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Warriors aim to prove road worth

The last time the University of Hawai’i basketball team departed for a road trip, it was not even Thanksgiving Day. The entire holiday season has come and gone since then, and the Warriors celebrated often during a stretch of 10 home games that produced a 9-1 record.

The next road test has finally arrived, and the Warriors departed for Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon. They will play Big West Conference game at UC Riverside on Thursday, January 14, and at Cal State Fullerton on Saturday, January 16.


Hawai’i is 13-2 overall – the program’s best start since the 2001-02 NCAA Tournament team – and 2-0 in the conference. UC Riverside is 9-9 and 0-2; Fullerton is 8-7 and 1-1.

Aaron Valdes, the Warriors’ leading scorer, departed with the team on Tuesday, but his status for Thursday remains in doubt due to a toe injury.

With or without him, the Warriors will have to prove their worth on the road after compiling a 13-1 record in the Stan Sheriff Center so far this season. Their only previous road trip was a single game that resulted in an 82-74 loss at Texas Tech on November 28.

“Your margin for error is smaller (on the road),” head coach Eran Ganot said. “We have to travel well, which I think is a big piece of it. We do have the one road experience obviously with Texas Tech who has proven out to be a very good team, and we knew that when we played them … it’s going to be difficult because it always is on the road.”

Sophomore guard Isaac Fleming said he is aware that critical eyes will be watching the Warriors on this road trip.

“A lot of people are unsure about us when we leave Hawai’i and go on the road,” he said. “This game on the road will be a lot of pride for us and just to make a statement that we can win on the road.”

After the first week of Big West games, three teams emerged unbeaten at 2-0: Hawai’i, Long Beach State and UC Irvine. At least one of those teams will take a loss this week, because UC Irvine plays at Long Beach State on Thursday.

Thursday, January 14, 5:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Where: SRC Arena, Riverside, Calif.
TV: None
Internet video streaming: Live on www.espn3.com
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM
Internet audio: Live on www.espn1420am.com
Live stats: www.hawaiiathletics.com

Thursday’s Big West Games
UC Santa Barbara at Cal Poly
Hawai’i at UC Riverside, 5:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
CSUN at UC Davis
UC Irvine at Long Beach State

Saturday’s Big West Games
UC Irvine at UC Santa Barbara
Hawai’i at Cal State Fullerton, 4:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Long Beach State at Cal Poly
UC Riverside at CSUN


  1. Sweep..anything less
    Grt 2 !!

  2. Playing (Potentially) without Bobbitt and Valdés would be A Challenge…

    WIN TWO Any Way…

    GO ‘Bows!

  3. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  4. Fleming’s ready to play. It’s gonna be interesting to see how he handles the added pressure on the road. Will he stay in control like he has or go for the Gusto?

    Can’t wait for the Game to begin.
    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  5. McInnis reporting Bobbitt didn’t make trip yesterday due to “academic eligibility” for spring semester. Sources tell SA that it’s possible if he makes up coursework he could join the team in California.

  6. …how can he not do his homework on time?!#*^%????….come’on Rod.

  7. (Similar…)

    GOT TO Make Up the Work TODAY, IF NOT Already Done Yesterday

    Don’t Even Bother Sleeping til it’s Done — Can Sleep on the Plane

    Get It, Rod!

    Go ‘Bows!

  8. Classes only started yesterday so this old stuff from last semester. Where were the academic helpers for all of December? So much for the emphasis we have heard about academics. Come on coach!!

  9. Even with the coaches and academic advisers supposedly assisting, looks like it’s up to the student to do the work.

  10. No Bobbitt!?! Holy ….!!! I think everybody here know that Bobbitt is the main man for this team. If he don’t play and Aaron don’t play I hate to say but really good chance we lose a lot more games.

    Am I wrong or didn’t the semester end before the Diamond Head Classic? Why they didn’t use some of that time off to make up the work. Sheesh he could of easily sat out the Mississippi Valley and Howard games and we still win that.

    Let me guess, the academic advisors and other UH administrators to check up on this were on “holiday” for that time. Shaking my head.

  11. Chuck, good questions. Finals ended Dec. 18. Grades came out from about Dec. 23. DHC started Dec. 22.

  12. Defense, taking care of the ball and rebounding important per the coach, but sorry to say taking care of academics is important too.

