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Fleming granted official release


Sophomore guard Isaac Fleming has been granted an official release from the University of Hawai’i basketball team, effective immediately.

Fleming announced his decision via social media, and UH Athletics Director David Matlin confirmed it with the following statement:

“During a meeting with Coach Ganot, student-athlete Isaac Fleming asked for his release effective immediately and it was granted. We wish Isaac all the best with his future pursuits.”

Fleming was averaging 9.5 points and 2.3 assists per game. His playing time decreased in recent weeks, including season-lows of zero points in just five minutes of action in the Warriors’ 89-78 “Senior Night” win over CSUN on Saturday.

Fleming, who was primarily the team’s top reserve guard for most of the season, was named the Big West Conference Player of the Week in mid-January after scoring 38 points in two road wins.

He missed four games due to an ankle injury shortly after that, and has scored a total of seven points in four games since.


  1. Wish Isaac the best in the future.

    IMO it is a poor decision. Thought he should have finished the season and fulfilled this commitment to the team and U of H.

  2. Thanks for memories Isaac! Wish you best. Thankyou bigdaddy. Isaac one of best freshmen to play Men zBasketball at UH! Take care be happy!!

  3. Who leaves a 23-4 team that’s first in conference a week before March? To each his own. Fleming could’ve been one of the great ones here. I wish him the best and thanks for everything, Isaac.

  4. Isaac,

    Mahalo for being a Rainbow Warrior the past two seasons, I enjoyed your play and I could sense the not so welcome mat when Ganot took over the team. I wish you the Best where ever you end up playing at and hope you’ll be happy.

    I really enjoyed watching your game, not backing down on any opponent.

    Aloha! and take care

  5. It’s like being in a relationship with someone who you just don’t love anymore…you know the end is coming, you just don’t know when. I support Isaacs decision. It’s in the best interest for him and the team. He was a good player and I was excited to see him play for the next few years. But let’s face it…we all knew he wasn’t happy…it was causing drama and distraction to our team. Now we can focus on what’s important. Winning the championship and a NCAA bid!

  6. He granted for the release, so in essence he quit the team, so you can call him a quitter and that really is too bad. Hope he finish his classes for the spring classes, after all he is on scholarship. Otherwise as they say, throwing away free education or poho. I guess he wasn’t all in with the team. His body language said it all on Saturday’s game. In life, your altitude is determined by your attitude. You hope Mr. Fleming will find what it is he is looking for in the game of basketball and later in life. He had ever opportunity here to do well. Things can’t always go your way. You have to work for it and get better, as everybody wants playing time too and the goal in this game is to find a way to win. At 23-4 now and he’s quitting, leaving his brothers that give me a very sour taste in my mouth. You wish he finds success in his future endeavors, but unless he sees the light, I don’t know. Warriors, we go forward and I believe in the team and I believe Drammeh will also play well.

  7. He said on the tv news, he is going to concentrate on his classes for this semester now. Of course he wouldn’t look happy when he was playing only a few minutes in the first half. There must have been a reason for that action by the coach because he was taking some reps with the first team during practices on Friday.

  8. Wishing Isaac good luck and success wherever he lands. It was fun watching him play as he has tremendous talent and upside that won’t be fulfilled here at UH. When he stepped in for Valdes when he was injured earlier this season, Isaac was a big contributor and played well.

    I’m sure there are two sides to the situation and we’ll have to leave it to the Coach for making the right decisions when it comes to the players. However, I have to admit that it was tough watching an unhappy Isaac on the bench most of the game on senior night, especially when Drammeh got to play 32 minutes. If Isaac was healthy enough to play I would have thought getting Isaac more minutes would help him get back to form in preparation for the last two games and the BW tournament.

  9. Lmao when you bloggers call Isaac a quitter if you don’t know the dynamics of the situation please refrain from comment if its not positive.
    Change was out of his control he tried to make the best of the situation but it became personal and started affecting him mentally with out the proper support this is what happens. Us on the eastcoast is definitely going to welcome him back and commend him for trying to make it work for his teammates.
    Isaac will finish the semester at UH the school he loves dearly.

  10. Best of luck in the future Isaac and bigdaddy. We have enjoyed watching you play the last few years.

  11. bigdaddy .

    Isaac is not a quitter ! Come this far to Hawaii and help team win so many games. We were happy he stayed witj team till now! Just finish school strong. Amazing talent ! Thanks for your sacrifices!

  12. Thank you Isaac for the past couple of years. Wish things would have worked out at UH. This team will continue on and hopefully make the NCAAs. We were really rooting for you to stay in the islands, but it is far away from home for you. At the last game my son and I wanted to come down to see you when you were signing autographs after the game to let you know to hang in there to show you the aloha spirit. Best of luck. Aloha.

  13. Aloha Oe. The truth is Issac made a choice to leave the team. No one put a gun to his head. Call it an early exit, sudden departure , just prior to the biggest chance to get to the dance Some say quit. I say he lost his heart to play for our university. Once you lose your heart to play , it was probably best you leave. His actions spoke louder than words

  14. I’m so disappointed by the news of Isaac leaving the team. For a while now, I’ve been wondering why Coach Ganot didn’t put Isaac back into the rotation. How else was he going to get back into the flow?? There is definitely something going on here that we don’t know about; Coach Ganot has been too noncommittal about Isaac’s status every time he was asked about it. Part of being a good leader (boss, coach, teacher, etc.) is to acknowledge your personal shortcomings and really work to earn the respect of the people you’re responsible for. Please don’t think Isaac wasn’t “coachable”. Maybe it’s you not doing your job. If that means meeting someone halfway or being a little more flexible, then both sides win. These are college kids, not professionals, and as a coach, you need to remember that. I think that unfortunately, Coach Ganot believes in “My way or the highway” and if the juniors decide to also leave, it will confirm that the problem is even bigger than just Isaac. In the meantime, mahalo, Isaac–it was so much fun watching you play for UH and we know you gave it your best. We’ll miss you!

