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SI ranks Hawai’i second in Big West, 93rd overall

There are too many college basketball preseason predictions and forecasts to list here, but a comprehensive list put together by Sports Illustrated last week is worth mentioning.

The SI prognostication ranked every NCAA Division I team, from No. 1 (North Carolina) to No. 351 (Grambling State).

Hawai’i came in at a respectable No. 93, which is second among all Big West Conference teams (UC Irvine is No. 86).


What is worth noting is how SI arrived at its rankings. According to the article posted on www.si.com: Our statistical model simulates a given season 10,000 times in order to find the most frequent No. 1 — this year, that would be North Carolina — and determine where the other 350 Division I teams fall in line.

What is also worth noting is that Hawai’i is rated higher than all but two of its guaranteed opponents on the 2015-16 schedule. And the only two opponents rated higher are barely so — Northern Iowa (No. 85) and UC Irvine (No. 86).

There are two unknown opponents on the schedule for the second and third days of the Diamond Head Classic, and that is where the only potential Top 25 opponent might come into play. Oklahoma, which is rated No. 12 by SI, could meet the Warriors on the second day of the Diamond Head Classic on December 23.

Looking far ahead, Hawai’i will host North Carolina during the 2016-17 season.

Here is the SI ranking of each UH opponent* for the 2015-16 season:

287 – Montana State (Nov. 13)
140 – Coastal Carolina (Nov. 15)
204 – Nevada (Nov. 16)
296 – Nicholls State (Nov. 22)
106 – at Texas Tech (Nov. 28)
340 – Arkansas-Pine Bluff (Dec. 2)
85 – Northern Iowa (Dec. 22)
Other Diamond Head Classic teams: Auburn (87), BYU (59), Harvard (129), New Mexico (92), Oklahoma (12), Washington State (127)
346 – Mississippi Valley State (Dec. 29)
265 – Howard (Jan. 2)
123 – Cal Poly (Jan. 6 / Feb. 6)
135 – UC Santa Barbara (Jan. 9 / Feb. 4)
201 – UC Riverside (Jan. 14 / Feb. 25)
213 – Cal State Fullerton (Jan. 16 / Feb. 13)
216 – UC Davis (Jan. 23 / March 3)
118 – Long Beach State (Jan. 30 / March 5)
86 – UC Irvine (Feb. 11 / Feb. 20)
326 – CSUN (Feb. 18 / Feb. 27)

* Division II opponents Hawai’i-Hilo and Hawai’i Pacific are not included in the rankings.


  1. If UH finishes better than 93rd
    Top 60’s , very good season
    Hope , UH stay healthy, rebound , shoot well, pressure and shutdown closeout games..
    Will Fleming be in mix bigdaddy94?
    Hope so..

    Go Bows
    Respect actuallybguys coming back, schedule what they did..
    Props too, and it shows national respect for coach Taylor..
    Good groundwork laid BT !!

  2. Nice honor preseason. .how you finish what counts!

  3. I think that’s an accurate ranking. Pomeroy ranks Hawaii 94. CBS 115. One site, don’t remember who, got Hawaii all the way down to 159. How you figure that after a 22-13 season? We just need to ride the coat tails of UC Irvine which has the highest ranking from the Big West. They are getting the bulk of recognition because they almost beat Louisville in the NCAA Tournament and everyone knows the giant. This conference needs better quality teams so that they can have more respect in college basketball. Hawaii could lead the way in the years to come. We came close (The team that we could have had) but the school itself imploded and there went the President, Chancellor, Athletic Director, and basketball coach. And in spite of all that we still managed 22 wins and almost an NCAA birth. Go figure that one out.

