I agree and disagree. The team isn’t headed in the right direction with a multitude of facets. Turnovers, attitude, technicals, etc…it seems like coach has lost this team as of late. He’s a good Xs and Os guy but don’t think he has the emotional leadership it takes to grab control of the team when it matters most.

  11. We gotta at least admit that timing is bad. Beginning of the season would have been more acceptable as a new coach but the cause for concern is that it is happening in the home stretch. We’ll see how this all plays out but I’m not holding my breath.

  12. KelleyO
    You are honest no BS. Glad your comments were notdeleted. My take? Rookie coach hired into volatile situation. One that some would not accept. The main athletes are from before. Warriors to the max. I do not knoe how or why they stayed! Hawaii they are treated specially.At other Big West schools not the same. They wanted to finish previousgoal of attaining ncaa bid
    With even lower tier teams figuring them out
    Cut off the head of offensive firepower Jankovic by double teaming him push the ball and get real physical
    with warriors
    Warriors could lose next. 4 games. Ganot has to comtrol team. They look like they are tiring losing focus. Hope they have one more 6 game winning streak left in them for ncaa dance. Glad to hear your insight and views. Maybe after this season it will be a totally new look Ganot team.Fresh start. Still hope Isaac healthy and happy . otherwise not really happy team.
    Thanks KelleyO appreciate your thoughts very few here
    would be so honest and direct. Matlin should make sure
    team attitude and conduct represent warriors like AC and Alika teams! Thankyou KelleyO comments help us all.
    Next 5 games show us what warriors. Fans and UH is about. Winning or aloha live play warrior. Go warriors we still cheer you on!!

  13. Ganot has to be The Man for his players. No matter whom the supposed stars are or favorites. More than victories about building character in guys. This past week Eran failed in that regard. Maybe TOO nice a guy.
    Some other coaches would not even dress guys who get into verbal or worse fight with opposing team.Agree with some . Eran has to be leader. This is where his inexperience shows. Associate coach should advise him.
    Family we were at game too Kelleyo. Ganot should have played Dyrbe more. He is our Hawaii favorite son. 808
    appreciate your insight too. Might have listening ear from staff now and families know we love team. Can Ganot recruit similar talent with sanctions pending remains to be seen.Still wife and 2 boys love the wrriors!
    Go Warriors#

  14. (1) it was a sloppy game last night with ton of fouls on both teams, but we won the game which is the bottom line. A terrific crowd on senior night made for a great farewell to the four departing players. No one does it better than Hawaii for showing its appreciation to the senior class.

    (2) I always felt during the season that we need Isaac coming off the bench as he provided instant offense and the ability to drive and dish to the open players. He is still young but has a ton of upside. Obviously something is wrong since he barely got any minutes last night and you could see the sulking expression on his face. I hope this situation can be remedied in the next several games as I think we need his scoring punch to go far into the BW tournament. Drammeh played a lot of minutes last night and gives it all he has but is a definite liability on offense. He passes the ball almost as soon as he receives it and doesn’t yet have the confidence of a scorer. I hope Coach is on top of the Fleming situation.

    (3) I hope Coach Ganot is a good recruiter because we stand to lose not just the seniors but I’m thinking that Janks is going to leave, especially if nothing to play for next season. Valdes is also a question mark as is Fleming, although he doesn’t get a free pass. We lose the bulk of our scoring.

  15. In my opinion UHF1, Team 1st is way off base. You are still bitter. I celebrate this UH team, the coaches and the players, the trainers, etc. for what they have achieved thus far. There is more to do. It’s hard to make it to the Dance. You need some breaks to make it and you have to shoot the ball well. You have to look at the season in it’s totality. The script is still being written. We have a chance to make it, or maybe even the NIT if we fall short. Let it play out. Nobody should be down on this team. Support the entire team, that’s all.

  16. the808, FYI, I got “moderated” myself yesterday, but I have to admit, it was the right decision on their part. Later in the day I took the same post and rewrote it, left some things out that were too personal and unnecessary, made it more general and less personal (ha, imagine that!) and honestly it made for a better post and they put it through. Maybe take some deep breaths, edit a bit, rephrase, and try again? Would love to hear your perspectives.

  17. the808.
    Maybe last season as warriors for several key guys Ganot under pressure to get to ncaa dance. He knows this group can do it. Since LBSU home loss key guard out of mix injury and not key time to play. We think it is funny and bench cheering. However sometimes 50 antics getting kind of out of hand. They have to focus on game. Anytime they might be called in. the808 nice comments some things unaware of we where just watching game until riverside blowup. We shall Eran handles team and leadership role!
    Hope best.

