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Theme nights and giveaways coming up


Here is more information on the themes and giveaways for the upcoming Outrigger Hotels Rainbow Classic …

Friday, November 13, 7:30 p.m.
Theme: Green-Out (all fans encouraged to wear green shirts)
Giveaways: Free green T-shirts to the first 700 UH students; free spirit flags to the first 1,000 fans through the turnstiles, courtesy of Outrigger Resorts; fans can sign up for a chance to compete in the “Shoot for Loot” contest at halftime that will award up to $2,000.

Sunday, November 15, 4:30 p.m.
Theme: Warrior Tattoo Night (all fans encouraged to wear face paint)
Giveaways: UH student with the best painted tattoos will win a prize; free spirit flags to the first 1,000 fans through the turnstiles, courtesy of Outrigger Resorts; fans can sign up for a chance to compete in the “Shoot for Loot” contest at halftime that will award up to $2,000.

Monday, November 16, 11:00 p.m.
Theme: Late Night Blackout (all fans encouraged to wear black shirts)
Giveaways: UH student with the best sign using the ESPN acronym will win a prize; free spirit flags to the first 1,000 fans through the turnstiles, courtesy of Outrigger Resorts; fans can sign up for a chance to compete in the “Shoot for Loot” contest at halftime that will award up to $2,000.

— — — — — — —

The “Game and Tunnel Experience” at University of Hawai’i basketball home games will once again be available for children who want to be on the court before tip-off.

Children in school grades 6 and below are eligible to sign up. They will be allowed to greet the team in “The Tunnel” near the locker room, and then can line up on the court to “high five” the players during the pre-game.

There is no cost to sign up for the Game and Tunnel Experience. However, each participating child must have a ticket for the game.

The Game and Tunnel Experience is open to youth teams, groups and families.

For more information, please send an e-mail to: dande.shimo@hawaiiantel.net


  1. Coach Ganot has a mean foundation for good beard.

    Start from tomorrow, no shaving for until he has won seven game for good luck!

    More impressive, if is straight!!

    For Coach Beeman, her associate head-coach has to keep his for eleven!!!

  2. Sorry guys, i slipped again:

    3. Hey Airon, you are my most admired player, 3* from no* and, from walk-on to play for pay on Sunday!

    4. Hey Rod, keep healthy, do your things… you’ll made that by 2016!!

  3. Sobering thoughts, per Bobby C, Lindy’s predicts UH as finishing 6th in the Big West.
    Also, Jeff P said that most college teams do not run the 4- out 1- in offense. Weaknesses, per Jeff, could be outside shooting and rebounding.

    With the 1-in offense, looks like offensive rebounding could be at a disadvantage ? In the Chaminade game, UH had only 16 offensive rebounds and 29 defensive. Chaminade had 22 offensive and 33 defensive, meaning Chaminade outrebounded UH when UH was on the offensive boards by two times, i think.

  4. islandman

    Sobering thoughts indeed and shades of Norm Chow’s pro-set offense. It’s good if you got the right players to run the 4-1. Though you gotta wonder if this team can shoot their way to victory each and every night. Because you can move the ball to perfection, but if you can’t shoot consistently from outside you are no better than Chow’s lame duck pro-set offense. And we all know what came of that.

  5. I hate to pull out my feminist card but I find N2o4joy’s comment, specifically #2, offensive. Very offensive.

  6. servante and islandman, good observations.. and the obvious that ERAN knows already, he Does not have the guys to run it.. has to have recruits to do it.. in particular the big that can pass and read defense, as well as the shooters.. and of course.. that 1 big in with PF, dropping in of all world AV getting rebounds near 4 feet jumping off the court..rim high..that is major weak area, for past couple years.. except when UH had a bigger team, and those pair of all BWC forwards.. Fotu and Christian Standhardinger..

    Kind of reminds me of Riley, working with Rick Majerus, and developing a flex motion offense for his UH MBB team.. when they had the good shooters.. and in particular that offense started with the SF.. who had to be like the PG of team..when they had the good SF , 3 man facilitator,.. and guys hitting shots…as well as rebounding. always focal point of any good MBB team… Riley had some of his best teams..

