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Warriors rally for exhibition win over Chaminade


The University of Hawai’i basketball team overcame a 22-point deficit in the first half and received a late boost from an improbable source in a 101-96 exhibition game overtime victory over Chaminade at the Stan Sheriff Center on Thursday night.

The final result and statistics will not count, but there were certainly a fair share of highs and lows for the Warriors.

Aaron Valdes led the way with 31 points and 14 rebounds, Roderick Bobbitt had 21 points, 15 assists and six rebounds, and Quincy Smith contributed 15 points, six rebounds and six assists.

But it was the play of redshirt freshman Brocke Stepteau that perhaps sparked the win. He scored 10 points in the second half and hit a 3-pointer early in overtime to finish with 15 points and two assists. He shot 4 for 8 from 3-point range.

A 3-pointer by Stepteau with 1:14 remaining gave Hawai’i an 81-79 lead — its first lead of the second half. But the Warriors could not secure the win in regulation, partially due to 3 for 6 shooting from free-throw line in the final minute.

Chaminade tied the score at 84 on a driving layup by Sam Daly with six seconds remaining in regulation.

Hawai’i opened the overtime with a 10-2 surge and stayed in front the rest of the way.

Stefan Jankovic contributed 12 points and three rebounds, but was limited to 14 minutes due to foul trouble. He fouled out with 3:58 remaining.

Hawai’i led 15-11 after the first 5:32 of the game, but Chaminade then went on a stunning 29-3 surge to take a 40-18 lead with 5:20 remaining in the first half. The Warriors closed the first half with a 14-3 run to cut the Chaminade lead to 43-32 at intermission.

The Warriors played without key returnees Mike Thomas (injured) and Isaac Fleming (out for personal reasons). The starting lineup featured Roderick Bobbitt and Quincy Smith at guards, Aaron Valdes and Sai Tummala at forwards, and Stefan Jankovic at center.

Kiran Shastri led the Silverswords with 20 points. Three Chaminade players fouled out, including Kuany Kuany, who finished with 15 points and 14 reobunds.

More coverage, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.

(Game photo courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. Barnburner

  2. Need fleming…thomas
    Was following on live stats
    Seems like with issac and thomas maybe uh mbb wins by 19 pts
    I don’t know, if valdes in foul trouble , any of key guys
    Fleming, and thomas, smith, janks..bobbitt
    Remember uh mbb will play mid major lower teams with inside out games
    Only exhibition

    Uh mbb no depth on boards inside game..
    If ..heck if ih mbb wins 22, would be near miracle..
    Might run out of bodies
    Let us see how they do against montana state
    Might be looong season?
    What you warrior nation fans at game think?
    Weak areas?what to work on?

  3. Chaminade has many very tall guards, such as Shastri 6-7, Kuani 6-7, Goodwin 6-5, Daly 6-4, Hu 6-6, Harper 6-4, Pedroso 6-4, Ware 6-3 .

    Good for Stepteau. They came back in the 2nd half with Valdes four straight shots, among some other contributors; went ahead on Brocke’s 3 pointer with 1:14 left in the 2nd half.

    Need to work on defense on 3’s and on layups, rebounding, free throws etc.

  4. Anyone know why Jovanovic did not play? I came towards the end of the first half.

    Take away our bigs and you got the makings of a division II team. The lone big tonight Jankovic left off from last season in foul trouble. It’s going to be a long season if Ganot can’t find a way to keep the bigs out of foul trouble. Steptoe was a mild surprise. We will see what they can do against Montana State with the team at full strength. They got their work cut out In correcting their mistakes from tonight. But can’t be too hard on them as half the rotation out.

  5. Chaminade is good team..uh mbb might struggle this year
    What happened to the vaunted 4 out 1 big in?
    Did chaminade do what most teams will do to uh mbb team this year like last? Zone UH..Dare them to shoot outside?
    Thankful for uh experienced guards ..look like stepteau real deal shooter,
    However chaminade no shot blockers? Uh mbb missed lot of layups

    Only can get better
    Just have to stay out of foul trouble and handle zones

  6. Jovanovic was in early foul trouble I believe.

  7. Hey uh mbb win 18 games ..great season
    Think they win more
    If first five scorers stay in game
    Look like valdes all bwc player of year chance..