  18. the808 and KelleyO
    great comments from fans who love warriors. Makes for intersting discussion. Hope someone is advising Ganot how to get team to ncaa’s.
    We go to games. Anaheim too expensive. Cheer them on zKelleyO!
    Bernie hope not but chance several besides seniors move on. Ganot has to recruit Australia hard and california under radar high school frosh. See if he can. And upgrade schedule if can!
    Go warriors !

  19. Agree with Derek here. Most comments on here are either of the sky is falling variety or that this team is stacked and everyone on it is going pro. Let’s take a cooler-headed long-term perspective view, not just one based off the most recent game.

    Objectively speaking, I think Ganot is better at the X’s and O’s than any of the previous two coaches, and I’d argue he’s better at getting his players to improve over the course of the season (e.g, Q, Sai, Janks, MT). Recruiting is a question mark. I’d like to see Fleming play more as he’s more talented than Drammeh, but we don’t have all the facts. Something is going on behind the scenes. Same thing with Bobbitt. We don’t know what exactly was said, but it seems like all the parties involved are willing to move on so let’s do so too. Let’s just enjoy the ride for the stretch run of the season, and see how things sort themselves out. There’s very little to gain by openly criticizing a team of college-aged students that could potentially be historically good (and arguably already is). That road win over UC Irvine will be something I will never forget. Proud of this team and excited for Davis!

  20. KO — GOOD Observations (AS Usual)

    I Have Self-Moderated [“Selected ALL”, Cut Paste, RE-WRITE]
    At Least FIVE Times… (I think it’s Also Getting Better)

    SELF-RESTRAINT, Focus, Center
    Work Toward The HIGHEST AND BEST Results…

    JUST LIKE WE Want the TEAM to do…

    Because They Swing Championships And ENTIRE SEASONS…

    [Coach: They ALL Count The Same?]

    GO ‘BOWS!

    P.S. WHOEVER On The TEAM First Thought of it…
    The Dyrbe Support WAS Awesome
    Almost Inspirational ‘Mascot’ Team Leader from The Bench Kinda Stuff…

  21. Unlikely, but what if there is a three way tie for 1st place ? Who is No. 1 seed ? UCI ? Unlikely to have three way tie because i don’t see UCI losing any of their last two games.

  22. Warrior fan, definitely agree on your X’s and O’s and helping players to improve comments!

  23. Bloggers l appreciate you folks stating the obvious but in life things are not fair Isaac is still learning a valuable life lesson you have to show up on time to work.
    Although I may question some of Ganot decisions it has now become mental I as a parent want the best for both parties. (just my opinion) Ego & Super Ego for this team to make a run both parties have to have a median.

  24. The three-way tie scenario goes to Long Beach State I believe.

  25. Love the passion shown for this program, but definitely could do without the hysteria and panic.

    Perspective: In Gib’s final season, the team was 7-5 at this juncture. Under Benjy (yes, he got a raw deal), they were 7-7. Under Ganot (yes, he’s learning a lot in his rookie season), they are 12-2 and one win from clinching an NIT berth and the top seed in the BW Tournament. I’ll stop there.

    KellieO: I respect your contributions to the blog and often agree with your assessments, but to compare Dayton to Bobby Curran is so way off-base I’m surprised you’d even go there. One is a longtime, respected sports journalist, the other is a veteran broadcaster/talk-show host and “voice” of the team. They really shouldn’t be compared to one another.

    bigdaddy: Thank you so much for your perspective on the matter. Yours is the only one that counts. That being said, I think everyone wants Isaac to work himself back into the rotation. Hope that happens.

  26. KellyO you’re right. Too much emotions in the posts and some things didn’t need to be said. Just that I find it hard to give the coaches a break when it is apparent something is not right. I know that my bosses would be all over me to get things fixed quickly. Not to mention these guys are making much much more with state money than the most of us.

  27. If we tie with uci for 1st.. We will get top seed because we sweeped them in conference.

    If 3 way tie because lbsu wins rest of games, sweeps us, I think KellyO is right on that.

    Not sure somebody help me out with this.

  28. Clyde, I respectfully agree. I apologize. Definitely off-base. Part of my regret. Ugh. Very sorry, Dayton, you are an amazing writer and I appreciate your site and your journalism very much. Thank you for your admonishment, Clyde. Should have back-tracked on that without you having to point it out, so I do appreciate you pointing it out.

