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UPDATED: Warriors hold off HPU, 83-71


In its final “live audition” before the upcoming and much-anticipated Diamond Head Classic, the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team was tested early but pulled away from and eventually held off visiting Hawai’i Pacific, 83-71, Saturday night.

A patient crowd of 2,649 at the Stan Sheriff Center watched Stefan Jankovic score a career-high 29 points — including 16 in the first half — and Isaac Fleming add 16 points, four assists and three steals. Aaron Valdes had 12 points, a career-high seven assists and five rebounds, Quincy Smith added 10 points and seven rebounds, and Mike Thomas contributed eight points and seven boards as the Rainbow Warriors improved to 7-1. HPU (4-3), which competes in NCAA Division II, was allowed to count the game as an exhibition only.

After beating its second DII opponent in five days (Hawai’i defeated UH-Hilo, 86-67, on Tuesday), the Rainbow Warriors are looking forward to their next matchup, a Dec. 22 game vs. Northern Iowa in the first round of the nationally-televised Diamond Head Classic.

“That’ll be showtime, ESPN-time,” said Jankovic, a 6-foot-11 senior center who transferred to UH from Missouri two years ago. “I think we have a chance to make some noise this year.”

Saturday night, it was HPU that tried to make some noise.

The Sharks actually led, 30-29, late in the first half and trailed 42-41 four minutes into the second half after Jordan Martin’s 3-pointer from the right corner. But the Rainbow Warriors responded with a 23-2 surge started by Valdes’ layup and capped by Jankovic’s baby left hook shot with 9:23 remaining to make it 64-43. HPU chipped away and later cut the lead to 75-65 on Chauncey Orr’s bank shot with 1:46 left, but could get no closer as Fleming answered with a layup 16 seconds later and reserve guard Niko Filipovich effectively sealed the victory with two free throws at the 1:05 mark to make it 79-66.


“I think I’m most encouraged by how we started the second half,” Hawai’i head oach Eran Ganot said. “Unfortunately, it took us about 20 minutes to finally play like what we’re about. That means to share on offense — good ball movement leads to good shots, and that’s always our goal. And on defense, that means putting some heat on the ball and getting good rotation. Were there with the rotation in the second half, and that’s when we got the separation in those 10 minutes.”

The Rainbow Warriors started the game leading 10-2, but Sharks guard Trevor Baker came off the bench to drain three quick-and-deep 3-pointers to put HPU ahead, 13-12, with 14:02 remaining in the first half. The teams then traded baskets for awhile and the Sharks went up, 30-29, on Martin’s putback with 3:28 left. Stefan Jovanovic answered with two free throws at the 2:40 mark to put UH back ahead at 31-30, but Colfax Nordquist sank a free throw for HPU with 1:23 remaining and the teams went into halftime tied at 31-31.

Baker had 10 of his team-high 15 points in the first half, and the Sharks were 5 of 15 (33 percent) from beyond the arc in the firs 20 minutes.

“Those were open shots, and he (Baker) started hitting them,” Fleming said. “We just had to keep our hand up and not let him get comfortable, because when he hit those first couple, he was comfortable. But he calmed down a lot after that.”

Jankovic said there was much discussion in the Rainbow Warriors’ locker room at halftime, mostly between the players.

“It was mostly between us — myself, Isaac, Q., …” Jankovic said. “We all showed leadership, we all knew we gotta play better. I’m proud of the guys, because we bounced back.”


Said Fleming: “We said we gotta get back to team basketball, and that’s what we did. And that’s how it opened up (in the second half).”

UH played the entire game without starting point guard Roderick Bobbitt, who was on the bench in street clothes due to a “coach’s’ decision.” It ended a streak of 42 consecutive games played – and started – by Bobbitt.

Ganot said, “I always expect Rod will be ready to go for us in the future.”

Jankovic added that the team adjusted well to Bobbitt’s absence.

“It just shows how deep we are,” Jankovic said. “When someone is not playing, someone else needs to step up and have a productive night.”

Ganot said building that depth was a concern before the season started, and will continue to be a focus over the next two weeks.

“I appreciate that we’re 7-1 at this point,” Ganot said. “There was a concern about depth, but when you have 15 guys, you have an opportunity to get 15 strong. That’s why practice is critical. We have a 10-day window now, and we need to really work on some things. How we take advantage of that window will determine our success as to how we move forward.”

Fleming said he expects the team to be ready for Northern Iowa, which defeated No. 3-ranked North Carolina earlier this season.

“I cannot wait for the Diamond Head, (but) I’m glad we 10 days until then,” Fleming said. “We’ll be crisp.”

CLICK HERE to view boxscore

(Game photos courtesy Matt Osumi)


  1. Fleming is pretty good getting to the hoop, if not he dishes off for assists but there’s one facet he needs to work on a bit more to be a complete pg that we’ve not had for a while and that’s dribbling taking care of the ball upcourt.

    Opponents picks his dribble for steals every so often and it’s become a pet peeve as in the likes of the teams free throw shooting.