  4. UHF — DON’T Want to get Into a Discussion of “Credit” for Success
    Avoided it Most of Last Season…
    BUT Pre-Season Discussion should begin melting to cobwebs as Results/Reality begins feedback This Week

    1) It is Often/Usually a Team Thing, including the Efforts of Many Unnamed, Un-Credited; and
    2) There Is NO LIMIT to What Can be Accmplished IF IT Doesn’t Matter Who Gets The Credit…

    BUT Some of US Have Always Seen Last Season’s Success as a Reflection of GIB’s Efforts/Successes;
    And MUCH Less for BT
    Similar for BT AND EG (until they Have Time to Build their own Teams/Programs; GA/NC 4 Years)
    However We Recognize They BOTH Must Do Many Things “Right” to Have Success With The Wealth of Talent
    They Could BOTH Do Better (Day-to-Day Team Building, Game Prep & Management than Gib might have done…)

    I ACTUALLY Think It’s a Reverse of What You’re Positing:
    That The JUMP from #123 @ End-of-last Season Up to # 94/93 Is More A Reflection of:
    1) Higher Likelihood of Program Success (‘Respect’) Under EG System;
    2) Quality of Returnees (GA, BT AND EG);
    3) UCI Success VS NCAA/Louisville as Servante Posited

    DESPITE The University’s Inability To Handle Success…
    JJ And GA
    LB, DS doing OK

    ALSO Hoping They Continue Upward Climb…
    GO ‘BOWS!

  5. Does anyone know if there is a max on the number of games D1 teams can play in a regular season? Seems like we are light on the number of games being played compared to last year.

  6. Ooookay, so we should expect record of about 26-3 for the regular season! LOL

    My thinking is preseason predictions should never be looked at seriously because so many things can happen after the season starts. This SI prediction sure make themself sound good when they say they simulate the season 10,000 times but I wonder if they put in different combinations of injuries for all the teams. I wish I could see the 10,000 different outcomes UH had.

  7. eagle: Ben don’t take the job, when guys wanted him for at Least Last Year, to solidify team, Ben takes the mantle under all type of , well, would not want that heaped on my worst enemy, Ben takes the high road, does what he has to. keep team focused, and just play all out with effort every nite.. You cannot tell, me that BT and his last minute put together staff,.. They Do not get Any credit for that? contributing towards guiding guys, mentoring them to 22 wins almost 23 and the dance.?

    . if not for that magical 22 win season under the worse conditions..and distractions.. eagle..last season would have been downer.. would be pilau season. just very sad.. a lost season. it was not..
    And now Ganot has inherited at least 7 or 8 guys that can carry on that mantle.. and go to NCAA or NIT.. barring injury.. very very thin, no depth and not good 3 point shooting team… however they will get better confident of that. .they are Warriors battle tested !

    However. NUMBER one.. I am a fan of UH MBB.. and I accept what UH did hire Eran.. so this Friday night , I will cheer on the team. and the win totals will follow Eran for his entire life. wish he and team the best..
    sheesh.. at least one post, one supporter, of guys that gave their all for UH and MBB team.

    Go Bows. and eagle, you are great supporter.. mahalo for that.. and BT.. mahalo too.. team double mahalo !

  8. PONO ….. good question. Anyone know why we were allowed to play 32 regular season games last year ? I think the limit is 31 for most teams.

  9. islandman:

    You know.. pre BWC tourney, you are right, UH squeezed 32 games into season, including that Florida Gulf Coast trip tournament back east. I don’t know, think it was a last minute edition to schedule. .. Killer pre season, that 8 games in 13 days,,.. and finally that 12-4 record pre BWC season..
    Seems, like Eran went opposite this year.. Don’t go on that Las Vegas showcase tournament. and the SDSU game on the road.(for me, JMO that puts question mark , huge one on The supposed Upgrade? in scheduling SOS , what happened with that? the fans ask.. and rightly so.
    well, should be . maybe in first 13 games. if UH finishes 9-4 fantastic, 8-5, great.. 7-6 possible. and 9-7 in BWC? maybe. that would make them at best. JMO. 18-11 going into BWC tournament.. that would be great.. hope they finish higher. however. .. whoever hot in March , 3 Wins and they go to the dance.
    Pres season polls? not too much stock..how you finish.most important

    Go Bows/ Warriors.. hey we ready for some hoops. hope fans come out to SSC for 20 home games and support the boys !

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