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Warriors ‘anticipate’ Bobbitt to be ready for next game

Senior point guard Roderick Bobbitt is anticipated to be back in the lineup when the University of Hawai’i basketball team returns to action in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic on December 22.

“I anticipate all our guys will be good to go,” head coach Eran Ganot said in a report on KITV. “This is why it’s such a key time, because we’ve had a lot of these nagging deals for a lot of these guys.”


The bigger mystery is why last season’s national leader in steals missed the first game of his UH career last week when the Warriors beat Hawai’i Pacific. Bobbitt, who started all 35 games last season and the first seven games of this season, was not in uniform for that game, and it was described at the time as a “coach’s decision.”

“In protecting our student-athletes as we always do … he’s in a good place, he’s in a better place,” Ganot said in the report. “Some of the things, I’m going to protect him on the conversations we had. The encouraging thing is we’ve had good conversations, we’re working through that.”

Bobbitt, who set a UH record with 100 steals last season, is currently averaging 9.4 points, 6.6 assists, 4.9 rebounds and 2.4 steals per game this season. Without him in the lineup, the Warriors struggled at times in an 83-71 win over the NCAA Division II Sharks.

“It’s the same with any of our guys, just continue to work through the challenges together,” Ganot said. “There are going to some more moving forward, but we’re on the same page right now.”

Bobbitt is the second player to be sidelined for undisclosed reasons this season. Sophomore guard Isaac Fleming missed more than a week of practices during the preseason and sat out the team’s exhibition game.

Hawai’i is off to a 7-1 start, and will have 10 days between its last game against HPU and the next game against Northern Iowa on December 22. The extended break was scheduled so that the team could focus on final examinations for the Fall semester this week.


  1. I thought Eran said that this early spring.. April, when he met with the guys… they were work in progress.. good guys.. lot of athleticism.. finish strong in school.. be team, high character etc.. work through summer.. great fall, camp..
    Then.. hesitation, thought process with Flemming..? is he or isn’t he? stay , go.. with team, or individual?
    Now Bobbitt. work in progress.. IN A GOOD PLACE? what is that. .. Zen, Phil Jackson mantra?
    In A Good Place?
    Okay, for long time MBB fans. we saw reassignment of Red Rocha, after one down year.. to Parking overseer at UH.. actually fired.. through the years. ncaa first round.. madness.. and mess.
    then fast forward to end of Riley career. he FORCED retired. too early However written in his contract? sound familiar?
    Nash.. too late signed. could not get athletes to run Flex motion, 3 year deal out..
    Gib. well aloha. .and then Benjy.. who weathered the storm.. and moved on. or was moved on.. right? right?
    All those coaches over past 45 years had their drama, and coach/ player/ PT/ attitude issues.. some UH teams successful despite .. what going on.
    Now.. lawyer up. protect student/ athlete. He in a good Place? what.. ? Hawaii.. I guess so.

    Too much of this smoke an mirror game. . and you can see through the madness. the non transparency.. makes for weird melodrama.. haven’t we seen that last year? And Benjy and Bows won 22 games. almost made, man I wish he did, the NCAA dance..

    This Flemming/ Bobbitt thing.. they are in a GOOD place? what?
    Eran.. just recruit, some 3 and 4 star, great inner city, and southeast USA guys.. and the best international, bigs and smalls you can find.. all we care about is WINNING..
    That is a Good Place..
    king of, no Major irritating.. just play ball,.. enough of the sideshows..thought it stopped when Benjy not hired? right.. Wrong !

  2. Rocha was let go for some other reason than his record, apparently. Every roster will have some ups and downs, even if they are the coach’s recruits and most were not originally recruited by the current coach, although talented players.

  3. I think Bigdaddy wrote the other day that this was about the players attitude so make sense that Ganot would not want to say anything to embarrass the players. Ganot never stated what the reason was for Fleming absent and now he not saying why Bobbitt absent. At least he being consistent that way.

