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Warriors fall on road at Texas Tech, 82-74


The University of Hawai’i basketball team could not overcome cold shooting in the second half of a 82-74 road loss at Texas Tech on Saturday.

The Warriors had an 11-point lead in the first half, but then went cold from the 3-point line and free-throw line at the United Supermarkets Arena in Lubbock, Texas.

Hawai’i fell to 4-1; Texas Tech improved to 4-1. It was the first meeting ever between the two programs. It was also Hawai’i’s first, and only, road game of the non-conference regular season.

Aaron Valdes scored a game-high 25 points, Isaac Fleming added a career-high 21, and Stefan Jankovic contributed 10 points in just 15 minutes, but it was not enough as the Warriors were limited due to foul problems in the second half.

The Warriors shot 42.4 percent from the field overall, including 29.2 percent (7 for 24) from 3-point range. They also went 11 for 19 (57.9 percent) on free throws.

Texas Tech shot just 40.7 percent (24 for 59) from the field overall, but made up for it by going 30 for 38 (78.9 percent) on free throws. The Red Raiders were especially effective in the second half, going 23 for 27 on free throws after halftime.

Hawai’i was called for 30 fouls, and three starters fouled out. Texas Tech was called for 16 fouls, and only one player — reserve Aaron Ross — had as many as four fouls.

The Red Raiders hit five of their first six shots of the game, and jumped to an 11-7 lead. Fleming then entered the game and sparked a Hawai’i rally.

He hit three 3-pointers in a four-minute stretch to give the Warriors a 22-16 lead with 10:44 remaining in the first half. Fleming finished the first half with 14 points on 5-of-7 shooting.

Hawai’i led by as many as 11 points in the first half, but Texas Tech went on an 8-1 run in the final 90 seconds of the half to cut the UH lead to 41-40 at intermission.

The Red Raiders carried the momentum into the second half, going on a 9-4 run to regain the lead at 49-45.

The Warriors got the lead back with 13:27 remaining, when Jankovic hit two free throws to give Hawai’i a 54-53 lead.

A key play came with Texas Tech ahead 61-59 with 10:19 remaining, when Roderick Bobbitt was whistled for a foul, and then assessed a technical foul for arguing. Those were his third and fourth fouls for the game, and he sat on the bench for the next five minutes. Texas Tech extended its lead to six during that stretch.

Bobbitt eventually fouled out with 3:35 remaining, and finished with four points, eight rebounds, seven assists and three steals. Fellow starters Jankovic (10 points, three rebounds) and Thomas (eight points, five rebounds) also fouled out.

Valdes and Fleming combined to shoot 16 for 29 from the field, including 7 for 15 from 3-point range. The rest of the team went a combined 12 for 37 from the field, including 0 for 9 on 3-pointers.

The 21 scored by Fleming was the first 20-point game of his UH career, and he also hit a career-high four 3-pointers.

Devaugntah Williams scored 19 points to lead four Texas Tech players in double-figure scoring.

The Warriors are scheduled to return to Honolulu on Sunday. The next 10 games will all be in the Stan Sheriff Center, starting with a game against Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Wednesday, December 2.

CLICK HERE to view boxscore.

(WarriorInsider.com file photo courtesy Brandon Flores)


  1. I’m sorry but the officiating for this game was pretty disgusting. TTU shot twice as many FT’s as UH (38 to 19) and that right there was the deciding factor for the game. Sure, a few of those free throws were down the stretch when the Warriors were trying to play catch-up, but the disparity was there. If I knew the game had been decided beforehand I wouldn’t have cancelled my day plans to watch it. TTU couldn’t buy a bucket, but lucky for them, the REF’s bought them FT’s. 3 UH players foul out in the last 10 minutes while a TTU player hits a career high in FT’s made in a game.

    Free throw’s were one thing but UH didn’t do itself any favors w/multiple bonehead plays/mental miscues. Fatigue was a big factor towards the end of the first half/second half of the game. Looking forward to the Warriors coming home and playing at least a getting somewhat balanced officiating environment.

  2. I’m not one for blaming officials, especially in making foul calls. The big disparity in FT shooting is what it is. However, I think officials blew two plays — the most obvious was offensive goal-tending when the Tech player tipped it in a miss when half of the ball (I replayed it in slow motion) was in the cylinder. It gave Tech a four-point lead early in the second half.

    The other came when one official overruled the other on what looked like a clear charge on Tech. Instead, Tummala was run over but called for blocking. I guess that one could have gone either way, but the goal-tending. I’ve never seem a more obvious missed call.

    OK, nuff being critical. All in all, it was good for the team to travel. Wish they had more games on the road before conference play.