  13. No one (here) really knows what happened to cause Bobbitt’s situation. Until more is known and/or the problem resolved, I caution against throwing out random, emotional thoughts. Let it play out.

    Meanwhile, next man up. The once-solid eight-player rotation is now six, so that means more PT for Drammeh and, probably, Filipovich.

  14. Thank goodness we’re going up against Fullerton and Riverside, teams we can comfortably beat with help from our 5-0 guys.

    Best of luck to Bobbitt in getting his academic work taken care of. Just submit your homework!

  15. He did sit out the game on Dec.12 vs HPU and a practice ? but it was for something else, i presume.

  16. TAVS, I not as sure about that as you for winning against Fullerton and Riverside. Lets not forget this is road games and even the bottom teams like Fullerton and Riverside not that weak to just win automatic for UH. As I said before, if UH dont have Bobbitt and Valdes, the smart betting money going be on Fullerton and Riverside.

  17. UH 8 pt favorite over Riverside, Cal Poly 2 over UCSB, Long Beach St. 2.5 over Irvine, if i read correctly.

  18. Bobbitt and Valdes out = good news for RiversideFanzOnly1?

    At least Niko might get a chance to finally play, recruited by the great Gib.

  19. IM – From ‘The Challengers’ Perspective

    [I am of course Presuming WE Are The REAL DEAL
    These TWO Road Games with up to Two Key Men Down ‘Might’ Cement That…)

    Next TWO WEEKS…

    IRVINE -3 @ Long Beach St
    -2 @ UC Santa Barbara

    LONG BEACH -4 @ Cal Poly
    -4 @ UCSB

    UCSB -2 @ Cal Poly

    Cal Poly: FAVORED Next SEVEN Games including Three Road Games
    Then One-Point Underdogs when HAWAI’I Shows Up…..

    ALL Teams Except Cal-Poly and Hawai’i could have TWO Losses by Next Week’s End…

    Dependent On THESE ROAD TESTS…
    Hawai’i Favored ALL BWC Games Except -1 @ IRVINE (2/20)…

    IF They CONTINUE to Perform….

  20. eagle, mahalo for all the information/input you provide. That’s unbelievable that UH is an 8 point road favorite this week! And that they’re favored to win all remaining conference games, with the exception at Irvine. I don’t think the numbers are off but it will help if AV can come back healthy and Bobbit can take care of business (academically).

    A road sweep this week would be a tall task for a valdes + bobbit-less warrior squad. we’ll drop to 6 or 7 deep and everyone’s play would need to be on-point. the margin of error would be slim. Fleming would have some big but fillable shoes to fill. Thomas and Janks would need to stay out of foul trouble. Jovanovic would have to step up as well. And from what I’ve seen, I have trust in Drammeh to play a bigger role. Filipovich can give us quality minutes. I have faith, I believe! Let’s go BOWS!

  21. Missouri banned from post-season this year, self-imposed. Other schools also banned per Andy Katz, including Pacific of the WCC.
    Glancing at Missouri case, seems more violations, but a lesser fine and other things than the UH sanctions, but they went through a faster “Summary Disposition” process and they cooperated with the NCAA. I don’t see show-cause order for any former coaches.


  22. The NCAA can still increase the penalties against Missouri.

  23. Down two guys? Better play foul free, the first half especially. Rather, try to get the line ourselves, free points while the clocks not running.
    Drammeh can draw some charges, but you’ve got to worry about him a little. Pretty tough after all. Don’t want to give away all our secrets so we’ve got to play solid, not turn the ball over, and at the same time push the ball up the court. No offensive charges though. Keep the fouls under control. Keep the ball under control. Get the bench in early to insure the starters, about eight of them, finish strong. Go Bows!

  24. uhf….I wouldn’t describe Ganot as “desperate” to get these 2 wins. I believe he will play with what he has available. The situation is what it is and he will coach the team to the best of his abilities. Period.

  25. I asked this before and nobody answer so I will ask again and that is did something happen to Brock Stepteau? He is the guard who came off the bench and saved the team in first exhibition against Chaminade. Did he get hurt after that? It is like he is not even being mentioned as a good sub anymore. Coach put him in Chaminade game before Sheriff and Niko and talked him up like he was going to be key sub this year so I wonder what happened from now to then.

