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Help pick a name for road videos

2015-2016 UH Men's Basketball Media Day at the Stan Sheriff Center, Honolulu, HI on October 19 2015. Photo: Brandon Flores.

Stefan Jankovic did a little bit of everything for the University of Hawai’i basketball team during its two-game road trip last week. The 6-foot-11 junior had 36 points, six rebounds, three blocked shots, shot 11 for 19 from the field (57.9 percent), 4 for 7 from 3-point range (57.1 percent), and a perfect 10 for 10 on free throws.

He also found time to get behind the camera and conduct some behind-the-scenes interviews with teammates. Included in the video above are clips with Isaac Fleming, Sai Tummala, Sheriff Drammeh, Dyrbe Enos, Niko Filipovich, and a few others.

There are more clips from last week’s road trip that will be posted later.

For now, Jankovic would like some help from fans in naming these road videos. He has agreed to do similar duties on future road trips as well, and apparently is recruiting Tummala to assist.

If you have a suggestion, post it in the Comments below.

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The Warriors play again on Saturday, January 23, when they host UC Davis.

All the other Big West teams are in action earlier this week, including UC Davis hosting UC Riverside on Thursday.

UC Irvine, which is tied with Hawai’i atop the Big West standings at 4-0, will host Cal State Fullerton on Wednesday.

This week’s Big West schedule …

Long Beach State at UC Santa Barbara
Cal State Fullerton at UC Irvine

Cal Poly at CSUN
UC Riverside at UC Davis

Cal Poly at Cal State Fullerton
CSUN at UC Santa Barbara
Long Beach State at UC Riverside
UC Davis at Hawai’i, 7:00 p.m.


  1. Janks Three Ball Productions

  2. Shakycam Productions

  3. Very cute. I’m not ready to offer a name yet but he does need to learn to center the camera in such a way that it’s actually on people’s faces, lol!

  4. Potpourri Productions

  5. Bigshot Productions

  6. Road Warrior Productions

  7. DGUY Basketball Productions (aka Don’t Give Up Your Basketball Productions)

  8. Maybe some b-ball/travel wordplay?

    ~ The Crossover Crew

    ~ Wingspan Productions

    Or a familial theme?

    ~ F.O.E. Films

    ~ Hardwood ‘Ohana

    Thanks to all involved for bringing back this delightful feature!

  9. hmmm,

    Jank InSai

    Jankovic InSide

  10. It’s like the blair witch project. Motion Sickness productions.

  11. Big Guys Productions

    Serb-Indy Films

    Thanks Janks Why Sai Productions

  12. Duga Sainika Productions

  13. In-Sai with Janks!

    short cut, for like:

    Insider-Sai with Janks!

  14. That article written by Gary Parrish on Hawaii seems to have been retracted. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I wonder why? Another article by Doug Gotlieb says that people assume that the big schools are automatically good. Well he says Duke lost 3 straight and who did they beat? Indiana? Just goes to show that the so called basketball analysts are no better than the average Joe when it comes to ranking teams. Fact is this year just about any team can beat any team. You just gotta believe you can do it and not have the fear factor defeat you. Because if you say you can’t swim, you can’t swim even in one foot of water. This year makes a lot of the analysts look pretty dumb.

  15. It is a little hard to follow in the video, but did Sai say that he has to do a med school interview in Nebraska this week and will come back on day of the game? It is around 3:20 mark. If that is true, what is his status for game? We really need Valdes back if Sai might be missing. At least Sai has great excuse for missing practice! Coach says hey where were you? He can just say oh, on a trip to try and become a doctor.

  16. Big Stage Productions

  17. Bobby Curran Interviews Coach Ganot (1/19/2006)


    Curran: Joining us now is Rainbow Warrior Head Coach Eran Ganot, courtesy of the CarQuest Hotline. Hey, Coach, how are ya?

    Ganot: Good, Bobby, how are you doing?

