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Who is Nicholls State?


You have to be quite a sports enthusiast to have heard of Nicholls State, which is the University of Hawai’i basketball team’s opponent this Sunday. The Colonels made their last (and only previous) visit to Hawai’i in 1998, and the Warriors won that game, 62-44. It was one of just six victories for UH that season.

Here are some common questions and answers about Nicholls State …

Where are they from?

Nicholls State is located in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Thibodaux has a population of approximately 15,000, and is located in the southeast section of Louisiana. It is a little more than an hour’s drive away from New Orleans.

What’s their affiliation?

The Colonels compete in the Southland Conference, which is a NCAA Division I conference for basketball. Their football team is in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).

What’s their record?

Nicholls State is 1-1 this season. It opened with a 109-62 road loss at Florida State, then followed with an 80-58 home win over Mobile. The Colonels finished 10-19 overall last season, and tied for eighth place (out of 13 teams) in the Southland Conference.

Who is their coach?

J.P. Piper has been the head coach at Nicholls State since the 2004-05 season, compiling a record of 121-201 in 11 seasons. The Colonels won 20 games in the 2008-09 season, but have not had a winning season since then.

Who are their top players?

JaDante Frye (6-4, Jr., F) is averaging 17.0 points and 7.0 rebounds per game; Luka Kamber (6-8, Jr., F) is averaging 12.0 points per game and is 6- for 17 from 3-point range. T.J. Carpenter (6-4, Sr., G) led the team in scoring last season with 10.9 points per game and is averaging 6.5 points and 4.0 rebounds per game this season.

Sunday, November 22, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center
Tickets: Upper Level – $26; Lower Level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens (65-older), $5 for students (ages 4-18). Parking is $6.
TV: Live on OCSports (channel 16 and 1016)
Streaming video: Live on www.bigwest.tv
Radio: Live on ESPN1420 AM
Audio Webcast: www.espn1420am.com
Live stats: www.hawaiiathletics.com
Doubleheader: The Hawai’i women’s basketball team will play Washington State at 5 p.m. Fans with tickets to the men’s game can arrive early to watch the women’s game.
Theme: Star Wars Night


  1. Note: Wahine play Washington State at 5 pm, rather than LMU.

    ” The community was settled by French colonists in the 18th century, who imported African slaves as workers. It was incorporated as a town in 1830 under the name Thibodauxville, in honor of local plantation owner Henry Schuyler Thibodaux. He provided land for the village and served as acting governor of Louisiana in 1824.”


  2. Correction noted. Thank you, islandman.

  3. Thanks Dayton.
    Nicholls opposed the lottery in Louisiana.

    “Francis Redding Tillou Nicholls was born on August 20, 1834, in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish. After his graduation from West Point in 1855, he practiced law in South Louisiana. During the Civil War he rose to the rank of brigadier general. His battlefield wounds cost him his left arm and foot and he was a prisoner of war. After the war he returned to his law practice in Napoleonville.

    The Louisiana State Democratic Party nominated him for governor in 1876. His election generally is considered to mark the end to Louisiana’s political Reconstruction and the reestablishment of “Home Rule.”
    His second tenure as governor (1888 1892) was climaxed by his successful opposition to the corrupt Louisiana Lottery Company. With his term completed, he was named chief justice to the Louisiana Supreme Court. He retired to his Thibodaux home in 1911 and died in 1912.”


  4. DO NOT Take Any Opponent Lightly….

    RE Islandman Post (Previous Thread):
    First-Round DHC Opponent Northern Iowa 71, #1 North Carolina 67

    Whew! Just Like Predicted…

    No Wonder Top Teams Don’t Schedule Road Games @ Up and Coming Programs…
    They’d Have to be Nuts… What’s in it for them? Smart?

    Wait ! NOVEMBER 16, 2016… UNC’s @ SSC…

    Contrary to Often Wrong OLDE Wive’s Tales, Lightning DOES Strike Twice…
    Otherwise, Lightning Rods would be like VooDoo…

  5. Spicy chicken and Pecan pie. And ooh that Jambalaya.

  6. Islandman, you must be a history major. lol.

  7. And if I recall, I believe they have really great fans. Aloha Nicholls State!

  8. Nicholls trivia: Keith Uperesa, former Punahou great and current Warrior football director of player personnel, was associate head coach at Nicholls prior to joining UH in 2011.