    People say it’s all about getting in the time practicing working your ft’s or shots but from what we’re seeing if they are working on ft’s that it’s not falling. Some say it may be due to the “mind” but then again whatever the players working on in ft’s ain’t working. Heard it for years and it’s moreso no improvement vs. improvement. I don’t know

    Fleming if your reading this, work on your dribbling skills bringing the ball upcourt against man pressure. I like your aggressiveness with the ball in your hands

  2. Roderick was terrific doing the bench leg routine with the other players on the bench, tremendous timing by them.
    TV commentator said the Q made was it four ? FT’s in a row in the pre-game warmups. He also made a three point shot during the game but it didn’t count due to a foul by HPU.
    Niko is 100 % and Brocke 75 % for FT’s.

  3. The whole game was disturbing. A poor performance overall. You are right Pocho, I haven’t seen a guard pick up the ball as quickly or as often as Flemming did last night when he was pressed. The big west will eat him up if he doesn’t improve. Of course it didn’t look like anyone was helping him. Didn’t see the good ball movement that characterized our earlier games. Niko doesn’t look like a guard that can run our offense as well. It’s depressing going into the Classic.Hope they can get Rod back on the court. Without him they look like five guys playing street ball. Jank’s is doing what the coach has asked him to but Ganot has to let him throw up that 3 ball when he is in the open. He played an outstanding game against a lesser defense than he will see latter on. He also needs to control his temper.

  4. Are you guys serious about Fleming lol come on now one game with a few turnovers that weren’t really his guys were dropping the ball and y’all are questioning his dribbling skills he is one of if not the best ball handler on the team. I’m starting to question if you guys on this message board really know basketball. Some of y’all predictions and comments be way absorb and way off.

  5. Bill(AMIS?),

    in 7 games at SSC, UH wins against really nobodies..and against D2 local schools, UH is undefeated.. lost against Texas Tech on the road.. UH at this point.. poor as A whole team FT shooting, some lack of focus.. you can see it Again.. that is what Eran is doing , trying to manage 15 egos.. and especially some of the front 7 guys.

    Q, it is not imagination.. other teams.. HACK a Q.. heck if I were opponents. playing UH, just don’t give up layups, or any 2 point shots. just hack em all, and they will shoot sub 60 percent. .. can they improve as a team? at this point going into the 9th game against Northern Iowa. I don’t think so.. they lack focus when lights are on.. if they can shoot as A WHOLE team near 70 percent or better, and Q can hit 60 percent. UH will win some ball games.. Team just NOT as good as they Think at this point. let us see how they do in diamond Head Classic, that will be the acid test, or touchstone..

    Go Bows.. Eran.. manage the guys.. and the 3 or 5 graduating on time in May and maybe this summer, make sure they get their degrees. and do what they want in near future..

  6. Q made at least Six or Seven free throws in a row during half-time warm up — ALL except one Swish right down the middle; more revealing, the one that wasn’t was on-line and ‘soft’, stuck on the rim and rolled in “with that soft shooter’s touch” (He remembered to flex/bend his knees); on the down side, he never moved his feet, re-positioned;

    when he made The First of two in the second half, he did not similarly hold his position, stepped back off. The line in relief, then clanked the second — he gave up a better opportunity to make two in a row, in giving into the relief, the celebration; another potential loss of focus (that eventually should Not be an issue, but for now…)

    We’ve known about the inconsistency for awhile — “he usually makes one of two”…
    He’s obviously worked on this for years… WILL THIS STAFF Overcme?

    I Think HIS issue IS Focus and Mental Discipline because he “Knows” the mechanics … Just IS Inconsistent —
    This Year almost moreso IF He makes the First…


    On. Post-Game Show, Coach said,
    “Bobbitt WILL be back … (Non-descript “team” comment — Non-Expletve Deleted, it’s EG)… Let’s leave it at that…”

    Fleming’s description was that (No Problem, No Change)
    “… still coming off of the bench, just coming off of the bench and starting….”

    SO MUCH Work To Do…
    FINALS… Projects…
    Step Up… Focus, Concentrate on Basketball…
    Mike Thomas: Post-Game: “… It really helps to be able to concentrate on basketball…”

    10 Days…
    UNI…[Oklahoma Reward? They ‘Lurk’]

    GO ‘BOWS

  7. Enjoyed watching the games, but a few observations…

    -Bobbitt’s presence was severely missed. If Bobbitt were to miss more time due to injury or other reasons, we’re in some serious trouble.
    -Free throw’s: Team needs to keep increasing this percentage because it’s way too low at this point to compete. Point guard’s especially, as they generally handle the ball the most and subsequently go to the line the most. It’s free points so we need to capitalize.
    -Temperament: It seemed as though HPU’s plan was to play as physical as possible to get into the heads of the UH players, which definitely worked to some degree. The guys have to learn to keep their cool in these situations. I really liked Artie’s comment about how if the ref’s aren’t calling physical play, don’t look to the ref’s for calls, play physical right back!

    If that same team played in the upcoming DHC, I’d have to say our chances did not look good. hopefully the team does take some time to work and improve and hopefully be prepared by the time the tournament rolls around. Let’s GO BOWS!

