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Warriors run away from Howard, 94-59


Roderick Bobbitt scored a game-high 31 points, including 20 in the first half, and Hawai’i withstood a 29-point performance by the nation’s leading scorer tonight to pull away from Howard, 94-59, in non-conference men’s basketball action.

A highly entertained Stan Sheriff Crowd of 6,043 watched Aaron Valdes log a triple-double with 16 points, 15 rebounds and 11 assists and Quincy Smith add 15 points, four boards and three assists as the Rainbow Warriors closed out non-conference play at 11-2 entering Wednesday’s Big West opener at home vs. Cal Poly. Howard fell to 7-8.

Bobbitt and Bisons guard James Daniel III, who entered the night leading the nation with a 29 points per game average, put on a spectacular show in the first half by scoring 20 points each.

Bobbitt opened the game with a deep 3-pointer from the left wing, then later hit back-to-back 3’s to cap a stunning 20-2 run that put UH ahead, 30-10, midway through the first half. Daniel, a 5-foot-10 junior, answered with his own consecutive 3’s to cut it to 30-16, and after the Rainbow Warriors later stretched the lead to 45-26 on Bobbitt’s 3-pointer from the top of the key, Daniel immediately answered again with his own triplet to cut it to 45-29 with 2:48 remaining.

Bobbitt drained yet another 3-pointer — his sixth of the half in seven attempts — to give Hawai’i a 50-33 lead with 1:32 left before halftime, but Daniel responded with his fourth 3-pointer (in six attempts) to cut it to 50-36 with 26 seconds remaining, and that’s where the score stood at the break.

Bobbitt added three assists and one steal in the first half, and Daniel had four assists and one steal in the first 20 minutes.

The Bisons closed it to 55-45 on Daniel’s 3-pointer five minutes into the second half, but Isaac Fleming, Valdes and Smith scored on consecutive layups to start a 17-3 lead capped by Stefan Jankovic’s layup to extend the lead to 72-48 with 10:26 remaining, and Howard could not get closer than 21 points the rest of the way.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.

(Game photo courtesy Matt Osumi)


  1. We beat Howard just as much as Purdue…the only difference is we don’t have a signature win…2nd triple double in 2 years and counting…Valdes looks ready, Bobbitt is ready, and so is the team for the Big West run.

  2. Servante,we will see conference play is all about XO player tendacy will be exposed.

  3. Let’s not get too excited people. This basketball team has not done anything yet, and I apologize to those I offend However, this is Otto’s team.

    I support UH MBB we all want UH MBB to be pono, and do well.
    Rough time for MBB, however, now is the time for Otto’s team to get ready for the big west and to go to NCAA’s..Now is time to step up..

    Love and Aloha for the program, pono…truth, honest the right way…you watch, if team injury free, and team locks in defensively, UH goes NCAA…well, more serious things in the world.. it is only a game, however I love that game of UH MBB hoops..

    Go Rainbow Warriors….

  4. Concern, how much fouls team picks up..
    UH has routed teams that are undersized and cannot shoot well..
    Have to agree with bigdaddy94..
    Bigwest team coaching staffs have UH scouted really wel.
    All 10 of team’s wins have come at home..
    BWC new season..
    Bobbitt nice 3 point shooting,.
    However need him going to rim
    Valdes consistency might be exposed
    Really looks like UH has peaked
    RPI 77 Is about right

    Team migh t win 10 games in BWC and finish fourth
    UH has still not played good inside out teams
    NIT maybe..

  5. Women another WNIT appearance again 4th year in a row
    Just not very good, turnover machine

  6. Who might be star team of spring 2016 ?
    Charlie Wade’s Men’s volleyball team

  7. Uhfanzonly1 I adore you. I couldn’t agree more about the UH admin per your last post. Your kids/family sound like my husband. We cannot be putting our money anymore toward a program and a system that is corrupt, incompetent, and not responsive to its stakeholders. For me, however, I cannot forget the kids. They are the victims when things get screwed up and yet they have no voice. Isaac Fotu–prime example. And what an amazing group of kids we are witnessing right now that Gib and company amassed. A triple double by Aaron Valdez tonight. Bobbit is pumping on all cylinders in his final year. Isaac still is not filling his extraordinary potential but his effort and enthusiasm is undeniable. I admire and respect his commitment to the program ( much to his dad’s chagrin). Quincy hustled like crazy tonight, I might add.

