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Warriors ready to exhibit new look against Chaminade

Exhibition or not, the University of Hawai’i basketball team understands the importance of Thursday’s exhibition game against Chaminade.

“They’re coming in like this is their national championship,” junior forward/center Stefan Jankovic said. “They’re expecting us to probably be sloppy and not come out because they’re D-II or (this is) an exhibition, or whatnot, but that’s not the case. We all have a good mindset … we’re going to treat every game like the Big West championship.”


The Warriors will host their NCAA Division II neighbor, Chaminade, at 7 p.m. in Stan Sheriff Center. The final result and statistics will not count, but the performance of the Warriors under first-year head coach Eran Ganot could certainly go a long way.

“It’s a new system,” junior guard/forward Aaron Valdes said. “You’re going to see a lot of different stuff out there when we’re playing. I’m excited to get out there and play and see how it works.”

Hawai’i returns 11 players from last season’s 22-13 team, including seven players who started games at one time or another. While last season’s team relied on a frenetic style, there is a sense of intrigue entering this season, as Ganot has instilled new schemes on both ends of the court.

“We’re not there yet, but I can feel it – every practice we’re getting better and trusting each other more,” Valdes said.

The Warriors are picked to finish third in the Big West Conference, and Valdes was selected to the Preseason All-Big West Conference Team. The 6-foot-5 junior led the team in both scoring (13.7) and rebounding (5.3) last season.

The Warriors routed Chaminade, 94-63, in a regular-season game that counted last season. Valdes had 23 points and nine rebounds in that win.

Returning starting point guard Roderick Bobbitt had 15 points, 13 rebounds and six assists in the win over Chaminade. Besides Valdes, Bobbitt, and Jankovic, the other key returnees for the Warriors this season include Isaac Fleming, Mike Thomas, Quincy Smith and Stefan Jovanovic.

Chaminade finished 12-14 last season, and is picked to finish fifth in the 14-team Pacific West Conference.

Kuany Kuany, a 6-7 guard/forward, was named to the Preseason All-Pacific West Conference Team. He averaged team-highs of 15.3 points and 7.4 rebounds per game as a sophomore last season.

Other key returnees for the Silverswords include 6-6 guard Kevin Hu, 6-7 shooting guard Kiran Shastri, 6-4 guard James Harper, and 6-4 guard Oscar Pedroso.

— — — — — — —

The mysterious case of Isaac Fleming appears to be close to a resolution. After missing more than a week of practices, the 6-4 sophomore guard made an appearance last night, although just to observe practice.

He is not expected to play in the exhibition game against Chaminade, but could perhaps resume practicing after that as the Warriors prepare for the November 13 season opener against Montana State.

Hawai’i vs. Chaminade
Where: Stan Sheriff Center
When: Thursday, November 5, 7:00 p.m.
Television: None
Radio: None
Tickets: All seating for this exhibition game is general admission — $10 for adults, $8 for senior citizens (ages 65 and older), $5 for students (4 through high school)
Parking: $6


  1. well, it took seems like forever ! now some hoops, hope everyone healthy, all the way around. and team is happy and good to go !

    Go Bows/ Warriors !! that is the mindset guys. play every game to win and look to win BWC championships.. !!

  2. that Janks.. man, he is the glue, the guy with sense of humor, and knows real world.. and keeping focus.. applaud you Janks.. you should be a Captain type just by example !
    Stef has to take a bath,/ showers? that is .. what can you say,.. real, athletes do work up sweat.. and they shower after, OR before I guess..

    Janks, you make us laugh , which is good !

  3. Always a very competitive and high scoring game against Chaminade. As Janks said, this is that time of year you can’t wait to play someone other than your teammates. Let’s see how many students show up.

    By way of comparison, I spoke to the Asst. AD at Valparaiso U. They had similar problems this year in scheduling, like UH. Ken Pomeroy has them ranked #35 and the other teams that they usually schedule in preseason did not want to have anything to do with them, like Duke for one. In fact, no one wanted to play them on their own gym. The only good opponents they could get after contacting 20 teams were Oregon and Oregon St…both on the road only. It just goes to show that the better team you have as a mid major school, the less likely a Top Tier opponent wants to risk a defeat. We need to be thankful for the DHC.