  8. Bill, we can revisit your comment next year if we find flemming at the point. I don’t think it is going to happen. He is best used as a shooting guard. Ball handler or not, you can’t afford to be picking up the ball before you even cross the half court line. Perhaps his teammates weren’t helping him out but by now they should know how to bring up the ball under pressure. There are a lot better teams in our league that will put more pressure on us than HPU.

  9. anderpops: good comments.

    BWC teams will be ready for UH.. we All can see UH MBB team shortcomings, when they D up, get some steals, rebound against teams they are bigger than, they score and look good.
    The top 3 guards.. Quincy, Flemming and Bobbitt, have to be playing at super high level, and getting better in every aspect, for UH to make run at Any type of championship or post season tournament.
    I only can view TV, wish I were there with you all at SSC, miss that.. however.. Good Test, excellent, against. some good , very good teams in DHC.. it might expose, More weak areas for UH MBB.. how UH going to clean that up.. with FT shooting, or a Good Team, pressing them, or outrebounding them, or Zoning them up, with great zones..and other teams match or better UH in talent..maybe that scramble, D and score quick again.. offense..kind of concerning.. will UH be that competitive in BWC? I hope so..

  10. Pomeroy ratings have Cal Poly at 95, UH 101, Irvine 108, Long Beach 142, UCSB 159.
    Cal Poly has beat some powerhouses such as Cal St Monterey, Univ of Maryland- Baltimore County, Antelope Valley, Austin Peay plus Fresno St. ( Lost close ones to UNLV, UCLA and IPFW)

  11. bottom line how UH finishes after BWC tournament..then those polls help with seeding…

  12. I think UH MBB team whatever is going on, illness, academic or personal problems, they say will be fixed.. hey it sounds familiar, right? same guys.. different staff.. young guys..
    team least concerned with polls, although islandman.. you are The Metrics/ stats magician, how you get all the real time info/ updates. for ALL UH athletic teams. is incredible !
    Think that Irvine, LBSU, CSUN, Cal Poly, UCSB, maybe a Cinderella Fullerton or Riverside,.. it is going to be again.. a very competitive BWC league.. anyone of the 9 teams can win that BWC tourney.
    UH just has to get wins in this DHC.. and shoot Free Throws better, and hope Bobbitt can play for a long time.

  13. Bill I gotta agree with you on this one Issac can dribble and pass the ball. Anderpops I agree as well that Issac is better when he is at the 2 spot. I WOULD RATHER LOOK AT ALL THE POSITIVES FROM THIS LAST GAME. Jankovic is starting to get an idea of what he can do in this offense. If we can fix this free throw thing , and have everyone play to at least 80% to 85%of their potential, I believe we could win the Big West.

  14. still wish UH had played UNLV and SDSU.. better preparation for DHC and BWC..funny how this thing goes.. even stranger, what the media pundits.. and even OC16 are parroting the praises of MBB team , they are best when running, D up, getting steals, deflections.. use athleticism.. rather than ugly half court ball.. What OC16, Artie and Kanoa, David, Tony, Johnny, and Scott(actually Scott Robbs is telling it more like it really is.. quite honest).. parrot what UH wants us to hear.. however… even to NON Basketball fans.. grandma who is in mid nineties.. was saying.. team or both HPU and UH were playing Junk.. kind of go the drift.. not smooth.. well Eran, he will age fast.. has to fix.. team up.. He cannot, Ganot shoot Free throws, or control emotions of guys.. he is parroting too, what we already knew from last year.. When UH has ability to create, D up and go. they are, or are exciting to watch. trouble comes when they meet similar or better talented teams..

  15. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it may be just me. Hey, WI ! If it just me, then nevermind, but

    The volume on the videos is really soft on the interviews, I have to strain to hear, and then it jumps up really loud, comparatively loud, like 3X as loud on game footage. It wakes everybody up in the next room. I can’t watch it at night, or at least listen to the interviews. Constantly have to be watching my volume controls.

    Anyone else have this problem ?
    If there was just zero volume on the game footage, that would be fine, as it is just noise for no reason. I don’t need to hear the crowd, especially for such a short video. Again, gifthorse – mouth, I would rather have than not, but if there is something you can do or advice to offer, Mahalo.

  16. reverse psychology fans.. UH MBB use comments. to get better.. then, hopefully booom ! they win BWC tourney and go NCAA tournament.. great reward for the seniors and Jrs who will grad soon !

  17. akuhead2:

    not your imagination.. that is why I don’t listen to some interviews.. just the write-ups by Dayton and WI staff..
    microphone placement, plus the guys share one microphone, or they are speaking so softly, the microphones are not super duper directional.. like a hi tech one. that could pick up soft sounds from 300 feet away.. have to speak right into the microphones.. otherwise.. that soft voices of guys . and we cannot hear the questions.. they BOOM.. the game videos.. loud..

