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Warriors top Big West in current ESPN rankings

Say what you will about the schedule, the University of Hawai’i basketball team is currently the top rated team in the Big West Conference, according to the ESPN Basketball Power Index (BPI).

The BPI, which claims to be the most comprehensive rating system of all NCAA Division I teams, released its first rankings of the 2015-16 season this week.


Hawai’i, which is off to a 7-1 start, is rated No. 106 overall and first among the nine Big West teams.

The other Big West teams are, in order: Long Beach State (112), UC Irvine (118), Cal Poly (135), Cal State Fullerton (172), UC Davis (190), UC Santa Barbara (195), UC Riverside (221) and CSUN (284).

In addition to standard measurables such as won-loss record, strength of schedule, scoring margin, and game sites, the BPI also includes unique factors such as pace of game and de-weighting games for teams with key players missing.

According to the ESPN BPI, Hawai’i’s strength of schedule currently ranks No. 280 (out of 351). Among Big West teams, only UC Riverside has a weaker schedule (No. 337).

Based on the current BPI ratings, Texas Tech at No. 45 is the highest-rated opponent that the Warriors have played so far.

Hawai’i’s best performance so far this season is over Coastal Carolina, according to the BPI formula; the worst performance came in a win over Hawai’i Pacific.

Of course, all of this means nothing because the only determining factor for the Big West Conference championship is wins. It does, however, make for interesting conversation at this time of the year.

CLICK HERE to view the complete BPI list


  1. Here’s another poll, the Mid Major Top 25, Hawaii is ranked the equivalent of No. 30, Irvine is No. 18 and UNI No. 6.

    In Pomeroy ratings, UH is No. 99, the highest of the Big West teams, Irvine is No. 105, Cal Poly 118.

    Wahine ranked equivalent of No. 37 in Women’s Mid Major poll. Long Beach St. is No. 28.

  2. In hoopstalk tonight, i think Roy Williams said the game vs UH next year doesn’t have to count for them (in W-L record).

  3. Chance Kalaugher = Dave Cowens

  4. islandman, I did not catch the show. Any more info on that because it really changes a lot of things that I can think of. 1. Did UH find a loophole that can bring the big name teams here every year? 2. Does the game now mean less (a lot less actually) for North Carolina where they can rest some of the top players?

    I don’t know if this is good or bad and thats why I want to hear more info. I think good that UH can bring these teams here but now the other teams can say who cares and if UH pulls off the upset it will not count!

  5. No offense akuhead2 but I think you need to update your comparisons. And even for us old timers who remember Cowens the answer is no.

  6. Chuck… not sure what he meant by doesn’t have to count. Maybe not count against the total number of games allowed ? or i heard wrong maybe.

  7. islandman, that makes waaaaay more sense! The game does not count against the total number of games (aka “Hawaii Exemption”). The big teams don’t care about that anymore because got so many other better exempt tournaments for them.

    Thanks for getting me worked up for nothing. J/K, you are always a great source of information. With you and njacinto, servante and a few others it is nice to have some intelligent basketball conversations here.

  8. Here’s a new way to shoot a long shot,


  9. Try this shot if you think FT’s are hard.


  10. Per wsn post
    Olgun Uluc ‏@OlgunUluc 2h ago
    Australian 2016 SF Jack White (@5jackwhite) leaves for the US today, and will take official visits to Temple, Hawaii, and Boise State


  11. I didn’t hear the show but it sounds like a mistake to me, somehow. Wouldn’t think the NCAA would allow any team playing another D1 team to have that game not count. Dreaming. And if they have asay in it, we should also have a say. The plusses and minuses don’t really add up. And it never hurt Michael Jordan to have played in Hawaii. What’s the point.
    I think I was one who compared Sammis’ game to Barkley, (hmm), and didn’t want to compare Kalaugher to Sammis, for that reason. He has a different skill set. We should keep our eye on this guy, as he is distinguishing himself. We’ll see.

  12. Quincy’s brother, Kendall, just played his first game tonight for CSUN. They won @ Portland State and Kendall had 13 points coming off the bench. Still got some rust on him, but I expect him to be in the starting lineup by conference time…great addition to that struggling team.

    Well, the 2nd season begins Tuesday and all eyes across the nation will be watching. Historically, The Bowz do well in this this game and will have to improve on all of their weaknesses to get the job done. After all of these exams, I am sure they will be looking for bear. Great preparation for the BWC Tourney. Make Hawaii proud.


  13. How come Kendall only played one game so far ? I see Reggie Theus Jr. is on the roster but has no stats.

  14. I haven’t watched this Kalaugher play but I don’t need to. Remember guys, he only plays Hawaii competition therefore will only improve only so much until he plateaus. Just like iron sharpens iron, he will need tougher competition to strengthen and hone his skills to be at D1 level and unfortunately that won’t happen in Hawaii. He may be able to grow into a solid player once in college but looks like the JC route might be best for him.

    Think about this, when was the last time Hawaii produced a solid D1 basketball player? Low at Washington St? That was a while ago and a rare one at that.

  15. As far as Q’s brother Kendall, I read a lot of good things about him from the Big West basketball forum last season when he didn’t choose a transfer school yet. Obviously, UH was mentioned as a possibilty and I was kinda hopeful he would transfer here to play with big bro Q. Maybe he’s better at FT’s and could’ve gave his big bro some tips. Seriously though, I think it’s all in Q’s head, psychological, with missing FT’s. Also, regarding his stats on assist, rebounds, t.o. ration, that’s all good stuff be don’t forget he is a SHOOTING GUARD. The job is in the positions name. If ya can’t shoot the dang ball, practice your shot and come back off the bench until you can knock them down.

  16. Not too many come out of Hawaii. But we had a couple good ones in Julian Sensley and Alika Smith.

  17. …..and when The Next One emerges (now?)…EG Better Not miss…

    Riley often lamented Not Getting Low cost the Program (500 to 2,000 ?) fans,
    AND Shortened HIS Career…

  18. Servante, true, those guys were good Hawaii players but still, too few and far inbetween. Point is that most Hawaii players aren’t that good and won’t get any better unless parents and their kids care about basketball more from a young age like they do for football.

    Also, with the height issue, let’s be honest, unless the growth hormones in food make Hawaii kids taller all of a sudden, the majority of Hawaii players will be short. Can’t fix that but still can work on quickness, shooting, passing, all the necessities to be a good, albeit short, basketball player.

  19. eagle, was really bummed like everyone else when Low chose not to play for UH but your right, the few good talent that Hawaii does have, EG needs to jump on them fast and recruit hard.

    If this Kalaugher kid is as good as people on here say then EG should be looking at him already. Even if he is raw, EG could see if he would walk-on if a scholarship isn’t available.

  20. It is amazing to me that this state of Hawaii has build up so many awesome football prospects in the last 10 years but not a single one in basketball (mens).

  21. Akuhead2 and Kaneohe97 have you been watching the summer league?

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