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Superheroes, autographs and quality basketball this Saturday

Saturday night, a seven-game winning streak, a chance to stay in first place in the conference.

That would seem to be enough incentive for fans to get to the Stan Sheriff Center to watch the University of Hawai’i basketball team host UC Davis in a Big West Conference game on Saturday night.

The Warriors are 15-2 overall and 4-0 in the Big West. The last Hawai’i teams to have better starts were the legendary “Fabulous Five” teams of 1970-71 (started 16-2) and 1971-72 (completed the regular season 24-2).


UC Davis, which won the Big West regular-season title last year, is 6-10 and 1-2. The Aggies will host UC Riverside on Thursday night before making the trip to Honolulu on Friday.

Hawai’i needs a win on Saturday to keep pace with UC Irvine, which routed Cal State Fullerton, 72-59 on Wednesday, to improve to 5-0 in the conference.

If quality basketball is not enough, there are other reasons for fans to attend. First, the team will be available for a free autograph session in the arena after the game.

Second, theme nights are back and Saturday is “Superhero Night.” Fans are encouraged to dress up as superheroes. The UH student judged to have the best superhero costume will win a hoverboard.

For what it’s worth, there are 12 NCAA Division I teams, including Hawai’i, with two losses or fewer as of Wednesday night. The Warriors’ average attendance per home game is 6,112. Only two of the other 12 teams with two losses or fewer have lower attendance averages: Saint Mary’s and Arkansas-Little Rock.

Saturday, January 23, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center
Tickets: Lower Level – $26 all available seats; Upper Level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens (ages 65-older), $5 for students (ages 4-18). Military members are eligible for 50 percent discount on adult tickets. Parking is $6.
TV: Live on OCSports (channels 16 and 1016)
Internet video: Live streaming on bigwest.tv
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM
Internet audio: Live on espn1420am.com
Live stats: hawaiiathletics.com
Promotions: Free autograph session with the UH team, approximately 15 minutes after the game ends. Hawaiian Airlines will distribute 200 foam shaka hands, and award 30,000 HawaiianMiles during a halftime promotion.
Theme night: “Superhero Night” – all fans can wear superhero costumes; the UH student with the best costume will win a hoverboard.


  1. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  2. ripcurrent, mahalos for finding the interview with Ganot yesterday. Where did you get the transcript from? I ask it because I am wondering if past interviews are available to look at.

    For everybody who says Booby talks to much, you can see it right there in the ripcurrent post. Some parts look like he is interviewing himself!

  3. ChuckCheese: I typed up the Ganot interview myself and also wish they were available online somewhere.

    What it’s interesting about Curran is his inside access to the team when they’re on the road. Here’s what he said in an interview with Brian McInnis on Monday:

    Curran: You know one of the things that’s kind of fun to observe, being the only person that’s not of the program that gets to be with the team during the regular season on the road, is the invitation into the inner sanctum. I’m going in to watch the film sessions, getting access to the scouting reports, and finding out how Hawaii is going to approach each game. And I thought they did just a spectacular job of matching up the pre-game prep with the actual performance at Riverside, especially with how they defended Taylor Johns. They really rendered him a non-factor in that game.

    – And then later –

    Curran: …One of things about preparing for Taylor Johns, they recognized what he’s like, which shoulder he goes over, etc. And they also recognize that he’s not strong with handling the ball at all, so the collapsing on him and forcing all of those turnovers I thought was terrific. I think this group is proving to be pretty adept at taking the coaches’ game plan, their approach, and implementing it on the floor. That’s a good sign, especially on the road.

    So getting that kind of insight is really interesting. I’ve always thought Ganot was a very analytical guy, and it sounds like this trickles down to their scouting and game planning. The fact that the players buy into this and work hard to implement the strategies the coaches come up with is very encouraging.

    With Davis coming up this weekend, it would be really interesting to learn how they plan to stop Josh Fox.

  4. Wow, I did not know you did that all by yourself. Thanks for the awesome work! You must be one super fast typer to type all those words from Boobby!

  5. Wow, again. Much Mahalo ripcurrent.

    … didn’t I see someone in the video have Jovanovic sign a check ?

  6. In conference play coaches that have the ability to strategize and neutralize opposing teams are more likely the team that wins the close ones. If Ganot proves to be as good a coache in the recruiting department he’s going to take this program to new heights.

  7. If Ganot and his staff bring the same level of analysis to recruiting that they do to their scout and game planning, I think they’ll be successful. But the sanctions will be a big hurdle that they’ll have to surmount. It’s too bad they couldn’t have started off with a clean slate.

  8. Tweet from Brian Mcinnis Benji Taylor hired


  9. Akuhead,

    Jovanovic signed a game ticket.

  10. Very happy for Benjy Taylor getting hired by Southeast Missouri State.
    Impressive resume to help that team. Head coach Rick Bay first Afro-American in
    their history. Never knew Benjy member of a Coaches of America association for black coaches.
    Mahalo Benjy! Thanks for helping mentor warrior great team!

  11. Benjy what great aloha for Hawaii.. Will not doubt …I wonder..connection to UH
    Future games with?

  12. Sorry SE Missouri St. Head coach Rick Ray..
    Glad for BT, GA and BA.. All doing well.!
    Happy for them!!

  13. game ticket. got it. just watchin’ out for our guys.

    Go Bows !

  14. Good for Benjy but let’s keep to the topic. Superhero night should draw a big spirited crowd.

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