    Maybe WI will have guys speak right into the microphones.. or adjust the audio before posting the videos.. lot of work. . we appreciate the videos.. however, you are right for several years.. those interviews post game at the UH press room. soft then LOUD…

  18. Bill, how many UH games have you watched, lol. Bobbitt may be a bit better than Fleming bringing the ball up court with pressure. Like I say, Fleming gotta take care of the ball, it’s not the 1st game I seen his handles get picked. Q is up there too, but they all had their dribbling picked one time too many for my likings. Of course every pg have their bad day(s).

    What Niko is missing is the aggressiveness and penetration, he’s just passing the ball IMO trying to set up plays. You watch Fleming, he tests the d, but sometimes he makes you cringe getting jammed under the basket but most times he finds the dish for the assist. He’s a playmaker! moreso than Bobbitt in my eyes.

    Maybe Bobbitt concentrates/spends so much energy on his d and steals and may not be 100% but he’s had his good games being aggressive on the o. Maybe he’s picking up on Fleming, lol.

    Q is another aggressive o guard but he misses so many shots, maybe just not his day.

  19. Northern Iowa Roster(not really big team, or similar size to Hawaii?)
    maybe disciplined and well coached? I don’t know..with signature home win over North Carolina.. they still play Iowa St. at Des Moines, Iowa., before coming to DHC.. so either they will be 7-3 or 6-4.. ?

    1 Aarias Austin G 6-4 180 JR Gurnee, IL
    2 Klint Carlson F 6-7 225 SO Waverly, IA
    3 Ted Friedman C 6-9 245 SO Ankeny, IA
    4 Paul Jesperson G 6-6 206 SR Merrill, WI
    5 Matt Bohannon G 6-4 195 SR Marion, IA
    11 Wes Washpun G 6-1 175 SR Cedar Rapids, IA
    12 Lincoln Conrey F 6-7 230 FR Waterloo, IA
    15 Justin Dahl C 6-11 250 FR Carver, MN
    20 Jeremy Morgan G 6-5 192 JR Coralville, IA
    22 Robert Knar G 6-1 180 SO Mundelein, IL
    25 Bennett Koch F 6-9 232 SO Ashwaubenon, WI
    30 Spencer Haldeman G 6-1 170 FR Peosta, IA
    33 Wyatt Lohaus G 6-2 185 SO North Liberty, IA
    34 Luke McDonnell F 6-9 210 FR Dubuque, IA

  20. Uhf1, Mahalo.
    I think I don’t mind the ‘mike’ on the interviews one way or the other, but perhaps on the ‘editing’ of the audio of the action, just turn it off, as that would allow us to turn up the interviews as necessary.
    // Yo ! WI , I hope you might take notice of this. Uhf1, thanks for the feedback. Again, I think we would both rather have it than not have it, but if it can be done, without too much problem, maybe turn off the audio on the game coverage, or turn it down. Actually, I like the game coverage more than anything, its just that when ‘combined’ in the same video, there are audio volume problems. Maybe if there were 2 videos, one of the game , and one of the interview. It is clear that WI must do some work to put them together. If you can’t control the volume, then maybe just don’t put them together. Easier. In any case, again, Thanks for the coverage ! Go Bows !

  21. For At Least This Year
    Because of Recruiting ‘Short-Comings’ [Read: QUALITY BIGs…]
    UH will be @ Risk for Numbers and Size

    #101/94 UH @ 6-11, 6-11, 6-7, 6-6, 6-5 … Primarily Experienced Juniors and A Grad
    #68/45 UNI 6-11, 6-9, 6-9, 6-9, 6-7, 6-7, 6-6, 6-5, 6-4, ALL Sophomores And Freshmen…

    ‘Quality’ Because say IF We Still had Dressler @. 6-10/ 6-11 he’d be Mostly Riding Pine Game-Time
    BUT 6-8 FOTU, 6-7 Negus or 6-6 Sammis (Or Recruiting Replacement(s)) Would Be Problematic for Any Opponent

    UNI LOSSES to 168 Colorado State (-6 @ Home), AND Road @ #67 Richmond & #50 New Mexico
    12/19 VERSUS #18 IOWA STATE
    Signature WIN over #11 N. Carolina
    Wins Over #116 S.F.Austin, #197 G.Mason, #296 N.Dakota, #336 N.Texas and NR Dubuque

    Step Up ‘Bows!
    GO ‘Bows!

  22. Am I wrong thinking that Jovanovic goes both left and right with that flat hook shot of his ?

  23. … quick hook shot of his ?

  24. PLAYERS Working Hard on their game are “supposed to” work on both hands, facing And Back-to-basket…
    (HE Has All that…and a smooth jumper, probably out to 18)

    That said, they only have 24 hours a day, although better managed than most people;
    I still have a hard time imagining “every” player working their games AND Carrying (thru to graduation Full-time work-loads)
    Most ‘regular’ students don’t, without the stress and strain and fatigue(!) of 2-5 hours of high level workout Every Day;
    AND ? Can they build the Proficiency, Options And Confidence to apply a (new) skill effectively in games?
    RE: The Amazing Garrett Nevels using his off-hand (With a Broken Stong Hand)

  25. UH vs UNI:

    shooting contest? who shoots better from FT and 3 line..

    for UNI…handle UH pressure D, if Ganot lets team get after it on D.

