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Fleming named Big West Player of the Week


Isaac Fleming did his part in the University of Hawai’i basketball team’s “next man up” philosophy, and he was rewarded with the Big West Conference Player of the Week Award on Monday.

Fleming, a 6-foot-4 sophomore, had a total of 38 points, six rebounds and six assists to help lead the Warriors to road victories at UC Riverside and Cal State Fullerton. He shot 47.8 percent from the field (11 for 23), 38.4 percent from 3-point range (5 for 13) and 73.3 percent on free throws (11 for 15).

Most notable, he scored a career-high 23 points while also playing a career-high 41 minutes in the Warriors’ 86-79 overtime win at Cal State Fullerton.

Fleming, who is normally the first player off the bench, started both road games last week in place of injured starter Aaron Valdes. In the three games since Valdes got injured, Fleming is averaging 20.0 points per game.

Here is the official announcement from the Big West Conference:

Sophomore Isaac Fleming (Wilmington, Del./Massanutten (Va.) Military Academy), the Big West Men’s Basketball Player of the Week, utilized a career-high scoring effort to help Hawai‘i pick up a pair of conference road wins to stay atop the standings alongside UC Irvine.

Fleming posted his career-best 23 points against Cal State Fullerton to impact an 86-79 overtime victory on Saturday, raising UH to 15-2 overall and 4-0 in the Big West.

The 6-3 guard registered 14 of the 23 points in the second half, including all four of his three-pointers, as UH went on to win in its first overtime contest of 2015-16. Fleming hit all five free throw attempts against the Titans, and added two rebounds, five assists and a steal.

The win gave UH its first-ever 4-0 start in Big West play since joining the league for the 2012-13 season.

Fleming also impacted Thursday’s 80-71 win at UC Riverside. He scored 15 points on 4-of-8 shooting, and chipped in four rebounds, an assist and a steal. Fleming helped stave a second half Highlander comeback with a dunk and a pair of free throws.

For the week, he averaged 19.0 points while shooting 47.8 percent (11-of-23) from the field.

Others nominated: Brian Bennett (Cal Poly); Kendall Smith (CSUN); Siler Schneider (UC Davis); Mamadou Ndiaye (UC Irvine); Jaylen Bland (UC Riverside); Gabe Vincent (UC Santa Barbara)

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Two conference road wins were apparently were not enough for the University of Hawai’i basketball team to impress the national pollsters.

Despite increasing its win streak to seven and its overall record to 15-2 with wins at UC Riverside and Cal State Fullerton, Hawai’i actually lost points in both the latest Associated Press Top 25 Poll and the USA Today Coaches Poll.

The Warriors received three points in the “Others receiving votes” category of this week’s AP Top 25; last week, the Warriors received four points in the AP Poll.

In the USA Today Coaches Poll, the Warriors were shut out this week after receiving one point last week.

CLICK HERE to view the Top 25 polls

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Meanwhile, the Warriors continue to climb the rankings in the rankings in the mid-major polls on various websites.

Hawai’i is No. 8 in the College Court Report Mid-Major Top 20 Power rankings, via www.collegecourtreport.com. The only teams ahead of UH in that poll are, in order: Dayton, Valparaiso, Arkansas-Little Rock, Gonzaga, Evansville, Saint Mary’s and Grand Canyon.

Hawai’i is No. 12 (up three spots) in this week’s Mid-Major Madness Power 15, via www.midmajormadness.com.

Hawai’i also moved up to a No. 12 seed in this week’s NCAA Tournament projection by “Bracketology with Joe Lunardi.” The Warriors were a No. 13 seed in previous weeks, but moved up one, and are projected to face No. 5 seed USC in this week’s projection.


  1. Is Isaac 6-3 or 6-4 ? Congrats to him and his family. Well-deserved.

  2. someone’s grin must be as long as the East to West Coast right now!

    Congrats! to the both of you, Isaac and Dad!

  3. Congratulations and well deserved honor. Stepped up his game in the absence of Valdes and notched a career high in points and minutes played.

