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Warriors fall to Long Beach State, 78-64


Nick Faust scored a game-high 28 points and grabbed 14 rebounds, Gabe Levin added 11 points and Mason Riggings and Travis Hammonds each added 10 points tonight to help visiting Long Beach State stun Hawai’i, 78-64, in Big West Conference men’s basketball action.

A sellout crowd of 9,076 at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the 49ers improve to 11-12 overall and 5-3 in the Big West, snapping the Rainbow Warriors’ win streak at eight games and dropping them to 16-3, 5-1. UH remains in second place, a half-game behind leader UC Irvine (6-1)

Mike Thomas scored 20 points, Quincy Smith added 13 points, four assists and four rebounds and Roderick Bobbitt contributed 12 points and five assists to lead the Rainbow Warriors, who mounted a furious comeback after trailing 65-55 with 5:27 remaining. Thomas scored a layup to cut it to 66-63 with 3:36 left, but Long Beach State responded with a 12-0 run and won going away.

Bobbitt opened the game with a 3-pointer, but Long Beach State responded with a stunning 16-0 run over the next seven minutes to lead 16-3, with 11:11 remaining in the first half. UH starting post Stefan Jankovic picked up his second foul less than four minutes into the game and was sent to the bench, contributing to the Rainbow Warriors’ offensive drought.

The 49ers maintained the lead and it was 30-17 after a deep 3-pointer by Faust with 4:55 left, but Hawai’i finished the half with an 11-4 run to close it to 34-31 at the break.

The Rainbow Warriors made just 9 of 20 free throws in the first half and were out-rebounded 25-13, including 7-2 off the offensive glass and 18-11 on defense.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.

Saturday’s other Big West results
UC Santa Barbara 76, at UC Irvine 60
at UC Davis 66, Cal Poly 52
UC Riverside 81, at Cal State Fullerton 71

(Game photo courtesy Brandon Flores)


  1. What?
    Knew 49ers very athletic, and rebounded great..
    Plus 2 of top PG’s for LBSU were out , Bibbins for second half, blackwell out last few minutes..
    Might be tough , tough road games for warriors!
    Good irvie lose at home and warriors still tied for first..

    Still long season, however Now convinced any of 8 teams can win in anaheim..
    And eran? …welcome to ncaa D1 basketball. ..see how team responds, and staff..
    Good loss actually, strength through adversity!!

  2. That’s what you get with a 4-star player – Faust.

  3. Faust is the Real Deal..unreal on the road in front of over 9000!
    Faust POY candidate..wow!!
    28 pts 14 rebounds..and dagger 3..
    4 star huh? UH gotta get one of those , 4 or 5 star gets..
    Tom Henderson..types…AC..
    Team be alright..

  4. And UCSB at Their house?
    Should be a war..
    UH get healthy and AV… Fleming at 100%
    Love the respect for each other at end of game handshakes..
    Now we talkin bout conference play!
    Go warriors, get better!!
    Leaders.. looked stymied… the university ones..
    Not the team and staff..

  5. McDowell- White is a 4 star, per Verbal Commits website.

  6. Not enough fire power. Jankovic foul trouble, Valdes rusty, and Flemng hurt. Losing them for extended time hurt big time. You could point to poor F/T shooting too. With all that the team was right there at the end. No offensive call involving Drammeh was critical. Regroup and back to work.

  7. The minions were out in force … old and young.

  8. Long Beach looked like a pro team on the boards.

  9. Still looong season…lot of games left…though with irvine getting routed at home and all 8 eligible teams with at least one win and one loss bwc wide open again..
    UH healthy maybe different outcome,
    However Bibbins could handle pressure from warrior guards, and 6 guys in foul trouble for 49ers..call it a wash..

    KellyO what do you think?
    UH back to drawing board..

  10. #1 and #2 fall on the same night. It’s not a two way race anymore.

  11. David, Dave and Robert looked pretty sick after game..and warrior loss..!
    For betterment of students..now help rolo get some good footballers..

  12. Nice job picking yellow minion night against Long Beach State. Poor execution by Jamie Smith and poor coaching by the staff. This was a winnable game by some very resiliant young men. Let’s all regroup and get two next week on the road! Go Bows!

  13. Thomas put it well during radio interview. LBSU played physically hard and with a lot of passion. Good lesson for the ‘Bows.

  14. Disappointing how bad UH played after finally getting a sellout crowd…couldn’t rebound, couldn’t hit free throws, guys being hurt, Faust was going off. With all of that being said, UH still managed to get within 3 with 2+ mins left. Imagine if they had only hit a few more of their free throws. Entirely different ball game! They did not deserve the win, although it did seem like the basketball Gods wanted Long Beach St. to win, as all the balls were falling their way and all the shots were dropping favorably. The ref’s missed a number of calls but UH did themselves no favors with bonehead mistakes and unnecessary fouls.