  15. If the juniors leave it will because of the NCAA sanctions. Phil Jackson could be coaching here and they would still leave with no chance of a post season. The spin doctors are out tonight.

  16. @Derek, you said ” I believe Drammeh will also play well.”

    Your kidding me right? Do you even watch the games? If you do then you know Drammeh is not very good, not even good enough to play on most D1 teams. I’m not being disrespectful of a player just speaking the truth. Maybe you were just being optimistic and hoping for a miracle but Drammeh hasn’t shown me anything to think he will vastly improve into a good or even descent scoring starter for UH. I could be wrong, he is just a freshmen afterall but unless he buldks up in the weight room and works on his shooting and passing in the off-season then I can’t see him doing any better than a back-up in his future at UH.

  17. A Fan Name Pam ,Thanks for stating the obvious.

  18. I feel like every coach will have disagreements with players. Look at Joston and Vander with Gib. Vander openly dissed Gib during a game. Gib had much worse problems dealing with players.

  19. @ A fan names Pam, you said it spot on, just what I was thinking about Ganot and how he seemed to “handle” or lack thereof the issue with Fleming. I agree that if the ban gets lifted and the juniors still leave then it would confirm that Ganot doesn’t have the respect and positive relationship with the players and it would be on him not the players.

    Oh well, best of luck to you Fleming wherever you end up playing and I’ll always be a fan of yours and follow your career whoever you play for. You had a tough situation to deal with considering the coaches who recruited you are all gone and Benjy who you were close to got a raw deal when UH didn’t keep him on as HC. Yeah, you have some growing up to do but your only young still and young poeple are supposed to make mistakes and mess up from time to time. Yeah, it would’ve been cool if you stayed till the end of the season but I don’t blame you for feeling like your not welcomed and loved on the team anymore. You gotta do what you gotta do and just ingnore the haters on here who are talking smack about this quitter mess…they’re just salty that they never had game like you do, LOL.

  20. Only good news to come out of this is that Isaac will focus on academics and finish the semester. It will ensure his eligibility upon transfer and get him closer to a degree. And by doing so, he won’t hurt the team’s APR.

    Thursday can’t come soon enough …

  21. PONO, no spin doctors but that’s why I put in the disclaimer that IF the post-season ban is lifted AND still leave then it would only make sense to blame the coaches. Of course, in all likelihood it looks like the ban will probably stay in effect and I wouldn’t blame the juniors for leaving at all…if it was me I would probably leave too even if I loved it here in Hawaii.

    This season is just simply too hard to evaluate Ganot as a HC because he inherited all the good players. Let’s wait a year or two and see what type of HC he really is and if he’s capable of bringing in good recruits and keeping them from transferring, which was GIbs problem. Of course the NCAA penalties will make it hard to recruit so should Ganot get a pass until all penalties are over to really evaluate if he was the right coaching hire over Benjy Taylor?

  22. He’ll be 22 on June 6, looking at an old warrior insider story.

  23. I’d like to hear what Bobby Curran, Hoops Talk, and the Sports Animals say tomorrow and Wednesday. But’ I think from the very beginning of the season and maybe even before that, Fleming overall attitude was one of indifference. I don’t think Coach Ganot has a lot of team rules, but some basic ones like attending classes and study halls regularly, come to practice on time and practice hard, and things like that. Early blog a couple of days ago mentioned being tardy to practice. Every team member should be accountable and be responsible. As a coach, he has to make decisions what’s best for the team and the program. There are consequences. In his mind, Fleming tried his best, but now he wants to move on. Okay. Wish him very good luck. Too bad he couldn’t finish out the season with his fellow teammates. We will miss his potential and his production, however what can the team do now except try to rally around each other and try to win a basketball game at UC Davis and Long Beach and hopefully a tournament bid. This is not unusual that a player decides to leave the program. In fact it happens all the time at other programs too, even just yesterday at a power 5 conference.

  24. Ganot just better pray that his gamble in giving Sheriff more minutes instead of Flemmings was worth it. I’m still and will always be a UH Basketball fan(atic) but season may be done if a guard gets hurt! If Sheriff is going to be in the game he needs to start shooting or driving the ball in and getting to the foul line. He needs to become more offensive.

  25. I agree, RobT. Just like how we all forgot (exaggeration) about the last coach, because of the success this season. If the team fulfills expectations (by making it to the big dance) then we will look past this situation. If not, we’ll have in the back of our minds … what if?

  26. Kaneohe, my apologies I didn’t see the part where you said “If the NCAA sanctions were lifted”. I know most people feel one way or the other in regards to Fleming leaving. In evaluating Ganot by sticking to the facts you have to like what he did. Yes, he inherited talent but he has gotten more out of this team than previous staffs. Bobbitt, Janks and Valdes all could be in the POY conversation.