  4. “Fleming messaged the Honolulu Star-Advertiser: ‘ I’m very happy to receive it but it’s just an accomplishment and it’s a long season and I’m ready to get back to business and continue to win in conference play and finally get into the top 25! ‘

    McInnis ‏@Brian_McInnis 1h1 hour ago

    2 of 65 AP voters had Z#HawaiiMBB this week: Fletcher Mackel of WDSU-TV New Orleans had UH at 24; Zac Boyer of The Washington Times had UH 25

  5. Congratulations, Isaac and Big Daddy!

    Individual Awards and Accolades have some of their Greatest Benefit
    As INDICATORS of TEAM Success…
    NO Great Performances, No WINS,
    NO WINS (That’s Multiiple Last Week)
    No Awards

    I’m Looking For ALL-Big West Awards Because I Think (Generally)
    it Means THE TEAM IS Reaching Higher Heights…

    This Translates Into
    More Fleming PT ==>
    More Smart Play
    More Wins…

    Keep Winnin’
    Keep Improvin’!
    Go ‘Bows!

  6. Fleming very deserving.

  7. Fleming was already playing 30 minutes a game prior to starting, i dont even know where this myth that he doesnt play started. It’s like people don’t actually watch the games.

  8. Pocho lmao (Opportunity )

  9. This mid major poll is a bunch of crock. Dayton and Gonzaga are definitely big time in college basketball.

    Congratulations to Isaac Fleming. Well deserved. Stay humble. Don’t get any more technicals. Just let your play do the talking. Continue your winning ways with the team and coaching staff.

  10. Congrats to Isaac! Keep humble and keep winning as a T-E-A-M and the rewards and NCAA tournament will follow!

  11. bigdaddy…

    We are very very proud of Isaac !.. We are very happy , he decided to stay this year, and Help UH MBB team get to NCAA dance.
    bigdaddy… I think THIS is the Year.. when UH has best shot to make it ! Thanks to you and your family for sharing Isaac agent Zero, Fleming with UH MBB !
    Mahalo ! He is one of the better guards , complete guard from O to D , to facilitating and taking big time shots.. .. I have ever seen over near 55 years watching UH BB !

  12. bigdaddy…

    . somehow, I get what you are saying..(wink: OPPORTUNITY.. give that Elite East Coast guard a chance, he will help UH win.. let him flow. let him control within team concept. Isaac is a Gamer) you have a lot of Basketball smarts.. maybe a good athlete on the court yourself, or have coached. Whatever you have implied, or hinted at, or just stated about team, coaching and the guards.. You were right ! Thanks.. how ever long the ride with Zero.. we appreciate your thoughts too.
    You have a gifted son, made tons of sacrifices, your family too,, way back east, to travel to Hawaii and make them contender for Dance and possibly finish in NCAA rankings final polls !

  13. Mid-Major TOP 25 Poll (Voted on By Mid-Major Coaches)

    Hawai’i Up to #13 (from #16 Last Week)
    Now ABOVE Irvine

    (We’ll KNOW for Sure After Head-to-Heads)
    And 1 behind BYU

    St. Mary’s Now Above Gonzaga And Wichita State
    “The System” Program/Teams (whatever Real Similarities) are Rising

    WITH The CREAM….

    Some ‘Talk’ (people at The Court) was that,
    That Last Technical may have been (likely was) a carry-over from Last Year’s Reputation -UN-Deserved…
    REF with Old Data / Memory….

  14. Nice honor and well-deserved for Fleming. As his dad says, he’s made the most of it when given the opportunity. In fact, he is averaging the third-most minutes played (25.8), trailing only Bobbitt (33.1) and Valdes (28.9).

    As far as opportunity goes, it’s also nice to see Drammeh and Filipovich get some meaningful playing minutes, too. They look very comfortable and confident playing with the 1s. It already has paid off, and will continue to do so during tough conference play.

  15. Derek, Dayton and Gonzaga are Mid Majors. It doesn’t matter how people PERCEIVE Them, they are in mid major conferences. anyone not in the P5 conferences is Mid Major, period, even if the A-10 often generates as many NCAA bids as P5 conferences.

