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NCAA announces “penalties and corrective action” against Hawai’i


On the opening day of its annual Christmas week tournament, the University of Hawai’i basketball team received an unwanted notice.

The NCAA announced its decision on violations committed by “former University of Hawaii, Manoa” coaches on Tuesday morning.

Here is the full report from ncaa.org:

INDIANAPOLIS – A former University of Hawaii, Manoa, men’s basketball head coach violated NCAA ethical conduct rules and did not promote an atmosphere for compliance in his program, according to a decision issued by a Division I Committee on Infractions panel. The former head coach provided false or misleading information during the investigation, allowed his director of operations to participate in coaching activities, and failed to report a possible violation.

A former assistant men’s basketball coach also violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when he provided an extra benefit to a student-athlete, provided false information about the benefit during interviews, and altered a financial responsibility form on behalf of another student-athlete.

Penalties in the case include a three-year probation period, a one-year postseason ban for the men’s basketball team, vacation of certain men’s basketball games, and a financial penalty. The former head coach received a three-year show-cause order and the former assistant coach received a two-year show-cause order. During a show-cause period, if the individuals work for a member school, their athletic duties may be restricted.

According to the facts of the case, the director of basketball operations participated in scouting and instructional on-court activities with the men’s basketball team. The former head coach knew it was impermissible for a director of operations to participate in coaching activities. After the former head coach told the director of operations not to coach and received similar direction from the compliance office, the director of operations infrequently assisted student-athletes during practice. The director of operations became a countable coach when he participated during scouting sessions and practice, causing the university to exceed its coaching limit. During the investigation, the former head coach provided false or misleading information about the director of operations’ participation in scouting and practice.

Also, the former head coach learned about a student-athlete’s impermissible use of a booster’s car. Upon finding out about the possible violation, the former head coach told the student-athlete to stop driving the car and told the booster to stay away from the men’s basketball team. However, the former head coach did not report the incident to anyone in the athletics department. Since the violation was not reported, the student-athlete’s eligibility was not restored resulting in him competing while ineligible. Additionally, the former head coach asked the men’s basketball team to keep the matter “in house.”

When the former head coach allowed the director of operations to participate in coaching activities, failed to report a possible violation and provided false or misleading information during the investigation, he violated NCAA ethical conduct rules. The panel noted in its decision that many of the violations could have been avoided if the former head coach and director of compliance would have maintained a professional relationship.

When a potential transfer student-athlete was applying to the university, he was required to submit a supplemental information form used by the university to determine if international students have the financial means to support themselves if they are admitted. The Office of Student Affairs informed the former assistant coach that the amount of support listed on the form was insufficient to allow the student-athlete to obtain a visa. Shortly after that notification, the Office of Student Affairs received a copy of the form that made it appear that the student-athlete had the means to attend the university. The former assistant coach insisted that the student-athlete’s uncle completed the revised form, but the coach later acknowledged that he altered the form and provided it to the university. The former assistant coach also allowed another student-athlete to keep an iPad that was given impermissibly to the student-athlete by the coach’s wife. The student-athlete participated in the remainder of the season without having his eligibility restored after the violation.

The former assistant coach violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when he knowingly altered an admissions form in an attempt to facilitate a student-athlete’s admission to the university. He engaged in further unethical conduct when he allowed the student-athlete to keep the iPad, then failed to provide the details surrounding the iPad during interviews with the university and NCAA enforcement staff.

Penalties and corrective actions imposed by the panel include:

• A three-year probation period from Dec. 22, 2015, through Dec. 21, 2018.

• A three-year show-cause order for the former head coach from Dec. 22, 2015, through Dec. 21, 2018. If the former coach seeks employment at an NCAA member school, he must be suspended from all coaching duties for the first 30 percent of the season, not counting exhibition games. He must also attend an NCAA Regional Rules Seminar during each year he is employed by an NCAA school during the show-cause period.

• A two-year show-cause order for the former assistant coach from Dec. 22, 2015, through Dec. 21, 2017. If he seeks employment at an NCAA member school, both the school and coach must appear before the committee to detail why his athletic duties should not be restricted.

