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Bobbitt gets second Big West Player of the Week award


After leading the University of Hawai’i basketball team to an impressive third-place showing in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic last week, senior point guard Roderick Bobbitt was named the Big West Conference Player of the Week on Monday.

It is the second time this season that Bobbitt has been recognized as the Big West Player of the Week. This is Hawai’i’s fourth season in the Big West, and the only other UH player to receive the award twice in the same season is Christian Standhardinger (he actually did it twice – as a junior in 2012-13, and a senior in 2013-14).

Bobbitt averaged 22.0 points, 5.0 assists and 3.7 rebounds per game in three games at the Diamond Head Classic, and was named to the All-Tournament Team. He shot 17 for 29 (.586) from the field, including 9 for 13 (.692) from 3-point range. He also went 23 for 26 (.885) from the free-throw line, and played 113 out of a possible 120 minutes.

Included in that total are a career-high 32 points against No. 3 Oklahoma, followed by 30 points against Auburn. Only two previous players in UH basketball history have achieved back-to-back 30-point games (Gavin Smith in 1977 and Anthony Harris in 1995). For what it’s worth, no UH player has ever scored 30 points or more in three consecutive games.

Here is the official announcement from the Big West Conference:

Back-to-back 30-point efforts landed Hawai‘i senior Roderick Bobbitt (Oakland, Calif./Indian Hills (Iowa) CC) his second Big West Men’s Basketball Player of the Week award this season.

The 6-3 guard earned a spot on the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic All-Tournament team as he helped the Rainbow Warriors match their best finish in the tournament with a third place showing.

Bobbitt opened the tourney with a relatively quiet scoring night of four points against Northern Iowa, but he dished out a game-high eight assists to go along with three rebounds and a steal in a 68-52 win.

Against No. 2/3 Oklahoma, Bobbitt poured in a career-high 32 points on 8-of-12 shooting, including 3-for-4 from three-point range and 13-for-16 at the free throw line. He added six assists, four rebounds and three steals as UH nearly upset the Sooners in an 84-81 loss.

Smith became just the third player in UH history to record back-to-back 30-point games as he erupted for 30 against Auburn in the third place game. He hit a career-high six three-pointers (in 7 attempts) as the ‘Bows the 79-67 victory over the SEC opponent.

Others nominated: Reese Morgan (Cal Poly); Micheal Warren (CSUN); Luke Nelson (UC Irvine); Jaylen Bland (UC Riverside); Michael Bryson (UC Santa Barbara).


  1. he keeps on a roll.. opens eyes up for NBA scouts.. would it be ironic if he is on team Green and White in college.. and ended up on a NBA pro team Green and White? late 2nd round NBA draftee or Free agent guaranteed signed? wow..

    BWC POY , could be. if UH wins both BWC championships. under his leadership. and NCAA/ NIT deep run..

  2. Rod will continue to receive accolades throughout the season. So will some of the other players.

    This award is not only attributed to his play, but rather a reflection of a team effort committing to giving up good shots for great ones. running through the offense like it should be, and playing good D.

    Who are they referring to in the second to the last paragraph? Smith? If this is the official announcement from the BWC, they have problems.

    Officiating continues to be a problem. Understand that we can’t get all of the calls but is this because we are Hawaii and not the #3 team in the college polls or a team that beat a team who had upsets over other ranked teams? Some quite obvious calls were missed or were called one sided.

    UNI – don’t hate. Anyone check out their website? They hemmed and hawed all about their loss to the Bows. Haters!

    Go Bows!!!

  3. I can’t help but think he will get another before the season is over.
    Well deserved. Congrats.

  4. eagle …UH is ranked No. 24 in Mid Major Top 25,


  5. Just a quote:
    ”Meadowlark was the most sensational, awesome, incredible basketball player I’ve ever seen,” NBA great and former Globetrotter Wilt Chamberlain said shortly before his death in 1999. ”People would say it would be Dr. J or even (Michael) Jordan. For me it would be Meadowlark Lemon.”


    RIP Meadowlark
    … maybe one more bucket of confetti

  6. Interesting facts about UH records. Bobbitt has an excellent opportunity to do what no other UH player ever did: 3 consecutive games of 30 or more. But if the game with Mississippi Valley State is blowout maybe Bobbitt don’t play too many minutes. 20 points would still be awesome though. His free throws definitely adds points to his total. His last 3 games he brought his A game in all facets of the game. If Bobbitt maintains or increases his scoring I agree scouts will start to come around. Hard to find quality point guards that can dictate tempo and have the ability to score when others having poor games. Teams will watch Bobbitt from now on. This will give Valdes more room to operate. Fact I think it will be Valdes’ turn to hit 30 tomorrow. The team getting meaner by the day. So many weapons. What’s more I think Ganot will shine even more come conference play. That’s where his ability to analyze all the teams and produce a winning formula will come into play. And that’s the area UH was weak in the past.You could say players mostly win pre-season. But conference play takes both the talents of players and coaches to produce a winner.

  7. islandman — Thanks — Did See that, too

    Zags #1
    St. Mary’s #2
    UNI #8
    BYU #9
    Wichita #10
    IRVINE # 16
    SFAustin #19 (Next Year’s DHC)

    Keep Climbin’ ‘Bows!
    CAN See Improvement Just About Game-by-Game

    Free Throws
    Overall Shooting

    Hawai’i Staff has GOOD BWC/West Coast Knowledge
    Did WELL Against DHC-Class Coaches…

    How Much MORE Can Janks AND Roderick Improve?
    I’m Looking For More Slams On Rim from Aaron, Thomas & Tummala
    Conveying More of An Attitude Of Muscle….