  16. Nice…. see some former guys doing well..

    Isaac F. with Spanish euro team starter.
    Christian Standhardinger…German pro team.. starter
    Garrett Nevels… Spanish pro team.. starter
    Brandon Spearman.. German pro team.. starter..
    Way to go former Warriors/ Bows !

  17. Davis R. Latvian pro team.. starter

  18. xer21 if your comment about playing time is in regards to my post. I’m not saying that Isaac isn’t getting PT just pointing out that he played 41 minutes because it was needed in the absence of Valdes. As you pointed out he plays a lot even though he comes off the bench. 41 minutes is just a ton of minutes for anyone.

  19. PONO, no, it was in regards to eagle wondering if Fleming is going to earn more playing time. It’s like, he’s been putting in 30+ a lot recently even with Valdes in the game, any more and we’re going to risk him breaking down, like we are with Bobbitt. i mean what, is he supposed to play all 40 minutes every game?

    Not talking about you, but there’s people here acting like he’s stuck on the bench putting in 15 minutes or something.

  20. The pic on the big west site of #0 looks like it’s Magic Johnson to me.

  21. Xer21 I give credit were it’s do Ganot & staff is allowing Isaac to use his skill set within his system before 20mins was like 5mins when being yanked. (Trust is earned not a given )

  22. I think the Big West player of the week players are nominated by the player’s coach.

    The story mentioned Wilmington, Del./Massanutten (Va.) Military Academy – See more at: http://www.bigwest.org//story.asp?story_id=18840#sthash.B7u3MsCI.dpuf

  23. Bigdaddy, i agree. Early in the season, Fleming did not play nearly as much and he was a little inconsistent. Since the Texas Tech game though, He’s seen a big boost in playing time, and the reality is is that Quicny Smith is a starter in name only (and even then i think Ganot is purposely using Fleming off the bench to really throw a heavy punch after the initial blow. His offensive and defensive energy is a HUGE change of pace from most most people usually see from the first man off the bench, and i think it’s a good use of his his speed, when most people are used to the subs being merely a breather for the starters.).

    He’s clearly earned Ganot’s trust and paid back the investment two fold. Even before Valdes went down, Fleming was the one closing games out, and even though people like to criticize some of his shots early in the shot clock, I think Ganot’s bench demeanor shows that he trust him to take shots like that too, he trusts Fleming’s instincts. Fleming has bought into what Ganot is teaching, and his game has flourished, and Ganot has learned to trust Fleming to use his skill set, and the team has managed to weather many rough spots because of his play. It’s really a symbiotic relationship and I love what i’m seeing out there.

    When I see people here yearn for Isaac to get the praise from the coach and become a starter, I shake my head. Not because he is undeserving, but because people are clamoring for recognition when if you look around the league, the coaches very clearly are giving him his dues.

  24. Likewise, Jankovic and Valdes have made similar large strides as players under Ganot. I knew Ganot was a strategist, but so far i’m very impressed with how he’s worked with players individually to fully use their skill sets and with the resulting player growth i’ve seen so far, I’m very excited for the future of our younger guys.

  25. i’d like to put in a word for Quincy, for example in the Riverside game, 7 of 12 shooting, 58,3 %, 6 assists to 1 turnover, 5 rebounds, 1 block, leading scorer with 17 pts. Even Bobby C said he could be the player of the game.

    Also, his season Assist to TO ratio is 2.75 to 1. 44 assists to 16 turnovers. 29 steals, 3.7 rebounds per game. He made two FT’s in a row in the last game.

  26. Gary Parrish of CBS Sports trashing Hawaii for being picked over Baylor. All the more reason for Hawaii to make him eat crow. Reminds me of how some people trashed me for having the gall to mention Hawaii in top 25 before the season started.

  27. I’m just gonna say this cause it’s my opinion and nobody’s gonna agree with me and that’s fine, and I’s super happy with our record AND I’m actually quite happy with coach Ganot in MOST situations. But I honestly believe that, given the chance, Isaac would be a better point guard than Bobbitt. I think he has a better basketball IQ, he dishes the ball better, people will think I’m crazy on this but I think he has a cooler head (and given that leadership role would be even better), and ultimately, although Bobbitt shocked me with those two 30+ games I think Isaac is a better shooter. I think that Isaac and Q and Isaac and Valdes both play better together than Bobbitt. Maybe, if Isaac and company decide to stick around next year my view can be tested.