    UH front line stay out of foul trouble.

    not unlike last season, UH “bigs” Sai, MT,, Janks, and Stef, have to stay on the court..AV will have to be this year’s NWC playing the 5 spot at times. small ball, actually very effective. love that style of play , unless going against great teams, or good coached ones, with smart, effective in the post on O and D. big men..with shooters..like Irvine..

  26. UNI:

    wasn’t Stan Sheriff the Football Coach/ AD there for 10 years? with private donations, created that Dome sports complex, which gave vision for Stan Sheriff Center when he became AD at UH?
    We have Stan and others to thank, to push UH.. to build 10300 seat arena, know they wanted at least a 12300? size, for championship regional MBB etc.. accommodate..

    Wild, how UH/ state wanted to remodel refurbish Klum that 3500 seater, or build an arena that seated only 4000 to 6000?
    UH MBB now has to eventually fill that SSC with 9000 every nite , every opponent.. maybe not in our life times. however that is what it was built for..Concerts too.. maybe.. UH should pursue Stevie Wonder, again.. doing it the Right way this time. two nights. would sell out. and UH would make a lot of money.. during summer, time.. book several concerts of big name acts.. why not? make money for UH athletics

  27. If UH, and I think they will handle UNI very easily.. if they get their D on..
    pressure all game..
    will win it.. by 10 pts..
    If Oklahoma does not get upset in first round..

    UH vs Oklahoma a possible Number 3 in the nation team?
    Holiday crowd, national TV.. which might hurt the 10300 sell out..
    I think 9500 plus will be in the house for SSC attendance guaranteed !

    UH vs the Sooners in Basketball for chance to play for DHC championship?
    why not?

  28. Uhfanzonly1, I agree with you about having more concerts at the SSC. It only makes sense since it would bring in extra revenue for UH and let’s be honest, the blaisdell is old and unattractive. I’ve been there recently for comedy shows and globetrotters and it looked the same since I was 8 years old which was almost 30 years agoo, haha, actually not funny, kinda sad.

    As for the rest of the comments on here, all I really care about are 3 main things that NEED to be worked on if we want to win the BW.

    1) Bobbit needs to fix whatever is going on with himself and get his head straight asap.

    2) Q and the rest of the team needs to put in at least another hour-a-day practicing ONLY free throws. If this doesn’t improve then expect to lose at least a couple games because of crappy FT shooting.

    3) The bench needs a TON of work. Hope they really are busting their you know what every single day to improve. As of now, if any of our starting 5 goes down with injury, there is nobody that can come in as an equal replacement, besides Flemming in for Q of course. Maybe, Tummala could fill in for a Mike Thomas, but after that who we got? Let’s just hope and pray nobody gets seriously injured.

  29. kaneohe97:

    Matlin, business guy right? maybe the Wonder Blunder still fresh in UH and State minds. however, lot of schools, bring in the top Entertainment acts. and make money..why not do the contracts right now? And DO NOT forward, 200K cash ,without a legal, binding Fo Real contract.. right?

    spot on great comments. and REAL..
    I don’t know, mbb and coach kind of spinning develop depth? who? Niko? Dyrbe?Brocke? Zach? or Jakob? that is about all they have coming off the bench..
    you are right. like last year, when NWC ankle problems, Nevels injury and being out, Q back problems, AV in BWC tournament infection slowed him down..
    This year.. no more Nevels coming back to help them in stretch run, or NWC.. having that .400 3 ball shooting threat every game..
    kind of a smoke and mirrors game.
    and for Mr Bill, think we don’t know BB? well, maybe not all the X and O’s, however. the lack of talent beyond that first 5 or 6, or Bobbitt without. or AV,. Flemming.. going be tough..

    the margin of error , for missing those front line guys is so tiny.. can make or break the season..
    wish Bows the best !

  30. UH men’s RPI is currently 61, the highest of the Big West teams. Irvine is 77, UCSB 86, Long Beach St. 91, Cal Poly 109 .


  31. The UH RPI is the highest ” RPI rank ” of the Big West teams.

    If UH loses to UNI, do they play Washington State, assuming WSU loses ? Then who would they play after that if they win ? Who do they play if they lose ?
    The bracket on the DHC website is hard to follow.

  32. If ncaa tournament started this week
    UH a number 10 seed
    Plus if they had depth, health and shoot way better
    Sweet sixteen possible..
    Imagine if they had NWC, Fotu and Sammis ?
    Maybe elite eight?
    If…. ncaa’s started this week
    Now if UH beat Oklahoma …RPI 21 guaranteed!

  33. Uhfanzonly1, all your (hypothetical) talk about NCAA tournament is making me feverish with hopeful possibilities, haha. Looking at last season where we were 1 game away from actually being in the big dance it’s actually not that unrealistic to imagine us not only making it in but winning a game or two…who knows, anything is possible. Of course, we are way too early in the season to make logical assumptions/predictions but again, it’s a possibility. It would be crazy to think what our team would look like if we had as our starting five: Bobbit, Flemming, Fotu, Janks, and Sammis/Negus. Those bigs would dominate…ahhhh, what could’ve been.