    In any case, still time for UH to make a nice conference run. Need to get healthy, make free throws, and not rely on the refs to bail you out. Q and Mike Thomas were the stars tonight, but if only the rest of the team played like them. Better luck next time. Tough road trip coming up! Let’s GO BOWS!

  15. Manoa Baller, I thought the same thing about how inappropriate it was to have yellow minions against yellow LBSU.

    Crowd was fantastic on a few instances, but energy was poor most of the time. I guess some people don’t realize how much a loud crowd can have a positive effect on the players.

    Good to hear 700+ student made it and no student was turned away.

    I agree with one of the ESPN callers about the Janks and Bobbitt argument. It’s good to know we have players with fire, and it can be positive for players to get into it once in a great while. I’m sure they’ve already talked it over. And I agree with Bobbitt, Janks committed a very unnecessary foul when he was already in foul trouble. Janks can’t let that kind of thing happen again. I think he learned a lot from this incident.

  16. Thought the team had a chance once Bibbins was carried off the court; Long Beach was ripe for the pickings and it showed as his backup, Blackwell, started off shaky. Bibbins’ loss helped contribute to Hawaii’s nice comeback to nearly tie the score at the half (Janks just missed a deep 3 near the buzzer).

    Poor FT shooting was a killer, but the biggest factor was being out rebounded 47 to 28. Wow! Long Beach grabbed 14 off the offensive glass, several leading to easy putbacks.

    Frustration led to a loss of composure by a few players. Yes, I’m sure it’s their competitive nature, but you can’t be sniping at one another.

    Biggest fear going forward on this tough road trip is the health of Fleming and Valdes. Fleming suffered some kind of foot (?) injury early in the game and was never himself. He couldn’t take it to the basket and guarding Faust proved tough on one wheel. Obviously, Valdes’ turf-toe injury has not fully healed. Gonna need those two healthy … and soon.

    Great atmosphere at the arena. It got really loud in the second half when the team made a desperate comeback.

    A final observation: Quincy nearly willed the team to victory. He is without a doubt the toughest player, both mentally and physically, on the team. Loved and appreciated his effort.

  17. good comments observations..

    like the past 3 years in BWC.. hey, now any of teams in Anaheim have chance to dance.. makes it exciting.. And sometimes getting beat At Home in front of sellout crowd, is what Ganot and team needed.. even though Fleming and Valdes not healthy. those two, just ANY two.. of the ones who can score for team, and D up rebound.. so vital. that is why I have been harping on that from day one of Ganot era.. UH thinks they are 9 man deep DI talent. the depth is very very thin.. Bobbitt, Fleming out, trouble, Janks off or in foul trouble. hard for team to score inside and have that rebounder when Janks on the pine. the jawing back and forth between Rod and Janks.. well emotional game.. I though that was Pau from last season. ? Still Quincy , Clyde I agree, 3 different coaches.. And the guy will graduate in a few months, he can hit 70 percent freethrows. he can have good career in Euro Pro basketball,.. that was a GA get. ..Quincy, NOW is MVP of team, real warrior. all out. from his soph year till senior great captain, and the LEADER..

  18. Hmmm. Everyone being so positive. Oh well. Sorry but, Eran said it himself so…EXPOSED! I think what was exposed a bit was Ganot’s youth as a coach tonight, maybe not having quite enough control over this group. First of all, I think if they handle this it will be a good thing in the long run. But I left the game with a very bad taste in my mouth. Any team can come out flat on any given night. If the shots aren’t falling, the calls aren’t going your way, the balls aren’t bouncing in your favor, it’s out of your control. What you can always control, however, is your attitude and your effort. Tonight, Bobbit got on Janks case after a bad play and he wouldn’t let up. He chastised him, yelling him off the court in front of 9000 fans…his own teammate! Janks was so mad that during the next timeout, he started in on Bobbit and the two start jawing it out at the bench in front of everyone…but the coach in unaware and/or does nothing. But it’s hard to miss and the other coaches know about it. Meanwhile, Valdes clearly has words with Ganot and is benched as well. Then, Bobbit at one point is so frustrated with Sai (I cannot blame him) that he calls to the bench for Mike Thomas to come into the game and Mike gets up and starts to check in, and Eran is like, wait what? And he grabs Mike’s arm and sends him back to the bench and shakes his head at Bobbit like…I’m the coach, you’re not the coach. So then he stubbornly keeps Sai in the game longer than he should, argh, just to make his point I swear! And finally, at the end of the game, when we’re down by only 3 but things go south…our guys just quit. They literally stopped playing. I mean yeah, it was over, but they could have held the ball or something but they just stopped and stood there and let that A-hole Faus shoot 3-point shots to run the score up! I was stunned. So Ganot quickly put all the scrubs in just to get those guys off the court. Did they show how Faus taunted and did a little dance to the crowd in disrespect? I have no respect for him. Ok…back to our team. Ganot needs to bring down the hammer and get a grip on these attitudes and be the boss not just off the court but on the court.

