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Warriors can return to winning form at home

Thanksgiving weekend in Texas didn’t work out the way the University of Hawai’i basketball team wanted it to, but the Warriors can fatten up back at home over the next two weeks.

The Warriors returned to Honolulu on Sunday after an 82-74 road loss at Texas Tech on Saturday. The first loss of the season dropped the Warriors to 4-1.


Before the anticipated Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic on Christmas week, the Warriors will get a chance to get back on track with three very winnable games coming up: Arkansas-Pine Bluff on December 2, Hawai’i-Hilo on December 8, and Hawai’i Pacific on December 12.

Arkansas-Pine Bluff is one of the most traveled teams in the nation, and a familiar foe to the Warriors. The Golden Lions are 2-5 this season, and have already suffered road losses at Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Cincinnati and Nebraska. They will come to Hawai’i after playing two games in the Barclays Center Classic in New York last weekend.

Hawai’i previously played Arkansas-Pine Bluff in 2010, 2012, and 2014, winning all three games by an average margin of 20 points per game. The Warriors beat the Golden Lions last season, 85-57.

NCAA Division II “neighbors” UH-Hilo and Hawai’i Pacific, are also familiar to the Warriors. Hawai’i blew out UH-Hilo in each of the last two seasons, and beat HPU in an exhibition last season.

UH-Hilo is 0-4 so far this season; HPU is 3-2, including a recent victory over Western Washington, which was ranked No. 15 in the NCAA-II national poll.


  1. Maybe the reserves will play more in these games.
    A lot of S Carolina women players look and play like Lisa Leslie or similar players.

  2. Back to the drawing board.

    If we defeat Northern Iowa then, we’ll consider this preseason as a success;
    Gained the expertise to do better things in BWC.

    Better luck going forward!

  3. Clyde, to answer question from earlier post, definitely in that Wahine game, me and my husband both were saying “take Ashleigh out!” She was not playing well. As for Destiny, she finally had a decent game yesterday but still, way too many unforced turnovers. Out of shape. You can tell Beeman not too happy with her. Ashleigh, I don’t know what’s going on with her, she keeps laughing and smiling at her mistakes. I don’t know if she was so surprised to get to play and just sees this as such a gift so doesn’t have that fighting attitude? Anyway…it’s early, but back to the point. I’m just talking about WITHIN A GAME. I think Sai is great and will contribute a lot this season but it’s preseason and when someone is that off you should go deeper to your bench is all. And yes, I was calling for that in that Wahine game!

  4. Sai had one assist and one steal plus 4 fouls in 24 minutes. The four fouls shows he was playing tenacious defense. MIke Thomas showed he can drive in quickly for baskets, at least once i saw that.
    Wahine used a zone yesterday and also S Carolina went to a zone per their coach, which threw off the Wahine.

  5. I will say it that the only goal for the next three games is nobody get hurt. These are like playing three straight scrimmages and RPI could even go down after three wins. They should of done better job spreading out these games and especially not make Hilo and HPU back to back!

    I really don’t know if this is the best way to get ready for Diamond Head Classic because of such low level competition but we shall see. If guys can stay healthy and build up their confidence then that is good thing. On the other hand they going see high level size and speed in Diamond Head and these next games dont get them ready for that.

  6. Start now… you know it is going to be hack a UH player night, if UH is just blowing by Arkansas Pineville, however, Pineville, could be this year’s Belmont, or Chaminade, huge underdog, however get hot, and play their best ball,.. and have shot at win.

    Coach Ganot and staff.. This will be SIXTH game of year.. usually after team being together near 3 months.. and sixth games into season, unless waiting another key guy to get healed or eligible, like Janks last year. THIS IS IT.. Ganot got what he got.. Free Throws.. Free Throws…name of game for rest of year.. like FT shooting contest.. ususally at home and this officiating crew.. pretty even the number of fouls. Another concern: The Chirping to Refs. and the stink eye by guys if they do not get calls.. Ganot , if he wants to install discipline..yank the whole starting 5 if have to, to drive home a point.. I remember, an old UH MBB coach did that,.. just inserted for second half.. the scout team guys.. they gave better effort, and stopped grumbling.. that bunch, did a good job got the lead,, then the last 5 minutes.. coach put back in the starters.. the starters got the point.. listen to Coach, and keep lips shut… let Coach argue with refs for you.. cannot afford anymore T’s, which I am surprised it is happening again..have to correct fast..

