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UPDATED: Warriors stuff Golden Lions, 75-47


Coming off its first loss of the season last week, the University of Hawai’i basketball team got defensive in a 75-47 victory over Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Wednesday.

The Warriors held an opponent below 50 points for the first time since 2009, and limited the Golden Lions to 30.3 percent shooting from the field.

An announced crowd of 5,182 at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the Warriors improve to 5-1, with all five victories coming at home. UAPB, which also lost to Hawai’i by 28 points last season, dropped to 2-6.

“You have to win games in a lot of different ways,” head coach Eran Ganot said. “Sometimes it might be the 3, sometimes it’s the rebounding. What’s been consistent for us, and what needs to be, is defensively and on the boards. You’re not always going to shoot the ball well. Sometimes you’ll take good shots and it won’t go in, but defense and rebounding should be staples.”

Stefan Jankovic led a balanced Hawai’i effort with 14 points and 12 rebounds. Isaac Fleming added 13 points, including 8-for-8 shooting from the free-throw line, and Sai Tummala contributed 12 points and five rebounds.

Mike Thomas scored nine points, but left the game in the first minute of the second half with an apparent back injury. Ganot said the injury did not appear to be serious.

Aaron Valdes contributed seven points, seven rebounds and five assists; Roderick Bobbitt had six points and four assists; Quincy Smith added five points, eight rebounds and three assists.

“From scouting them and watching film, a lot of teams were able to go inside,” Jankovic said of attacking UAPB’s zone defense. “They were weak inside, but we were too, to be honest. We should have, especially me, finished a lot more down low. But we stuck to the game plan and we did a good job, and the guards found us.”


UAPB actually had a 14-12 lead after the first nine minutes of the game, but Hawai’i responded with a 10-2 run to take a 22-14 lead it would not relinquish. The Warriors eventually took a 36-25 lead at intermission, with Thomas scoring all nine of his points in the first half.

The Golden Lions got as close as eight points early in the second half, but the Warriors went on a 13-5 surge to extend the lead to 50-34 with 11:30 remaining. It turned into a blowout in the final six minutes, and the Warrior reserves were able to finish the game.

Redshirt freshman Zach Buscher from ‘Iolani School scored the first points of his collegiate career, hitting a mid-range jumper for Hawai’i’s final points of the game.

Hawai’i shot 50 percent from the field overall, despite going just 1 for 11 from 3-point range. The only made 3-pointer came late in the second half from Fleming, as the shot clock expired.

“Let’s say we had an extra 20 minutes, everybody on our team’s 3s would have been dropping,” Fleming said. “It was just more so the competition of the game had to slow us up a little bit so we were setting and taking shots we normally wouldn’t take.”


Of the Warriors’ 26 made field goals, 19 came off assists. The Warriors also out-rebounded the Golden Lions, 47-31. There was also a huge difference at the free-throw line, as Hawai’i went 22 for 33 (66.7 percent) while UAPB went 2 for 4 (50 percent).

UAPB made 20 of 66 field goals overall, including 5 for 28 (17.9 percent) from 3-point range. Ghiavonni Robinson led the Golden Lions with 14 points on 6-for-21 shooting.

“The guards – Isaac, Rod, Aaron, Q – they really get into everyone and they make it tough for teams, especially when we do press,” Jankovic said. “It was a soft press and we really turned them over … (UAPB) struggled to score the ball at times.”

The last time a Hawai’i team held its opponent below 50 points was on November 13, 2009, in a 65-48 victory over Southern Utah. Ganot was an assistant coach for that team, under head coach Bob Nash.

Wednesday’s game was the first of 10 consecutive home games for the Warriors. The next game is scheduled for December 8 against NCAA Division II team Hawai’i-Hilo.

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(Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)

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  1. They said Quincy was on espn top 10 with his layup out of one of his shoes.