    Eagle: Read where UNC scheduled the rare road game because one of its top players (Marcus Paige) is from Iowa. Some homecoming as Paige did not suit up because of a hand injury. Northern Iowa starts four guards (6-1, 6-4, 6-5, 6-6), but three are seniors. They overcame a 50-34 deficit to pull off the upset.

  9. I don’t know how well Nicholls state can shoot ball from 3 point land and from FT line, plus, take care of the ball.
    David vs Goliath.. UH should be favored by what 12-14 pts? I don’t know.

    How North Carolina went down. man shows that rpi 297 could take down a rpi 97 on the road. any team at any time, with 3 point shooting and just hustle. desire to win. no matter if going against the Number one team.. nice upset by Northern Iowa. they are real deal though.. DHC has good field.

    If I were players and coach from Nicholls st. vs UH high octane defense. and up and down O? bombs away.. and draw fouls on UH.. who knows. Chaminade vs Virginia..

    From Louisiana.. might as well as eagle says have some red beans and rice, or Cajun food. I think should be fun game. . hey, UH and coach eran.. never, ever take any team lightly. 351 teams top to bottom in NCAA DI MBB.. can beat each other. love that .. what makes NCAA MBB so great !

  10. You know one thing I miss? the local products.. HS guys from Hawaii. .. have part In contributing to success of team a and wins…. too close for comfort to insert Dyrbe or Zach, hopefully one of these games…. Love the start. and UH winning with guys from all over the world, or USA. .and Canada. however ONE day.. maybe soon. local developed HS products.. starters again, the David Hallums, the Jarin Akanas, the Kalia McGees, Julian Sensleys, Bobby Nash’s..Alika Smiths. when UH has that mix of local HS product and away. then that EXTRA 2000 in house attendance.. instead of 4600 , every game, team winning 20 plus per season and March Madness invites. then Local fans will start to fill that SSC again, with the 7000-8000, like the AC/ Alika years .. Go Bows.. one day. .. local HS starters helping UH MBB win.. I am sure that is vision of Eran too ! Eran, big lead? against Nicholls, ? maybe insert Zach and Dyrbe, they hit a couple of baskets. SSC will rock guaranteed !

  11. Earlier today.. UNI (Northern Iowa) future Hawaii opponent in the DHC, and perennial NCAA Tourney team, just upset #1 North Carolina and Dean Smith 71-67 after UNC blew a big lead. Just a heads up before the Diamond Head Classic, this is a high RPI opponent.

  12. Dean Smith in spirit with Roy Williams as coach.

  13. UH team represents UH Players are selected from UH students Would there be any uni that relied on local born talent only We should apprecaite all players and it should not matter where they are from Court time should be given depending on situation and what is needed at the time That being said I hope the whole bench get some time on the floor Our success may depend on their confidence growing as well In warm ups it looks like we have a bit of talent on the bench especially shooters I am sure all fans would be happy to see any of the bench on regardless of where they are born especially given the passion and involvement they are showing on the sidelines. Go Bows

  14. 5 things…

    1. Hawaii opponents Montana State and Nevada have won their last games, helping Hawaii’s strength of schedule (SOS). Coastal Carolina also won their last two, but against non-DI teams. Hopefully, these 3 teams continue to win in their respective conferences, helping Hawaii’s SOS. Let’s nNiot forget, Coastal Carolina won over 20 games last year and made it to the NCAA’s.

    2. That Nicholls State game should be an easy victory for Hawaii. Hopefully Hawaii gets to give their bench players (like Stepteau and Drammeh) some playing time to get some good game experience. The DHC goes 3 games in 4 days, so it may be wise to play our bench a little more, to help provide our starters some rest.

    3. That Texas Tech game is going to be HUGE, being our only ROAD game before the DHC. Texas Tech will be the ONLY true obstacle we have until the DHC, and if we win that game… we could go 7-0 before the DHC. By the way, TT is playing decent so far, with a 2-1 record… and they play well at home, as shown by their win last year over Iowa State, amongst others from the Big 12.

    4. Speaking of the DHC, Hawaii’s first opponent Northern Iowa is an NCAA tournament-quality team. They just beat #1 North Carolina today. Enough said. If we somehow get by UNI, we then are on a collision course with #6 Oklahoma on Day 2 of the DHC. If Hawaii goes undefeated before the Big West season, I guarantee you Hawaii will be in the top 25. HUGE IF… but Hawaii’s schedule is set up nicely for their non-conference part of the season.