    Curran: I have to tell this story. This is part of traveling with the team. I find this to be typically true, but always with basketball. Whatever seat on the bus you have, when you get on the bus and you take a seat, that’s always your seat. Every trip, every coach, every player, sits in exactly the same seat. I don’t know if it’s superstition so much, I don’t know if it’s a comfort zone, it just seems to work out that way.

    Ganot: It’s like clockwork, isn’t it?

    Curran: It is! I get on the bus, I’m almost the last one on, this is after I put the equipment on the bus, and I get on, you guys are already on, and the coaches are in their seats. This is after the wonderful overtime win against Fullerton, and I say, man, that was fun. And then, in unison, you and Adam both say, for WHO? Which I thought was terrific because I got the point that for a coach that was a pretty stressful way to get a win. But, obviously, it’s way better than the alternative.

    Ganot: It’s not healthy at times. By the way, I think you sit in the same seat as well.

    Curran: I do! I’m not throwing stones, I’m a part of it! I’m just as guilty as anybody.

    Ganot: I love it.

    Curran: It’s amusing.

    Ganot: It’s always the same with every team I’ve been on. But I’m pumped about our guys and the work that they’ve done to get to this point. Obviously, we need to keep it going. I know we’re entertaining at times, but it can be a little different when you’re sitting on the sidelines as a staff.

    Curran: Well, that one, I thought you guys made a lot of plays but there were some things that obviously didn’t go the way that you’d like and it’s funny because sometimes it will be a player you’re not really expecting. You guys do a terrific job I think with the scouting report and your approach with how you’re going to defend people. How you’re going to defend a particular guy with ball screens or side screens. Or what’s going to happen when the ball gets into the post. I mean nothing gets really left to chance except that sometimes guys do things that they’re not supposed to do! I mean a guy that’s not a 3-point shooter suddenly nails one. It’s just basketball, sometimes things happen. Sometimes people get out of what they’ve done thus far, and you guys found yourselves down a little bit late in that game and I thought, wow. Fouling Kennedy Esume was, you know, this is a 46%, 47% free throw shooter, I’m not sure how much by design that was but it was genius, as it turned out, because he kind of gave you a chance. He only makes one of two and it sets you up at the end of regulation to have a shot to put that into overtime. And Jankovich takes the first pass over half court, and he shoots it, and it’s good, and they don’t score in the remaining 7.9 seconds. And to overtime we go where you dominated.

    Ganot: Right, as you said, preparation is a big part of it, and the guys do a really nice job of executing. Sometimes there are two forms of adjustment. Sometimes what we’re doing isn’t working. I thought we did a good job in the second half against their zone. And sometimes it’s not really an adjustment, it’s just you’re not doing the things you’re supposed to do. So it goes both ways. I’m just proud of the guys. I mean at the end of the game we’re down 4 with about 20 seconds left or so, and you just have to give yourselves a chance. There are a lot of big plays that led to that. I know we had a good look at a 3. But Sai Tummala got an offensive rebound and got to the line. I mean if that didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have been in that position. And if he didn’t hit both free throws. We obviously fouled the guy we want to foul and, fortunately, he misses one of those. And at the end Rod made a great decision on the play we wanted to get a 3. And we took it early so we’d have a chance at an offensive rebound. Fortunately, Janks stepped up and executed and converted and we were able to finish it out in overtime. There are a lot of things that have to go well there and credit our guys for making the plays, and more than anything, giving themselves a chance.

    Curran: It’s been a point of emphasis to try and improve the free throw shooting but never has it come so completely to fruition as going 12 for 12 down the stretch.

    Ganot: Yeah, 12 for 12 in overtime, I don’t know if you’re going to see that very often. But we really had a stretch there to finish regulation, like I said with Sai’s free throws and Bobbitt’s free throws. I mean when you’re in a game like that, it comes down to things like that. We’re gaining confidence there because free throws are so important and especially with the way the game is being officiated and especially with the way we came out of the gate to start the season. So I’m really proud of the guys for the extra effort they put in and they deserve it.