  2. Isaac for free-throw instructor, 8 for 8; long range shot from 3, amazing stop on a dime and wiping both shoes with no traveling

  3. UH RPI 48

  4. One comment about Jovanovich’s hook shot. Abdul Jabbar’s hook shot had a good arc to it. It went up, and came down, just like a regular shot is taught to be. It wasn’t that Jabbar was just tall. Jovanovich’s shot, week after week, is flat. It’s like a line drive at the hoop. It’s sometimes tough to change your shot in the middle of the season, but there are a couple of games against some foes where he might be able to try a proper ‘hook shot’ instead of the ‘hook line-drive’. It would certainly help when going up against the like of N’djaye. You would think you would have to get that ball ‘up’ in the air to get it over better big guys in the league. I would like to see him get a bit more arc to that shot in the next couple of games.

  5. I guess for the UH MBB, or just Basketball purist, UH looks good turning guys over..they did beat that zone, or tried to inside out, with only one 3 ball made.. However, LOOK at the competition.. poor Pine Bluff, they had decent scorers, they should have upset UH.. oh well, two more , not top competitive teams.. possible two local DII trap games.. if they get hot from 3.. and the DHC, Hawaii wins that. they will probably finish top 2 in the BWC. with a shot.. if not..

    from previous topic:
    kind of ugly win.. One road lost, to lower tier Big 12 team, Texas Tech, and a sloppy win against a low, really lower tier. NCAA team.. low mid major.. and now 2 home games against Two DII local schools.. Just cannot get excited.. kind of boring.
    sure, the nice passes, and team work, the steals. and runouts.. great. however UH has to hammer some teams down by 30 from tipoff till final buzzer.
    I guess a win is a win. probably will be 7-1 going into DHC>. then the real season begins. real competition.. and ONCE AGAIN at home.. we see if UH starting in mid January 2016 can win a bunch of BWC road games.. good test for BWC tournament

    AFTER 6 Games: Just personal assessment? Grade C+, because of the little under 60 percent FT shooting. so far. they have to have that top 9 guys shooting near 80 percent from FT line every game. plus, when going against better Zones and better teams.. have to knock down at least 7 or 8 three balls. JMO.

  6. I will take it as a good sign that people are calling this a ugly win and the team still win by 28. I predicted easy win and it was. Hilo game should be even easier and win by about 30 but HPU might be little bit tougher and win by about 20.

    Like I and others said before these are like scrimmages for this team and main thing is nobody get hurt. Good thing to see that the bench boys got lots of playing time but I really wish Ganot would let those guys run and gun in the last two minutes instead of stall ball. When the game is blowout and teams have their last string guys out there both coaches usually dont care if both teams start launching. That’s what some of the fans stay to the end for when games are like this. Even Artie and Kanoa were talking about on the TV about how they would be shooting as soon as they touch the ball.

  7. yes, these first 8 games, maybe they should not even count? like NBA preseason or MLB or NFL preseason games.
    You really look objectively at game, nice that they started to go inside, then out. .. Sai would post himself right at that free throw line extended. , the hole in the zone, guards/ wings get ball inside, or guards penetrate towards rim.. what happens? Sai is WIDE open for 15 foot jumper that he can hit.. that is a good way to beat zones. However. it was against Pine Bluff..I don’t know.. even Ferd chirping. need to have even a good mid major play Hawaii pre BWC season. to get better. kind of an illusion we are seeing… guys are good. very quick hands. steals.. share the ball.. however HOW good against Good teams, that top 40 rpi teams.. we shall see in DHC. and when UH hits the road.. however. BWC. curious.. IS THIS THE YEAR THEY DOMINATE.. even since Bob Nash was HC. we all were saying UH, with their athletes and some size should DOMINATE the league and win it EVERY year.. that is not reality.. BWC teams and coaches so Akamai, they know how to play in conference, that is how Poly got to the NCAA dance. they peaked in the BWC tournament. they knew how to do it. Hope Eran, he is good tactician and stats, guys. can Go All Riley Wallace on the guys. Hey, .. You all think You are that good Huhhh? well you ain’t beat nobody highly ranked, or similar superior talent , YET. I am waiting for UH to beat , really beat down Northern Iowa at home SSC. then , real weird this RPI thing., UH will probably be a top 20 rpi ranked team.

    okay, this SCRIMMAGE part of season almost over. the real talent, better coached, and higher quality teams coming to town, and BWC is a crap shoot, a new roll if you will ALL 9 teams can win the league. JMO..
    Go Bows.. and nice to see wins.. kind of pitiful to see , HOME GAME, rout of 300 rpi ranked teams. no wonder crowds are not too good..