    I think, JMO fans.., when UH wins.. they will resemble more that defense pressure, steals,.. and trap defenses in half court.. get out fast, transition and score, heck. Fleming is a one man fast break, however very good, when he does not go too deep to rim..in making pass to big for layups.

    servante Great Analog.. chow Ball pro set, with his recruits mind you, and ONLY winning 10 games in close to 4 years? crazy, pounding square peg into a round hole.. ain’t going to work..

    hope Eran is flexible.. new young permanent HC NCAA MBB DI.. whole different animal.. at home, I think , I wonder, servante , Chuck Cheese, TAVS, Derek, jjay, eagle you all Can go to SSC home games.. man I wish I could.. let us know the crowd reaction. . to the 4 out 1 big in offense. and if things bog down, what will you fans say at game? hey coach, let guys pressure, up trap, and get out and run.. most of the time, then lock down with that base offense..

    exciting though.. just hope Eran, will adapt.. it is a motion read offense,. a Flex type,..
    pick and roll, pick and pop.. or NBA style offense. ? you really have to have the athletes for that.
    Credit to UH guys though.. WE KNOW THEY WILL BATTLE, cannot half step.. they can win of lose, half of games. we want the Wins.. Eran you know? that is bottom line..

  7. sorry fans, too wordy post..
    Go Bows.. and Eran adapt.. if have to go back to Eran Electric Attack D mode, run and gun, with base simple offense, suited to team,, be willing to change..
    Rebounding.. by committee, again..
    think that AV if healthy . will be all BWC and perhaps player of the year type. Rod, Janks.. could too. we shall see
    Go Bows/ Warriors
    getting excited though for hoops this is what? 51st year of following UH MBB. always fun time !

  8. Lets not forget a couple things about this team. 1. Talent is strong. 2. Schedule is weak.

    That combination should be enough to come out with three wins to start season no matter how pretty or ugly. I think these guys can power through and do what it takes just like they did against Chaminade. Everybody can talk about how ugly that game was but W is W. I will take more of those no matter if we get down by 20+ and have to win in OT.

  9. In SA video today at about 1:07 forward, Brian M. mentioned something about the defense will not have everybody going for the ball at once. That had risks last year, but it produced a lot of turnovers. Hope they do have some of that this year .


  10. islandman:

    Think, JMO.. it was what Benjy had to do.. when GA fired..start with what he thought guys could do.. maybe not the slow, disciplined, reminds me of Flex, / San Antonio/ Gaels/ Eran hybrid offense and defensive schemes..

    We shall, see. . yes, I agree with Chuck C., if UH not at 20 wins,. if everyone saying weak schedule it will be disappointing. however UH is cutting Eran slack. he does not have to win 20, just keep MBB program in right direction.. I rather have a little rascal kolohe in team, and exciting team,. going up and down.. and wins..then conservative, to the vest team…. sort of like the Fab Five were. however Five, that Holiday, Nash, Pennebacker, Freeman, Davis.. as a group were good percentage shooters.. and good hands and like 5 Bobbitts, anticipation to get steals.. with Nash/ Davis, / Pennebacker, good rebounders..

  11. Someone said if Benjy had come back, some players would have left or were thinking of doing so. Add that to the the what ifs.

  12. islandman:

    well UH live or die with their choice for MBB coach, they do well, when they run and gun, D up and have fun.. that is what they are..
    Eran will have a challenge, the round peg into square hole.
    Don’t envy him.
    If Benjy were coach, guaranteed he would have brought in a good big, a rebounder great young guy out of Utah JC, and a coveted JC tall athletic, shooter..what the BB doctor ordered..

    as you all tell me, let it go.. Eran, sheesh, has not won one game, or .. put it this way islandman.. if Eran can win 23 games, he did better than Benjy did in first year, if Eran wins BWC tourney and goes to ncaa tournament.. he did better than Benjy, .. however.. with a team that Benjy had privilege, though knowing he did not have a snowball’s chance in a fireplace to get job..
    hats off to Benjy, he gave his life for those, guys, even the ones who supposedly are griping about his return..they could rest easy.. Benjy was never going to be UH permanent HC..
    islandman, you got your man.. so let us see what he can do

    Go Bows..

  13. Good grief. Haven’t we exhausted the topic of Benjy and last year’s team yet? I think we all appreciated the job that Benjy did with the team last year, but it’s a new day, a new coach, a new regime.

    Suggest we embargo the Benjy talk once the season tips off tomorrow unless there’s some relevant point to make that hasn’t already been made … many, many, many times before.

  14. i don’t expect anything better than last year….new recruits won’t impact the game and losing 2 3-point shooters is big…no additions of post players will hurt us….do expect mediocre excitement throughout the season and 5k average ticket sales

  15. Give it a break already UH Fanz, it’s a new season. Support the program.

  16. No matter what UHF1 says he cannot get over last year and move on.

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