    I was reading as much as I could of the blog when I was in Boston and I had to laugh at some of the crazy predictions of the future greatness of the MBB program with Eran Ganot based on what these kids are doing. AGAIN, I wonder if we’re watching the same games as far as the recruits that Ganot has brought on board to date. This is what will determine the future, how well we can recruit, analyze potential/talent and then get them here. I like Ganot as a coach, he’s growing on me. I’m VERY unimpressed with Sheriff #22 (sp?) and although Sai, a one year guy, has had some good games and is as good as the Nash years, he’s below par with the guys we have now…a step to slow physically and mentally.

    Three days to get your letters/e-mails to Maitlin to push for an appeal on the NCAA sanctions. Come on everyone! Syracuse appealed and got their sanctions lessened and what they did was so much worse.

    Go bows! Big West action finally! No let down!!!!

  8. KellyO You keep it real girl!
    Still too early anoint Ganot as savior..
    Too early
    Admin. Screwed good people and fans..
    Hope they get it right!
    Will take some time
    Wish best to team,
    Know their families are peeved with admin..
    Hope warriors , past coaching staff recruits, grad or go pro ball if choose!!

  9. KelleyO Dito, for Fleming it’s like a game of poker he can’t win chasing a full house with a pair just play ur role ther is light at the end of the game.

  10. Who is Otto? Benjy Taylor?

    This team is much more disciplined than last year.

    Let’s not forget that we would have lost a couple players if Benjy, whom I respect a lot, were still the head coach.

  11. Bigdaddy94…wonder how “on board team really is”
    The wins are decieving..10 against non top 40 teams
    You seem to imply Eran not doing good job..with use of fleming
    Only reason team got blow out ..bobbitt standing wide open got his 3 point shot going.
    Still believe you cannot win championships live and die by 3 ball..
    Should be inside out
    cal poly, ucsb, lbsu, irvine good guards and some bigs,
    Those schools have great coaches
    Cream rise to top?
    I wonder?
    Otherwise move on guys..good academic stead, grad, go, or pro..

  12. Hang in there bigdaddy. One of my heroes, Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” That’s what your son and these young men make me think of. You should be mighty proud.

  13. Uhfanzonly1,
    Get a life. Ganot’s team is 11-2. I believe all players stats are up compared to last season. Maybe not Fleming’s, but he definitely has an attitude problem. I like Fleming a lot, but he’s really the only player who doesn’t seem to like the new system. I’ve always defended him, but it’s getting very difficult to watch him act like a baby when the coaches take him out of the game.

  14. Benjy did good job..now TAVS ..on oc16 sports…commentators must read my constant droning about recognizing what coach taylor did..
    He had guys go ball to the wall..all out effort, win 22 games and one win away from ncaa tourney,,
    He singlehandedly saved team..kept them together, called parents..
    Guys wanted to leave if benjy made permanent coach…NEXT!!
    senque and benjy just recruit better talent..more physical

    Not finesse team they have now.
    Kanoa and Artie costantly acknowledge benjy great work getting team to this point
    Getting Ganot..might just backfire..he and team think they are ucla with wooden and walton..they are not

    NIT might be best they can do
    Be more humble..
    Benjy Taylor..how come HIS 22 WINS NEVER WILL BE VACATED!

  15. Mmmh, I watched just one game on tv this year because I go to the SSC unlike you. And I’m sorry but I don’t remember the commentators once mention Benjy Taylor. I also listen to the post game shows on ESPN 1420, and I’ve maybe heard the guys mention Benjy Taylor on a few occasions. And again, I have nothing against Benjy Taylor at all. I liked him a lot and I’m not discrediting him of a single thing. I think it’s just ridiculous how you continue to discredit Ganot 13 games into an 11-2 season with losses to Texas Tech and Oklahoma. You’re just ridiculous. And as for Fleming, even though he’s not a starter, he gets the fourth most playing time after our two seniors Bobbitt and Smith, and one of three players in UH history to get a triple double, Aaron Valdes. Also, Fleming’s stats are solid.

  16. Uhfanzonly1,
    Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Auburn, UNI, and Nevada weren’t real tests? Something is wrong with you.

