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Regular season concludes this week


The University of Hawai’i basketball team bounced back from an upset loss to UC Riverside last week, but the few national pollsters who were backing the Warriors have backed off.

Hawai’i did not receive any points in either the Associated Press Top 25 Poll or the USA Today Coaches Poll this week. The Warriors were in the “Others receiving votes” category for both polls last week, receiving 12 points in the AP Top 25 and three in the USA Today poll.

The cause for the drop is the loss to UC Riverside, even though the Warriors responded two nights later with a victory over CSUN.

Hawai’i is 23-4 overall and in first place in the Big West Conference at 12-2. The Warriors will conclude the regular season with two road games this week – at UC Davis on March 3, then at Long Beach State on March 5.

For what it’s worth, Hawai’i is still projected to win the Big West’s spot in the NCAA Championship Tournament by at least two major online sites.

ESPN.com’s “Bracketology with Joe Lunardi” is projecting Hawai’i as a No. 13 seed to face No. 4 seed Duke at the Spokane regional site.

In the CBSsports.com’s version of NCAA Tournament Bracketology, Hawai’i is a No. 14 seed, projected to face No. 3 seed Utah at the Denver regional site.

Meanwhile, the Warriors still control their own destiny in the Big West Conference regular season. Hawai’i needs one or one loss by UC Irvine and Long Beach State to clinch the regular-season title and the No. 1 seed for the conference tournament.

Screen shot 2016-02-28 at 2.38.34 AM

Wednesday’s Big West Game
Long Beach State at Cal State Fullerton

Thursday’s Big West Games
UC Riverside at UC Santa Barbara
Hawai’i at UC Davis, 5:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Cal Poly at UC Irvine

Saturday’s Big West Games
UC Irvine at UC Riverside
Hawai’i at Long Beach State, 2:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Cal Poly at UC Santa Barbara
UC Davis at CSUN

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Hawai’i is still appearing in the so-called mid-major polls, although the loss to UC Riverside caused a drop.

The Warriors are now at No. 7 in the College Court Report Mid-Major Top 20 Power Rankings via www.collegecourtreport.com. They reached as high as No. 4 in that poll last week.

Hawai’i dropped two spots to No. 8 in the Men’s Mid-Major Top 25 by www.collegeinsider.com.

Hawai’i dropped five spots to No. 14 in the Mid-Major Madness Power 15 by www.midmajormadness.com.

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UC Santa Barbara senior guard Michael Bryson was named the Big West Conference Player of the Week after helping lead the Gauchos to a pair of victories last week.

Bryson averaged 16.0 points and 6.0 rebounds per game as UCSB scored road wins at CSUN and Cal State Fullerton. He also made eight 3-pointers during the week, which made him the program’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made. He now has 223, passing the previous school record of 221.

Hawai’i nominated junior center Stefan Jankovic. He averaged 20.0 points and 8.0 rebounds per game, and shot 59.1 percent (13 for 22) from the field.


  1. UC Davis barely lost to UCI 61-62 and has defeated UCR two times. They are last in conference games for points scored at 57.9 pts per game and 1st in scoring defense at 61.9 pts.

  2. Coach Jim Les good coach
    They have that Fijian Warrior 6 foot six 220 forward
    Josh Fox. Warriors should be favored by double digits.
    Jankovic player no team can match up with.
    Warriors get one more W!!

  3. Team1st…

    Hawaii by double digits? Why you want to raise the expectations so high on Hawaii? To see them fall again?

    Davis is a VERY tough team at home. They actually have a winning record at home, where they should have beaten Irvine last week. Now, since Hawaii hasn’t been playing well these past 2 games, Davis has been playing well lately, and because Davis is really ANGRY about what happened to them last week, I don’t think you should declare Hawaii a double digit favorite. You just throwing bad karma at the team.

  4. Hawaii matches up very well against Davis, I think, perhaps better than any other team in the conference. If we come in focused, which I think we will, I like our chances. The team knows how huge this game is. If they can overcome the butterflies and turn it into positive adrenaline on defense, they’ll be good. I give them credit…Thursday feels like forever! Go bows!

  5. These last conference games are going to be battles.

    Hawaii knows what is at stake. I feel they’re going to be focused and ready to play!

    Lets go Bows! We’re with you all the way!

  6. Really excited KelleyO.

    Warriors will guarantee thems an NIT berth for sure. Then next week shot at dance. Believe wife and 2 young ones will take kamaaina vacation during Big West tournament week. Get inexpensive 3 day local package and watch on huge sports screen with friends. As you say cannot wait. Bring home 2 banners guys. Wahine one Big West tourney banner too. 2 teams go to ncaa dance? What can warrior nation want more? MCAA deep ru

  7. njacinto: It’s the same MO, no matter what name he posts under. He either praises the opposing coach and tells us how that team will beat Hawaii OR he’ll put out ridiculous expectations in hopes that the team falls short of them. Either way, don’t take it seriously. As they say … grain of salt.