  28. It’s not that I don’t like Bobbitt. I love Bobbitt. I just think Isaac is that good. I really do.

  29. Ok Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q LEADS THE TEAM IN THE FIRST GAME! FLEMING LEAD THE TEAM IN THE SECOND GAME! JANK HIT THE SHOT TO GO TO OVERTIME! FREETHROWS WON THE GAME IN OVERTIME! Great game for FLEMING but stop pushing his button folks his showboating has hurt us in more then one game this season! The one game we should of won kept him off the court with a tech when we really could of use him! Beat the sooners and we are sitting in the top ten! THIS IS NOT AND1 MIXTAPE! There’s no I in TEAM!

  30. KO

    NOT Dis-Agreeing…
    Rod had (so far) THREE 30-point games,
    TWO Came against #1(Now) Oklahoma and
    SEC Auburn which just Beat Kentucky…

    BIG-TIME Players
    BOTH Players of The Week
    Nice Problem, Want More
    More Players and Talent than we have Available Minutes
    MAYBE That’s Why This Team Rarely (If Ever) Runs Out…
    Always Digging Deep for More…

    USE Best Five And Ten….

  31. Congrats Isaac! Hell of an accomplishment but well deserved nonetheless.

    I’m actually not surprised Hawaii didn’t climb the polls. So many good teams out there! Crazy to think a team can go on the road and win both and actually drop in the rankings, but that’s the nature of the beast, playing in a ‘lesser’ conference. Our strength of schedule is lacking and we don’t have any real signature wins yet. However, ever since we joined the big west I’ve gained a ton of respect to all the teams, top to bottom.

    Kelley, don’t forget, Bobbitt had 3 30+ point games in a 4 game span, and against top tier competition. Nothing against Fleming but he’s more of a shooting guard. He can seemingly score at will at times, but Bobbitt is still the maestro. He has the court vision, basketball IQ and can really get the team going. They both make the occasional mental errors but overall they’re 2 of the best guards Hawaii has had in years.

  32. Bloogers,Quincy,Rod and Valdés is his brothers away from the court they don’t care who shine because at the end we will recognize all 4 guards they bring a different diminsion to the game of basketball.

  33. Kelly0, per Ganot scholarships are yr to yr at UH that’s what I was told basically meaning performance based we gotta keep our options open.

  34. Ocean, we know Isaac was not the sole reason Hawaii went 2-0 on the road. He knows, as we all do, that both games we won by the better team. Isaac played a critical role in those wins (filing in off the bench for AV) and as such was recognized for it. Not many teams can lose their highest scorer to injury then go 2-0 on the road! I’ve been saying it from the start, this team is special. Guys step up each and every game to secure victory, and it’s almost never the same guy.

    So much credit is due to all players, top to bottom. But times like this when one of our own is recognized for their performance, we rejoice in the fact credit is given where it was due. Congrats again to Isaac on the award, and congrats to the team on the road sweep and maintaining their undefeated conference record! Let’s go BOWS!

  35. IsaacM, Its all about team I agree .

  36. Congrats ! it’s important to recognize that TEAM comes first, we cannot afford anymore unnecessary Technical Fouls if we want to make it into the NCAA tournament.. that means Fleming needs to watch the attitude. I agree with his recent tweet about all he was sayin is “and 1” however, it’s not what you say… it’s HOW you say it on the court. Sportsmanship is always important.

  37. I don’t forget about Bobbit’s amazing performances in Diamond classic against top quality teams. It was VERY special and I completely hope we see that Bobbitt again this season. I don’t really know what’s gotten into him, what’s going on with him. Things I don’t know for sure and maybe that’s the problem I’m seeing and feeling with him and Ibtotally agree about TEAM! I think Isaac has become a huge TEAM guy…he’s not the one who didn’t get stuff done recently and had to join TEAM late as TEAM captain and SENIOR LEADER so in all fairness, if people gonna rag on Isaac for technicals and not on Rod for that, ???. Steph got a T too this year and got a warning in this last game. I don’t disagree…I’m not happy with the T’s but I think the last one and even the one before that…it was nothing you could see with the naked eye or in the replay so it had to be something said and not very emotional or because you couldn’t “see it”…like someone said earlier it’s based on last year’s reputation which yes, is his fault, but is not entirely fair.