  29. bigdaddy… thanks for your insight on showing up on time,etc.
    Three way scenario, unlikely, but if so, LBSU would have swept us, but UCI has swept LBSU. So looking at the head to heads as you go down the standings for a tiebreaker, i think it would go to UCI.

  30. KelleyO: I apologize for calling you “Kellie”! I’ve known Dayton for many years and his reputation as a sports journalist is impeccable. While his contemporaries know this, I just felt readers of this blog should be aware of it, too. ‘Nuff said.

    Moving on: I hope it doesn’t come to any kind of tie scenarios. While a lot of people, even the players, are talking NCAA, I think it would be tragic if the team lets this golden opportunity (BW title, NIT berth, top seed) slip away this week. Beat Davis and everyone can take a breath.

    Something to debate (if you’ve got nothing better to do): While driving to the arena last night I told a friend that I think too much emphasis is placed on winning the BW tournament as compared to winning the regular-season title. In my opinion, I think it’s much harder to win the regular-season title because you play each conference member twice over the course of a 16-game “season” while in the tournament you just need to win three in a row. Last year, Hawaii took an 8-8 conference record into the tournament, caught lightning in a bottle, and nearly walked away with an NCAA berth. I know coaches and the NCAA would never agree to it, but would it be more reasonable to award an NCAA berth to the regular-season champion, then have the remaining eight teams play in a tournament for the NIT berth?

  31. Or let the regular season champion have a double by into the semi-finals like the women do. The women have FOUR rounds in their tournament.

  32. Ganot has been giving more time to Sheriff, and less time to smith but sheriff is not a scorer or great passer, that is why the numbers have been seeming low in the last few games.

  33. or like the Ivy League, they don’t have any season-end tournament. Like our women’s volleyball, softball and men’s baseball. But that doesn’t help you when you don’t end up in 1st place.

  34. Was nice to sendoff Quincy and seniors. Q real warrior under 3 coaches. Total effort. Team guy. Know team are brothers through adversity.

    Still team got exposed this week. Untimely missed shots. Concentrate on officials too much and huge factor. Big West Coaches have scouted warriors so well. Jim Les Davis coach and Dan Monson 49ers coach will be ready for warriors. Same like Big West tournament now any of 8 teams can win.
    So. Eran gather team. Guys folow coach and win out.
    Can go either way. Warriors lose opening round of tournament. No ncaa dance. If warriors sweep last 2 road games. NIT bound. Clyde think it was to have more games and make money for conferences the tournament for auto bid. No tournament and award regular season champ better way for ncaa bid. No more sub .500 ncaa teams then
    Big challenge for Ganot. Has athletes . Hope he gets 2 championships in next 2 weeks then we happy.
    bigdaddy Isaac learning even as pro has to folow protocol for pay. Team reel in emotions more calls not go your way. Eran wish you best!
    Go Warriors!!

  35. Team1st ….Just have to win at least one more game for regular season championship.

  36. Man, why do i frickin’ love this team and website so much lol? Maybe because there’s a program here at UH that I can be proud of, and hopefully Rolo can keep that going with the football team!

    Congrats to the Seniors for their contributions on the court and in the classroom, getting a degree in four years is no easy task lol (speaking from exp.)

    And on a side note, anyone watch that heartbreaking loss from the Womens team on the road to Riverside? Damn, that was a tough one to swallow…Hopefully we see them in the tourney for some revenge!

    Go ‘Bows!

  37. Kaimukian, was sitting at the Stan Sherriff watching the Wahine on my iPhone on Big West TV banging my phone on my head at the end of the game. We had them the whole game and couldn’t close. They (Riverside) have some great outside shooting and obviously, with their record, that ability to stay in a game and maintain composure that our men have shown most of the season. The Wahine definitely have it in them to win the Tournament, they just have to put two great games in a row together. I have a feeling they just might.

  38. KelleyO
    Men and wahine make ncaa dance this year? Would be great. That Riverside wahine team might finish season 16-0 with wahine in 2nd. Good chance for top seeds with byes into semis!
    Best to both teams. Keep improving till season done.!

  39. Thomas’ T: Anyone here felt that was a justifiable call? The foul was questionable to begin with, but to tag on the technical shocked me. My initial thoughts were: How can official assume that the player was being disrespectful to the point of requiring a penalty? What if Thomas was simply running to the bench because he just picked up his fourth foul and knew he was coming out of the game?