    5. Hawaii’s non-conference schedule (with our home games) is a stark contrast to Long Beach’s non-conference schedule (with their tough road games). Some people believe Hawaii’s scheduling approach doesn’t prepare us for the Big West tournament as well as Long Beach’s schedule… but I think Hawaii has a great opportunity this season to get back to the NCAA’s. Right players, right schedule, and perhaps… the right coach.

  15. I don’t think we need local kids on the team to fill the arena. AC Carter filled the Arena pretty well because he was that fun to watch. I think fans need to build their confidence in the program, even though it’s the same guys, because the Admin screwed up so bad and the NCAA is still out on us. So I’m sure that didn’t help season ticket sales. Also, Hawaii people like big games. So far…no big name teams or big name conferences. The win by Northern Iowa was huge, that makes that a big game for us and that should draw a big crowd, especially if Northern Iowa continues to do well. If we keep doing well, by Big West play no reason we shouldn’t be getting at least 6500 in the Stan. At least. Go Warriors!

  16. NOBODY In BIG WEST Hosts a Tourney as good as DHC Every Year
    LBSU Plays ROAD Games (probably) ‘cos no one Wants to GO To LBSU
    Maybe Not Even As Good As Rainbow Classic.
    NOT Nice to Loyal Chaminade BUT UH Should Take Over MAUI ESPN Tourney as Well
    BALANCE The Budget (RILEY Was Wrong on This One…)
    CAN Leave In Chaminade College of Honolulu as an Honorary Member Every Year similar to UH- Hilo in RC?
    (See Na Wahine Scedule — CAN Save One (or Two) Teams from getting SWEPT in Honolulu
    (Might Save Head Coaches’ job)



    I Don’t Think YOU Learn As Much LOSING as You Do WINNING (I’ll Take MY Chances Winning)
    Which IS Better Approach: LBSU OR UH? We’ll ‘KNOW’ MAYBE by BWC Tourney…
    BUT Easily Top Four of BWC… (For Preps)
    I STRONGLY Prefer EARN As YOU Learn — i.e., WIN(!) While You Learn
    I ‘THINK’ You Learn BAD Habits by LOSING [SEE UHFB Team…]
    One or Three (even FIVE like Last Year) Pre-Season Road Games is Plenty
    Neutral Maui PITT And Florida is Smart

  17. Eagle…

    You make a great point with Long Beach State… So far in the last couple of years, their David vs. Goliath on the road schedule hasn’t really panned out for them, having fallen flat in the Big West tournament the last few years.

    Take a look at Long Beach’s December schedule…

    Dec. 6 – At UCLA
    Dec. 18 – At Oregon
    Dec. 22 – At Arizona
    Dec. 30 – At Duke

    Knowing that Long Beach (and all the other BW schools) have a hard time scheduling good teams to play at BW arenas, I believe Hawaii is fortunate that we are able to draw teams (like Oklahoma) to come to Hawaii on national tv to play Hawaii… So… WE BETTER WIN!!!

  18. I guess I like the Enos and Buscher families. .. their guys, going to school there,.. for Hawaii. . practicing as hard, cheering on team, and having fun as student athletes..

    However, you have a Julian Sensley, Derrick Low,Alika Smith, Brad Pineau, , Jarin Akana, Kalia McGee, Bobby Nash, Tim DeSilva, Howie Dunham, Dennis Sallas, who were considered the best out of HS of their time , the families and friend of the local guys will come out to support. . that is the missing 2000 extra fans.. really.. as For AC KellyO? what made thay dynamic dual so great? was his partner in battle Alika Smith.. when AC came on board.. made Alika that much better..

    Still remember the cries for we want Lance , we want Lance. . or Takaki.. Takaki !!
    That is what Eran , if he is still here 10 years from now, is shooting for , develop the youth in Hawaii into NCAA DI caliber basketballers..it has been awhile.. however there is a really good 8th grader, in private school here. in 5 years. .maybe He will be that local product . making major contribution..Even the Football team.. you see local/ mailand/ Samoa/ Australia.. . blend.. that is what Hawaii is about. however.. UH wants to market for Hawaii fans? Even Fab five had the local boys as subs coming into to spell the Fab 5 for a minute or two rest..was fun.. oh well. one day, .That is what I miss. the local HS ballers. I know they will be back with UH MBB starting again.

  19. hey wait a minute? what we forgot? the season is not even in BWC play.. ! we gotta wait and see. stay healthy. and I hope more people that can go, not home bound. will go. cost money and time.. plus on TV.. however.. great that the students.. show up.. nice if they are allowed into lower bowl. maybe one game .. 1000 of the Manoa Maniacs in the house. or the Bowzos !

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