    GO ‘BOWS!
    FINAL Tune-Ups Before (Historic? Precedent-Setting?) BWC RUN


    DM: What Is Deadlne to Appeal Next Season’s Post-Season Ban?
    YOU KNOW There’s NO Justification FOR (OR We woulda done it Last Year)
    (NCAA Does NOT Do Well in Court…)
    Isn’t It Time To STOP Them from Treating OUR Program Like Second-Class Citizens?

  8. In conference play someone pointed out too that the other teams have better scouting reports than the non-conference opponents and more previous games to analyze and can prepare for UH better.

  9. Sounds Like WE Are On The Same Page…

    THIS Is Where The GRINDERS (Like NFL) Potentially HIT Their Stride….

    Aaron, Janks, Fleming AND Bobbitt
    (THAT One Still Surprises Me, Even After TWO in a Row…I’m SMILING, Too ;-}
    CAN ALL Hit For 20-30…

  10. islandman,
    what happened to the standard AP and the other (Coaches)poll whose name I forgot? Why they split it up like that? Is it that if your not in the Big5 conferences your considered less? or is this just another poll just fiddling with #’s from the main polls I mentioned

  11. Hawaii only been on the road once and lost, that could be a factor too. Maybe that RailRoad Officiating is still in people’s mind, I don’t know

  12. Texas Tech — Railroading or NOT — is Now Getting Votes in the AP & USA Today (Regular) Top 25 Poll…
    Oklahoma Up To #2 in USA Today, Still #3 in AP…
    UNC & Iowa State Still in Top 11 despite Loses to UNI
    (Shouldn’t COACHES Be Self-Banning UNC for Academic Fraud?)
    Gonzaga #24 in USA

    The Mid-Major’s POLL Represents NON-BIG-FIVE Like you Said,,,

    BUT i did Not Realize Mountain West is NOT Represented or Considered a Mid-Major Conference;
    I’m thinking there’s Several “Between Power Five and Mid-Majors”…

  13. These conferences are not considered as collegeinsider mid-major teams, per wikipedia,
    All conferences that sponsor FBS football, except for the MAC and Sun Belt
    Atlantic 10
    Big East

  14. Anyone read the recent article on suspnsions related to use of pakalolo use??? Looks like the NCAA schools are changing there tune, just like States allowing use. I once heard that a majority of basketball players at D1 and Professional levels use it….just goes to show all you fuddy-duddys out there always complaining about it. Time to move forward with the times and move out from the good ol’ boys era…..

  15. Bigdaddy94…

    Keeping it real..we shall see how year turns out..
    We have never seen Ganot coach a whole conference season for NCAA D1 team
    Core team intact..
    How will good coaches in BWC scout and disrupt UH ?
    Good point by some analyst real time,…UH great showing AT Home SSC against couple of good teams national exposure…problem.. SOS… is not great…however overall BWC.. not too great eithef..
    Conclusion…we are atarting to count chickens before they hatch, or getting too hyped..
    BWC play , UH runs table..they are top 15 team..because of record and sweeping on road..

    I wiil be gloom and gloom advocate… UH will win BWC…regular season title, 14-2…
    Go to NIT.. Because they fall in BWC championship again..
    However finishing BWC with 27-4 record..would be awesome.
    Don’t want get hopes up too high fans, just one game , one battle at a time..
    We been devastated by just falling short before..

    Eran.. more about good recruits and work they put in rather than outstanding X and O coaching..
    Ganot prove that you can use King Bobbitt and Agent Zero to lead UH to march madness.

    Only 13 games in …UH with Ganot will be at 11-2…matching best pre BWC start 11-2 of pevious Punahou
    Grad coach who might even help Rod get to league!

    Bigdaddy94…have great time in Anaheim..hope dreams come true

    Still too early to crown Ganot as next John Wooden..

    Go Bows!

  16. And Otto…you done great..kept guys here, only loss NWC to pros..
    Guys remembered the fight you instilled in bows..
    Ganot should buy you special shave ice and Rainbow boneless chicken with gravy plate lunch..to say thanks for not leaving cupboard bare,,
    Mahalo Otto..write that book..best seller
    “My year as almost regular Head coach at UH Manoa..”

    UH won’t say thanks..sweep memory away of last year.
    I take high road and say mahalo plenty thanks, we appreciated the 2014-15 Warrior team forever!

  17. I see UCSB just beat Washington tonight on the road. They had one of the tougher pre-season schedules in BWC next to LBSU. A lot of the teams are playing Top 25 schools this week as a tune up going into the following week’s opening of the BWC schedule.

    Bryson is putting up points and Kupchak and a kid off the bench, Brewe are putting up good stats. If memory serves, they were picked 2nd over the Bowz in the pre-season poll. Most of their losses have been against PAC12 teams.

    Two more games and it will get real…Cal Poly is always tough defensively and makes you look bad.

    Got to agree with Eagle…get this APPEAL done…the program’s health depends on it.

    Congrats Bobbitt, you are a special player. Let’s getrdun tomorrow night.


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