    One more thought: They said the weather was bad, and the time of the game might not have been ideal. But, I was surprised at how empty that arena was. Kinda looked like Aloha Stadium in the second half of last week’s game.

  3. BTW — The Career High (Free Throws) Was DOUBLE His Career High…

    #1 – The Better Team Does NOT Always WIN…
    Coming Out of That Fiasco … iThink Hawai’i Already IS The Better Team….
    MOVE the Ball Better, Take Better Shots
    Also the Quicker And More Skilled Team
    BUT Hawaii Needs to Improve and Be Better Yet….

    Many Experts Believe in D-1 Basketball
    To Consistently WIN On the Road,
    You Need to be 10+ Points Better

    Usually the Slower Team Commits More Fouls
    (i think) Many of Those Fouls (and free throws) were undeserved;
    Time Will Tell…How Much the Team Learns (i Expect Steady Improvement)

    NOT Blame, Just Need Improvement (On Road,’cos they’ve shown us They Can)
    Jovanovic And Tummala got to Hit their shots…(i think they will)
    And Free Throws

    GO ‘BOWS!
    Keep Improving!
    Start The Next (Longer?) WIN Streak Immediately!
    Incorporate (Maybe Three?) from DHC, and maybe Some Road Wins

    P.S. BigDaddy: The Team IS Rising; How HIGH Can The Cream Rise?
    How ‘Bout CHALLENGE For Big West Player of Year (Challenge Valdes!?)

  4. I thought they played pretty well for traveling around 3500 miles. The Tech big guy inside hurt UH at times. Glad to see Brocke got in, if only for a few seconds, for his family.

  5. I gotta agree on the terrible officials. Does anybody know what conference they were? If that was Big 12 refs, it was a bad and bias crew.

    Even with the refs against them UH still had chance to win this game. I wish they had one or two more bench guys they could put in.That would make a big difference in a game like this.

  6. worst officals eva ! Homers ! get refs from another conference next time we travel to one of these games !

  7. I’m not one to usually complain about officiating, but this game was pretty ridiculous. So many missed calls by the officials (obvious offensive basket interference, changing a clear offensive charge to a block, players getting their hands tied up momentarily and calling a foul,) let the kids play!!! A little body or contact shouldn’t result in whistles especially when one team is in the bonus.

    UH still missed big FT’s but the players should keep their heads up. Officials killed this game for UH.

  8. To win on road, have to make shots, from field and FT line.. plus, stay our of foul trouble no matter, what. .we know on the road, unless fair shake refs.. home team gets calls.
    All team can do , what the last 25 years of MBB teams have done. come home practice, practice, practice.. get better. .DHC should be great.
    UH very thin depth in the front line.. really evident, if Janks foul trouble and Jovanovich,.. non factor..
    Well there goes my prediction for undefeated 32 game season to end BWC tourney.. run the table. however. ONLY 3 games , or 2 if top 2 seeds.. in Anaheim.. they go dancing.
    when coming home I turned on last 10 minutes of radio.. and went oh no. no matter if eran ganot, coaching team. same close but no cigar.. or grand prized win on the road..
    Yes agreed. away from SSC last year Benjy Taylor set up. Chaminade at Blaisdell, win for UH, Pitt on Maui win for UH.. Florida Gulf Coast tourney, 2 wins out of 3 games.. east coast.. .then BYU.. UH stuck with the Cougars until last 17 minutes when ONE guy starts knocking down threes from all over. UH lost that.. otherwise, UH was able to run and gun, and lead with Benjy Ball.

    Oh well lesson learn.. get better guys..
    Go Bows !

    KelleyO: Bet you were in Lubboch ,Texas for game?

  9. Clyde: ditto

    Plus: Sai…0-fer everything, even rebounds. Not good. Gotta bring someone else off the bench at some point, although with foul troubles I realize we were limited.

    Uhfanz, no I’m here at Women’s game, gotta cheer for the ladies to beat my Alma Mater! Go Bows!

  10. I agree with everyone about the officiating. Maybe they call games different in Texas. Call it Good Ol Boy Officiating……The fact that we were in striking range after losing three starters, was very encouraging.

  11. Eagle we dont play for individual accolades Fleming stayed for his team. ” THE CREAM”

  12. Although Stef had no points, he was the leading rebounder with 9 and had two blocks.

  13. Ugh, Wahine getting tooled. Unforced turnovers, as usual, very confused on defense, and ASU basically quicker and more athletic. 37-20 at half. Hoping for some halftime adjustments, especially on D.