    Look, I love things as they are. I love winning. I want to win. The coach definitely knows better than me, I guess. Just blogging ’cause I’m excited about the team and want to talk about my thoughts and hate that I have to wait until Saturday to see them play again. And hey, may as well be honest about my thoughts with other people who are as passionate about these guys, even if you don’t agree, lol! Thanks for that. Go bows. Love you all.

  38. Congrats Fleming! Definitely deserves the honor. However, he couldn’t have done it without the help from his teammates. Janks 3 on assist from Bobbitt was clutch.

  39. Ganot’s decision to leave Bobbitt in game, despite four personal fouls, was also key.

  40. Tavs, agree. Janks was clutch on the three and into OT as well. He and Mike most improved, but gotta give Janks the edge.

  41. Note, “Stef” is Jovanovic and Janks is the other Stef, for short.

  42. Bigdaddy… Every scholarship in every sport is year to year at every school. Coaches don’t usually pull a scholarship from a player, though. Recruits just wouldn’t trust them. Maybe if the player was a walk on who was given a scholarship because there was an extra that year but was told not to expect it the next year. I can’t believe that Isaac’s scholarship would be in jeopardy.

  43. bigdaddy..

    I understand completely what you are saying.
    People on this forum, other blogs..do not realize sacrifice Isaac made, because
    Of love for team and Hawaii. Seeing guards high major P5 conference teams
    Easily, Isaac could play for and start for them. We are spoiled, got 6 very athletic
    Ballers , and are enjoying success. I know your family and whole team have to
    decide after this season..kept saying preseason..Hawaii fans enjoy the ride, ncaa or bust..
    Could be awhile till warriors return to dance..bigdaddy, appreciate your son and All the other
    families..go warriors! Whatever happens , happens!

  44. bigdaddy..

    .we know team read blogs/forums too
    Team , you guys are awesome!
    Also really intersting if Ganot recruits more point guards..we shall see
    Fans love warriors..they going finish lil ole caroline bro finish line..dance!!

  45. Congratulations Isaac! Great job! Also, kudos to bigdaddy… thanks for your contributions to this forum. Big Mahalo from Hawaii.

  46. Isaac Fleming reminds me of a left handed Reggie Carter..ability to change gears….the late great McDonald’s All American
    Averaged high 80 percent FT. Near 17 ppg, and 7 assists a game as UH starting point guard, or just guard in 1974-75 season..Carter drafted be Knicks and played a little while in NBA..all warrior guards are brothers , same family stuck together!

  47. Isaac Flemming reminds me of Isiah Thomas of the Pistons. Quick and able to cut through defenses with balance, deception, and grace. His dribble drive is very similar to Thomas’s. Maybe Jovanovich turns into our Laimbeer.

  48. Congratulations Isaac!

  49. servante, to be fair, Parrish did pick us to be the conference champs back in November, contrary to his colleagues


  50. Congrats to Isaac, I’m sure there are more POW honors to come!

    Isaac’s game continues to evolve and I’m excited to see how he plays the rest of this year. There’s no way UH wins that Fullerton game without Isaac hitting that sequence of 3’s in the 2nd half and Janks coming through to force overtime, then the whole team going perfect from the FT line in OT.

    One suggestion I would have is better shot clock awareness. Isaac excels at creating, he just needs to know when the shot clock is winding down so he knows it’s go time.

    If the team can take care of business against Davis this Saturday, I would disappointed if we don’t have their biggest home crowd of the season next week Saturday against LBSU.

    See you at the Stanley!!!

  51. I think the shotclock issues we’re having is largely due to carried over instincts. that is, the shorter clock sometimes catches us unawares. its been happening around the country too. players get used to the longer clock and i know some have a very real sense of that time in their heads.

