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Who is James Daniel III?

The University of Hawai’i basketball team has a 10-2 record so far this season, and the last time a UH team started this well was more than a decade ago (2004-05 team also was 10-2 after 12 games).


If that’s not enough to get you to come out and watch the Warriors this Saturday, there’s this – the nation’s leading scorer is coming to the Stan Sheriff Center in Howard University guard James Daniel III.

It makes for an intriguing game within the game, as the Warriors have three very good defensive guards in Roderick Bobbitt, Quincy Smith and Isaac Fleming.

Howard has a 7-7 record, but the big question entering this game is not so much “Who is Howard?” but “Who is James Daniel III?”

Here is a breakdown:

* Daniel is a 5-foot-11, 165-pound guard from Hampton, Virgina (the same hometown as former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson). His jersey number is 11.

* He is averaging 29.0 points per game, which currently ranks first among all NCAA Division I players. Khalil Felder of Oakland is second at 26.8.

* He is what is commonly referred to as “a high-volume shooter,” and he leads the nation with 261 field goal attempts. He is 104 for 261 from the field this season, for a .398 percentage. On average, he takes one out of every three shots for the team. He had 36 field goal attempts in one game alone this season (although it was in double-overtime against Radford). For comparative purposes, the all-time UH record for field goal attempts in a game is 32, set by Gavin Smith in 1977.

* Daniel is virtually his team’s only consistent threat from 3-point range. He is 37 for 110 from beyond the arc (.336 percentage) this season. The rest of the Howard team is a combined 33 for 131 (.252) from 3-point range.

* Daniel’s most valuable weapon might be his ability to get fouled, as evidenced by his free-throw numbers. He leads all NCAA-I players in both free throws made (132) and free throws attempted (148). He has made more free throws than UH’s top three scorers combined – Aaron Valdes, Stefan Jankovic and Roderick Bobbitt have 121. What’s more, Daniel’s free throw percentage of .892 ranks in the top 25 nationally, and he is 59 for 61 from the line over his last six games.

* Daniel has scored 30 or more points in six games this season, including a season-high 39 against William & Mary. His season low is 19 points, against Central Michigan. No player in UH basketball history has recorded more than five 30-plus point games in a career, let alone in one season.

* He averaged 21.2 points per game as a freshman, and 16.7 per game as a sophomore, and has already scored more than 1,400 points in his collegiate career.

* He also ranks third in the nation with 3.0 steals per game, and actually leads his team in assists with 3.1 per game.

Saturday, January 2, 5:30 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center
Tickets: Lower Level – $26 for all seats; Upper Level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens (ages 65-older), $5 for students (4-18). Parking is $6.
TV: Live on OCSports (channels 16 or 1016)
Video webcast: Live on bigwest.tv
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM
Audio webcast: Live on espn1420am.com


  1. Very impressive numbers by this kid but he sounds like a one-man team. I think he will get his points no matter what because he take so many shots but I still say UH wins by at least 20.

  2. Brings to mind UH vs. Southwestern Louisiana around 1969-70. I think we saw Dwight Bo Lamar here who averaged 31.2 pts per game in his career, 1969 to 1973, and was an All-American in 1972 and 73. Led NCAA in scoring in 1972 (wikipedia). Later, SW Louisiana was handed the NCAA death penalty(cancelled seasons) in 1973-74 and 74-75 and had to erase their NCAA tournament appearances in 72 and 73.

  3. Marshall Rodger of Pan American coached by Abe Lemons, had great scorer in Roders, a 62″ rugged guard from east coast.. could finish and one, and shoot out to 25 feet. scorched UH at that time at Blaisdell, remember being at that game , for 45 points.. lot of tanting./ trash talkin. Reggie carter and Henry Hollingsworth could not stop him. Pan Am won going away.

    Bo Lamar.. from South western Louisiana

    William the Bird Averrtii from Pepperdine both ot their points shootin from 30 feet plus and hitting those shots pre 3 point line days.

    Should be a much more competitive game.. Daniel III takes near all the shots.. interestingly from their site? The team is deisigned around him.. so if he attempts near 40 in a game. and hit 20 of them. that could be a 50 or 70 point scoring game.. don’t know if they would win, the should be the underdogs at 7-7
    should be exciting.. YOU WANT UH TEAM and Ganot staff be tested.. a different kind of team with some bigs , athletes from east, Mideast and south.. who can ball !