  14. BD: LOL — i Just think IF We Have Two or Three (or Four) Teammates “Challenging” for P-O-Y
    (Just with the Media or Coaches: As You Pointed Out, PLAYERS WANT WINS Over Accolades)
    WE ARE BWC CHAMPS and Better!

  15. I’m disappointed in coach Ganot.So far this season, he has not properly used the strength of this team,which is the ability to press and make the other team turnover the ball.I had hope that he would understand that the type of players he inherited were better suited for this.They proved it last year.We don’t have enough good 3 point shooters.A smart coach would adapt and adjust his style of play to his personnel.especially since these are not his recruits.He is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole!

  16. New coach, first lesson: start fast, start strong.
    Next lesson: finish fast, finish strong, put em’ away.
    I have confidence in this coach and team. We’ll get there.
    Go Bows !

  17. Coach Beeman, who not use a zone defense sometimes ? The ASU players kept driving in for layups on the right side.

  18. Islandman, agree. They had us beat repeatedly. They are very good. Only lost to South Carolina by two. We have a lot of work to do, though. We really miss Kuehu’s leadership. None of the girls look as good as last year so far. Only Adolpho looks improved from the last time we saw her. In fact she is much improved. Tomorrow will be rough again, as Destiny seems out of shape, she will be tired.

  19. You gotta expect bad officiating when you travel 3,000 miles and everyone including media pulling for Tech. But that doesn’t take away the fact that Hawaii continues to shoot itself in the foot with terrible free throw shooting and the bigs getting into foul trouble. And although the refs were pulling the trigger on us, we did commit some silly fouls too Here’s one game that you can chalk up to poor free throw shooting. Tech got way more attempts but if Hawaii was solid at the free throw line they would take this game.

    On top of that our 3 point shooting was atrocious. Whats more, Jankovic is such an important factor to this team. If he was not in foul trouble he would have scored at will. As the floor leader Bobbitt needs to control his emotions. That T really hurt the team. Fleming did an outstanding job coming off the bench. And so was the overall play of Valdes especially the 2nd half. Saw more defensive pressure than the previous four games. Our big play-makers did their part. The rest of the team needs to step it up and contribute. This loss is a painful learning experience. But I’m sure Ganot will continue to work on the issues and produce a solid team in all phases of the game. They’re still evolving and I’m sure come conference play they won’t have those glaring weaknesses.

  20. Here’s a question. Why, when Bobbitt got in trouble, was Q playing point and not Fleming? He was terrible there. Also, why, when we needed three’s at the end of the game were they not going to Valdes and Fleming who were hitting during the game? Instead, Sai (missed all his shots) and Quincy (not a good 3-point shooter) took them.

  21. Also, thank you, Servante, for bringing up Bobbit’s Technical. Everyone is quick to get on a certain other younger player, but Bobbit is a senior and team leader. It was the turning point of the game and we never came back from that.

  22. the guys are still young guys.. hate to say it.. I WILL anyways.. Eran inherited, team, not strong 3 ball or FT shooters.. they still have tempers, they will go off some when calls not going their way.. the more they chirp, instead of letting last year coach. or now Eran the Coach complain for them.. they are going to get reputation, which HAS developed, I never thought it would happen.. what could destroy a great season.. Self Control of the lip, and discipline focus making FT’s.

    Kind of Ironic yes? last year Benjy prepared team for that 3 game run in BWC play. he did it.. and team ALMOST made it.. I think they will be ready.. 3 ball shooting and FT shooting. at this time. is NOT what Warrior Basketball team is about. hustle, smarts, defense and turning guys over. that is what gets them wins. however HAVE to hit shots and shutdown other team in Prime Time..

    KelleyO,. in the meantime. very disappointed in WBB and Beeman.. man.. when it rains it pours, I knew ASU was good, however at SSC? I did not think UH would get blown out..
    oh well. still waay too early in season ?

    Just Go Bows And get better soon… DHC.. the real deal , win the DHC. that will be the touchstone to greatness !

  23. As it showed here we need another big man…sai and mike arent considered big men nor is jankovic…i already dont like the pickup of small guards/quality for next season…ganot needs a steal of a transfer or JC big that can play right away…i can see us losing thomas and the two jo’s leaving us with 6’7 being the tallest

  24. One loss does not say the sky is falling.

    Players need to keep their composure not to let the officials affect them although difficult due to how the officials were calling the fouls.

    Coach needs to question the officials calling the games so that they become more partial when they appear to be calling it for the home team. Players need to know the coach will work the official in such games like these. “You guys play I’ll argue with the officials.”

    When reviewing the game on film and the officiating is not evident as stated, then everything I stated please disregard. If it is coaches need to have a game plan to get into the official’s minds to help counter their perspective a little.