  17. Also, Gib and co definitely had a good eye for talented players. A lot of the recruits were very questionable characters though… Undisciplined, poor academically, transfer prone, etc.

  18. Bigdaddy, like KellyO.. I do like Isaac..I say as far as Eran Let’s Isaac take team…really use him the best..UH will go far..
    If Eran sits him..UH will have tough time winning BWC..
    cannot just be bobbitt show

    Team game

    And fleming has game..

  19. okay RPI, BPI, YIP, RIP whatever rank, UH at about 78 or 80?
    doesn’t matter really..
    what is disappointing, best UH MBB team in near 12 years.. best start since 2004, 11-2.. and WHERE is the 8000 in house attendance? that is kind of embarrassing. I think the best post Fab Five at Blaisdell that averaged near 8000 with live TV coverage.. was best, until latter part of AC and Alika 21 wins back to back NIT bound teams.. maybe average near 7400? or near 8000 for some games, with near sellouts. I don’t ever remember a 10300 sellout. for MBB game . you would think THIS year’s team would get the EVERY game, for Any Opponent. 8000 in house. they should make it General Admission, after 10 minutes. and let everyone come in for 8 dollars a pop, with discounted 3 dollar parking.. maybe, another 800 would come in. That is the disappointment. for Fan support for UH MBB.
    However , great fans that do go.. I say kudos and props. cannot beat being there live and in person cheering on the bows. and booing the admin.. that would be great. if some of us could still go.

    I hope this is the year, NIT at minimum.. might be UH only chance in years..

    go Bows Warriors and thanks bigdaddy 94 for sharing your comments and your son.. Also to ALL of the UH team, and parents/ guardians, for letting us see ONE more year of hopefully 28 wins or more !

  20. Jan 2 2016 realtime rpi men basketball
    UH ranked 88 for what it’s worth.

    still time to climb

  21. The big key will be team, when they are passing the ball well,they get easier shots , a good pass makes a huge difference in weather a shot will be made or not. TAVS I agree with you Texas tech and Oaklahoma are both. Good teams, and you can ask UNC or Iowa St in UNI is any good because they were both rated in the top 5 when UNI took them down!

  22. As a parent, it’s very disheartening sometimes to read these comments. First of all, these young men are “student athletes” not professional athletes. They’re struggling in their day to day lives and then they have “fans” like most of you, who look forward to bashing them on this site. Some of you claim to know more than you really do but if I was to tell you what was really going on, you wouldn’t believe it.. And in response to some of the athletes leaving if Benji had been retained, just know, the zero points they’ve contributed this year, wouldn’t have been missed. To play for Hawaii is a huge sacrifice for most of these players. Most of them don’t get to see their family during the school year and believe it or not, that scholarship is not supporting that expensive lifestyle of the islands. So give these “student athletes” a break, they’re doing the best they can under all the turmoil they’ve been put through. Be fans, not Monday morning quarterbacks.

  23. Tavs thanks for the complement but I’ve seen worst not to mention. Knowing the coaches are watching this board I refrain from comment because the situation can get worst with all due respect.
    Lakerfan you couldn’t have said it better ( Sacrifice )

  24. Darn, Lakerfan, I apologize for calling out Ganot’s recruit’s by name. I’ve been trying to avoid naming kids in my negative comments. You are absolutely right about that.

    I think these young men will do well in the Big West because they have something no coach gave them, something they each decided to bring as individuals when they stuck it out with this program and the more they come together as a team, the more it seems to grow, and that something is HEART. ❤️

  25. As I proclaim once again the chancellor and AP must go.

    As I proclaim once again Gib recruits are athletes and will win with whomever is the
    coach, providing they want to win, which is very much evident.

    As I proclaim once again Ganot must take this team to the ncaa tournament and that will be the reward these players deserve for all they had to endure.

    As I proclaim once again all the players who want to transfer out should this post season band not be reversed, please do so if you can find a good school and good fit of your talents to that team

    As I proclaim once again the silver lining is if these players transfers out, it will give Ganot the opportunity to recruit a good freshmen only class that he can mold into a solid team 2 years from now and going forward.

    As I proclaim anew give an average coach the top athletes and he will win. Give a great coach the bottom of the barrel talent and he will lose. The jury for Ganot will be known 3 to 4 years from now and I do hope the best for him as I had hoped the best for the prior 2 head coaches.

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