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About those free throws …

Yes, the University of Hawai’i basketball team is fully aware of its subpar free-throw shooting so far this season. And yes, the Warriors are working at improving it during every practice.

“It’s very important,” said sophomore guard Isaac Fleming, who leads the team with a .789 percentage from the free-throw line. “Just look at the top teams, they shoot good as a team, free throws. They rarely miss free throws. We know we’re a really good and we’re a really good free-throw shooting team. We just have to capitalize and show it.”


Through the first six games of the season, the Warriors have a .609 percentage on free throws as a team. That ranks 326th among the 347 NCAA Division I teams.

The good news is the season is still very early, and the Warriors should only get better, according to head coach Eran Ganot.

“It’s been a hot topic, obviously,” Ganot said after the team converted 22 of 33 attempts in a win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff. “The magic formula was pretty simple. We go back to work, we maybe shot more free throws; we worked on a mechanical piece.”

While the percentages have not been great, Ganot added that he is encouraged by the amount of opportunities the Warriors are getting to shoot free throws. This season’s Warriors are averaging 26.8 free throw attempts (and 16.3 makes) per game. By comparison, last season’s UH team averaged 21.8 free throw attempts (and 14.9 makes) per game.

“Encouraged, obviously, by getting to the line and converting more opportunities than we had,” Ganot said. “But we have to keep moving forward because that’s a big deal, normally, in a game and especially the way it’s officiated these days.”

For the record, the worst free-throw shooting team in UH basketball history was the 1985-86 team that finished the season with a .581 percentage. That team finished with a 4-24 record.

The Warriors are next scheduled to play on Tuesday, December 8, when they host Hawai’i-Hilo at the Stan Sheriff Center.


  1. Isaac for FT instructor, so far. Notice how he aligns his arm straight towards the basket. UH FT Pct in 2014-15, 68.6 %. 2013-14, 72.2 %. 2012-13, 68.7 %. In those years, opponents shot at least 70 %. 2013-14 had Shamburger who shot 83.2 % and Nevels and Fotu who shot at least 80 % in conference play, Standhardinger 79 %.

  2. ” While the percentages have not been great, Ganot added that he is encouraged by the amount of opportunities the Warriors are getting to shoot free throws.”

    Ganot, the reason opponents are allowing us to shoot free throws is because they know we’re terrible at them.

  3. This season: Year of who makes good percentage of Free Throws, .. makes good team great, ..difference between winning and losing close games, and winning championships.
    Every guy on team , goal hit 75% or better, first minute till the last..

  4. Could be depth perception is off for some of the FT shooters.

  5. glasses? lasik surgery? or contacts? At one time Wilt Chamberlain was a good FT shooter. just lost confidence, ended up concentrating on D, rebounding , assists, and fingeroll and dunks..
    Funny how team can shoot well from outside, certain ones, and have hard time at the line. I guess they don’t shoot well at Fun Factory or state Fair, hoops shot?

  6. As a ‘Minimum’

    I Expect Mentally, The Good Coaching WILL Prevail

    MOST Phases of the Game
    Better Decisions WILL Become Second Nature
    Moment-by-Moment Smarter Decisions
    Better Choices, Better Cuts and Passes,
    Better Shots, Better Percentages
    Better Decisions WILL be Supported
    By Better Talent, Skills and Mechanics
    WILL Prevail

    AND Manifest

    IN Leads AND Wins
    And MORE Leads And Wins
    I ‘Think’ they Might have Scramble-Lost The Nevada Game Last Year
    As With High Point AND San Francisco
    The Team Knows How it COULD Have Beat Texas (Tech)
    [Growth Similar to Na Wahine (VB) — in 24 Hours
    From Struggling With BIG12 4th Place Texas (Christian)
    TO DOMINATING SEC-Champion Texas A&M]
    On THEIR Court

    ‘Calm’, Slow Down the Game
    Still Intense Defense with Low Reaching & Fouling
    FOCUS, Passing, Continue Low Turnovers

    The Good Shooters Will Soon Return to 75-80+% (FTs)
    Bobbitt, Fleming, Jankovic, Jovanovich, Tummala
    Mike Thomas, Aaron Valdes (Solid 7 of 8)
    IF Q Can Up his One of Two to Sometimes Hitting Both (1 of three? 1 of Two Trips!)
    He Can get to or above 60% …Wanna Play 34-40 mpg?
    OR Be Taken Off the Court The Last Two to Five Minutes?

  7. BTW …
    Versus Wildly (High-BETA?) RPI
    (Na Wahine VB Ranked #7, RPI 22 – 36???)

    UH WINS + Opponents Doing Well …
    Hawaii Improved from ~ #104 to ~ # 95
    In the Past week or so
    Even Though Only Playing (Beating) # 337 APB

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