    Many things to learn from a game like this especially for the coaching staff on working the official for positive results. Maybe they were but not evident from watching the game on TV,

    As mentioned before based on how the fouls are being called this year the free throw shooting needs to be converted at a 75% clip.

  25. KelleyO … There were about 15 layups for points by ASU in their game vs the Wahine per the box score. And several that they missed. In the 2nd quarter, they had 7 consecutive layups for points. What do the Wahine have against a zone defense for awhile, unless i missed them trying it ? And for defending against the big girls, why not collapse more than one Wahine on the big like the men’s team does sometimes ?

  26. NCAA , MBB DI ball , this year? The good shooting FT shooting teams are going to win championships…so critical.. can be done by BWC time.. UH was hitting good percentage, even Janks and Stef were to of the better FT shooters.. and guards wings have to knock down near perfect from free throw line in prime time, catching up,.. no matter the discrepancy.., seeing how they call fouls, wherever you are playing at SSC or on the road, there are going to be one team or both shooting a lot, a lot of Free Throws..Analogy. UH get the dunks.. AV nice form on 3 ball, he will be all BWC type player. and Flemming had great game.. have to adjust.. and Free throws.. if UH is getting fewer opportunities. have to make all of them..

    Well coach Eran, welcome to MBB NCAA DI basketball, was hoping you and team would run a 13-0 record before the BWC regular season.. that is okay.. the important time conference season and tournmanent to the Dance time !

  27. that is a ranked team, ASU,.. there bigs are BIG and block shots, alter, could score nearly at will, and their smalls, that give and go, or pick and roll.. to the right side of basket, UH could not stop it. I saw about 4 times in a row, ASU ran that play they scored or scored and got fouled.
    shows the huge difference in size skill and talent.. so far for UH vs the top 30 teams.
    oh, oh.. if Beeman and Wahine can upset South Carolina, ranked number two in the country.. wow..only downside? 700 in the house for ASU game.. very sure.. 1600 will be there this afternoon.

    Ironic, Beeman, pre BWC coach of the year, and one of the hottest prospects for a major WBB DI HC job after this season again, if Beeman reaches the BWC championship game..
    Both She and Ganot.. are learning.. coaching BB in the mid pacific is a helluva challenge. you are good to great or not.. fine line.

    wish best for all the student athletes.. !

  28. If you have not picked up on it yet, these 30 new NCAA Rule Changes, (“Directives”), make it so much harder for a defender or secondary defender to impede the progress of a dribbler to the basket. We saw a perfect example of Nevada’s Coleman doing it time and time again against us.

    If you can get that out of a number of our players, Isaac, Aaron and Quincy for example, they could live at the free throw line, where we have to get better. Free throws are simply a confident mindset. You do not shoot until you KNOW it is going in.


  29. yes… NOW the year of the FREE THROW… hit them all game, high percentage, equals wins… also be aware of rules either to UH advantage, or disadvantage.
    Coaches, whomever coaching presently cannot shoot for them.
    Also huge disappointment in Sai.. if he had only knocked down 2 out of 9 from 3 line.. would have probably helped UH to win..
    well he hasn’t played road game major minutes in long time

    Team.. they said. this is it.. Eran has the core, going to run wild.. takes time.. rebuilding into new system, new rules, and getting better at FT line..

  30. Sai should be okay.. he knock down near 40 percent for year, or 4 tries made out of 10 launches. that is huge for UH.

  31. Tummala wasn’t stepping into his shots; a little off-balanced, a little fade. He’ll be fine; he has a nice stroke.
    BTW: He took five total shots (0-for-4 in 3’s); he didn’t take nine 3-pointers.

  32. thanks for correction.I guess that is his launch number maybe take 4-6 per game in system..
    I guess when he comes back to SSC against Fullerton he will break Jawato’r record by hitting 8 for 8 from trifecta line. I bet he could do it.
    notice clyde, when UH against similar athletes, bigs, or a little more superior. games get tighter, the runs.. and more challenging.. I guess little by little. don’t expect miracles this year. have good showing in DHC and BWC? anyone can win those championships.. healthy, get better, and peak at the end in March..
    should be fun.. I watch eran on side. very much student of game and controlled, his assistants get a little ramped up.. and lead the charge in shouting direction and encouragement.. good stuff..
    MY ONLY hope all the guys. walkons to scholie guys get degree.. so darn expensive .

    Go Bows !