  8. I thought Quincy did alright. He just need to cut out the schoolyard plays and he should be ok. He did admirably filling in for Fleming. Thomas on the other hand was sorely missed. Sai T is a hard worker and all but he is not very polished as a basketball player. Thomas could have posted a double double tonight. Chaminade was neither big nor athletic and I think Mike would have had a good game. Sai only had 5 pts. That’s not impressive against a small team like Chaminade.

    Hope Sai improve fast cause Jovanovich is useless on this team. He played only a handful of minutes in the first half and ZERO minutes in the second. Very telling that Ganot rather go small and use Stepteau…..Drummeh.and even Buscher instead of Jovanovich.

  9. This had better be a major wake up call!!! Chaminade is a lower division team that you needed to claw your way back into this game. Fleming was severely missed. Sheriff and Brooke received some important playing time, and showed that they could be special in the future. Don’t know why Jovanavic did not get more playing time??? Tummala was a little off on his shot but played important minutes with M Thomas having a knee sprain. The offense looked pathetic at times, and the defense was just as porous. The team seems to play better when they are running a full court defense.

  10. Kind of disappointed with the play. I didn’t not watch the game don’t know what happened when chaminade made that run to lead by 22

    I just hope better performances especially on defense next game

  11. Yeah ….Jovanovich was in foul trouble in the 1st half but he still had 3fouls to give in the 2nd half and Ganot didn’t even bother to put him in. He was very ineffective offensively and a liability defensive because of his lack of quickness. CU’s big men were running around screens and picks and shooting outside shots. Jovanovich could not keep up.

  12. What happened to Enos.

  13. looked better and went ahead when we were 4 out – 1in. Shooting v poor esp 3s but hit some big shots when needed I guess new freshman are not as great from 3 land as we first were led to believe. Disappointing first outing on many levels – defence, rotations, depth etc IF might add some fire power but team chemistry didnt seem right – that is the coaches job – get all players from 1-15 motivated and ready to play Need to go a lot deeper that 7 or 8 players

  14. Possibly rough first year for eran?
    Losing some guys tough
    Man was looking forward to mbb
    Maybe they make cameo of 14-15 season?

  15. Lol. You guys are nuts. It was an exhibition! Sure, it’d be great to win, but the main thing is to tune-up and come out unscathed by injuries. Ganot went small ball (Rod, Q, and Brocke) with Valdes and Sai/Sherriff/Janks. I highly doubt that’ll be a 7man lineup used again at full strength.

    Looked like Jovanovic was hobbled or something and didn’t play the 2nd half. Mike Thomas would’ve had a big game if he played. Janks was getting hammered in the paint and The refs were inconsistent. The small lineup did enough to win.

    Would like to see more defensive intensity, though; Especially on the fast break side.

    If you watched the game, Chaminade hit a bunch of tough shots and they were playing pretty physical. They definitely came to play. Credit to them.

  16. Not so sure Enos fits into this type of offense where you have to be able to dribble and pass. Enos is a shooter. He need to be able to dribble and pass or the offensive rhythm will be messed up. I’m more surprised that Filipovich didn’t play. Dude a good ball handler and a pest defensively.

    Brocke and Sherriff are true pgs so they are very good at handle the ball…..Enos not so much. He again will be relegated to getting PT only in blowouts.

  17. my point exactly exhibition game no real stand outs until last quarter and we still only used 7 players surely if you have 13 in a squad you try to see how they go in real time Build their confidence in case you have injury Those guys who didnt get a look in with two players down must know their future this year

  18. Either Chaminade is a good Div II team or UH is having difficulty adjusting to playing Ganot ball. Thinking about setting up the plays on offense clouds their minds and if the offense does not become 2nd nature to this group of players, expect a season of 15 wins or less.