    I did hear someone postgame mention that the technical was called because Thomas pulled out his jersey as he ran toward the bench. If that’s a hard-and-fast rule, I’ll give the official a pass. Otherwise, I think he over-reacted. Besides, there were several calls (and non-calls) on both teams when I turned to my friend with a quizzical look and said, “Are you kidding me?”

  40. I’m not saying that it would s a bad thing to use sheriff he will be one of 2 guards were hat was playing return next year so he will need as much experience as possible

  41. Re: The Wahine, i assume they have 2nd place, if they don’t lost any of their last two games. Besides outside shooting by the UCR women, they kept driving to the basket on the right side.

  42. Clyde unfortunately any demonstration even if nothing thteatening or profane language officials will give techs to coaches. Players even band cheeleaders fans. Officials show they are in control. Seems that officiating crew after bobbitt thing especially watching histrionics of warriors. That Eran has to manage even if he has to bench his star players to focus on winning.
    Sidenote: believe Fleming one more time in mix. For the team . wish he and his good dad BD the best.

    Thanks to all parents . not easy raising kids however rewarding when they make you proud#

  43. Not sure where those officials were from but I think they kept missing calls in both games this past week.

  44. Any leads on potential recruits to fill spots of maybe a couple guys leave warrors this spring? Usually forums buxzing about possible verbals. Owies. Buggs. Purchase eligible. Niko return. That is 4 of 11 scholarships BIG IF juniors and maybe sophomore leave. What do we need if worst case scenario? New starting five. Ganot work freshman route. Wherever they can be found..bigs
    .smalls shooters and winners!!
    Jankovic get tougher and mature up nba shot even drafted 2nd round. Valdes definite pro in Hoops or Water zpolo. Amazed at his hops athleticism. Glad they became warriors. Hope this special team makes it to elite eight with Fleming fully integrated. Playing for a regional ncaa title and beyond. Not dreaming unless post season ban lifted this is best team ever to go far in ncaa’s. Very excited for team and happy for the team and Hawaii.
    Parents darn proud too!!
    Go warriors!
    Let the march madness begin this week in davis, california!

  45. I thought UHF was banned from the site???? Now he changes his screen name to Team 1st and is starting to dominate the posts again. This is not a true fan and just tries to push his thoughts on others. PLEASE BAN TEAM 1ST.

  46. An uncoachable player will make for an unemployable adult. Think about it.

  47. Good Evening Warrior Insider !

    Ok here’s the deal ! Being a former player and KNOWING what it is all about playing for Hawaii back in the early days this TEAM has accomplished many steps along the way to get a GREAT opportunity to be invited to the dance ! I have watched them since the beginning of the season and go in person to watch them here in Los Angeles. They have the nucleus to WIN it all in Anaheim this season as their seven is STRONG with a inspired Issac Fleming in the mix !

    Ganot KNOWS this is a golden opportunity for UH to reach the unthinkable as judging from his demeanor he has a quiet personality but will discipline according to his rules and standards. The top teams who can win it ALL are UH, Irvine, LBSU and dark horse Santa Barbara who by the way is playing very well just in time for the tournament.

    UH really need to be the undisputed BWC champion there fore gaining a bye and having an easier path to the conference finals. Long Beach State by far is the most athletic team in the conference with Nick Faust the best player. The game vs. Long Beach may be meaningless BUT UH really need to let this team know they are for real as Irvine punishes LBSU while UH has a difficult time matching up with the 49ers and their athletic players but drives Irvine crazy with their relentless play !

    Bottom line their is EXCITEMENT with this basketball team and every one should get on board rooting them on as I will be there at the LBSU game, hoop happening in Anaheim and the BWC tournament !

    All the intangibles comes down to ONE week as for ALL the players on this team roster with NCAA penalties coming down for next year the time is NOW with every one on board as I feel confident both coaches and players will be ready and HUNGRY to win it ALL but more then that win for HAWAII !

  48. I agree RainbowCliff!

    Islandman.. Thanks for clearing up the seeding question.