  33. Still a little worried about Tummala. He is a senior and needs to play like he has been in big games before. If he’s got butterflys at crunch time, he has got to get over it. He hasn’t that much playing time over the years but he has got to pull it all together this year. Also, I think I would let MT loose and give him more of green light shooting and driving. He’s got all kinds of potential hitting threes and perhaps to draw fouls like Standhardinger. We could ask the same of Janks.

    Finally, Backbeat’s comment on ‘confidence mindset’: right on point! Nice. We are all still looking forward to seeing the team shoot a guard-heavy team’s FT percentage. Maybe the coaches do read WI. Every now and then, some good advice here.

  34. The problem is Tummala hasn’t been in big games before (unless you count JC) b/c he rarely saw the floor at ASU. He had one poor shooting night; perhaps people are expecting him to make 5 of 6 every time he steps on the floor since his rather auspicious debut.

    Thomas was playing extremely well yesterday. There was one time he outmuscled everyone underneath for a rebound. It surprised me. I think he made 4 of 5 from the field, including jumpers and drives. But, again, it’s his penchant for picking up fouls. I’m guessing some of it is because he’s had to play out of position. Unfortunately, they were trying to sub him out when he picked up his fifth foul.

    The team was playing well, sharing the ball and beating TT to the bucket until TT went to a zone. They’ll probably see a lot of zone defenses this year. Hopefully, the perimeter shooting improves.

  35. Clyde, if you’re not scoring,then hopefully you’re contributing in other ways, but he also had zero rebounds, no assists.

    Wahine playing a bit better and SC not playing well. Sloppy game but at least we’re in it! Go bows!

  36. Sai had one assist and one steal.

  37. Players have good games and bad games. Sai didn’t have a good one it sounds like. What was his shooting percentage before this game? This group will win and loose as a team. , I haven’t watched the second half on dvr yet, but I would want the people who are having a good shooting day shoot that day. Sai has day where it seems he can’t miss, but in this case it may be a little learning curve for him. We must remember that offense is just one side of the ball and how the player is playing on defense. If Valdez and or Flemmings was having a good shooting day they should have been the shooter.

  38. KellyO: Point taken, but let me ask you this: As a Wahine basketball follower, when they played Washington State and Karaitiana and King combined for zero points on 0-for-15 shooting despite playing a lot of minutes, did you call for Beeman to sit both of them or pass it off as one truly awful game by two experienced senior captains? And don’t ask about their other contributions in that game — rebounds, assists, steals, etc. — as it wasn’t much.
    I chalked it up as one bad game for the both of them, just as I did with Tummala against Texas Tech.

  39. It’s part of the ‘Team’ concept, as RobT says, ‘having a good shooting day, shoot the ball !”. The team has to know who has the hot hand and give them the ball to shoot. It’s not just going through the motions, it’s being in the moment and knowing whos hot.
    And if ‘Driving Guards’ are hot this year with the new rules, drive the guards and don’t let up. If the bigs can play like CS, play em’ like CS. They might get better at freethrows early if they’ve got to shoot more of them as well. Just a thought.

  40. BOW- ZING-A

    The ROAD Can Be Tough…
    AND Any One Can Have a Bad Game
    Just Opinion …
    BUT it IS Tough to Bounce Back From TWO Years of “NO Confidence” (from ASU Staff)
    I DON’T LIKE That “Deer-in-the-Headlights” Look and The Sudden Appearance of Fadeaways
    DO YOUR THING With Supreme Confidence, Sai!
    Somehow YOU ARE Earning OUR Trust (In Only One Year)
    Easier Said Than Done
    BUT You Only Got The ONE ‘GRAD’ Year
    I LIKE that Sai said on Gary Digman’s Post-Game Show
    “Man, i Wish i knew about HAWAII Sooner!”
    Tell ALL The Prospective Recruits that, especially the ones who think PAC-12 is Such a Big Deal
    [Molinas–Wake Up!]

    GO ‘BOWS!
    Keep Improving And WINNING!

  41. I think by now. heading into Arkansas Pineville Wed matchup.. it is what it is.. UH MBB is not a top 30 team yet.. maybe down the road with 3plus and 4 star inner city, and international national , Olympic caliber talent..
    Just try to win BWC that is the key..
    Hmmmm.. I had my doubts.. the team started off hot.. I thought wow. they can run the table, including the BWC season.. well I am brought back down to earth.. they are the same guys, along with Sai, Sheriff, Brocke, and Zach. active ..Win or lose with what you got coach Ganot.. let the boys have some fun.. they possibly could go undefeated at home SSC including the ..DHC… I would be surprised if UH does NOT finish the home games at SSC at 20-0 , they absolutely cannot lose there. positive. on the road.. well you want to win half of the games.. then post season awaits.. !

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