    Curran: It puts you in a nice position. You guys are now 15-2 and 4-0 in conference. And, actually, considering the injury to Valdes that he’s trying to recover from, the schedule sets up nicely with consecutive home games on Saturday here. I’m guessing that this will give you some options if Valdes is not cleared. It may be something you can survive for a couple of weeks.

    Ganot: Right, well, you can control what you can control. One is Valdes, and I’ve always said his spirits have been good. I mean you can see his emotions on the sideline. He’s doing everything he can in terms of his rehab, and I know it’s moving in the right direction. And, in the meantime, you’ve heard a lot from our guys about next man up. And it’s really next man up, and every man up, because it’s a combination of guys now like Niko and Sheriff, who are making an impact off of the bench for us, and the guys who consistently get minutes, performing at an even higher level. So I’m just proud of the team coming together. And the reality is we’ve dealt with adversity – and a lot of teams do during a long journey – and we’ll continue to have some, but I’m proud of the way they’re attacking that.

    Curran: You mentioned both Nicky Filipovich and Sheriff Drammeh. They are two guys who have played with a level of confidence. With Drammeh it’s growing. With Filipovich, he’s always had a little element of that. But those guys are getting more and more time and that’s minutes they maybe wouldn’t have had if Valdes was healthy. So I guess you can make a point that, if you can continue to win with the lineup you currently have, minus Valdes, it would have a very good effect going forward because these guys are a little more game tested.

    Ganot: Even before Aaron’s situation you’ve heard me talk about the fact that we probably need one or two of those guys to emerge. So to get thrown into the fire a little bit and to perform – and these are conference games, two of which have been on the road. Like you said, the biggest thing is that this gives them a chance to help, plus, what it usually gives anybody is the belief, and that chip on their shoulder, that they’re good and that they can help us. And they have. And now you have the confidence from having successful reps. So we’re looking forward to, hopefully soon, being whole again with AV. But the guys are doing a nice job in the meantime.

    Curran: I imagine this will be a level of concern because I was talking to the analyst from ESPN3, and I was asking him, because he’s had a couple of Irvine games, about what he thought. And he said I hope you’re going to tell Coach Ganot that they’re going to see 40 minutes of 2-3 zone. I guarantee it. That’s all they’ll play. They’ll play 40 minutes of 2-3 zone. And if Hawaii plays zone offense like they did in the first half, that will be a 20 point loss. And I thought this is interesting as it comes from an analyst. I take those things with a little grain of salt, but I think he had a point. What did you call it, playing catch? I would just say the ball’s going constantly around the perimeter in the first half of that game and, clearly, that would be a death knell against a team like Irvine.

    Ganot: Or any team. I say for the most part that not many teams are very good when they’re not aggressive. And it certainly applies to us. Man or zone, we’ve got to be inside out, we’ve got to move the ball, and we’ve got to be aggressive. We’re not very good when we’re on our heels. I think I’ve been hearing that since day one about the amount of zone we’ll see because of some of the deficiencies we may have in terms of shooting the ball. There are many ways of attacking a zone, and we have made improvements. But I would totally agree, in the first half we were stagnant. We were playing catch. A lot of teams run a soft press, which we do at times as well just to use clock. And it gets you out of sorts so that when you get over half court you’re not aggressive, and the reality is that was the adjustment. In the second half we shot over 50% from the field, we shot 50% from the 3 point line, and it was a direct result of us being more aggressive. It’s been rapid fire with games over the last month. So it’s a huge break for us in terms of not playing until Saturday and being able to clean things up and look at that zone. The reality is at the end of the day we have to execute against man and zone, and we have to be aggressive.

    Curran: You know it’s funny because some teams zone you because they think your perimeter shooting is suspect. I think Irvine zones people a lot of times because of their deficiencies. Mamadou Ndiaye is not mobile getting out and they want to keep him inside so he can get rebounds. And even when they bring in that 7’2″ Greek kid. He also doesn’t get out on people very well. So it makes sense in a lot of ways that they play 2-3 zone. So I think for a variety of reasons, I suspect the analysis on that one is exactly right.