  8. UH RPI updated, 54; Texas Tech, 11; UNI 72.

    Shoes came off of Q, Sai and Mike; under armour ?

  9. islandman: I guess March after the conference tournaments are pau, that is the real deal. very confusing how UH is at 54, above some of the P5 conferences? and Texas Tech at 11 after defeating UH at Lubboch.. RPI , crazy, remember one year, Riley had team in the low sixties RPI going into end of season.. with a 32 team NIT and the 64 NCAA field at that time, NO buy in to play Post season CBI or CIT tourneys.. Riley team, it might have been his last 20 win team.. had to go to NIT.. NO at large berth for NCAA.. even his 25 win team with Gaines, Houston led team runnerup in WAC.. they thought they had shot at NCAA at large, squeezing.. they were in the sixties, RPI.. teams below them got the at large, the WAC , NCAA were not going to take, 3 teams from old WAC into NCAA..

    bottom line.. Mr stats guy. thanks for your real time updates.. you must be connected , sort of bionic man.. to the internet, wireless., social media, and news apps..

    RPI.. if UH is standing at 28-1 going into BWC tournament. that would mean according to the formula now.. UH would have to be top 5 rpi. I am not joking, they would be, top 9 at least.
    All that matters.. even if they are 130 rpi.. win BWC regular and tournament championships.. they Dance.
    Go Bows.. you all right, same arguments.. and debates about schedule rpi. and the like.. no matter, Red , Frank, Larry, Bob, Gib, Benjy OR Eran coaching.
    all falls on the guys.. Go Bows..
    like to watch the find the open man concept. and the better half court execution. see how they do against good shooting, ball handling. and bigger rebounding defending teams, with active. BIG zone. chukking guys..

  10. … under armour !? Ha ! Yeah ! What about that ?
    Maybe that whole RPI thing is just set up to get advertisers – who don’t really look at the substance of the site. And people keep going there just trying to figure out what they are saying. Vicious circle. It seems pretty useless to me.
    My suggestion is for Jovanovich to insert that vicious circle into his hook shot and get that inside threat to be a real threat. Ball goes in a circle – over the opponent. He will need Coaches help and green light in games to get that going. He is half way there. Get that arc going !

  11. Shortest and distance between two points is a straight line, line drive shot by former player Rod Aldridge and hook by Stef.

  12. YES! The line drive shot by Ron Aldridge ! Held it over his head, arms straight up, a flick of the wrist, and it usually went in. Uncanny ! But that was his shot, and it usually went in. Line drive.

    But it was a regular shot facing the basket, when he was open. Jovanovich is attempting a hook. By definition, it should go up and over, like a rounded hook, not a spear. So he can shoot it over the defender and not really worry about timing it. Overwhelm the defender, any defender, with an unstoppable shot; opening unnecessary.

  13. Perhaps Jovanovich’s shot is more of a jump hook rather than sky hook, and that’s why there’s hardly any arc to it. Haven’t really paid attention to his hook shots, but, of course, they’re not as majestic-looking as Kareem’s. I think it’s just a lost art, replaced by the jump hook. It’s still a tough shot to defend when it’s coming from a guy who is 6-10.

  14. Melton Werts.?UH center 1972-1976
    6’9″ 230
    Good hook shot.
    Bill Walton.hook bank shot
    Think jump hook quicker to get off so not stripped
    Shaq always jump hook or dunk

  15. Wahine RPI is 213, therefore better to play some of Ferd’s “pastries” and win like UH men’s whose RPI is currently 54.