• A reduction of men’s basketball scholarships by two for a total of 11 during the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons. The university may receive credit towards the scholarship reduction for its self-imposed one scholarship reduction for the 2016-17 season.

• A 2016-17 postseason ban for the men’s basketball program.

• A vacation of wins in which the men’s basketball student-athletes participated while ineligible. The university will identify the games impacted following the release of the public report.

• A prohibition of the men’s basketball staff from conducting on-campus prospect evaluations for the first five official visits of the 2015-16 academic year (self-imposed by the university).

• A reduction of the maximum number of countable athletic activity hours by one hour per week during the 2015-16 men’s basketball season (self-imposed by the university).

• A $10,000 fine, self-imposed by the university, plus 1 percent of the total budget for the men’s basketball program over the previous three years, imposed by the panel.

Members of the Committee on Infractions are drawn from NCAA membership and members of the public. The members of the panel who reviewed this case are Michael F. Adams, chancellor, Pepperdine University; Britton Banowsky, executive director of the College Football Playoff Foundation; Carol Cartwright, president emeritus at Kent State University; Greg Christopher, chief hearing officer and athletics director at Xavier University; Bobby Cremins, former head basketball coach at Georgia Institute of Technology; Joel Maturi, former University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, athletics director; and Jill Pilgrim, attorney in private practice.


  1. Yes.. sad.. however, my opinion was,.. might be a Shared Blame, and NCAA concluded as such. communication and Working together, Compliance and Gib would have avoided a lot of trouble, possibly lessened, or addressed and corrected problems before became NCAA infraction level.

    Well, 2016-17 post season ban.. SO THIS IS THE PAYOFF year for seniors, and junior/ sophs perhaps. to go to NCAA/ NIT.

    Wish team the best..

    Communication, The Spirit of Aloha, or love, working together United at UH.. so important..more so, the Admin/ taking the lead.. AND the compliance person..
    loss of scholarship. extra will hurt Eran and MBB program for awhile.. he just has to stay focused… move ahead..

  2. and they, the team, returnees, for 2016-17 could transfer? anyone know?

  3. Gib…the gift that keeps giving. And I thought he couldn’t do worse than his father.

  4. OMG!!! A sad day for UH and all the innocent people involved.

  5. According to a tweet from Ferd players can transfer out in 2016-17 without penalty due to the post season ban. I wonder if current signees have the option to be released from their scholarship?

  6. It is evident that the NCAA went out of their way to make this announcement the very day ESPN is covering the Diamond Head Classic. Anytime they are involved, you know it is not good news…malicious intent in doing it today.

    What I take away from this is the opportunity is still there for this year’s team to play post season ball. The rest of it should be no surprise to anyone following the NCAA. UNC, SMU & SDSU are still on the chopping block, let’s see how those turn out.

    Let’s get behind this team and show the nation our school pride tonight. We have finally got a chance to make a good name for ourselves beginning with tonight’s game. Hope their is a cover on the UNI basket.

    GO BOWZ…make Hawaii Proud.

  7. Backbeat I agree that today’s release was deliberate. All ESPN will talk about is our sanctions and the national coverage will essentially work against us in negative recruiting. Everyone will hear about the ban, sanctions, scholie reductions, etc. Sad sad day. Let’s make 2016 a good run to the NCAA’s.

  8. I hope UH appeals, but not sure how strong a case it has … much less the money to do so. The penalties seem severe because we knew a lot of what actually happened as the case unraveled in public over the course of the year. Was hoping the mitigating factors would weigh heavily in UH’s favor.

    Did the NCAA decide to make an example of a lower-level program yet again … one that might not have the resources to fight the fight?

    Interesting take on the rulings from Gib’s lawyer. While he thoroughly spins it in his client’s favor, he does make some sense.

    Postseason ban and lost of two scholarships … that’s going to resonate beyond next season.

    For now, the team has to move on and make a statement this year … starting with tonight’s game.