    I also took in an exhibition game on the mainland as a friend of mine was refereeing it. That new shot clock does really make a difference in the turnaround time in the game. Hand Checking on defense will be called more frequently this season.

    Congrats M/M Ganot.


  4. Men’s basketball APR is a concern with projected APR of 900 for 2014-15 ( benchmark cutoff is 930) but subject to appeals such as exemptions for Fotu and Reyes. However, the projected Multiyear rate is 944. Matlin says that one more bad year could hurt , with sanctions if so. Why does Reyes affect the APR ? How does NWC’s departure affect it ?
    Also interesting article in SA on assistant Chris Acker who is working with the UH big men. His wife is a local girl.

  5. It’s super busy at work but going to try to make it to the exhibition tonight.

    To Isaac Fleming: I’ve been listening closely to a lot of Coach Ganot’s pre-season interviews and it sounds like his new half-court offensive sets will involve a lot of dribble penetration. I think you’re one the best on the team in being able to do that and could really thrive in this system.

    I remember coach saying in one radio interview that you’ve got the hard part down in being able to effectively penetrate and attack, you just have to learn how to make good decisions once you’re in the paint. That’s what college is for, honing your game so you can get to the next level. With both Rod and Q graduating this year, you could be the heir apparent at point.

    Go all in and see what happens this year. Work hard, get some good grades, your future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades!

  6. Finally some good news to hear that Fleming is back! He is a big part of this team and can not afford to lose any of the “top 7” guys for the season. This exhibition game good chance to let the young guys play anyway and just get the main guys ready to go for start of season.

  7. I’m sure tonight’s game will be a little raw in terms of offensive execution of the new system. But we should get a glimpse of the kind of ball movement this new offense will produce. Taking care of the ball is now going to be paramount to it’s success. And of course scoring. Bobbitt especially will be key in distributing the ball and producing a good tempo. I’ve always liked the St. Mary’s patient, disciplined game. However, the new shot clock will take getting use to. It basically falls in Bobbitt’s hands how good he can play with the clock. The defense needs no introduction. Would be nice if reserves can produce. But let’s be realistic: the 7 will get the bulk of the pt. There’re not my favorites. Just no one else currently at that level.

  8. Sorry maybe I spoke too soon. Nothing official from UH about Fleming and Ganot said in newspaper story that “status remains unchanged.”

    Reading between the lines, it looks like Fleming has been issued a suspension but UH not wanting to say. For some of you old-timers, this reminds me of the Animal House movie with “double secret probation” and a bunch of UH version of Dean Wormers trying to keep everybody in line.

    People including me said before UH not helping themself by not saying anything. So many rumors came out already about seeing Isaac at the airport and cleaning out his locker. People going keep guessing like this until UH say something official.

  9. islandman:

    that is MAJOR concern, when you talking about APR problems for MBB program, and fallout of possible sanctions. on top of hearings ncaa results from Dallas.. boy, we could be in for a couple of years. of tough times..

    All the guys can do? Just have fun and play, the 20 home games sets them up to actually have shot at winning 20 games, and having chance to do some damage in BWC tourney.

    servante still concerns.. me, that top 7 guys now, the talent level.. we will know as soon as the Montana St. game.. some of those mid major teams.. have some bigs, shooters.. good guards. and some depth.. they could just run UH into foul trouble.. with that new hand checking even more under the microscope this year. the 30 second shot clock. ? I guess they want the games to end earlier…I like the near 2 hrs.. if game ends in 1 hr 38 minutes real time.. kind of not as fun. oh well.. Go Bows !

  10. Positives: 20 home SSC games.. that is a lot..
    also, eran and staff being able to work with team, from spring, through summer and into fall.. much more than before staff.. that makes HUGE difference.. team should be better prepared..

    only concern, the talent numbers.. however was done before.. the elite eight.. just eight, or maybe seven guys, heavy rotation and stay out of foul trouble. that launch in 20 seconds or less. should be fun.. if the guys hitting shots. close , mid and far.. plus rebounding and defense. take care ball. should have good season.. just hope the fans that can go. maybe that core 4000 will show every night.. and then another 500 or plus students ~

    Go Bows !1

  11. Uhfanzonly1,

    I like the new 30-second shot clock rule and the reduction of team timeouts. Both will make the tempo of the game quicker. Also, the new shot clock won’t make the game shorter since each half will still be 20 minutes long.