  16. Rpi doesn’t make sense…Texas Tech number 11?
    Too early put stock in ..UH plays in weak rpi conference
    UH gonna have tough go against Irvine, UCSB, Poly, LBSU, CSUN
    should be fun
    Last year neat … team written off ..knocks off Pitt, 2 out of 3 in Florida Gulf Coast classic with flemming benched for last 2 games..
    Wins over P5 teams Colorado, Nebraska, an should have beaten Wichita state if they boxed out..in DHC
    Think Hawaii would be 112 rpi? Nope more towards 200’s
    Rpi , nonsense poll
    Until end of season seeding
    Or bubble for higher seeding nit or ncaa

  17. RPI is totally wrong. UH schedule is soft as a loaf of bread. Hilo, HPU!!!! They are not helping themselves. Long Beach plays a tough early schedule. They beat Colorado State today. CSU got votes in the top 25.

  18. As Tony Selito said in the post game show, HPU and Hilo – playing UH – REALLY makes their season special. They really look forward to that meeting. There is always that chance the the unthinkable, (Chaminade Virginia), could happen, and so UH must be vigilant. But it is something nice to do with the local schools. It’s balance ! The good far outweighs the bad and ‘not interesteds’ and ‘whatevers’ all combined. It’s a good thing ! [Don’t worry about the RPI. Don’t think its an issue.]
    Go Bows !

  19. Magic’s hook – that’s A-LOT-OF-TOUCH there. It’s Magic after all. If Jovanovich has a shot at that he better be able to get off the ground better, at least. But again, I think he’s got the attributes and presence now to get some arc on that shot. He could work on it, now, a bit, before the next game.

  20. Random bit of info I just read: Nevels plays pro ball in Spain and is teammates with Marcel Mosley, a point guard who graduated in May from Arkansas – Pine Bluff.

  21. Also, Nevels is a starter and averages more than 20 points per game.

  22. TAVS: Mahalo, look to the past? sure, G Money, Garrett Nevels what he went through, actually part of 42 wins, though 20 were vacated by UH? wow..that guy after surgery on thumb.. could have been season ending played with cast, shot left handed floaters.. and almost, just gassed, helped UH get to NCAA dance.. many if only he had 2 PF types, that would have been with him last year, they would have made it for sure…
    Know wonder the Art Woolaway Inspirational Warrior/Rainbow Award, still one of my All Time favorite, JC transfers. total warrior.. AND he was this past summer NBA/ College pro/am summer LA league the Drew League most inspirational player !

    Go G Money.. the guy got hops, a shot.. and is great defender rebounder. learning to facilitate too, I bet. play some PG or combo.. he going make some money.. and Remember his plan? come back to UH in 10 or so years AND be the coach for UH MBB? I believe him, since he was 13 years old YouTube interview. the drive to be the best, capture his hoops dreams. .he is a winner, THIS team, misses Garrett Nevels the most.. when crunch time. he was the glue.. in that BWC tourney last year. hands down !

  23. see Pine Bluff has some athletes.. just playing 18 money making games on the road. ? wow.. they have to one day win their league and go to NCAA tournament..
    glad that a PG that went against G Money, they are playing pro ball together. great memories. and maybe they can win a championship together.
    loved those southern, south east, gulf coast, ballers.. the rural and inner city athletes.. they have skills, just have to shoot better, and take care of the ball.

  24. yes checked euro basketball, Garrett doing really well 20ppg AND what he does.. rebound! over 6 rebounds per game , and over 2 steals. shooting well from FG and 3 line.. has to improve on FT shooting though.. he will. just focus..
    good job G Money !
    His team at 6-1 so far !!

  25. i’m thinking in FT shooting in general, you have it or you don’t. Hope there are exceptions. Last year UH shot 68.6 % FT Pct, opponents 72.3 %. This year UH is at 60.9 %, opponents at 77.9.

    Wahine at 66.7 %, opponents at 73.3 %. Last year 66.9 %, opponents 68.9.