    Points per game: This Year 78.4 leads the conference Last Year 72.9
    Effective FG%: This Year 52% Last Year 49%
    Rebounds: This Year 37.4 Last Year 35.2
    Defensive PPG: This Year 67.0 Last Year 68.2

    We are scoring more, at a more efficient rate. Rebounding better and allowing less points. What matters most is Hawaii is currently in 1st place and have sold out the Stanley twice. Based on the numbers I would say EG is doing a decent job. He will obviously face some tough times with the sanctions but Buggs, Owies and Purchase look like they can contribute.

  27. I’ve got my opinions, but like everyone else, I don’t know what was really going on. I think the timing of Isaac’s public announcement is fine. The relationship between him and Ganot was becoming an in game distraction and I’m sure practice was not fun either. Both sides were dug in and nothing was going to change. At least the team can concentrate on the task at had and Isaac can de-stress and finish out the year in good academic standing.

  28. Derek, how about maybe late for a game.

  29. PONO, I would agree Ganot has a hand in Janks improvement, maybe Mike’s. Overall though, you have to consider much of improvement is simply another year of experience, another year playing with each other and knowing each other’s game. And just the mental/emotional growth and maturity factor of a year is huge at this age. Not sure if Ganot deserves credit for this.

  30. Pono i agree the future has some things that look positive. I hope that Thomas and Jovonovic will stay. Maybe Ganot should schedule murders row in away games and play all the great teams. Our young players will grow up faster, school will get good money.

  31. bigdaddy – i hope the mental issues are not too bad, Isaacs health must come first There are prob a few players who are suffering mentally given many are a long way from home, they are all very young and missing parent support. If they dont get any court action and dont feel valued this would be very hard. Hope he gets support back home with his family

  32. Fleming we lose near 10 ppg. Hope Sheriff and Niko together average that.
    Most concern Jankovic stay out of foul trouble and avoid injury, sickness. Huge loss Jankovic leave after season.
    Agree with other posts if Eran loses top 7 scorers this year. Eran better hit the prep school showcase tournaments in spring. He needs scorers for next season.
    Fleming lot of firepower start or coming off bench.

  33. Big Daddy, Pam, & Kaneohe all have a point and their contrarian insights are valuable. There’s a cost to lack of flexibility on a coaching staff. Is that one the program is willing to bear? Time will tell. Perhaps recruiting will come around, but for now, the closet seems to be emptying faster than we can fill it. When guys transferred out under Gib, it was usually because they weren’t getting PT because someone better was ahead of them or coming in. This group of talent is a testament to his staffs’ ability to recruit and bring better recruits each new season. In college BBall, recruiting is the key to success & even better recruiting, it builds on itself. Discipline & systems can also win, but that is a much tougher road, especially with moderate talent. In 3 years, we’ll find out if UH chose the right direction. I hope so.

  34. senst23.
    We forget about human side of this release. Isaac having peace of mind. How many on this site played 4 years D1 ball over 3500 miles from home? Isaac could have left last May 2015. Tried his best. Helped coach win near 20 games and league leader.

    Thankyou to bigdaddy and Oakland for son’s talent. We are spoiled by success. Have to think of young people’s happiness too.

  35. 808fan
    Good points. Which direction and decisions made.?For better. ? Time will tell. Warriors just play on!!
    You all plus bigdaddy insider insight makes us think beyond the obvious.

  36. Team 1st, don’t you think Ganot knows what he’s going to do about getting more recruits. I ‘m sure he is targeting prospects with his coaches already. After the season he will find out who’s staying or who’s leaving in their one on one meetings. Then he and his staff will start working on what to do next. He will find the players he wants to have in the UH program. I don’t think he or even Dave Matlin are worrying not one bit. The juniors will make their respective decisions as best they can. I’m confident we will have a good team next year again. Gotta be positive.

  37. Good points made by Pam. Could Ganot deciding not to play Isaac in the second half on senior night and in effect giving his minutes to Drammeh, been a clear message to Isaac that his season was over? This may have led to Isaac getting the message that he wasn’t going to get any meaningful minutes in future games and as a result he may as well leave. The Coach needs to realize that although Isaac wasn’t his recruit, he still has a responsibility to help them adjust to his new system. Being understanding and flexible with players that he inherited are part of being a good coach.


    Hey, we fans have had to cope with so much over the past few years, but let’s not forget what these kids have gone through and had to deal with different coaching changes along with the style of play.

    I, for one, have not commented on the new Coach, it is too soon for a good evaluation. Kids have so much going on at this level and for a coach to take an entire team and make them into a functional unit is hard enough. Command Coaching means you do NOT take a vote on what is good or not. It is a dictatorship and one must learn to accept that.

    We only see them at the games, we do not see what goes on in practice which is three times as much. Clearly Isaac did not like the new style of offense as he makes his living driving and creating and finishing. His defense was getting very good and at one time this season, he was ranked third in the BWC in steals…off the bench. Having said that, if a player is discontented and that cannot be worked out, then separation is the answer. If you don’t, you will have a rotten apple effect. Anyone who has seen Isaac’s face of late, he was no longer having any fun. It is a tough decision, but I am sure he will land on his feet. His best two years are ahead of him

    Winning is a cure all for just about everything. The guys are on a mission and they have already made Hawaii proud. Let’s see this exceptional year through and remember that we are all wearing Green…from the players, coaches and fans. Kick some Mustang Ass.