  49. Great post Rainbow Cliff. I enjoy reading a former player’s perspective. I was not a player or coach, but I am proud graduate(1984) and lifelong fan. I’ve been to practically every Rainbow/Warrior basketball game from the Larry Little era up until 2007 when we moved to the D.C area. I had season tickets from the opening of the Stan’s arena until we moved. Some of the most special times was also being members of the Rainbow booster club. That being said I have seen all but one game this year on either Big West TV or one of the ESPN Channels. What a awesome year so far! It is only Sunday night but I cannot wait until Thursday! One team, one dream, one game at a time. For what it is worth I know the ultimate goal is the 4 letter tournament but I remember attending a couple of home N.I.T. games in the decrepit Blaisdell Center that were just amazing and super intense. Hopefully it is three in a row in the BWT, and on to a regional!! Coach Ganot and players will get it tweaked. I personally do not feel much needs to be done because if you have gone this far and have only lost 4 games you must be doing a lot of things right. Just need to focus on the prize.Team is always first. Imua Warriors!!!

  50. RainbowCliff … There are no byes in the Men’s tournament, only double byes in the Women’s.

  51. Cliff Sanchez = Rainbow Cliff. Welcome to the Warrior Insider !

  52. Just wanted to highlight something worth taking a look at. IMO all the players have improved. HUGE case in point is Janks. He was highly touted out of HS but the chain on him was that he did not play like a big. At Missouri, he did not play much and decided to transfer. This year Janks is demonstrating his hybrid skills by being able to play inside and outside. And, believe he needs to play another year here to take another step up – he has Coaches’ who believe in him and provide him an opportunity. Another example, Q is showing a good all around game, vastly improved from last year. You all come to your own conclusions. These are just some of mine.

    Also, is anyone for real??? Did anyone really have a goal that a first year coach would perform this well with so many distractions and program issues. Hey, we gotta give kudos where it,s due, IMO Coach Ganot deserves consideration for Coach of the Year in the BW.

    After so many years…the crowd is back! Go WARRIORS!!!!

  53. big drink and kelleyO looks you were right on a three way tie, because UCI lost to UCSB, they would not be the No. 1 seed. LBSU would be, peran expert.

  54. Kellie O and Bernie,

    I have to agree with your comments. Sometimes comments can be too sensitive, but yet just speaking the truth. It would have been an honor to have started both Sai and Derby.

    EG walked into a great position but after this season, IMO, we will be a middle of the conference team for years or until we get a new have coach. Sometimes coaches can be really good and X’s and O’s but lack a main characteristic of compassion.

    We will loose much more than our Sr’s after this season.
    Here are my predictions:
    AV – will play for a PAC 12 team or try his luck professionally
    Stef – Will leave for a mid/high major or try his luck professionally
    MT – May stay. or will leave for a west coast team. Colorado State or Colorado
    Javonovich – will remain here. At least we will have a big man
    IF – Definitely gone. Red shirt and play for a mid major. Would you stay?
    Jake – why pay to play? Any not play. Returning home

    This season will be one to remember for years.

    Go Bows! Make the state of Hawaii proud!

  55. So everybody here that says Hawaii is gonna break up like the Temptations next year (I will admit i’ve thought of it too…) So much for Ohana, huh? lol

    Would really hate to see it happen and for the juniors that have been here since freshmen year to just abandon a place like Hawaii, would be hard to fathom but can understand that what Gib and Co. did were not any current staff members fault.

    But if they really knew what ‘Ohana meant, they would know that family members do not always get along or agree, but always have each others back regardless. Not simply fleeing when faced with adversity or new circumstances. That is all..thanks

    Go ‘Bows!

  56. Mr Bill(Amis?)

    Spot on. WI letting us sum up season and potential future of warrior basketball. I am amazed near unanimous feeling that THIS IS IT…The year for MBB with previous recruits and staff athletes make post season NCAA or NIT in near 11 years. Thought only few of us felt that way.That is why whole team should be honored for enduring and finally major success. We believe and coach Ganot as good a tactical coach he is. He is not a real player’s coach. Looks kind of lost when problems with team arose. Matlin new AD caught in a bind too. We fans know the deal support This Team. Last athletic and really highly skilled one we will see in years. Question; can Ganot recruit 3 star or better basketball athletes to Hawaii even without sanctions? Really hard to do. He has to recruit overseas and lower tier usa freshmen even a local star or two. Yes agreed. We won’t see this type of talented winning team in some time. So we enjoy this final season. Good summary Mr Bill!! Thanks from the fans!

  57. No, Team1st, Mr. Bill is you. And no, Bernie is not Mr. Sanders, but you again.

    Let’s just all focus on what’s left of this amazing season. I’m 100% certain our Juniors have not made up their minds on what they’ll do next season, so no need for us to speculate. Whatever happens, happens, and for those who question Ganot’s recruiting, just take a look at what he’s done at St. Mary’s. Or take a look at Tummala and Drammeh. Await Purchase, Buggs, and Owies.