  26. Uhfanzonly1, also worth mentioning is that Mosley scored 18 points against UH last year.

  27. Uhfanzonly1, Pine Bluff made it to the NCAA tourney in 2010.

  28. I don’t get it why people here complaining about the RPI. We should be happy! If UH truly is 54 right now then that is a good thing. We all thought this was a weak schedule but maybe there is a loophole that nobody know about.

    I will hate to admit this but I was LMAO when islandman posted that UH Wahine RPI in the 200s and UH men 54. If something is wrong with the system, no need fix right now.

  29. Did Pine Bluff set some kind of record for air balls. From a basketball perspective, the whole came hard to watch. This was not progress any way you look at it. Hope we will get more focused and back on track before the Rainbow Classic. Look out for HPU, they can throw in the 3’s. Where has our 3 point shouting gone. Have we stopped working and setting up shots for them or is our shooting gone the way of our foul shooting stats. I really want to be more positive but this game was a real downer.

  30. TAVS:

    NO disrespect for Pine Bluff. they have those Basketball Bodies, the hops, they blocked UH bigs at the rim.. got rebound , could run, had trouble with the pressure somewhat from UH.. however they had 13 guys all similar ability and talent,.. Coach Ivory played all of them.. get UH and Pine Bluff on Neutral court.. who knows. Pine Bluff might beat Hawaii….those long lean, athletic, 6’6″-6’9″ talent,7 or 8 of them. nice to see, that is the next step for Eran, recruit a couple of 6’9″-7’0″ guys can battle the Mamadous, and that other 7’6″ guy from Florida college..
    There are what, 351 NCAA DI NCAA teams out there. a ton of talent. just have to have that talent playing together, and affecting winning. that is what makes NCAA basketball so great. an underdog, can give the favorite the fits. and possibly upset them on any given day.
    Pine Bluff, and Coach Ivory, 18 road games to pay the bills before conference play, wow. gotta do what you gotta do..what if UH had to play 20 road games, and 10 home games? wow.. tough out here.

  31. anderpops: Hey we cannot judge team, like they Automatic NCAA invitee and maybe sweet sixteen. that crazy RPI.. no way is UH rated in top 50, heard it is computer software generated.. like those las vegas odds on games machines, no human element.. BOTH the WBB and MBB teams. are reaching that point where.. THIS IS WHAT IT IS.. Eran and team plus Laura and Team, have to really kick the okoles of their teams.. I know LB does in practice, she is tough.. hope Eran. go All Riley Wallace over the guys.. get on their okoles and say Wake up.. We are NOT THAT GOOD.. and make sure team knows.. do not believe this RPI ranking early season hype..it does not mean a thing.

    What matters. BWC play and that BWC tournament championship.
    the FT shooting for Both teams really should be in high 70 to 80 percentage, from minute one till last minute of game.. And Eran saying ,well we can win by shooting ONE 3 pointer. sure against a team that has athletes. however that night, what if Pine Bluff hit 8 three pointers? Plus their disrupting UH, they were really bothering them in first half, Pine Bluff hit good percentage. UH would have lost. And LB WBB Wahine.. lost 3 or 4 in a row? I thought this was her best team, great guards, wings. and finally about 4 bigs who can play.

    back to drawing board.. don’t drink the Kool Aid.. and play best ball BWC time..
    Don’t believe, you guys and gals the hype, that extra 2000 in house for MBB or 800 in house extra for WBB.. wait until UH is playing complete game.. I don’t believe the coachspeak of Eran.. same ole same.. just tell it like it is. some guys coasting.. not in sync, FT shooting we don’t shoot well, we will not even qualify for BWC tournament.. any guy not on board to affect winning, execute, FT, 3 ball, and playing good basketball against not as good rpi teams.. should sit. heck Eran should start, Jakob, Dyrbe, Sheriff, Zach and Brocke for 5 minutes to start a game. just to get team attention.

    They, you can tell.. are starting to believe.. both MBB and WBB teams that they are top 20 NCAA BB teams.. they ARE not, not yet.. that is why only 4800 in the Stanley for MBB minus that extra 1500to 2000, and WBB 700-1200, will not reach 4000, people save their money.. FT shooting. and Eran, team is NOT an inside dominant team, perimeter, and have to hit the 3 pointer, and mid range,.