  34. Uhfanzonly1,

    1. Hawaii’s sub 100 RPI is misleading because it’s still early in the basketball season and only a few dozen elite teams have strong SOS, good records, and road wins. It will even out as the season moves on because…

    2. In all likelihood, the Big West Conference will only have 1 entry into the NCAA tournament. Our conference RPI is currently 13th of all the conferences, which is pretty weak. In 9-team Big West, there are only 3 teams with winning records. When Hawaii plays the Big West schedule, playing those sub .500 teams will DROP our SOS and our RPI significantly.

    3. In the past 10 years, there have been numerous teams with RPI’s between 50 and 60 who have NOT been invited as at-large teams into the NCAA tournament. You could have a great record, a great conference record, but no quality wins.

    4. For Hawaii to make it into the NCAA without winning the Big West tournament, we need at least 5 good quality wins, we need ROAD WINS (because you get bonus rpi points for road wins), and you cannot lose to poor teams, which is a constant threat playing in the Big West.

    5. Beat UNI (I actually love sea urchin), beat Oklahoma, win the DHC, go undefeated at home in BW play, and win half of our road games,… then we can talk at-large…. but until then, let’s temper our expectations.

  35. njacinto, although I agree with everything you said, I think that uhfanzonly1 was only speculating/dreaming for fun. He seems knowledgeable enough to know the BW is a 1 bid conf. and without the record you stated in your point #4, it’s nearly impossible for BW to receive 2 bids.

    I like your point #3 which is why I really really hope that Ganot/Matlin are able to schedule better teams from here on out. Preferably from power 5 conf. but if not then strong teams for mid-major conf. Not only to improve our RPI but having played better competition before the BW season is valuable experience and would only make our team stronger going in.

  36. I heard from someone that the blaisdell has to be booked up before UH can be used

  37. kaneohe97…

    Isn’t it funny how Hawaii can compete against decent non BigWest teams (like Pitt and Wichita St) last year but when the Big West starts, we’ve been getting outcoached the last few years.

    We are SO opposite from fellow Big West teams. Big West teams like Cal Poly get destroyed in non-conference play but become ultra competitive once they play Hawaii. Whereas Hawaii plays pretty competitive during non-conference time and then lose almost half their home Big West games. It just puzzles me…

    You would think that our biggest problem during Big West the past 3 years have been our lack of discipline, interior defense, and an effective half-court game… but that hopefully Eran Ganot has a plan to address these as we move forward in this season. I actually can see a St. Mary’s style team becoming the Big West Champion, with that style of play finding success in our conference…

    but… can Eran Ganot convince and mold these specific players into the Big West version of St. Mary’s? I’m not sure St. Mary’s can beat Oklahoma next week, but I’m pretty sure our version of St. Mary’s can beat almost every team in the Big West this year. Let’s hope Eran Ganot can work his magic.

  38. Speaking of St. Mary’s…

    Tonight, they BEAT Cal Poly, 93-63

    On Dec. 6, they BEAT Irvine, 70-60

    On Dec. 4, they UC Davis, 81-67

    Like I said, If Hawaii can play like St. Mary’s, they’ll take the Big West.

  39. I can’t seem to recall when UH has been a disciplined team the entire season such as hitting 75% free throws and better than 50% 3 point shooting. (Maybe the year they won the WAC tournament beating Utah they were disciplined). We have missed too many shots even though we seem to move the ball around well and do get open looks. I’d say the BW teams have been more disciplined than we have and that’s why they are able to defeat us even though we have more talent. After all, talent is good to have but if they don’t dedicate themselves to the game they will lose when it counts.

  40. Maybe better than 40% 3 point shooting is more like it hahaha

  41. St Mary’s RPI is 23. UC Davis had a weak schedule last year, weaker than UH’s but their final RPI was around 71. The reason was that they won most of their games.
    If UH’s non-conference schedule is so weak, how come its current RPI rank is 61 ?

    St Mary’s leading scorer (Naar) and it’s leading rebounder (6-9 Pineau) are from Australia, plus the player ( 6-6 Clark) with the most minutes off the bench and another one, its 5th leading scorer (6-11 Landale). Naar is shooting 67.7 % for 3-Pt FG’s and the team 46.9 %. 6-10 Evan Fitzner, a starter, and Clark are freshmen

  42. Posters what I notice on this site is everything Fleming does is magnified to the highest level from not going right to emotions, techs now ball handling & etc. If you dont know his skillset keep your negative commits to yourself.Ganot is trying to treat players equally by sitting Bobbitt due to attitude other players when they receive techs & etc. As a parent I’m waching personal development outside the game because that equal Success !!!! (Disagree to Agree)

  43. Chance Kalaugher, local homegrown Sammis type player, 6-5,225, at Kaiser. Article in today’s SA. Plays football too, DE. Dominates against local shorter players, but don’t know how he would do in Div I. Sammis was/ is an athlete as he showed in the King of the Beach competition here. Looks like Chance can shoot better from outside than Sammis.