  39. With Fleming I think this team if they made the big dance could upset some teams because he is a talent that should be playing in the ACC etc. now idk if they will even win the big west tournament I hope I’m wrong bad decision by Ganot

  40. Coach didn’t do this. Coach didn’t do that. Coach should do this. Coach should do that. Do you have more knowledge that than the Coach on how to run this team? I don’t think so. Stop blaming Coach Ganot. It’s time to move forward. UHfanzonly1 aka Team1st, pack up your bags and please go with Isaac to the east coast. Go ask bigdaddy if he has a extra room for you.

  41. BACKBEAT, Great comments! Enjoyed reading it! Go Bow!!!

  42. Next man up, Filipovich will be in the 9 man rotation. Flemings scoring will be made up by probably mostly by the other players in the rotation collectively. Team scored 89 points on Saturday without him so the entire team can make up for it. The team wins or loses as a team, not because of the loss or win by one player. Go Rainbow Warriors!

  43. I don’t blame Isaac one bit. We can only imagine what he felt like sitting on the bench watching. It must have been quite frustrating and disheartening. My gosh, he was Big West Player of the week. A good coach needs to have compassion and go to great heights to talk a player out of leaving. A second half with no minutes at all when you are averaging 10 PPG and the player that’s replacing you is averaging 2 PPG. Wait, maybe its b/c its his recruit? You could even see it on Q’s expression about the lack of minutes that he played. Not to mention, It can be very difficult to see other players get T’d up and not face the same wrath or penalties that Isaac did. This season was a rarity for EG and the staff and its likely that they will not see this type of talent for years. Let’s see if they will be able to recruit those 3 star recruits or better. No brothers that’s for sure.

    For those of you who read my previous post (TAVs), there’s more to come and in 3 to 4 years we will be “Chowing” it up again. I can’t wait. Watch my predictions come to fruition. Jr’s leaving, recruits decommitting, and it wouldn’t surprise me in Jovanovich leaves too.

    It saddens me to see that a coach can be so self centered.

    In the mean time, Go Bows! Play your hearts out this next 2 games and we’ll look forward to watching the tea at the Big West Tournament.

  44. Someone has an inflated sense of self.

  45. The team is 1 win away from winning it’s first conference title in years, 23-4 and a record 6-0 on road conference play. They’re 1 win from an NIT bid at worst. Yet, all the negativity for just one player. There’s no “I” in team. Isaac would’ve been much more respected by all if he rode out the season for another 2 weeks at least if the team don’t make the NCAA’s. However his ego and pride got in the way due to playing time. Ganot was very patient with his drama antics. Under Riley Wallace, Fleming would’ve been gone sooner. Under Bobby Knight, he would not last a day I think. He should’ve enjoyed this journey with his brothers and Ganot in his right mind, would have found a way to let him get some minutes. Well, best of luck to Isaac. Sometimes the grass aint always greener on the other side. A team player would’ve stuck it out. I remember during my college years, UH baseball players hated Les Murakami and Ron Nomura but they stuck it out for the love of the game and their teammates. Unless some other stuffs have been going on here, I don’t see why Fleming hung his team out at this juncture when they would’ve needed him the most even if it was just for support. Hawaii fans would’ve respected him and understood his actions if he had left after the season. Today’s generation can’t take constructive criticism and too many parents get in the way of coaches. Many great high school coaches don’t even want to coach any more because the kids are pampered and parents get in the way of letting them coach. This is Ganot’s team. You either listen to the coach or too bad. That’s how I was raised and brought up in the 80’s. IMHO, Fleming’s best chance might be to transfer to CSUN under Reggie Theus. He’ll enjoy the run and gun game and open up the game for Kendall Smith. Maybe the lost to UC Riverside was a factor of all these distractions. Usually a player would leave when the team’s losing but not when they’re winning like this. It’s all about me for him unless there’s more to this story that no one knows.

  46. If he thinks his me first attitude is going to fly with his next coach, wherever that is, he’s in for a rude awakening. That’s the type of attitude that will land a seat further down the bench.

  47. Yes puts damper on good season. Who knows what goes on. Hard on fans and team.at this point warrior fans been waiting for outright Big West title and shot at ncaa dance and advance. Let us enjoy this team.
    Other things? Laters. Go Warriors!!

  48. Very SAD news reading Fleming is leaving !

    I was just hoping things could get better BUT it has been a bubble waiting to bust since the beginning of the season while lack of playing time with his exceptional talent the young man could not take it any more. I have seen this before with MANY players during my era that will include Mark Hackett, Aaron Hines, Brian Austin, Eddie Torres, John Moore, and Clint Neal quitting during or after the season.

    BIG lost at this crucial time with his athletic play surely will be missed. Team has to go forward as Ganot is the coach and part of the job is experiencing situations like this and using other players to fill the void.

    Not easy being a NEW coach who comes in with TALENT and has done an exceptional job getting them this far record wise and a chance to do even GREATER things !

    Players will come together and rally for themselves as THEY all know the mission is still there and every man has to buckle up and play with greater smarts and concentration.

    Good luck to Issac Fleming and all his future endeavors !

  49. nothing like more adversity and drama for this team. It’s only meant to be.