  7. still disappointed in “Upgrade of SOS scheduling” I know Matlin/Ganot, like Gib / Benjy scheduled. to have winning season, and build up towards run at BWC / WAC conference titles.peak in March,
    however, I was sure.. Ganot would have had maybe 2 big road games.. even ONE on the road against St Mary’s would have been great..HPU, UH HILO, Arkansas Pinebluff? Not even top 400 SOS type of teams scheduled.. oh well, it will help Ganot get to that magical 20 plus win season and maybe bonuses.. hey if I were coach of MBB.. you know what, I would have contract with same provisions as prior.. Akamai…coaching very volatile business as we all know..yes, I know. it doesn’t matter whom the coach.. however same deal on scheduling.. know that Gib/Benjy were trying hard to get Pac12 home and home.. several of those for non conference schedule.. you do that.. with UCLA, Stanford, Cal, USC, Washington, etc. it has that local connection with island kids going to those schools too..it would draw.. and PAC 12 schools as league better RPI

  8. I believe when Matlin came abroad he axed incentives such as autograph-signing sessions and 20-win seasons that were part of the contracts of previous coaches in all sports.

    KelleyO: I hear you re: Tummala’s play at TT. We’ll leave it at that and hope everyone, not just he, plays better going forward.

    I, too, noticed Karaitiana grinning almost sheepishly when she made a poor play yesterday. Wasn’t sure what to make of that other than indicating that in some situations she was just physically overmatched. Harris is in the doghouse; ironically, coming soon after her best game in a long while.

    Apologies to all, we now return you to Warrior basketball ….

  9. One prominent local commentator had said awhile ago that women’s basketball will never draw fans like men’s because the women don’t play above the rim, etc. Well S Carolina women had attendance of 16,385 and 13,607 in their two home games this year (could be tickets issued).

  10. If they lower the rim by one foot then the women can dunk the ball. Until that’s done there will be no widespread interest like the men’s game.

  11. islandman, don’t forget the South Carolina womens is ranked 2nd in the country! If our Wahine were ranked 2nd in the whole country and our mens team was average I bet that our Wahine would be close to sellout the arena and our men would only get between 3,000 – 5,000 fans. That is a big IF and probably not happening any time soon.

    Also think about that South Carolina is ranked 2nd in the country and only 2,000 fans came to watch them play UH. If the 2nd rank mens team called Maryland came to play UH mens team, I would bet money that attendance would be a lot more than 2,000.

  12. I think there is a Zenith, the saturation point for Both WBB and MBB, no matter if they have both won pretty well past 4 years..only the Fab Five, when started to win 7 games in a row 1970 fall, did they start to get sellout crowds. overflow of 8000, the place to be.. then the AC/Alika years.. when up against the Kansas’, Indiana’s, and battling Fresno State.. nemesis.. pretty near 8000 per game.

    So much for the millennials and the old makule to do, away from SSC, no matter how good team is.. still think UH FB.. goes 11-2 and is ranked 25th in country, with a good bowl game to go to.. Aloha, might get, near 40k per game, however, we live in 2015.. things are really expensive..hard for young families to go.. or those just getting by. that is the Reality.. no matter what the product..

    servante.. I think only South Carolina WBB and maybe U Conn. and Tenn. WBB who have had success. draw well, really well .. sometimes more than or as much as men… WBB with goo as coach, I think with Nani Cockett, and company, or some of those 25 win teams.. and always getting snubbed by NCAA.. I think WBB averaged, near 3K or 4K. for a stretch.. to fill SSC with 10K for WBB? that is a stretch.. shame.. Beeman trying her best, UH WBB playing against Number 2 team in the nation, and only 700 plus show up.. kind of sad.. however that is the deal here.. successful exciting winning MBB team will outdraw WBB even if WBB team were ranked in top 30..

    WBB and MBB , never mind the attendance just play to get to NCAA’s

  13. There is Gonzaga women’s 5,366; New Mexico,5,168; Middle Tennesee 4,173; Toledo 3,636; Montana, 3,026; for non-power conference schools.


  14. there’s a difference between playing tenacious and getting out played

  15. That’s all you can do, play tenacious to your talent level.

  16. it is called MONEY.. a lot of people non students at UH.. or even them, the millennials.. don’t have the time, the want to, or desire, to come to games even if all sports were ranked number one..
    Even the Sugar Bowl Year, the 12-0 start and 12-1 finish in Sugar bowl.. UH did not average 50k per game, or 45K season tickets.. however. much more attendance than now. pre Rolo regime..