    Quincy Smith is a class act always. The guy plays with heart, 100 percent all the time. He is a team guy more than anyone. He is not the most athletic or physically gifted, but he out hustles everyone and he has the best attitude because he doesn’t think he’s the star.

  19. Nick Faust reminded me of NWC out there. Though Faust was playing more natural 2 and 3 spot.. great rebounder for a wing…
    Nick shooting near 40 percent from 3 line. and last year NWC was shooting at 40 percent.. oh, imagine if had NWC this year. tons of firepower, with NWC playing 2 or 3.. spot..

  20. Oh, while I was writing my post others were writing about the same stuff. But you all make it sound positive while I’m just bitching. I’m a woman. Women bitch. Argh.

  21. KellyO :

    You all talking about this Year Team 2015-16 OR last year team 2014-15.
    You are at the game, and I am sure hundred if not thousands saw what was happening.. sure Ganot will handle.. however such a Rookie and young coach hand picked.. I think he got out managed and out coached, as well as lost control of team, and their emotions. Funny, I though Matlin and Eran had that under control , the control and Administration of discipline with Team? Well that is NOT good.. the better get that old Riley Wallace discipline Soon. the guys not run team.. it is the coach. and they have to respect that.. or else. team will start to crumble.. I hope not. last shot at NCAA for awhile. we want them to dance.. still can. have to Grow up Warriors. and Ganot too.. coach and manage better if you have to.. that is why they pay you as HC !

    Go KellyO, keep it going ! For Betterment of Coach and Student Athletes who read these posts. sheesh, we were trying to be soft on team, however as Always YOU just tell it LIKE IT IS !

  22. Hey, remember when i said everyone needed to shut the hell up about Irvine?

    Yeah, this is why. All you fans couldnt stop hyping up an undefeated matchup with Irvine, and the team bought it. As soon as i heard the players talking about Irvine in the video here, I had a terrible feeling. We clearly got caught looking ahead, there was no effort from our best players tonight.

    Irvine got caught too.

    The players read these sites. Stop hyping up games down the road. It DOES affect the players, even if you think you’re just a lowly fan. Everyone collectively ignored Long Beach leading up to this, and the team showed that they did too.

  23. Lol, Nick Faust isn’t a great rebounder. Everyone looks good when no one blocks you out.

  24. What a game last night. We couldn’t pull it off as a team from jump street. The only way you WIN a game is if the TEAM wants to WIN. I looked and watched every player last night. If you have your POINT GUARD on the court playing 40 minutes which to me I believe that’s the entire game. That’s the COACH on the floor. The team did not listen to the POINT Guard last night. I thought your POINT guard controls his team. Valdez wasn’t a 100%, Flemmings got hurt, Jenks had Foul Trouble, Thomas had a GREAT game, Smith had a good game and Bobbitt had a good game as well. What happened to our free throws? When you have your POINT Guard calling plays dishing the basketball to his team members and waiting for the ball to be return back to the top of the key. Your team has to have the ability to know that if the shot is not there then kick it back out to your COACH on the floor. I didn’t see much of that at all. I’m not going to say that I wasn’t disappointed of our loss last night. But! I know UH could have played much better than they did. Bobbitt is the key to his TEAM. We loose our first game conference game. So be it. We move on and get ready for our next couple of games on the road. Bobbitt needs to keep his team together and everything else will fall into place. We have UH fans from all over the world tuning in. We had a sell out crowd last night that believes in their TEAM.

    At the END of the day TEAM WORK make the DREAM WORK!

    Let’s GO BOWS!!!!!!

  25. Great Crowd — I guess they See Something (too)
    Next Chance Gotta Be Ready
    Show ‘Em

    This/ The Next Game is the Most Important
    LEARN, Make Your Team Peace
    Reset Composure
    Get Back to doing the Right Things

    Really THIRD Slip…
    ALL Three Losses Were Winnable
    Bounced Back Well from First Two
    Hopefully Got Enough Gumption to Start Another Win Streak

    Winnable Game
    Just Like The Next
    Hope Injuries Get Better Fast
    Next Man Up
    Whole Team Up
    Go ‘Bows!

  26. I know that I’m late to the game here, but I think KelleyO’s post is on the money regarding all of the bickering I saw between players at the game. I’ve attended most of the home games, and you could see that it’s been kind of building. It is absolutely great to be a competitor and a leader – sometimes you have to get in teammate’s faces and call guys out to lead effectively. BUT, you have to know when to let up on a guy. We all saw that the fourth foul on Janks was a not-so-smart move on his part. Bobbitt said his piece initially, which was probably appropriate as a team leader, but then needed to let it go and play the game and not carry it over. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player wave a guy in off of the bench like I did Saturday night. Lebron James might be able to pull that off, but not a college point guard. That has to get straightened out. It’s embarrassing and shows up both the coach and Sai who, like it or not, has to be in our already short rotation. The last thing we want/need is for guys to start mentally and emotionally checking out because they think a couple of their teammates are jerks.

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