  44. bigdaddy, those are good words from you but don’t forget that a lot of people here including myself are fans of Isaac and also magnify his good points. I hope your words here mean that you are changing your mind about Isaac’s future at UH and see that he is “rising” in this system.

  45. islandman, I don’t know if you got to see Kalaugher in person but I saw him play two games last year. Like you said he is strong and looks very good against the local shorter players but I would not call him a D1 prospect and for sure don’t compare him to Sammis. He is kind of a tweener so I don’t think he is quick and explosive enough to help a team like UH, unless he walk on and be a scout teamer and help in that way. On the other hand he would be a steal for a team like Chaminade or HPU and could still play his inside role for D2.

  46. Isaac has matured a lot since last year. He’s a lot less selfless and, as Ganot has pointed out, his stats are much better this season.

    Let’s hope we don’t pick up any injuries before the DHC. So far, so good.

  47. I agree with you TAVS about Isaac mature a lot. As for what Ganot keeps pointing out about the stats being better than last season, I will say a couple things. 1. Shouldn’t it be better anyway as a sophomore than a true freshman. I think it would say more about the coaching and not the player if the stats got worst. 2. Could his stats be even better if he were starting or getting even more minutes. I am not sure about this one because I like Isaac role as the energy guy and instant offense off the bench.

  48. ChuckCheese, thanks for your insight.
    How do you figure that the Big West is rated the 13th ranked conference by realtimerpi and the West Coast conference is rated 18th. But the West Coast is projected to have 2 teams in the NCAA tournament, and the Big West only 1. Could be because its early in the season.


  49. Islandman…

    The realtimerpi ranking of conferences is based on Strength of Schedule, not records. Santa Barbara (14), Long Beach State (21), and Cal Poly (44) all have sub 45 strength or schedules, while the West Coast Conference has one team at 40 (St. Marys).

    The ranking shows that the Big West teams (taken as a whole) are playing a tougher non-conference schedule than the West Coast Conference teams. On the other hand, the WCC has more teams with winning records than the Big West… and I’m sure we’re not surprised by that. LOL

  50. West Coast is very top heavy with 3 teams that are already known on national scene in Gonzaga, St. Marys and BYU. Make sense that two of those three could go to the Dance but the rest of the conference is basically bottom feeders.

    Big West is way more balanced top to bottom but don’t have the name recognition teams at the top and the teams that contend every year. If there were such a thing as West Coast vs. Big West challenge, I bet Big West would go 6-3 or 7-2, but Gonzaga and St. Mary’s would probably crush who ever they play.

  51. On the topic of Isaac Fleming, I am so very impressed by his maturity and growth these past few weeks. In recent times, he’s worked well with the coaches and he’s taken advantage of his increased playing time and been quite productive.

    While Fleming has shown progression, it appears Rod Bobbitt has shown “regression” since the Nevada game. Bobbitt is often seen “brushing off” the coaches on the sidelines and sulks when he is taken off the court for any reason. Ironically, I’ve noticed just a few hints in the media about Bobbitt’s situation, but last year and earlier this season, the media made a HUGE DEAL about all of Isaac’s mishaps. Whether it’s warranted or not, Isaac has been generally labeled as the “bad boy” of this team. This year, right now, I like what I see in Isaac and I hope people will see the same.

    For Eran Ganot to gain command of this team, he has to show that he’s willing to discipline any of Hawaii’s players, even the point guard and most valuable player on the team (one in the same). Bobbitt has to play and behave under control. If Fleming is doing he best to behave as a team player, Bobbitt (and the rest of the team) have to do the same as well…. if this team is to have ANY success.

  52. njacinto, think one of your tweets was shown on a tv (basketball) telecast. It was a good one, but i don’t remember the subject.

  53. I think it is to Coach Ganot’s credit that we don’t know what exactly is going on behind the scenes. I don’t know of course, but we are hoping for the best. Just win Baby ! Go Bows !
    At this time, if the players go in to their finals strong, and get all their work done and write good papers, then they will play all that much better when game time comes along. All the players. Go Bows !
    Kalaugher is a Junior this year ? Definitely someone to watch. Thanks for the video.

  54. islandman…

    Mahalo for noticing… I started tweeting last year… especially with Brian McInnis, Kanoa Leahy, and Fake 808… I also notice that some of the posters here (like you and Uhfan/Cp3ball) go back and forth with the Warrior Sports network board… It’s pretty full-on football there, but mostly positive lately with Rolovich back in town. I’m happy with him as the coach, but I would’ve also been happy with June or Miano… at least someone who can get that UH offense moving again.

    Too bad we have to wait an entire week before UNI comes to town… a lot of the posters on the other board (Warrior Sports network) think we’ll lose to UNI… but I think Hawaii will be ready for them, as long as the UH players don’t think about Oklahoma first.