  32. go bows and wahine , they grind get better, they can win bwc, don’t get me wrong. last year, benjy and the bows.. were all 35 games they played .underdogs with UH admin and other BWC teams.. they proved them all wrong.. they were Warriors.. returnees. have to play.. like they are scrub team.. have to work really really hard.. if not.. they could , really, honestly finish .500 overall season. with BWC teams knowing, after the DII games , say UH at 7-1.. BWC teams have video, plus the DHC run.. on how to disrupt and beat UH.. UH still not deep talent wise at 5 spots, 2 deep, that is coachspeak, an illusion. maybe 8 deep.. 2 guys go down during a week or so during BWC.. like Gib, Riley, Bob, or Benjy, will cost them 3 or 5 losses. and chance for regular season title.. hope team is healthy\\\

    don’t worry I still cheer on the wbb and mbb teams
    go bows and wahine.
    however, even the novice bb fan can see a lot of weak areas..and the rpi.. wahine with that killer SOS, they in the 120’s, UH junk SOS, number 50 or so.. shibai.. don’t believe it. after BWC tourney where UH stands. then that helps with seeding if UH makes NIT or NCAA

  33. Here we go….benjy again? come on!

  34. still long……….multiple posts. lol.

  35. who cares… mbb winning
    ; )

  36. For those that grumbled about the difference in fouls called at Texas Tech, how does 33 FT attempts for UH to only 4 for Pine-Bluff sound. UH was called for only 8 fouls to 22 for Pine-Bluff.

  37. Fouls… Against TT we shot a lot from outside and thus, didn’t get fouled. Against APB, we took it inside and look what happens. Maybe a little home court advantage in each game but it had more to do with the style played by each team.

  38. I agree that UH “earned” its fouls because it elected to probe the interior while APB almost exclusively stood on the perimeter and hoisted shots … several with the clock shot running down were airballs.

    That being said, I thought the Warriors got away with a few reaching fouls. I was surprised, after watching how officials called the TT game, that this crew allowed more aggressive play on the perimeter and in the backcourt. I think it was Artie Wilson who said he liked it that way … let the players play, he remarked. They weren’t calling it, so Bobbitt, Q and Fleming kept at it.

  39. The fouls discrepancy bothers me just a little. I agree the difference was partly because of the style of play, however given that’s the case, I am thinking Coach Ganot should have addressed the style of play in the TT game such that we would have won the game. That and freethrows are on the plate. I won’t re-think it again but I am expecting that the style of play will be all that much better in future games. That’s on the coaches. The FT’s and that hook shot are on the players. And, not running out of tortilla chips is on me.
    Go Bows !

  40. This year, no cakewalk.. depends on how officiating calls UH fouls.. if crew, targeting them.. they, their perimeter guys, the guards, the strength of team, will be in early and often foul trouble.. Other teams. really similar talent, or little better, just have to go at UH hard.. sure they will get their , steals, however, like HPU and HILO coming up.. just bombs away, and made or missed baskets, go up and down. that is the way to beat Hawaii.
    I think Eran is smart enough. knows. DHC. and BWC will be tough. they are not going to go undefeated.. We can see UH.. still they think they are 2 deep at every position, they are not.. very thin, Janks, Thomas, Sai, Jovanovich, get into foul trouble.. Valdes. probably guy that can play with 4 fouls, so can Bobbitt. should be interesting. completely different dynamic this year.. I hope they can win enough to to Post Season .. if it is still there , that option for this year. that is still major concern, for me. ncaa thing. what the heck are they going to do. with Post Season Ban? or Gib and UH did nothing major, and just let UH off with wrist slap, reduced practice time, DOBA, stay away from practices. and 12 scholies instead of 13 for this year? weird.. I want to see how NCAA rulings play out. 808rock and Big Fan, I going be writing more when that comes out.. nahh.. will be self explanatory..

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