  58. Seems like middle name for Dave R. ? He knows a lot .
    We just very happy my wife and 2 teenagers team has done so well. As families say . just support team . Wife and I work for a campus we support warriors. Took courage and time to post comments finally glad we did! Just support team and fans!

  59. Just looked into Jack Purchase for the first time. Had amazing stats in Australia before signing with Auburn. For some reason though, had hardly any playing time in the SEC. From my understanding, his strengths are his 3-point shooting and passes. Body type and movement are very similar to Janks’. Wonder if he and Janks have given each other pointers this season. Father was a big basketball player in Australia, so he grew up surrounded by basketball. Supposedly has high basketball IQ and very coachable. Confident he’ll develop well under Ganot.

  60. TAVS – Very long time and big supporter of the bball program.

    100% sure? For the most part, conversations with the players are pointing in that direction. I am more than 95% sure of my predictions.

    Sadly, despite the loss of these players we will continue to support our program. Feel for the players, but they have a college career only once in their lifetime and they need to do what is best for them similar to what I did. Every player looks to play for a championship team and go to the big dance.

    SD – has had increased minutes lately but is in no way a scoring threat. For the other teams its like playing against a team with only 4 players.

    Buggs is contemplating about requesting a release.

    The part about “Ohana”. The players understand this concept and this is why they would like to return to Hawaii after their college and professional careers. Leaving the program for their personal best interest does not mean that they don’t love Hawaii or the people here.

  61. Mr. Bill,

    You’re not fooling anyone here. Everyone knows that you’re Uhfanzonly1, RunBows, Team1st, eagle, etc.

    Drew Buggs is requesting release? Where’d you hear that from? He retweeted a bunch of posts from senior night and has ‘Hawaii Commit ’16’ as his Twitter tag line.

  62. Totally agree Tako. Players are very much improved. So many players that we don’t actually talk about all of them and all their improvement. There is only one ball after all, but if you have been watching, many players have indeed improved. One would be MT. MT has developed an aggressive side which, as well, he has also developed some control over. That combination can be a little scary. He seems to be our muscle this year, mixing it up and chasing rebounds. He has also developed the ability to jump a bit, and get some air. One more player that people seem to overlook is Jovanovich. When called upon, he is tough, and he can actually shoot the ball. He doesn’t play very many minutes but he holds his own and surprises on the offensive end. It is great to have our first string in there the last five minutes of the game, and depending on who we are playing we have the guards and big guys as well to take minutes without much of a drop off. Real depth. It’s nice.

  63. By the way, Stef = Jovanovic, Janks= Jankovic.
    So who caused the tougher recruiting and post-season ban due to the sanctions and also the scholarship reductions ? Who caused the hard situation the current coach “walked into”, although he accepts it ?
    CSUN causes our team to have a lot of turnovers, 20 on the mainland and 23 last Saturday, the most for the season games.

  64. Purchase is similar in mold to Janks but maybe not as polished. Janks didn’t have great numbers at Mizzou but given PT and some opportunity he has blossomed into a POY candidate. I think Purchase has similar potential as a stretch 4.

  65. UH not in the polls this week. St Mary’s is No. 24 in Coaches Poll and receiving only 3 pts in AP Poll. Texas Tech receiving points equivalent to No. 31 and No. 29 in the polls.

  66. Jerry West was on a radio interview saying the game is changing with players like Stephen Curry and the center is disappearing from the game. You still want muscle big men ?

  67. Island Man I stand to be corrected as there are no byes as every team who makes the tournament plays a possible 3 games in 3 days to win it all and then receive an at-large bid for the dance !

    UH first round will either be Fullerton or Poly depending if they finish 1st or 2nd in the conference. From there barring no upset they will play the lowest seed remain as that should put them up against UCSB or Riverside. By winning the conference they avoid LBSU who ends up in the bottom half of the bracket with Irvine thus eliminating UH from playing either until the championship final.

    My estimated guess will be UH playing UCSB who will beat Riverside in the semis while Irvine will have a knock out drag out fight with LBSU and the ant eaters coming away with a close win at the buzzer!

    Finals will be UH vs Irvine for the 3rd time with Irvine smarting over their lost to UH at home in which they blew the game while UH hung tough for the win. Odds can an IRVINE team get beat 3 times in conference play by the same team who causes them fits with their relentless play and never give up attitude ?

    That is why we call it March Madness as I will be THERE rooting for the bows to win it ALL !

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