  9. UH should play the game and respond on national tv that they are appealing and that the NCAA has shown bias for big 5 conferences! Lookat at what Syracuse and Miami received then look at UNC

  10. Wonder if NCAA.. they are under their own law.. they make the playing field or court, and set the rules.. they can do what they want , if you want to be a member..not fair.. I kind of thought.. UH had done enough.. however.. I was preparing for possible further penalties..
    maybe in hindsight as islandman said.,take the Post Season ban last season…
    however too late..

    PAYOFF year, for graduating guys, Janks, Valdes, Quincy, Rod, Sai on to medical school, and Stef Jovanovic, Mike T., jrs.. hope so

    Either they get distracted. and this is huge one for next few years guys and recruits..
    Remember,now. the commits,.. they could transfer decommitt? wonder..
    not good…

    However UH MBB team.. the guys who fought so hard from 2 to 4 past years.. go get that NCAA bid to big dance.. make THIS year a season to remember.. Finish what you all started in BWC tourney championship game..
    only way to show ncaa.. what you and your ohana are made of.,.great people

  11. Did not know Level I was dropped to Level II, lessened degree.
    Gib side, his attorney, they said would come out.. the battle at manoa, and the compliance and Gib MBB .. not being on board to work together..
    Gib moves on..
    UH has to work at getting things together.. no brainer..

    UH MBB team? JUST battle , win the DHC.. the BWC regular and Tournament titles.. get most wins. in UH MBB history.. this IS YOUR PAYOFF YEAR !

  12. Way to go Gibster

  13. How can Gib say he is “very pleased” with the outcome ? UH being banned from post-season play is very un-pleasing to the players and fans.

  14. You have to ask Gib and Bickerton
    One thing…NCAA said UH compliance responsibility too
    This year we support warriors stretch run to ncaa or nit dance

    Admin I blame them
    Work with coaches .take care problems together

    Team stick together
    Payoff year for juniors and seniors

  15. Dayton, any way we can remove the disparaging/hateful posts? They’re very offensive and aren’t what this forum is for.

    I believe the NCAA has their motives for everything, and in this specific case, I don’t understand what it is. Who are they punishing? Just the university but none of the real infractions are specifically stated. It’s a load of crap if you ask me.

  16. Don’t have to ask them. It’s very pleasing to the former coach as to his own status, but very bad for the UH program. So from i’d say from a selfish viewpoint, it’s pleasing to him.

  17. Did UH’s self-imposed sanctions reduce the NCAA’s level of sanctions? We still got post-season ban. Well we got this year if we want to go post season. After that it’s rebuilding time. Anyone care to play for UH?

  18. Work together
    UH after this season …servante. correct
    Maybe guys from local high schools play for UH
    NCAA found UH /compliance part, in the eventual penalties..

    I think Gib , if no chance clear of things with ncaa, would have accepted and moved on
    He fought for LD damages..won
    He fought for some lessening of infractions , won some..
    I guess good for him, however from time he was fired without cause, he and Counsel were going to fight
    NCAA saw some merit in his side
    The institution shares major blame Not Working as One ohana..did that avoid ncaa problems
    Came bach to bite UH
    feel bad for juniors, soph..heading forward
    With their families support they will be okay

    Now , team just win ..move on

  19. Typical of UH to bury their head in the sand right now.

    Their only response so far is to announce the field for the 2016 Diamond Head Classic and it happens to be one of the worst in the history of the tournament. Illinois State, San Diego State, San Francisco, Stephen F. Austin, Tulsa and Utah.

    Why not announce a statement of support for Ganot and the current team? Why not say that they don’t agree with the sanctions and will be appealed?

    So much sadness and mismanagement in that place right now.

  20. A ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark day for UH basketball (courtesy of SA):

    Valdes greeted the sanctions on Twitter with: “We still got a season to play and a NCAA tourney to make This year we just have to stay focused. Either you’re with us or against us.”

  21. clyde: That is ONE thing we know.. this group.. warriors.. plus side?
    Aaron, Janks, Quincy, maybe Bobbitt, maybe Dyrbe, scheduled to graduate, also Sai, one year.. and off to hopefully medical school.

    Those guys. Aaron and Dyrbe have been in MBB program with 3 different Head Coaches for 4 years.. credit to them and their great families..