    All you can hope for.. I think target attendance, in house for MBB? 7500.. every SSC home game.. any more, 8500 plus would be gravy.. top ranked team came to town. and UH undefeated too, with a couple of All America types on Warrior squad NO question near 11k would squeeze into see UH play.. the WBB team.. I believe. Goo had maybe 5000 plus coming to some of his games.. when he strung together back to back to back 20 plus winning seasons.. at that time MBB was down.. and there was as much interest in WBB.. nowadays.. THE PRODUCT.. the young ones, and wahine, love OUR Wahine BB team..that is all that matters. .if it be 2K every home game, Beeman would be happy..

    Just have to be real.. THIS IS 21st century, times are hard financially, and interests.. not every one into UH sports.. except for us die hards !
    anyways.. Go Bows/ Wahines !

  17. hopefully next season Eran to eliminate the d2 games,against Hilo ,Hi Pacific ,we need more competitive games to attract a more spectators, bring in some Mtn West rival schools Eran , Unlv, Utah st, Boise . Let’s do it. !

  18. The Wahine crowds are much better than they were early season last year and if they win in Conference they can expect a crowd from 1500-2000 by February anyway…that’s how it goes with UH fans unfortunately. Still much better than the 500-750 days! I wish the MBB they would make all general admission! I know, we need money, but the ESPN night is so fun and loud…but maybe that’s ’cause of ESPN too so all the kids come. Anyway. Go Bows!

  19. I’m sure coach Beeman wants to grow the women’s program to where it can stand on its own and draw its own fan base, but … I’ve wondered why the Big West didn’t schedule its men’s and women’s games to be doubleheaders. I’ve watched streaming of Wahine away games and the BW crowds were really poor. I would think the women’s programs would welcome being part of a doubleheader and gaining the added exposure.

    In UH’s case, when there is a scheduled doubleheader, you can buy a $10 ticket (if you do so before halftime of the women’s game) and watch both games. The Wahine end up playing before a much larger crowd than they typically would. Seems like a win-win for all. One problem with that setup is: where do those with Wahine season tickets sit once the men’s game starts? Dunno.

  20. real funny, ha, ha.. no seriously.. remember the debate, and the NOTE: warning Stay on Topic if can, appreciate all civil comments.. etc… by Da Man.. DM and WI?
    well, we al die hard MBB AND WBB fans I guess.. really, heck I love the swimming/ dive teams. Women Water Polo team, excellent program, and they win, same with Tennis, golf,..Football, well welcome back Rolo.. I get it.. the youth movement. Ganot, and Rolo.. however. Beeman would be the older aunt to those two boys.. great coach Laura is. I think she will try to get consecutive ncaa invites.then test the waters again. like Riley Wallace did every year he had 20 plus win or ncaa invite teams..Riley would say.. well if they gonna ask.. I might as well listen to what the other schools say?
    Company man..honestly can say. .looking back.. all of the coaches.. who gave their all ,and brought some excitement, wins and FUN for fans.. Optimisim. and Positive Vibes. All the programs.. are great..

    Oh yeah.. back on TOPIC..ha, ha. well end of the year time.?
    Go Bows and Wahine.. have championship years.. !

  21. Warrior Insider: The Inside Source for Hawaii Men’s Basketball

  22. Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize we’re not supposed to talk about Wahine BB. Sorry about that.

  23. Game tomorrow. Arkansas Pine-Bluff doesn’t have anyone under 6-2 on their roster and a 6-9 G/F Love, leading rebounder and scorer; 6 for 20 on 3 pt FG; 38.6 % overall FG Pct.

  24. KelleyO…. no worries KO…some of the die hards on this site, add in some UH sport stuff, totally unrelated to Warrior MBB all things Insider..
    way out from left field..
    Hey, Kelley, long time fan of MBB and WBB, you keep on keeping on.. You joined the forum at the right time. brought a real fresh, honest, real time, you are There in support of gals and guys.. season ticket holder, life long fan win or lose.. speak what you want..
    The BB programs to do well..