    He needs to find a team where he’s the only star and the coach will let him get away with things. The start of this season was a good example of what I mean. After a couple scrimmages it became clear to him that he wouldn’t be starting. He felt disrespected, felt like he was better than the first group and should have been starting. He pretty much quit then and it took many many people trying to convince him to stick it out. Finally after two weeks he decided to come back. Now fast forward to his injury. He gets hurt and announce to oc16 crew he hurt his ankle and can’t play. Next he speaks to the media about his ankle and how is making the decision to stay back to rest his ankle. Whenever there was an injury during the season the university was tight lipped about the status, even the player who was injured didn’t say much. The player also went on the trip even though he couldn’t play. But with issacs case, he spoke to the media, he made the decision for himself to stay back. They get back from the trip and he starts saying yeah I’m good to go but I’m going to sit out this Thursday’s game so I can Saturday vs Irvine. Little did he know ganot wasn’t have any of that. He didn’t play much and I noticed it then he was bummed and could see he didn’t understand why he wasn’t playing. He is just the opposite of ganot and his style, ganot wants control and discipline while Isaac wanted freedom and style. Slowly his minutes went up then back down and he we are today. His choice to leave to do what’s best for him.

    It’s clear he is bigger than the team. Can’t blame him for that, he’s from a place where its survival of the fittest, he gotta do what’s best for him. Its like he’s wired to be selfish and that leads to selfishness. He’s been outspoken from day 1 and it’s what makes him who he is. I wish him the best, it’s been a treat to watch him play. Watching him dribble is like watching an nba guard play..maybe not literally but boy he got game.

    Anyways I’m like the rest of y’all, a coach and a psychologist..What do I know?

  50. Cliff absolutely loved your hustle defense and desire.I remember all the players you mentioned! Great to know you still follow Rainbow Basketball!
    Brings back memories. Your teams always fought hard!

  51. Team 1st, thank you for your comments ! My time playing for UH will always be memorable moments playing for Hawaii as it truly prepared me for life and all the successes I have today !

    35 years passed as I am active with UH on both levels as a supportive alumnus. The education I received and experience living in Hawaii prepared me for life while giving me many accomplishments / awards along the way. A recent story espn Hawaii came out on me as a former player doing admirable things in the community. I have linked it below for you and other interested posters may want to read.


    I too was in Issac Fleming situation BUT I never decided giving up on Hawaii but choose to stick it out and get my degree which in the long one has been the pinnacle to my success. No disrespect to Mr. Fleming as he is young and still want his dream of playing basketball at the highest level in which he is entitled to do what is best for him being a talented player while earning honors along the way backing up his game. Unfortunate for him playing under his 3rd coach was never in the picture as he tried with all of the adjustments but it just did not work out. Wish nothing but success for him as he fulfills his destiny in basketball while growing and maturing along the way !

    Will be at the LBSU game, UH hoops happening and BWC tournament. Team needs all the support they can get with this latest development. Adversity builds CHARACTER !

  52. Isaac, best of luck in finding what you are looking for. Now more importantly we need to move forward and support this TEAM in winning their next game at U.C. Davis. A couple of takeaways that I got from all these comments is that despite all the personal attacks, which I won’t be a part of, the team is much better than last year and most of the players have improved their individual skills in the team concept. Janks stated early in the season that the post-up/ interior big man game wasn’t really his game. But now wit that added threat he has become a POY candidate! Now he looks like he wants to take anyone guarding him to the basket for the and one! Quincy has improved dramatically from his 2nd to 3rd year, a real team leader. Just a couple of examples. I give the coaches credit. The players who are here bought into the system, the coaching, and are reaping the benefits. It must have been overwhelming in the beginning to take over a team of really good players who you mostly did not recruit and be under NCAA scrutiny as well. Now that the soap opera is behind us.(except for those of us who just cannot let it go). Our team will have a chance to at least share the BWC regular season Crown. On to Thursday!! Imua Warriors!!!

  53. Good Luck, Isaac, Big Daddy & Family…
    Thank You for The TWO Great Seasons
    And “Three Coaches” Efforts and Adjustments
    SMART Choice to Complete the Semester
    (Tells me Probably Eyes Open and Head still screwed on….
    EX: I’d be More Concerned for you IF you were another struggling player “Going Pro”…)
    YOU Earned a FAN Base here in Hawai’i;
    (I heard people screaming @ coach to get you into game,
    Even ESPN Announcers…so it goes…Life goes on)
    Good Health, Good Luck, Good Life to You and Yours Always…
    Like Cliff Noted, Every Team Loses Players
    Recognize It IS Tough AND YOU Wish Your Brothers Well
    You Left On Your Terms
    Agent Zero…Showtime… TOUGH Shoes to Fill

    AND You Also Know “The Team” WILL Step Up…And BETTER Than Most
    This Team And EVERY Opponent They’ll Face The Rest of the Way Had Their Challenges
    From Last Year And This Year’s Early Season Dramas… I Rather Have Isaac’s Abilities ON The Team
    No Longer An Option

    Next Man Up, ‘Every’ Man Up
    A ‘Few’ Days to Adjust
    AND TAKE Control of UCDavis (Previous Regular Season Champ)
    AND/OR The Beach
    AND The BWC

    Make This Team This Season Even More …
    JUST Keep Winnin’ ‘BOWS!

  54. Yup, your side, my side and the reality of both sides pieced together by everyone else.

  55. High emotions on this development. Lets be respectful to Fleming and his family, and stop calling him a quitter. I understand the frustration, we all want what is best for the young man and the team.

    He has the right to leave.. Sometimes people have to figure things out on there own.

  56. just dont be the mext shaq stokes

  57. A lot can be said of team chemistry and I think with the subtraction of Isaac there will be less distractions. GSW and the Spurs have selfless players where everyone is on the same page. Yes we lose a talented player and his 9PPG but you can’t quantify chemistry and team cohesiveness. I want to see the team take off from here.