    Watch, UH MBB team will come out with fire tonite.. look out UNI.. warrior and Bow time !
    Just support the team. that is All we can do as fans.. too much Politics. and not getting along, at top Educational and Athletic Institution in mid pacific..
    just GET ALONG. with all. admin/ compliance and coaches/ student athletes.

    it is a sad day.. Football season .. ahhh..MBB.. yes ! etc.
    Hope UH admin fix things up.. how going to attract Good , student athletes.. hope they do in OUR lifetimes!

  22. Note the “corrective action” phrase. Hasn’t that already been done with the removal of Gib and Akana?

    How about corrective action at Syracuse and North Carolina? The coaches who committed the infractions are still there.

    Clearly, the NCAA’s idea of treating cancer is to punish the host for getting cancer, rather than going after the cancer.

    Really disappointed with the loss of postseason play next year. Understand if players need to move on. Wish there was an alternative to the NCAA for college sports. Corrupt organization.

  23. Putting this in another post, to separate addressing this punishment from my idea that schools should think about if they need the NCAA.

    Clearly, the NCAA has revealed that they have their favorite five conferences. Why do the other schools put up with being fourth class citizens? Make another organization, with your own TV contract, and rules. Think about it: college teams that are a hybrid of college/professional, in the sense that you don’t adhere to the outdated freshman/soph/junior/senior idea. Let a student play the sport as long as he’s taking classes.

    This would be a hybrid of the current college/professional systems. I like it because the guys that play on your college team are more representative of your area. Especially for us here in Hawaii, where we will never have a MLB/NFL/NBA team. At least we have college sports, why not hybridize it college/professional? It’s already starting with the stipends or whatever they call it, that student/athletes can get.

  24. I am not sure why you are all whining about Gib. The NCAA has come back and said the self-reporting by UH was inaccurate. You should all be whining about Amanda Petersen and whoever was in charge at UH to give up so much and not fight this. Oh, but wait Amanda Petersen just got promoted to Associate AD….WTF….

  25. I’m out of town with my grandchildren and just read the news. Been trying to keep my mouth shut cause I always come across negative and I don’t mean to. For example you all were right about Isaac coming around by the end of the month, he’s really stepped it up and the team seems to have embraced him more.

    That said, these sanctions, this situation has me upset. The NCAA is a biased, unilateral and unfair organization. No level one sanctions yet post season penalties? AND loss of scholarships? I don’t have a computer or the time to compare this to top tier programs, but I’m sure you all will and I will be interested in your findings.

    As for the negative and sarcastic comments on Gib Arnold, does that mean I can put similar comments about Amanda Patterson who has now been promoted to Assistant Athletic Director or something like that? What? Is she not as culpable as anyone in all of this if not THE culprit? How is this Gib’s fault? The NCAA lowered or dropped sanctions against him and the University fired him without cause. He wanted nothing more than to stay and fight like heck against this ridiculous organization and their blatantly biased accusations.

    Next year, Gib’s remaining recruits will graduate and/or leave given these sanctions. Ganot will have a 20 win season this year. After that, we’ll see. So far the quality of his recruits are far below what we began to expect with coach so many of you love to hate. I like the guy and I like his coaching style so far, but his recruiting needs to step up big time.

  26. Manoa Baller!!! Yes!!! I have a friend!!!

  27. Manoa Baller:

    That Chancellor on live feed from KHON.. said, that firing Gib early last year was right thing, it proved true.. what he was alleged to have done.. they were going to question him more. then suddenly. commercial comes on.. and Bley Vroman is silenced… Wonder IF RUSH to judgement.. jump the gun. for LD settlement. and not reading contract.. YES>..
    Matlin says thing between Gib and Amanda is an anamoly .. a peculiarity, something amiss.. however did Matlin READ the whole report.. that is coming from NCAA , not Gib.. what they found and concluded as objectively as they could…Paterson, as Assistant AD.. man.. oh man…

    Davis we love you man.
    UH MBB. just have to play FOR THIS YEAR. make it to NCAA’s and graduate, or whatever you want to do..