  8. Today the Fleming family have decided in the best interest for Isaac to get his letter of release due to inreconcilabe difference.

    I would like to thank all the fans who supported Isaac thus far due to the changes at UH it is not in his best interest to be apart of UH Basketball moving forward.

  9. bigdaddy,

    best of luck to Fleming. He’s undoubtedly a very talented player. It’s a shame circumstances didn’t allow him to end his basketball career at UH. Always a Warrior. Aloha.

  10. Sorry to hear. Wish best for Isaac bigdaddy!!

  11. Bigdaddy, i wish Isaac the best whereever he goes! Definitely going to miss him playing for UH, but will continue to be a Fleming fan.. Such a great overall feel for the game!

  12. bigdaddy: I think every UH basketball fan is sorry it didn’t work out here for Isaac, but wish him the best going forward. Hope he transfers closer to home, and stays on track for a college degree. Given his skills, I’m sure he’ll have a few schools pursuing him. Sometimes change can be good. Thanks for sharing your son with us the past year-and-a-half.

  13. Due to changes at UH ? Always blame the coaches ? Issac needs to grow up and look himself in the mirror. Life is about changes and adapting to change in all aspects especially in the business world. I hope Iissac learns from his experiences and changes for the better so once his athletic career is over , he can be successful in real life Good luck to Issac.

  14. I’m glad the distractions are gone before we enter the BWC tournament. Ganot can solidify his rotation and there won’t be any lingering distractions. Onward to the BWC championship. Go Bows.

  15. Good luck to Isaac, bigdaddy and family. You provided many memorable moments for us.

  16. I wish Isaac all the best luck in his future but I have to ask why do this now? This team still has really good chance to make it to the NCAA Dance and Isaac can help them get there if he playing 5 minutes or the whole game. All the stories that come out now going be about Isaac leaving and that will be distraction to the rest of the team. Even if this decision was made by Isaac and family, this couldn’t wait to after the season to announce this?

  17. Isaac, you are making the right choice. I am sad to see you go. Hope you find a team closer to home so your dad and family can enjoy seeing you play.

  18. Hey BigDaddy, we totally understand, I have always been on Issac’s side and wish that the coaches could have been on his side as well. Sorry that it did not work out, he probably should have left last year like he was thinking of. Sorry that we fans rooted for him to stay, didn’t think that this coaching staff would waste his talent. Thankyou to you and you family for giving hawaii a chance

  19. I wish you the very best Isaac. Mahalo for being a Rainbow Warrior the past 2 seasons and bringing your exciting game to The Stan.

  20. Thanks bigdaddy and Isaac for sharing two seasons here with us on the islands, as a fan of UH and its alumni I’ll be keeping an eye on where he lands and how he does. Hopefully we secure another talented guard with his vacated scholarship, but we all know how talented he is and could be under the right system!

    Once again, mahalo to the Fleming ohana.

    Go ‘Bows!

  21. Also, I don’t understand where all the hate for Ganot and his staff come from? Perhaps they’re used to Chow and his losing ways, but coach Eran has my respect even though he was thrown into the deep end and has to manage a lot of different personalities in this, his first year!

    Keep it up coach, you have at least one fan on here lol

    Go ‘Bows!

  22. Mahalo Fleming….Wish you nothing but the best. A hui hou.

  23. Best of luck to you in the future, Isaac and family. You are always a pleasure to watch, on the court and in the WI videos. I was rooting for coach to put you in last game. I knew something was up ever since you hurt your ankle and since then, things weren’t the same.

    However, I agree with CheckCheese regarding the timing of the decision. Times like these are character-building moments in young men’s lives. Without beating around the bush, it makes Isaac look like a quitter.

    I hope you learn from your mistakes and stay on the right track, stay out of trouble, and take your game to the next level at your next institution.

  24. Credits to the AD.

    Coming up – a succor or succumb game of the season!

    May Lady Luck be with the TEAM!

  25. Is bigdaddy and Issac and everyone that says they understand serious? This act of going to twitter to announce it like that this late in the season is one of the most immature and selfish acts I’ve ever seen. Proves that Fleming is all about himself and if Bigdaddy advised him to quit on his team like this then I’m embarrassed for him. Good luck. I’m sure future coaches will love to have someone like this all left handed, immature player on their team. What a head case. A real man simply announces it one month from now when the season is over. Still ineligible to play all next year regardless.

  26. Honestly, I am glad he did this now. It allows Fleming to move on and it also allows to the team to move on and concentrate on getting that ship. Nothing but love for you Fleming. Ball out brah!

  27. Eagle: Select All, Cut All, deep breath, heavy sigh.

    Good luck, Isaac (Isaac F the 2nd)

    Go Bows! Focus and overcome, it’s what you guys do best!