    You’ll here the displeasure should they win 15 or less. However, they will give him 4 years like they did Chow. Ganot ball will be basically all his recruits except the current redshirt freshmen in year 4. No excuses by then. Problem is that no big and decent inside player recruited that would of helped in the play inside this year.

    I do hope my point of view is wrong but the potential of lesser results are in the ingredients that is starting to unfold.

  19. just followed whole game on live stats.. beginning wow. chaminade seemed like could not miss.. UH could not score, etc.

    What got UH back into game, and eventually struggle to win in OT? I hate to say it.. however that is the strength of Quincy, Rod, Aaron, even Brocke, who is a good shooter.. quick little guy.. get up and down, pressure, steals.. almost street ball.. similar to last year..

    When they go to structured offense, that takes a lot, Riley with his flex, took that Savo led teams. a lot of repetition to get it down, they were smart, and good shooters..

    This UH team.. which is basically LAST year’s team, the leaders. in every catergory.. that is their best offense, pressure, get steals deflections. get up and go.. and Janks getting into foul trouble, plus Jovanovich slower of foot against faster guys.. Seems like the same.. very sure if Fleming and Thomas were available,.UH, take nothing away from great shooting Chaminade team.. UH might have won easily.. maybe? and Eran let the guys loose, except have a base, half court.. easy, offense. .. I don’t know, does it seem like this year’s guys, who are last year’s guys. are really good, excellent 3 point shooters? maybe, to get out to leads and wins.. pile up the wins.. Eran should let them loose.. if it has to be organized street ball.. you can win a lot of games, then by BWC time lock down with great half court game..JMO.

  20. One exhibition game minus one starter (Thomas) or two (Fleming) and it’s all gloom and doom. Must be a hangover from football.

  21. They have a little over a month till November 13th Montana state game opening game of the Rainbow Classic.
    well clyde, it is concern.. Bobbit with the ailment, Jovanovich hobbled, or was it Janks, Quincy banged up too, Fleming who knows his status? Thomas sprained MCL. which is a chronic injury.. , not much depth..
    Just that. Warrior Insider, we were told.. this 4 out 1 big in. was going to be something to behold.. however you need the right guys to run it. and if going to rim, finish, plus the open looks , hit the shots.. from outside. to be effective. . I feel Eran, just to be competitive, with The small ball, hate to say it. from.. a certain former guy, small ball energy defense and transition. with Aaron or Janks just going off . Aaron getting the O boards. and Janks. with his little running hooks, that is the way for THIS team.. especially, with the numbers for MBB team, the KEY guys. dwindling that is the scary part.. last year.. lot of good guards. an excellent wing, and NWC shot great from 3, Warrior Nevels, and they just fought and fought.. I think Eran, will have to adjust.. cannot get down at home , even in exhibition to anyone by near 20 points and have to claw back to win.. Exhibition, good thing they won. Now teaching moment for Eran and team.. really shows where he and team are at.. could be hangover from Fleming Limbo status too.. hope the best.. The best Defense and Offense for UH.. just go for it, push with poise as Eran says..

  22. At this point, my only concern is the health of Mike Thomas. Any sprain is a partial tear, and the meniscus … well, it’s a concern.
    Let’s see how the team does next week (not next month) in the opening tournament.

  23. UH1 Nov 13 is a week away not a month??? Are you OK

  24. the ref’s were SO inconsistent it was almost painful to watch. AV practically got slapped in the face by one of the Cham guys and nobody called it. Janks was getting jersey pulled in 3 directions and no call…Q let the ball out of bounds because a Cham guy clearly touched it last…and we lost the ball…. seemed like the ref’s wanted to call only what they wanted to call… something fishy with that.

  25. Yeah..those ref should never ref another game again. Absolutely horrible. Seems as the refs got together and plotted a strategy to foul Jankovic out of the game. Fouls were called on himfor just playing basketball. Lucky for the refs the game not televised. Would have shown that we had the three stooges reffing the game.

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