  28. Wow that makes it sound like Valdez may be gone after this season.

  29. KellyO:

    you are true fan of MBB.. lot of ones made mistakes.This Topic about NCAA rulings.. so speak your mind..it is real.. sad but real …
    Watch tonite’s TV newscasts.. see the spin that Matlin defending Amanda, ananmoly what Gib brought out in dispute with Amanda, and Bley Vroman if any comment about terminating Gib.

    Bickerton/ Gib were right.. Gib never wanted UH MBB coaching spot back.. move on.. though clear things up. a lot has.. Gib won some and loss some..
    I am sure he does not like what happened to his recruits.. for sure..

    If you are down, on the ground. and ones dumping on you.. you know not All true.. you would fight for your career, family and life.. that is what Gib did..
    Will probably in couple of years.. took till Riley was coach of 1988-89 team till team reached the NIT after some, 15 years absent from Post Season.
    Eran Ganot.. still young person. can go to NCAA tournament with Gib/ Benjy recruits..

  30. Eran Ganot.. still young person. can go to NCAA tournament with Gib/ Benjy recruits..FOR AT LEAST THIS YEAR>>

  31. Sounds like some people wanted Gib gone, told Patterson to screw him and she gets the payoff to be associate AD? Don’t get me wrong I like Ganot so far, but I don’t like how they went about getting in Rilley’s Portmoy’s boy.

  32. What was Pattersons qualifications to be associate AD???

  33. RobT:

    Really not surprising.. both Janks and Valdes talked about Families coming here in May 2016 for their graduation ceremonies.. I always wondered if you invite your OHANA for that event.. would that signal final season for those two? Now with Thomas and Jovanovich they have NCAA granted right to transfer, since they have ONE more year to play during next year post season ban. whether to transfer.. I don’t know. some guys talk to their families.. and just stick it out.. play for wins.. best total for UH MBB season? 27.. so win 28 games. and DHC and RBC titles..
    I don’t know if UH can play for pay in CBI or CIT?

  34. I also agree with Manoa Baller.!!!

    THIS is the biggest story in the State of Hawaii !!

    It needs to be investigated !!

    We need to know what’s going on !! No doubt it will lead back to how this all got started to begin with.

    And isn’t it possible that the UH can still appeal the post season ban ?? If so, then they should !! Is this correct ? Can they appeal ? Can anyone provide some direction on this ?

  35. that is the worse case scenario.. and UH not happy with it… a post season ban for THIS year, makes sense.. for NEXT season? doesn’t make sense.. and whether level I or level II? don’t know..
    however. if anything. would not be surprised if UH appeals the post season ban for next season. the NCAA they know what they are doing. that ban,.. next season can cripple UH MBB for several years..
    hope UH. gets it all together. hey that is my alma mater.. want it to be the best with the best people.. running the Campus.

  36. “the NCAA panel cleared Arnold of all “Level I” violations – considered the most serious – and have reduced them to “Level II” charges. All “Level II” violations were dropped to “Level III,” and a number of other charges were dropped altogether.”
    from HNN..
    I guess that is what Gib and team wanted the reduced most serious alleged infractions.. AGAIN.. did UH do due diligence? the fire without cause, the leaks to press and in print.. it was Judge, Jury and Excecutioner of Gib.. I don’t know.. it sounds like UH, just not akamai.. that hurts the students.. for sure.. what about the everyday, non athlete, tuition bearing young people? they need better facilities. enough teachers/ professors and programs not cut back. that is just as important..

  37. HNN: statement from Gib.. if ONLY UH worked with Gib and team..

    “I think the University sent the wrong message to the players and the public by lying down without a fight,” Arnold said in a statement. “While it helped them to oust me, it does harm to the program. We teach the kids to never give up, to fight on against the odds, and to stick up for and stand by one another. I lived by that example, and I think the players can take heart from that. They (UH) didn’t have to lose two scholarships and receive a post-season ban. I truly think we could have achieved that, had the school stood by me.”

  38. Kelley, What good is lowered or dropped sanctions, when UH still gets a post season ban ?

  39. It’s unfortunate that the toxic relationship between Gib and Amanda likely led the program to where it is today. I won’t defend either; they were both culpable.