  55. UH will win by 10 to 15 points, with or without Bobbitt, UH plays so well, WHEN they give effort, go full bore..All the time, no matter whom the competition.. would not be surprised.. if UH goes undefeated at home.
    As for Flemming, he is REALLY trying to fit.. doing things Ganot way. however that Bobbitt thing, concerns… me
    Okay Matlin wanted the high character, hey wait a minute, same as Rocha, O’Neil, Little, Arnold, F., Wallace, Nash, Gib and Benjy.. ALL of them said they wanted Team guys who play for State, University and their families.. Same Mantra..
    really makes me laugh now.. I get it.. UH.. the coach , new one and staff.. plus new AD.. and UH pres. and Chancellor.. ALL saying same thing.. good guys, good students.. before wins.. and Post Season tournaments. which is good.

    Eran. he gets a HUGE pass this year from UH admin.. he could in theory go 14-17.. and Admin would sing his praises.. however.. the guys are much better than that.. would not doubt.. if they have 9 guys who can play, even walkons.. UH can win 25 games easily..

    The Millenials .. that is a tough generation.. to be and to please..
    Go Bows.. !

  56. DHC.. hope that UH gets to play Oklahoma.. I think they will.. will Beat up UNI.. should be a rout..

  57. That MidWeek article with Beeman on the front page.. NOT OKAY TO BE OKAY.. wow.. ONE tough wahine from Cali .. for sure.. she could knock out, some of the football team for sure, if they got into a beef.. will NOT back down to anyone.. including Gib.. wow.. that tells a lot.. read the article.. think that is huge reason Gib not here anymore.. don’t mess with coach B !

  58. Hope Laura stays for another 3 years at least.. hard to get those dedicated type of coaches.. though I still like the former Coach B? LOL..

  59. akuhead2 …. Kalaugher is a senior now. Will Chance get a chance somewhere ?

  60. for Chance..K.. Football is his chance.. great tight end..
    Cannot compare him to Sammis.. Sammis blew up.. in a prep spring showcase, for College coaches to view prospects.. Spring of March 2014… that put him on the radar.. where a lot of schools were after him.. like Flemming.. after he did so well in that tournament….under the radar.. UH got him. and of all things NCAA granted last minute his entry into UH..
    UH could have used Sammis Last year. if he was on board and did not get hurt.. he was recruit of former HC.. so loyalties.. were there..
    Wish him the best.. bet a lot of Florida schools, look at him and want him to play Football?
    Where is Sammis Now?

    Chance.. D2 with local schools, he would be All American. or who knows.. Rolo might offer him scholarship for UH FB?

  61. BD — Just Want To Second Your Comment(s)…
    (Thank You for SO Stating….)

    THAT In General, Comments “thrown around” at this site
    Act “AS IF” These Young Men have ALL The Time in the World…

    To Work their Games…
    To BE Performing, WINNING D-1 Players….

    Job ONE IS Growing Up as Good, Young Men Positively Contributing to Society…
    AND Earning The Life’s Degree While At It ….


    FURTHER …Whatever. Comments and Criticisms I Might Have….
    I KNOW Eran & Staff’s ARE More Relevant…
    And WE MUST Respectfully Defer ….

  62. correct me if wrong, Sammis doesn’t have that much hops.

  63. I guess he had some.

  64. njacinto, I agree with your comments about Flemming.

    bigdaddy, don’t even pay attention to the so-called critics of Flemming. Sounded like a made a couple mistakes with the ball and now they’re labeling him a dribbling liability…huh? Every basketball player in college makes mistakes on the court and I’m confident Flemmings is always working on his game.

    As for Flemming being good for energy off the bench….nah, not buying it. I’m not hating but let’s be honest, Quincy should not be starting with what he’s shown so far. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all but just take a look at his free throw stats and shooting percentage….remember he is a shooting guard after all.

    I’m pulling for Flemming to get the starting job and excited to watch him grow into a more mature person and leader on the court. Heck, I was excited when he first signed with UH and hope he stays here till the end. He could possibly be one of top 5 best players overall in the BW in the next couple years.

  65. njacinto: Those guys on WSN must only know football to think UNI will beat us. Our team is basically the same as last season and we were a few points away from beating #11 Wichita st.

    Haven’t watched UNI this year but losing most of their guys from last season and a fluke win against UNC this year, they don’t seem unbeatable at all…….Oklahoma on the other hand…..

  66. Q has a better overall FG % than Rod, so far and is the 3rd leading rebounder at 5.3 avg.per game after Janks and Valdes. Tied for 2nd for steals, has a 2.43 to 1 assist to TO ratio, so far.
    Rolo said the football team receivers not catching the ball has to do with a confidence thing. It could be the FT shooting has to do with confidence too. In 2013-14, Q shot 62.8 % (54.8 in conference), better than Spearman at 59.7 % overall.

  67. Chance Kalaugher is coordinated and has a quick release. He is all upside right now. He has got to practice against bigger and better guys though.

  68. I also agree with njacinto, Flemmings since the Nevada game seems to be working extremely hard to be a team player, and did a rather good job at the end of the beech when he was in street clothes to be apart of the benches teamwork antics. Rod hasn’t caught half the flak that Issac has but his conduct seems to have been at least 2-3 times worse.
    The real takeaway from this is that the team does not have a strong player leader.

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