  26. Maybe during practices, he wasn’t hitting the shots like earlier and some others have more range on defense, just speculating.

  27. Brian M theorizing that one starting lineup could be Quincy, Fleming, Sheriff, Mike and Janks.

  28. Guys, calm down.

    Let’s just be perfectly blunt here. Stepteau is tiny, and doesnt really do anything well enough to warrant being used as a sob in most situations.

  29. ^^^ Lmfao at “being used as a sob in most situations.”

    I know Chaminade is D2 but Stepteau shot a bunch of 3 balls in that game. I just figured he might help in emergency like this if two starters down and seems odd to me how he went from first guard SUB off the bench to last guard SUB off the bench. Then again, maybe he is a sob and thats why he not playing.

  30. He was one of the first subs off the bench because it’s an exhibition game. He was never going to compete with Niko, Fleming and Drammeh for PT.

  31. can Nido shoot the ball consistently? I’d have Smith and Fleming running the o. From what I seen on tv he just passes the ball around the horn and the o is stalled. Smith and Fleming will penetrate, that’s what you need to create.

    The last game told all the opponent left Smith alone on the perimeter sagging in the middle or something as Smith was open on many of those occassions but declined to shoot it from beyond the arc.

  32. islandman, if that turns out to be true for our new starting lineup, lord help us. Why would coach start Sheriff in front of Tummala? I would think the senior Tummala would be best option in this emergency and not freshman Sheriff. JMO.

    I would even try surprise Riverside by start both Stefs together. This way, Janks can take Aaron spot in the 4 out and Jova can be the 1 in. More scoring opportunity for Janks to make up for Valdes and Bobbitt.

  33. I think Tummala should get the start, too. Not sure about a Stef-Stef lineup. In the games in which both were on the floor at the same time, the offense looked stagnant or the chemistry just wasn’t there. Besides, probably best to save Jovanovich to spell Thomas or Janks, particular if either gets in foul trouble.

  34. Clyde, Benjy Taylor used both Janks and Jovanovic at the same time and they were great defending together.

  35. TAVS: I was referring to games this season when the two were on the floor. It was so ineffective I don’t think many people noticed. But, seeing as how the team could be missing two starters, you work with what you have so maybe we’ll see both Stefs on the floor at the same time.

  36. Sai before Sheriff I hope. Both Janks have played simultaneously but have to worry about fouls, but that’s an issue period, for everyone, especially Isaac. The question is, do we back off some on D to keep out of foul trouble? Or do we play our game and hope for the best? Our D creates our offense; big west officials so inconsistent so hard to know how they will call game, but their tendency in first two games was to let teams play first half and then call a much tighter game second half. I say we go for it.

    Go bows! If Bobbitt has indeed not taken care of business in the classroom, I’m super disappointed in the young man and it’s a poor leadership example as a senior. However, we don’t know for sure and I don’t know his side of the story (don’t always believe the teachers with attitudes about athletes and I definitely don’t trust Amanda Patterson).

  37. Brian_McInnis 12m12 minutes ago

    #HawaiiMBB blog entry updated: Per sources, Roderick Bobbitt has been cleared and will fly up to rejoin the team http://hawaiiwarriorworld.com/court-sense/next-men-up/

  38. Islandman,

    You and I saw the McInnis tweet at the same time! LOL I posted on the OTHER board like 10 seconds before you did!

  39. Bobbitt is back everyone relax.

  40. ESPN just posted that the Hawaii / Fullerton game for Saturday will NOW be televised on ESPN3 at 3:30 p.m.!

    I love it! Two ESPN-televised games on the road for Hawaii in the same week!

  41. Good news! If only I had the winning powerball ticket I could buy the team their own plane!

  42. Well, that was a whirlwind 12 hours. Great news. Welcome back Bobbitt; now you need to work yourself back into the good graces of the team.

    Kelley: If you won the powerball, you could sponsor this blog in perpetuity.

  43. Well…Dayton, Valerie, Wes and staff…hope best for MBB moving forward.
    Just want things be fair and right.
    Will let voice be known still. Once UH alumnus, and donor, fan
    Always one. Kelly O.
    Carry the mantle. Cheer on team, and be honest. No shame.
    Thanks warriors, get that ncaa crown. Pono UH..

  44. I don’t recall even seeing Stepteau on the bench.

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