    Ganot: Right, and more and more teams zone with the new rules, even in our league. Obviously, Irvine has been zoning and we’ve played them the last couple of years while I was at St. Mary’s, and we’ve seen film on them this year. Obviously, they want you to shoot over them and they want to funnel you into their 7’6″ shot blocker. They are the best defensive team in our league right now in terms of percentages. We’re right behind them, but obviously they pose some unique threats when you have a good zone with a 7’6″ guy in the middle. So we’ll have to be ready for that versus any zone. In the meantime, our focus is on us and Davis.

    Curran: That’s the sort of the one possession at a time, not just the one game at a time, philosophy that has served you guys well so far. Give us a quick thumbnail, Eran if you would, on UC Davis and what challenges they’ll present.

    Ganot: Obviously, they won our league last year and they’ve done a nice job. Their first three games in the league have been tough. They won their home game the other night on a buzzer beater, and they lost two tough games on the road. They’re always well coached. Coach Les does a great job. Josh Fox has been a handful for teams. He’s kind of their highlighted guy, and he’s more of a blue-collar, gritty, tough, inside attack player. And they surround him, similar to like last year, with some really good shooting. So I think we’ll see some zone with them. They play a lot of zone. A lot of teams in this league, actually, will mix up their zone coverages. We’re going to have our hands full. They are the second best rebounding team in our league and they’re very physical. So we’re looking forward to the challenge. Like I said, it’s a big week, for one, because every week is different depending on your situation. For us, it’s getting healed up and refreshed and, again, taking advantage of the most days in between games that we’ve had in a while, and cleaning things up and getting ready for a good Davis team.

    Curran: I know that this is not something that you obsess over but, obviously, you’d love to see a big crowd in the Stan Sheriff Center on Saturday. I do think that gets your team kind of pumped up and I think it’s nerve racking for other teams to come in here when the joint’s pretty full.

    Ganot: I think it’s one of the best venues, as people say, in the Big West and, even in the West, and, potentially, nationally. We all collectively need to take pride in continuing to move the needle in that direction. It’s such a great venue and such a great facility. And our fans are awesome. They’ve been really good lately, especially with what’s been going on. They’ve come together to support these guys. Like I said the product’s been good, it’s been entertaining for the fans, and sometimes a little nerve racking for this coaching staff. But I think the challenge right now for all our fans is to see if we can get our biggest crowd of the year and continue to build off of that. Because a lot of opposing players and coaches have a lot of respect for what this place has been and could be. I think it would be awesome if we could get an unbelievable turnout this Saturday.

    Curran: Well, it’s a story that cuts both ways because you’ve had teams when you’ve gone on the road, and you’re playing teams when it’s their only game of the week. And that was certainly true for Fullerton. And now you get a chance to play just one game a week and have a real opportunity to prepare for Davis, and the following week for Long Beach State. But I would remind fans that once you get to conference play, there are a limited number of opportunities to see this team at the Stan Sheriff Center, so take advantage. Get your tickets, you can do it online. Go to Hawaiiathletics.com. Come on down and be part of it because I don’t know how many people have said this to me but I’m sure you hear it, too: Man, this team is fun to watch. And I think it’s entirely true. They have a certain level of grit. They’re talented and they play hard. They’re fun to watch.

    Ganot: They deserve a great crowd and I know they appreciate it. I know we appreciate it. It’s exciting to see and it’s just like you said, it’s an extra edge you give your players when they come out on to the floor and see that and feel that, especially in that venue. It’s such a special place. Let’s see if we can pack it.

    Curran: Eran, good job, thanks much.

    Ganot: Thanks, Bobby.

    [Interview Ends]


    I’m just a season ticket holder hoping for a big crowd on Saturday as the atmosphere in the arena can be ELECTRIC when it’s near or at capacity. And I really think this team deserves the support. They don’t lay down for anyone.


  18. what a comedian! I like Pocho’s idea “In-Sai with Janks”


  20. Mahalo Ripcurrent!

    Great transcribing! You always contribute good stuff to the forum, not just opinion but good information! Keep it up!

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