  58. Blame the refs, blame the coaches, blame everyone but Isaac himself.
    Sounds like BigDaddy is part of the problem. Instead of getting on his kid to mature like a man, enables his son to act like a child and make basketball about “I” and not team.

    Do you actually think the coaches came in and made it a personal agenda to run Isaac off the team?? Isaac was given enough chances to grow up and make things about the team. Only Isaac and his family are going to complain about minutes when the team is winning games. When winning isn’t your number 1 objective as a basketball player, then maybe should think of an individual sport. Were the technical fouls last season to be blamed on everyone but Isaac? If anything, it seems like Ganot has installed some discipline because Benjy let his kids act like kids on and off the court.

    Its sad to see a father come on these boards and act as childish as his own kid. You can see where the root of the problem comes from. Does Jovanovic complain about playing time ever? No. Did Mike Thomas ever complain about playing time his 1st 2 seasons? No. Did Aaron Valdes transfer and cry about his playing time his FR season? I mean look at the problem. There is only 1 selfish player on this team who is a “I” guy.

  59. I agree with all posters, the team needs to come together and stay strong. If they are down to 14 and only 13 able to travel, hopefully 13 will go away so the team can be together as the player group appear really tight! Jacob hasnt travelled yet so hope he goes and H50 can be active! We will need everyone doing what they can to get to the dance!

  60. I think we should stop blaming parents, players and coaches and just focus on the current team. I think we all hope that Isaac finds a place where he will be happy and closer to his family. Let’s support the team to capture their first BWC title and possible NCAA dance.

  61. Eran re-recruited all the previous team’s players for this team, so he believed all could fit on this team. It didn’t work out in this case, as it often doesn’t for other teams too. Even Dave Reardon and B Curran had some disagreement over Isaac, Dave saying he had raw talent we haven’t seen in 15 years or something like that.

  62. I was truly hoping there would be a change of heart by today but it looks like no. Done deal so no sense looking for who to blame. That is a sad thing in today’s computer world that anonymous people like to blame somebody else. Just move on people.

    This team really need to go next man up now and I not talking about just Sheriff. How about give a kid like Dyrbe a chance now. He don’t have to play a lot of minutes like Isaac did early in the season but just be a offense guy and Sheriff be the defense guy. We all know Dyrbe can shoot it and this his last games so why not try at least.

  63. Didn’t get to read all of the above comments, but I will say that Isaac is making a huge mistake. Despite how much his situation may have warranted his actions, it still reflects poor judgement on his part, and the reason being is it looks really bad on paper. He’ll likely find a spot on a lower tier school, but nowhere close to how much national exposure UH gets (which actually isn’t much). Does he really think he’s gna find a team with as much success (20+ wins for 3 straight seasons) as this one? I would not have been surprised if he requested the release at the end of the season but at this point, one game away from locking up a conference championship and post-season berth…so many red flags and questionable decisions which will make any high or even mid-major school consider transferring him in.

  64. ChuckCheese, as long as we have something to play for, Dyrbe will never see the court. Period.

  65. Ganot did inherit this team, with a couple of his recruits. Yes, recruiting is the key and time will tell how good Ganot is with recruiting to UH and maintain a winning program. You have to admit that he has done a good job of having the “team” staying the course; team first, sharing the ball, defense, and rebounding. No one player is bigger than the team. This team has won because we play like a team. Yes, they have more experience now, but I believe that we now close out games due to the team mentality, which is related to Ganot’s system. Winning 23 games and counting cannot be done without coaching, game planning, preparation, etc. Players don’t coach themselves and you can see how the offense is way better than last year’s one on one free flowing system. Best of luck to Isaac. We have a lot more to play for in winning a championship and going to the NCAAs. Go Bows!

  66. Dyrbe is a great kid but is unlikely to contribute offensively. He’s 5’9 max and has a set shot that he’ll never be able to get off against much taller guards. Great kid but if he’s getting meaningful minutes we are in trouble.

  67. I think we can now close this chapter on Mr. Fleming. He was a key contributor of this team, but after he hurt his ankle and missed 4 games, all of which were wins he returned to less minutes. He’s bitter and now he quit saying no mas instead to keepi fighting for his team and this university. Well, the sun came out today and life goes on and may I add without further team distraction that it doesn’t need. UH basketball is trying to win a conference championship. That is the sole goal at this point. Coach Ganot and his staff, and the team are on the bus. One former player decided to get off. So be it, wish him well. Aloha and Mahalo!

  68. Enjoy comments. Wide array. One thing coach Ganot has great team can get NIT and Netter yet NCAA bid! Warrior time!

  69. Very disappointing news. I enjoyed watching Isaac on the court, but ultimately the team needs to come first. We have no room on this team for players who put themselves over the team. I wish Isaac the best going forward, but feel for the kid as he clearly has a lot of maturing still to do. No matter what issues he may have been having, Isaac made a commitment to this team and to walk away near the most important time of the season is a selfish act. Looking forward to Thursday and hopefully securing that #1 seed!

  70. NIT and Better yet NCAA bid!
    We appreciate contributions of all Rainbow Warrior teams! Against Davis . Watriors seal the deal!!

  71. Thx Derek it’s to much speculation I’m not at liberty to speak on the matter nor is UH but if the negative critics know what I know they will be singing a different tune . Dayton shut it down !!!!!

  72. bigdaddy.
    We should not attack parents or players. You and other parents . I commend. Your sons very far from home.
    Respect people. Good guys on team for sure.
    Thanks bigdaddy wish Isaac best love of family keeping him strong!!