    I hope Coach Ganot, now, I get it.. Matlin. not hiring older near 50 or 60 year old former HC or Associate HC…the more inexpensive, been in Hawaii before, love it here, are committed.. and they come at a cheaper price..believe NR has wife from Maui.. and Eran.. the staff, the dept. that is their adopted son.. heck. like the Aloha Peace train.. as long as program having fun, winning games, getting better. and winning championships.. NOW finally I am happy.. with Matlins Youth movement, for long tenured coaches.. stability.. I get it.. and I like it.. another Tomey, Jones or Shoji, Wallace..

    Go Bows, Wahines.. KelleyO, hey OCsports pan camera to you? give a shaka with 3 fingers making the W shape, we will know , hey dat the girl.. KelleyO, the foremost no scared em tell it like it is MBB and WBB fan..
    only thing I am totally petrified, of? what come out of Dallas ncaa rulings.. I would be super peeved, ticked,, if WBB and MBB were at around 23 wins, heading into BWC tourney.. and ncaa handed down some negative junk.. depressing. I hope not.. man ncaa have a heart. at least several jrs. and sophs.. , and especially a few seniors. have seen the ups and downs of MBB life.. they deserve to go NCAA March Madness.

    UHF ready to rock and roll, hey if I could get in Virgin Air, first class medi vac, with RN, Medical assistant, and oxygern, wheelchair, bed, I would go to Anaheim and watch guys finally get that NCAA invite.

    Go Bows/ Wahine !!

  25. and me probably the most guilty go off topic, loved the race to stats, / metrics, real time UH sport things, with islandmand, whom I have tremendous respect for. .super fast , he must have help, cannot be typing online on about 8 devices , and 1 gigabyte, business class speed. uploads.. incredible..
    have good end of year islandmand, eagle, jjay, TAVS, Derek, clyde, Chuck Cheese, servante , bigdaddy94, MY DEAR friends from KIWI LAND the Fotus , Tonganator and company.. ohana.. Aussie Mum, Ozi Mum, TribeVx4, Valdes ohana, hawaiianfan09, and all the others, I am sorry I cannot remember all.
    And Big mahalo for letting us post.. it is super fun, Valerie, Wes, Dayton and Company .. on WI MBB all things Insider.. !
    Have a good ending to 2015

    go Warriors !

  26. Uhf1 & others, Eran said on Call the Coach he’s looking to recruit two bigs. Da kine with strong inside rebounding presence, etc.

    McInnis says Arkansas Pine-Bluff has a frantic trapping zone.

  27. Listening to Ganot spew statistics with regularity, I’m guessing he’s an advanced metrics kind of guy. He likes to link statistics with success. I don’t recall exactly, but he pointed out how Fleming averaged one turnover every 10 minutes last season; this season, he’s at one turnover every 17 minutes. He praised Isaac for adapting to the system, and said something about how Isaac has learned that if he passes more, he’ll score more. He cited statistics for Valdes and Janks, too, and even mentioned how last year’s team had a rebounding margin of minus 1 (I’m guessing here), and so far they’re at plus 4.5. As I said, lots of numbers!

    Also of note, when Curran criticized Quincy’s shooting (after giving him props for his athleticism, etc.), Ganot pointed out Quincy’s value doesn’t show up in the box score, and praised him for his toughness, a quality that he wants his team to have.

    When a caller asked if Ganot was looking for “bigs,” his response was: “If we weren’t we wouldn’t be doing our jobs.” He said ideally he’d like to rotate 4 to 5 bigs. With the two Stefans scheduled to return, and Purchase coming off his redshirt season, that means he’s targeting two bigs. He wants one of them to be “an enforcer.”

  28. Eran also said Q brings leadership and that they have a measure of the team’s plus /minus points when a player is in the game and Q has a good value for that. Take that Bobby C.

  29. Next 3 games are cupcakes. Don’t know if it helps the team improves. My sense the team will have a false sense of thinking they are good when in fact it’s not. When they face tough teams like those in the DHC they won’t handle it well.

  30. islandman …bobby c. Shoots from the quip?
    I like how mbb coaches who really their guys , put bobby in his place!
    Worse quote from bobby to Benjy last year” really? You think you guys have chance to win against..Pitt..benjy , bobby we really believe we can beat em…
    What happens islandman? UH upsets Pitt.
    Benjy points to bobby,, I told you, I told you!!
    Never doubt power of being positive

    Good , get some inner city rim rockers,,, reggie cross types..

    And Q..the glue..he will make grat coach and have good career in pro ball
    Take that bobby!

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