  52. xer 21

    Interesting comment. If I might further add:

    I don’t like the reduced shot clock because teams will not come out of their zones. Plus it does not prepare you for the pro game. And from a fan standpoint it’s the most boring thing to watch. I hope that one day the NCAA will follow the lead of the NBA and call it an illegal defense. Along the lines of boring, I’d say women’s basketball should have a lower basket then the men’s similar to volleyball where the women’s net is 6 inches lower than the men’s. More like an 8 foot rim compared to 9 foot for the men. I’d love to watch women dunking the balls.

  53. Trent Schlom of espn on sports animals yesterday, when asked who impressed him on the UH team, he said Isaac and Janks. When asked about Roderick, he said that the opposing guards were shaking (in their sneakers) when Rod was guarding them.

    He said UH and Irvine look like the two top teams (so far), but he said that UH has to solve the Irvine zone defense or he sees Irvine winning the conference tournament. Luke Nelson and Alex Young are very good players, he said.

  54. The rim height is 10′ and an article said the NBA is thinking to raise the height to 11′. Don’t know if that is a true article but it is food for discussion for fans.

  55. Always been 10 feet rim for what ? over hundred years.. why change it?
    11 foot rim.. not nearly as many outside shots, or even contested layups will go in.. maybe make games in NBA.. lower scoring.. kind of dull..
    just an opinion.
    I think the gals.. they want to be Like Mike..if he shot and dunked on a ten foot rim.. they want to do the same.. If the gals are getting taller, 6’7″ to 6’9″ with 27″ verticals.. I think they can dunk..
    That is what makes gal BB different from Men BB.. unless you at local Public park with those 8 foot rims. then just about anyone can dunk.

  56. The artlcle claims the average height in Naismith time was 5′ 6″ but now the average for an NBA player is 6-7.
    Local lady All-Stars lost to Iowa Grannies 51-35.
    “The Granny League uses the rules of women’s basketball as played in the 1920s. The court is divided into three sections to minimize running. Only the forwards shoot. The game clock stops only for a timeout, a foul or a call of “Granny down!” when a player falls. “No running, no jumping, no contact,” Granny Basketball Executive Director Jane Suiter summarized.”


  57. We have three of the top point guards anywhere, and that makes opposing teams shake in their sneakers. They can’t cheat and can’t be coached out of taking them straight on. It’s scary.

    11′?; No.. Not until I am able to dunk on the 10′ rims.

  58. Looks like conference opponents have identified UH poison and try to shut down the lane (UCSB and Fullerton). That Fullerton zone was hot.

    Not sure, but I think Irvine runs a 2-3 as their default D? They ran it against The Beach.

  59. I used to be able to touch the net.
    A way to get Mamadou out of the game or his comfort zone, is to run quite a lot, but don’t know how long UH can run during a game.

  60. Irvine uses a base 2-3. When Mamadou is in, it’s the ONLY defensive alignment they CAN use. Mamadou’s feet arent quick enough for anything else.

  61. Janks will be a key factor.. do what Isaac Fotu did.. the corner jumpers.. and fake and drive. even Nevels with the floaters right over Mamadou were key.
    Still one of my all time favorite, Road wins for UH MBB team..
    well they said he could not X and O, however former coach GA. had a good game plan.. bring Fotu out to corners.. Nevels going right at Mamadou with his floaters,. and the winning short jumper.
    Plus.. we never realize how great a PG Shamburger was.. he helped UH secure that win.. send into OT too.. what a game ! UH vs Irvine, LBSU, UCSB on the road.. all the BWC games.. I think. if UH goes to sleep.. other coaches, are really great game planning.. variation of zone, matchup, man .. just get UH out of comfort zone.. and opponents have to hit shots.. to have shot at beating UH..BWC time great time !

  62. Unfanzonly1, Shamburger was not a “great” point guard. Yes, he did hit that lucky shot at Irvine to secure the win but statistically he was very inconsistent. Hawaii later lost to Irvine in Hawaii with Shamburger shooting 1 of 5 for 3 pointers. Do you think that’s great? I don’t think so. I think that Bobbitt is a way much better point guard.

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