  73. Agreed. Dayton next topic! Davis game preparation.
    Thanks. We all move on.

  74. Don’t fear failure because without failure or setbacks on any level there can be no success, but what we fear is being in the same place this time next year.

  75. Leave the thread up, no need to censor.

  76. Words of wisdom bigdaddy
    More respect. Isaac will do fine back east coast.
    Oakland too. Major league parents. Isaac go get it in classroom. With honors. Next year future bright for all!
    I am hoping!

  77. Next year has to be red shirt year for Isaac.

  78. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” by Billy Ocean.

    “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift.

    Let’s go Rainbow Warriors. Beat the UC Davis Aggies.

    My prediction: Hawaii 68 UC Davis 60. You gotta believe.

  79. I guess that is why family want him do well academically.
    Whole point about scholarships. Graduate.

  80. What is Team1st/CP3Ball/UHfanzonly going to do with the impending departure of Bobbitt and Fleming, and with them, their parents as posters on WarriorInsider?

    Who will he desperately try to suck up to?

  81. Derek
    Wish tonite were game! Team hungry and ready!

  82. Xer 21, he’s going to make a new username, pretend it’s a player’s parent and have a conversation amongst himself.

  83. BigDaddy there is no shutting it down. Your son is very talented and if his grades are right he should be able to find a school to play at maybe without sitting out a year. Sadly UH personnel, students, players, coaches and fans have defended Isaac with the hope that he will come back. We all know the truth, but choose to take the higher road with your son. I think the people here did their best to help your son. Did your son do his best to help himself? Without pointing fingers as who is the blame for all of this, responsibility weighs on two shoulders, Isaac’s and the coaching staff’s. All I’m saying is be careful with the critics. They know more than what they are sharing with you out of respect for the team and school. My point is that the timing sucks and the way things at the end were handled by both groups suck. Obviously if the coaches felt that discipline was in order for Isaac then this was not the first time he was reprimanded for the same thing.

    Hawaii Men’s basketball will continue on. We all felt that he was going to leave anyway like we figure several of the juniors will as well after the season. We can’t blame them, they’ve done their job and put up with all of the crap the university has put them through. The difference is that they are not abandoning the team and the university. Go Bows and a sincere thank you to the parents that continue to sacrifice to have their sons represent Hawaii. We shall move on as we have the past two years.

    Now that Isaac is not part of the team, I don’t think that you can say when to shut this post down. Thank you Dayton for giving us a voice.

  84. Daddy is still making excuses for his kid.

    This reminds me of going to school with that kid that is always on detention. Then the kids parents writes complaints to the school about blaming teachers and other students. “Not my kids fault”

    This basketball team is 23-4. Outstanding. There is 1 player on the team that is complaining and pouting on the sidelines with his parents telling him to transfer all year. Grow the hell up.

    I don’t see Nikos parents on these boards crying because their son isn’t playing. Aaron Valdes parents weren’t complaining when Aaron redshirted then saw few minutes on the court as a FR.

  85. Im glad that we have a bunch of people here arguing with Fleming’s father over things that cannot be changed while both sides work with incomplete pictures of what happened.

    It isnt classy to say the least, by either side. But it sure is entertaining.

    Note the dripping sarcasm.

    Sucks we lost Isaac, but the longer I read these comments, and the more i watched in game and the more i heard from insiders, the more this sounded like a done deal before the season even started. Make of that what you will, but slagging Isaac isn’t fair to him, yelling at the father isn’t fair to anyone, and neither is whining about how Ganot didnt do enough to appease a player. No one’s right and no one’s wrong. Welcome to college athletics, not everything works out.

    Coaching is a relationship. Just because the relationship ends doesn’t mean it’s someone’s “fault” it just means it didnt work out. Let’s not blame Isaac for trying to get more out of his college career and lets not blame Ganot for not readjusting everything for Fleming. It wasn’t in the cards.

  86. @Pono, it’s all good man. You made some good points about EG and you are right that the team has been a little more effecient compared to years past. Those are good signs for EG that he could be the right man for the job. Like I said, I’ll give him his due time ( three or four seasons) to show us what he can do.

    I do like he fact that this years team has shown a lot more maturity and class as opposed to last season and before under Gib. Seemed like Gib would let his team play a little too fast and loose and look what happened? way too many Techs and lipping off to opposing players and refs. This year still has some of that going on but not nearly as much as before.

  87. Let’s not forget that this team is one that was not built by Ganot. All the starters and most productive players, like Janks, Valdes, Bobbitt, Quincy, and M. Thomas were here last year and were 20 win players. Yes, some of the players are much improved this year but to automatically credit Ganot is not a given as all the players work in the offseason to improving their game. If we make it to the NIT or NCAA I give some credit to Ganot, but the real test is the next couple of years. Which juniors can he hang on to in the offseason and the quality of players he is able to recruit for the next few years will judge Ganot’s ability. He happened to fall into a great situation with a team of juniors and seniors that were already primed to having a good season.

  88. bigdaddy, it is never an easy thing to go through when some sort of conflict involves your child. Good or bad there are always the haters.

    Issac, leaving the team “BAD” in terms of the negative comments made of your son and you as a parent. “GOOD” in that he can start a new chapter in his college education and playing ball somewhere else. The good to be even greater if he has solid success at his new school and earns his degree.

    The responsibility and choices is and are always there. Make the best of your choices and learn from this experience in Hawaii. No doubt we will want to know how you will do in your new environment. Fail and there will be those that will sound the negative horn. Succeed and those horns will be silent.