    Go Bows!

  4. Howard Univ is located in Washington DC and they have to travel about 4,800 miles to Honolulu. Daniels looks kind of like a combination of Nevels and Summers.


  5. Who is James Daniel III? Next on UH’s chopping block.

  6. Howard’s wins have come against poor teams and they’ve lost to many mediocre teams. I have a feeling our Hawaii 5-0 guys will finish out the last few minutes of the game.

  7. Let’s put two of our best defensive experts on this kid and see what he is made of!

    And our three covered their four to see how flexible we are?

    Additional repertoire for future need.

  8. I will agree with TAVS and that is why I say the guy will get his points but UH will still win by 20. He might score 30 points but if 20 come late in the game against UH backups then who cares.

  9. Seems like a one man team…shut him down and it’s an easy win, right? A 39% clip is pretty decent for the large volume of shots he’s taken but it seems like the bulk of his scoring comes from free throws. So if the big men can stay out of foul trouble, just contest shots but don’t overdo it and we’ll be fine.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy goes off for 30+ but we still win in a rout. I’ve watched every game this year and this team is special. Last year’s team was pretty special too but Coach Ganot really knows his stuff. I expect him to take this team to places its never been. For now, just focus on Howard, getting the next win and preparing for conference play. The Big West will be very competitive this year. Let’s GO BOWS!!

  10. 89.2 FT Pct. for Daniel as noted by warrior insider. Bobbitt is at 81.8 %. Daniel has 40 assists and 58 TO’s, but 39 steals in 13 games.

  11. Why is the UH mens game first and the UH women second? I saw this being discussed on another site but didn’t really see an answer. Does anybody know why?

  12. This guy seems like the only player on the team. He’s a half decent shooter from the field at 40% and 34% from behind the arc with an effective shooting percentage of 47% which is not bad for a guy that shoots at his volume. Hopefully the rotation of Rod, Q and Isaac will shut him down.

  13. They lost their 6-10 center Boyd to injury who won’t be back until maybe Jan 6 and also another center 6-9 Ellison.

  14. 6-10 Boyd was averaging 9.4 rebounds and 8.5 pts. per game with 13 blocks in 11 games. Janks is averaging 6.2 rebounds and has 12 blocks in 11 games Stef has 17 blocks in 12 games.

  15. Taking a third of the teams shots with shooting % under 40 does not really indicate a great team unless they have so me 7footers to put back misses. I agree we should see our bench get some action again. That will light up SSC. Was nice to see all 14 players n last game.

  16. First thought: Pick his pocket.
    In any case, expand the rotation early.
    Could this be a breakout game for Niko ? Drammeh ?

  17. We had a team similar to Howard and most people remember the Gavin Smith led team. He could definitely shoot the ball but it was a matter of hot and cold. On nights he was hot he could put in any shot including off balance ones. But when he was cold it was like a woman shooting a pistol for the first time—no telling where it will end up. But even if Daniel has a decent game don’t think it will be enough to come out with the victory. Because one man don’t make a team. But should be interesting to see how many shots he will put up and how many made. Happy New Year all!

  18. Hey?
    Want instant motivaton for Howard University?

    Hey Bison, you all going to get buffaloed by Hawaii

    Fans here think you guys are so junk, not good at all..

    No need suit up, don’t bother getting off plane..

    You guys will lose by 70 at least

    150 to 80. UH wins!

  19. They beat Wm & Mary, RPI 46, 79-77, who beat NC State 85-68.

  20. Trap game?
    Why is Ganot not named Hugh Durham mid season mid major coach of year..yet?
    He should..
    And win end of year award too.

  21. Funny after all these years, never paid attention, though We all knew, LSU team played in Rainbow Classic final against Yale years ago?
    Pistol Peter Maravich averaging over 3 years varsity NCAA DI ball for LSU. over 40 ppg !
    AND the real interesting deal?

    Pete MARA-VICH.. or Mara-Vic.. yes Pete Maravich was of Serbian background descent out of Pennsylvania area..and east..

    No wonder, they say that Serbian basketball athletes are some of the Best in the World !
    And UH has had several,
    including this year, Filipovich, Jankovich, and Jovanovich.. of Jankovic, Filipovic and Jovanovic?
    Incredible Basketball players.. from Serbia.. Lithuania, and Montenegro..Latvia..

  22. All I can say is sounds like he gets buckets. Will need to score and defend…

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