  28. Kaimukian, I don’t think anyone hates coach, but some of are becoming more critical of the coach’s decisions, especially regarding this Fleming situation. And some of feel like he did Dyrbe wrong by snubbing him during Senior Night.

    There are always two sides to a story. I don’t think it’s unfair to question the coach’s ability to mediate disputes and manage conflict with his players … to let your most talented underclassmen just walk up and leave, that to me indicates that coach has somewhat of a “my way or the highway” mentality, and I don’t think that’s a positive trait to have as a coach.

  29. With all due respect……..name any other player in the country that you ever remember just quitting over a difference with a coach this late in the year. Just immature and selfish. We need to stand behind Coach and not rationalize this ridiculous behavior. I bet the rest of the team isn’t crying over this issue.

  30. Basketball is a team sport. The coach manages the program. If you can’t conform to the team concept on offense and defense that coach is utilizing ,then you need to find another destination that will focus you as the star attraction if that’s who you think you are.

  31. Good luck Mr Flemming. If you do not make it to the pros I wish you much success in life. Succeed in whatever you do to quiet the critics.

    Will the timing of this separation be good for UH? We will know at the end of the regular season and tournament.

    Drammeh appears to be the next man up. Less scoring power than Flemming. However surprise the opponents going forward and the fans and start taking your shots. Taking 9 shots and hitting 4 will make the team not miss a beat. Ganot might give you the green light knowing your potential but you must believe you are able to score.

    After the season is over let’s speculate with all the different scenarios that can play out with UH basketball’s future. Hoping for the best.

  32. Put end to Fleming chapter warrior basketball. Both Isaac and team concentrate moving ahead. Believe aIsallllsaac loves team. Move on warriors!

  33. Isaac loves team friends for llife!

  34. One suggestion to Mr Flemming, don’t go to a team that plays the offensive style of UH unless you are willing to move around on the offensive side without the ball.

  35. Jjay, good point. I stand 100% behind Coach Ganot. The TEAM will perform better without the drama and distraction.

  36. Say what you will about whether coach Ganot handled the Fleming situation the right way — we don’t have the facts and we’ll never know both sides of the story. But to criticize him for not starting Dyrbe Enos in a critical regular season game? Come on. This was a dangerous and athletic CSUN team in a frankly must win game for regualar season title/NIT/conference tourney seeding purposes.

    As for Fleming, can’t say I’m not disappointed and I also can’t say I’m surprised. In an ideal world he’d be the heir apparent to Rod. Frankly, had he not sprained his ankle, there was a chance he’d be in the all-conference mix himself after starting off so hot in conference play. But can’t turn back now, he made his choice and that’s that. He’s talented for sure and I hope he either matures or finds a more appropriate fit, depending on whose side you take.

  37. How can anyone say Ganot snubbed Dyrbe during senior night. Winning a championship is more important than getting an end of bench walk on game minutes. It was a tight game and when the victory was sealed Dybre got inserted in the game. He was snubbed because he didn’t get a start? Crazy talk. At the college level it’s all about getting W’s.

    I just read the Ka Leo article on Isaac leaving and the quotes he gave seemed to indicate he cared more about his stats than the team. Best of luck to him but I think the program will be better with the subtraction. He was a gib recruit in the same mold as Joston, Vander, Shaq Stokes, talented individual type of players that pouted when they didn’t get their way.

  38. Amen Pono. Isaac nor Bigdaddy cared about the team. Very obvious. Both are extremely immature. Poor kid received and followed very bad advice. Lots all move on.

  39. Team1st gets to change handles and continue to post nonsense and I post one tough love comment and get moderated?? C’mon!

    All I said was is good riddance. Isaac was my favorite player except when he would put himself on blast.

    Ya’ll can wish him luck. I think he’ll need it. No doubt he’ll have his suitors but wait’ll they get him in camp. I’ll eat my words if he makes it to the show. Till then he’ll be known as the guy who quit in the middle of a 24-4 ongoing season, because he claims he had to do him. Whatever.. Pressure builds diamonds.

  40. Surely even Issac and Bigdaddy don’t ever expect to see him in the show, right?

  41. Education is the key to success .

  42. Don’t fear failure because without failure or setbacks on any level there can be no success, but what we fear is being in the same place this time next yr.

  43. ESPN.com’s “Bracketology with Joe Lunardi” is projecting Hawai’i as a No. 13 seed to face No. 4 seed Duke at the Spokane regional site..

    Wouldn’t that be nuts if we made the NCAA and played a household name and huge basketball program DUKE? Just hope it’s not Xavier again, even though they are good this season, it seems like we always get paired up with them. Utah, would be a good team to play as well but not a consistant major team and doesn’t hold the same “weight” as a Duke team has. I wonder which team UH would have better chance at beating? Any thoughts?

    yeah, yeah, I know, we can’t look too far ahead and focus on winning the BW Tourney first but it’s still fun to think about.

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