    Despite the public revelation of Amanda’s part in this mess (finally), she gets a promotion only because she’s a favorite of the chancellor (who indicated so in a column by Ferd Lewis).

    I agree with Kelley about the NCAA, it’s hard not to do so, but as long as its the ruling body, schools have to play by its rules no matter how hypocritical it is when dealing with the haves and have-nots.

    Does the future look bleak? Yes. But the biggest challenge the program faces is this year with this team. This team has the potential to easily better last year’s 8-8 BW record, and take some momentum into the tournament.

    Let’s see if the team can put the distractions aside and beat UNI.

  40. Anyone doubt now that Gib was targeted to be ousted? You can get rid of anyone at UH if you really want to. Cause they don’t like people that ruffle their feathers.. But they love those that walk with their tails between their legs with a yes sir. We got choke that kind people working on campus. They’re called APT’s. Easy to hire and easy to fire. I won’t say that Gib was Mr. Clean. But he wasn’t corrupted either. They made him look bad.

    As for the Associate AD position. You don’t need qualifications if you come from the kohut gang. Strange how Patterson got a promotion exactly when the NCAA disclosed its sanctions. Give em a promotion for doing the dirty work. That’s how it works here.

    What goes around comes around. Every dog will have his day.

  41. Islandman, if Gib had stayed on and UH had fought the accusations altogether, if Patterson had worked with her colleagues instead of against them, then perhaps all sanctions would have been dropped, perhaps they could have been disproved or more of a slap on the wrist. Perhaps perhaps but we’ll never know. I still think about Isaac Fotu and the what ifs.

  42. Damn that is a waste for 2016-17 season for next year I do expect Pretty much all significant players on the team to transfer. It’s going to be Death Valley at the Stan sheriff next year its going to be like the girls games empty I hope I’m wrong.

    well at least the football program looks like it’s looking bright for next year I’m waiting for The rest of Rolovich hires and recruits

    Go Bows shock the nation this year Cinderellas darling in the making or should I say The Suicide Squad Manoa why not hey have nothing to lose haha just my opinion

  43. Ok, historian Uhf1 will tell you it took about 5 years after the last NCAA sanctions in 1975-76 for UH to back to an overall winning record and six for a winning conference record.

  44. servante I remember you commenting to myself and eagle about that..Gib was targeted…and we know he was.. he no angel. I was harping on him when allegations first came out.. however.. everyone can defend him self or herself..

    UH will they ever learn. NOW no one , no entity wants to put money into Athletics over there.. even academics.. it is sad.. really sad.. back in the day.. for we alumnus. was small school, however not the political things. as bad.. now pretty bad.

    Wonder how Matlin, Bley Vroman, Paterson, does she go to SSC games? I would think not.

    And KellyO, yes, I feel sorry for my friend Tonganator who is reading our comments.. great family. Isaac Fotu no criminal that is for sure, good family and Fotu was a real talent.. IF Amanda, UH, and that powers that corrupt and control at manoa, work together.. even sit down and talk story.. work as A TEAM.. NONE of this would have happened.. and perhaps we would be seeing This year team with Isaac Fotu, Sammis reyes and company going for 2nd consecutive NCAA appearance that is for sure.

    Bows get that UNI win. !

  45. Because the NCAA classified this case as Level II-Aggravated, UH gets a post-season ban per the chart below.” The panel determined the following factors applied, resulting in the panel classifying this case as Level II–Aggravated,for the institution, the former head coach and former assistant coach1. …. ”
    (Factors were listed in the report)


  46. Gary D said Valdes’ father was very upset at the NCAA, which leads one to think Valdes was probably thinking of coming back next season, if there was no post-season ban .

  47. Islandman, where was this chart for Syracuse? How did we get a one year post season suspension and Syracuse only got a one year suspension? Their coach who is supposedly by NCAA standards supposed to be accountable for 10 years of violations gets a 9 game suspension but UH gives our coach da boot. And I don’t really need to get into what they did versus what we did, do I? It’s just silly. Don’t be silly.