  12. TAVS: actually it was REAL time.. I know the halves are same,.. they were even thinking of going to 4 ten minute quarters.. might as well make it 4 twelve minute quarters, NBA 3 pt line, and 6th fouls ,, so college would be like pro minor leagues..

    anyway.. that was the thought. speed up action, scoring of game, and that running clock, and teams not able to call timeouts certain situations at end of halves..that stretches out REAL time. where you have last 3 minutes of tight ball game, that would take REAL time, 10 minutes to end.. with all the timeouts.. and substitutions, intentional fouls.. the game in REAL time could take 40 minutes more to end.. so Game Time same. the REAL time, they want to speed up.. I guess, good. less chance for guys to get hurt.. go home and shower, get ready for next game..

    I think the 30 second shot. teams cannot go to the real slow down, game.. that is where Rod or Q, or AV or MT. putting some pressure on the inbounds of other teams bringing ball up,.. they eat up a couple more seconds they will have to really hurry up to shoot.. I think this 4 out 1 big in.. tried somewhat, not greatest success last year because Janks, was not stretching floor and hitting his shots from 3, he should have stepped in a few feet. Janks is a really skilled guy, super. a leader.

    Anyways TAVS, jjay, clyde, al, warriohaw, eagle, ChuckCheese, PONO,Derek those that can go to game. let us WI fans know how in PERSON this new offense looks like.. more discipline the missing ingredient for last year NCAA almost made it, run !
    Go Bows ~! My favorite time of year !!

  13. They speed up the game.
    And we are loaded with quick guards.
    Bring it on !!
    That’s got to be worth a full shot blocking 7 footer. Maybe a guy who is 7’6″.
    This could work out for us.

  14. Bowout so far, the wrong way.

  15. s/b blowout

  16. Ok. I’m here, waiting for the exciting offense. So far it’s a no show along with the defense. Isaac’s here though 🙂 and he seems more engaged than Ganot’s! Lol. Just saying. We’re coming back though, only down by 12 right now. Keep the faith!

  17. Fleming for coach ? We miss Mike T.

  18. Damn that’s on the coach

  19. Agree Bowout Ch played 10 players by end of first Coach believes in all his players UH played 7 and none playing great Injuries aside are the rest that bad you dont give them a go! I guess son

  20. ….so. will be a long season!

  21. I definitely am not seeing the quick passing half court offense I’ve been hearing about. Some nice moves to the basket, though, but same problems finishing.

  22. or the shooting must be less than 20% for 3s i thought we had good shooters

  23. No need to panic.

  24. key stats ch v uhh
    3FG% 36% 25%
    BenchPts 23 6
    TotReb 44 37

  25. Whatever happens…Aaron’s shooting at the end of this game has been damn impressive!

  26. 101 – 96
    Big guys didn’t play much. Waiting for the Ganot interview.
    Anything ?

  27. Tummala: Maybe just rust. ??

  28. Drammeh: ??

  29. Wonder why Jovanovic hardly played. Great to see Stepteau step up. He and Quincy each had 15 points. Valdes 31 and 14 rebounds; Bobbitt 21 and 15 assists.

  30. Valdes…not for he getting hot..rebounding. ..uh mbb loses
    Without thomas and fleming…uh mbb real thin
    Get in foul trouble, trouble..

    Stepteau can shoot
    Bobbitt and smith good..quincy has to hit free throws
    Looks like, you got it , last year team core and stepteau shooting

    Long season?
    Only exhibition..better win than loss..

  31. My final observation on game: no defensive intensity. We have become accustomed to defense being the driving force that propels the offense under Gib/Benjy. I liked that. The practice time spent on defense was visible on the court and the buy-in by the players was evident. I thought it also created discipline and focus. I saw none of that tonight. When the other team scores 96 points, that worries me, especially against a Div II opponent. I don’t mean to be negative, just pointing out my initial concerns. Hopefully things improve with time and Ganot knows what he’s doing.

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