    On the other hand opinions made by us fans is irrelevant. The love and support that is shared by your ohana, being there for one another during good times and bad is the most important thing.

  89. Folks,

    Just keeping the hope…. Is there any way where both Isaac and the Coach, Players and Coaching Staff, can get together and meet each other half way and work things out?

    Looking at the release form, it is observed that EG did not initial the 2 areas of the form on Section 1 where . Therefore, does this make the form non-binding? The form also states that one must obtain all signatures of approval in order, yet Seciton 2 was not completed before 3, 4, and 5 were. Does this invalidate the form too?

    Despite all of the issues that this team has been through and have worked through them, maybe this is one that can be done in the same manner.

    Go Bows!!!

  90. @ Mokana, I just love your self-aggrandizing comments, You said, “A couple of takeaways that I got from all these comments is that despite all the personal attacks, which I won’t be a part of…” what? Sorry, but I thought this was a public fan forum to share our thoughts and opinions, but I guess if you want to phrase our opinions as “personal attacks” then whatever, stay on your high horse buddy..

    You said, “Now that the soap opera is behind us.(except for those of us who just cannot let it go)” What soap opera are you talking about? You couldn’t possibly mean talking about Fleming since it just happened yesterday. Yeah, we all saw the writing on the wall and knew Fleming was pretty much gone after this season but this is big news so of course we want to and should be discussing this. If you mean the soap opera being the NCAA sanctions then again, I say the same thing, this is a huge topic for discussion and should continue to discuss it since it’s not really over considering the Appeal is still in process and here is a chance, at least the post-season ban portion of sanctions could be repealed.

    If you are seriously discouraged or just don’t like reading fans “personal attack” comments like mine or others then maybe you should just ignore them or if it still bothers you that much try form your own blog or forum and that way you can be an admin and only approve comments that you agree with. That way you and all the other optimistically-blind fans can talk to each other about only happy, positive things like rainbows, bunnies and unicorns, since any criticism of the team, players, coaches is just too egregious for you to handle. Time to step out of your bubble and live in the real world. You can’t realistically expect all fans on here to be all sunshine and happiness and only say things like “go bows” and “hope for the best” as the only comments we should be making whenever an issue, incident or controversy ensues..btw you’d make a great dictator. …ok sorry, long rant over.

  91. For Ganot, welcome back to the drama of being a basketball coach at UH.

    A known fact is that a great coach with average athletes will have some success. A good coach with the best athletes will have greater success. Success meaning winning championships. A great coach is usually a great recruiter.

    Thus the success that may happen under your reign will be the ability to recruit. You have already proven you are a good coach with some above average players in your stable. Thus bottom line now is being the greatest recruiter (salesman) in getting the cream of the crop to come to UH.

    Very few are given the title “GREAT” coach. That usually is discovered after the great players have played for him/her and left a legacy of winning championships.

  92. @S23a LOL, that was a good one. Yeah, team1st or whoever he really is, is a character but we should leave the dude alone. He obviously has some sort of disability so let’s not get on his case too hard.

  93. Isaac: Thanks for your contributions to the program and best of luck at the next school you decide to attend.


  94. Best result for all parties involved, Isaac and family can move on and the UH program can also move on.
    I know it is tough on the family when people are criticizing a family member but actions speak louder than words.
    When a player quits a team with only a few games left in the season the perception is that he just made it about himself instead of the team.

  95. i dont think we will see dyrbe on either as he and the other bench guys only get garbage minute even when we are up 20+. coaches only believe it certain players and that is fine still need dyrbe for all he gives on the bench same with zack, jacob, brock and jack (although jack as red shirt cant travel). the whole team has put in this year, including isaac lets hope coahces recognise what each player brings not just on the court lets see as to date we have heard a lot about the team being a family but probably not seen a lot from ganot in backing up his words

  96. Kaneohe97…. Wow, that was some rant! You wouldn’t happen to be from the red roof area of Kaneohe now would you! You got me totally wrong my anonymous friend. My point was Isaac should not be attacked for wanting to leave, or be labeled a quitter. Same goes for the father. Sheriff I feel will be a good player. He gives his all on the court and is doing so as a raw true freshman. But a lot of posters felt he was taking another players minutes. He earned them by being a team player and the next man up. I do understand criticism of Coaches philosophies, substitution patterns, use of timeouts blah,blah,blah, but I feel it is borderline ridiculous when we are 23-4 and a win away from a championship and invitation to the 3 letter tourney, or better yet 3 BWC tournament wins away from crashing the big dance. I’m just looking at the big picture and prefer not to worry about the manini stuff. Lastly, if I had a player who was unhappy I would grant him his release also. That would not qualify me as a dictator! Go Warriors!!

  97. Mokana, my bad about my rand on you. That wasn’t cool and I apologize..and I take back my comment about dictator. I think I was in a funk at work when I wrote it and looking at it now I realize I went kinda extreme on you but your right about the points you just made in the post above and I’m just going to enjoy the success the teams having now and ride it to the end. Just ignore my post if I rant like that again, it probably means I was on male time of the month, haha.

  98. Kaneohe97…no worries. We will just say we all are passionate about our school/team and we as parents and fans want the very best for them. Now lets get this victory on Thursday! Go Warriors!

  99. Weird that Flemming left with two games left and team on the verge of making the ncaa tournament. I could understand it a little bit better if the team were losing but this is one of the best seasons in the teams history.

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