  48. Kelley, yes, it seems unfair. I only guess, without looking into it, that the NCAA classified Syracuse’s case as Level I- Standard. ( No Aggravation ?)

  49. NCAA.. too bad mid majors if they had clout and monies as do the P5 schools, the power conferences the haves.. band together and form, a Collegiate Athletic Association. with more input, and fairness.
    NCAA.. they can do what they want. they make the rules.. And interesting , THEY are the enforcement division for the NCAA member schools.. that is why protocol and compliance so important. hard job, though has to be done.. Make sure abide..

    Still , I thought so.. eagle, jjay, servante and WI nation.. THIS was to be Payoff year for MBB team.. the AV, MT, Q, Jovanovic, Janks, Bobbitt and the gang..

    Backs to the wall like last season.. and NOW I can mention his name.. Never interviewed or accused by NCAA investigation.. ONE BENJY TAYLOR.. would have had a shot to guide team For only One year, this one. to NCAA tournament..however Benjy took high road, moved on. and wishes this team the best.. HE wants this BB team to go to NCAA tournament.. why the Level II aggravated.. I don’t know what that means.. not fair a lot of things.. in life as Benjy said too, to the guys.

  50. islandman:

    you are fair and balanced.. always getting stats, metrics and information for WI and the other forums.. thankyou.. I never claimed to know all the NCAA infractions or rules, sanctions.. too many stuff. UH hope never have to get hit by anything like this again.. that recruiting thing. will hurt UH MBB.. unless. Ganot, just tells guys for coming year, recruits. you want to Play in Hawaii? just have fun and go to school.. then following year. play for dance, as did U. Conn. who came back after one year post season ban. and what happened? they Won the national championship

  51. Uhf1…. From the old tv program, Life of Riley, “What a revoltin’ development this is “.
    At least Buggs and Owies stay commited, so far.

  52. Gib Gib Gib. If it weren’t for you and your poor choices our program wouldn’t be in the current state you put us in. NCAA should have given you a lifetime ban. Selfish Self Serving Liar. The Warriors will survive this and maybe we can possibly challenge the post season sanctions. North Carolina committed far worse violations and what happened to them ? Zero. Minor. The guys on the team are being the scapegoats being punished for doing nothing wrong. Protect the House Warriors and win this freaken tournament !!!

  53. Kelley ….Because the Syracuse case “straddled the implementation of the new penalty structure, they were entitled to the more lenient penalty structure” per the NCAA Syracuse infractions decision. So, apparently, even though the case was classified Level I-AGGRAVATED, the NCAA accepted their self-imposed only one year post season ban. I think that’s what happened without reading the whole decision. Also on appeal, their scholarship penalty was reduced by one per year.

  54. The UNC case hasn’t been decided yet, i think.

  55. Jjay, sorry, you are an idiot……read the report, Amanda Petersen…..

  56. Sorry baller Gib misled and lied to the investigators. His former assistants Fisher and former director of operations states that they were asked by Gib to lie on several issues. Pump some air into your ball dribble to the arena and support the team. I don’t agree with the politics going on in the athletic dept. and upper campus. It is what it is. So support the program.

  57. Takes two to tango, get into Beef, that is what happened with Gib and Amanda.. however where WAS Amanda’s oversight, her boss, telling her, get things straight , correct.. we cannot have UH MBB implode. .. she , whether Agenda, and probably so, driven.. went to work to fire Gib. and Gib had to Fire a salvo or two or three.. and Gib goes 2-0 vs Amanda/ UH.. winning LD settlement and lessened ncaa alleged infractions.. since Gib won some.. he always maintained according to his attorney.. he would take FULL responsibility since under his watch. HOWEVER wanted to go to NCAA hearing. so he could , with what was left of .. OR really NO help from his school , UH.. and NCAA believed him.. he was guilty of things. however not as harsh.. Judge granted Gib LD settlement.. and Gib has great six figure salaried scout position in Boston Celtics.. NBA legendary organization..

    I guess. Gib rest easy now.. He never wanted, the Athletes to suffer.. through post season ban.. wanted UH admin/ Paterson Amanda to help fix things. so NEVER ever would have gone this far..

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