    We know that can not be a injury because when Janks was out they had no problems talking about his back.

    What evers it is must be minor if Bobbitt back at practice. I just hope and pray the coaches realize how important he is to this team and don’t make him “earn” his way back by staying at the end of the bench for the next game. Bobbitt need to start and play a lot of minutes for us to have any chance against Northern Iowa.

  4. JMHO: Buying in, working hard, building character and playing hard has to be the mantra.

    At the end of the day, the AD trusts his hire. Ganot is doing what is best for the TEAM.

    It’s up to the players, they have a CHOICE. They are on scholarship. To paraphrase, the late Steve Jobs said if you don’t have a passion for what you are doing. Then leave, find your passion and live it.
    If playing for the U of H is not your passion, then …..

    Other than that, buy in to your current situation and practice ALOHA.

  5. Rod had fatigue, per McInnis blog and it affected him in some practices. So all the more he shouldn’t play so many minutes like he played in the Rainbow Classic.

  6. ^^^ And that’s the reason why he didn’t play the HPU game? I find that hard to believe. Lets not forget about how Ganot was praising Bobbitt for being Warrior for playing all those minutes in Rainbow Classic and how he likes his point guards to be out there the whole game.

    If Bobbitt truly is fatigue after only seven games and one road trip, this team could be in big trouble. Like I said above, I don’t want to believe it.

  7. If you guys get a chance, check out WatchESPN and look for the UNI/New Mexico game from last week. You can stream it if you click on the MVC channel and look for that game.

    UNI is a solid team, very similar to Wichita St. in that they pass the ball well on the perimeter and they’re 2nd in he Missouri Valley Conference in 3 point shooting. They have a very good point guard name Wes Waspun who plays very similar to that Nevada point guard (Marqueze Coleman), who had 34 against Hawaii a few weeks ago. They play 4 guards (the tallest is actually a swing guy at 6-6) and 1 forward (who is 6-9)…

    The way New Mexico blew them out was by playing physical on offense, by attacking inside and by either kicking it out or getting fouled by UNI’s smaller players. On defense, New Mexico played a very tight match up zone that neutralized the interior passing of UNI, especially when UNI would try to attack by looking for that sharp inside pass to their 6-9 forward.

    Hawaii has their hands full, especially Rod Bobbitt… but I think Jankovic and Mike Thomas could have good games on offense. I’ll have a better scouting report next Monday.

  8. sorry about that. .. just wonder what is going on with team and guys..
    My wish for May, June or July / Aug 2016..?
    if possible, and they are on track..
    Sai.. get his graduate courses done, and move on to Med school..
    All get their degrees from UH.. bottom line..
    Sports is the dessert.. the eduation.. so expensive, even at UH for local resident students..
    The diploma, for those on full ride, or loan assistance.. Get your diplomas and move on.
    Go Bows !!

  9. Chance Kalaugher
    Kaiser basketball
    “The 6-foot-5 senior led the Cougars over three ILH powerhouse teams at the Moanalua OIA-ILH Challenge. He had 35 points and 10 rebounds in a 64-61 win over Kamehameha, 22 points in a 61-53 win over Saint Louis, and 23 points and 11 boards in a 74-73 overtime victory over Punahou. He is averaging 23 points per game and has knocked down 13 3-pointers in six games for the unbeaten Cougars.”
    (SA online12-16-15)

  10. Team planning a tour to Australia and maybe New Zealand in summer of 2016 or 17, per Brian M.

  11. Chance liking like a good defensive end for the football team

  12. njacinto, I like your assessment . I didn’t watch the New Mexico-UNI game but watched the 2nd half of UNI-Ohio St. the other day. I wasn’t impressed by what I saw from UNI although it was at Ohio st. and a snapshot of one game. If they are anything like Wichita st. then we should have a good chance at winning but it’ll be close. As long as Bobbitt plays solid minutes, Q hits some free throws and rest of team stays on point and focused.

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