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It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing some changes to the coverage provided by WarriorInsider.com.

Due to schedule changes and conflicts in my professional and personal life, I will be taking somewhat of a secondary role for this site, in terms of the coverage. I will still attempt to cover games and provide interviews when my schedule allows, but the days of daily coverage will be very difficult to duplicate this season. Colleagues and business partners have agreed to help fill in, when ever possible.

There is, of course, heartache behind this decision, as I truly believe that the program deserves as much coverage as possible, and I enjoy sharing the stories and videos with the fans.

However, there is also a sense of personal joy, because my children have recently been introduced to youth sports (baseball and soccer … when did these become year-round sports for kids?!), and that is the primary reason for scaling back on WI coverage. My two daughters will rightfully receive the priority of my free time.

The look of the site itself will not change, and fans will still be allowed and encouraged to post appropriate comments and share “news” every day.

On that note, this is a good time to remind all people who comment that rules are still in place – keep the language clean and stay generally on topic; while criticism can be constructive, there should be no personal attacks on members of the program or other people who post comments; while “reminiscing” about the past can be useful and informative, there is no need to bring up the same history lessons on a daily basis (you know who you are). Above all else, use common sense and common manners. Additional moderators have been put in place, so please adhere to the guidelines.

Thank you all for your continued support, and I look forward to a great season!

Dayton Morinaga


  1. Mahalo Dayton !
    And as always, Go Bows !!

  2. First class from day one Dayton.. You HAVE your priorities in the right order… Family first. sports second..
    Thanks for letting this old makule geezer post. sometimes too wordy, I will cut back, a lot… promise..We see where UH MBB takes us…wild ride so far..

    Side: Chris Naeole for MBB Associate HC? He is a toe the line guy ! half in jest..

    Bigdaddy, let use know how we can help, or what Isaac is up to, will he Be part of Warrior MB or not?

    Mahalo to the Schmidts, and other donors, and staff for WI. MBB great job !

  3. Dayton

    Thanks for all your countless hours of devotion to this site and UH basketball. I really appreciate all your efforts and hope that WI will be around for many more years to come.

  4. servante , al, jjay, hawaiifan, Derek, clyde, TAVS, n2joy, bunch of us the ORIGINAL post people. I Still remember eagle doing his really, really late night haiku type prose on UH MBB, and how HE and I, thought something had to be fixed at UH…well they are starting to fix, or trying to..good !
    All the families that posted, Bigdaddy94, TribeVx4, Tonganator, Aussie Mum and Ozzie Mum, nice of them to add their take on UH MBB..I feel like a HUGE change for WI.. however. even Dayton, I thought was the premier MBB coverage guy at the HNA.. he was and still is the man !
    Mahalo, I echo servante , awesome and thankyou so much again Dayton !!

  5. Mahalo, Dayton
    Schmidts and WI Team

    Counting on UHMBB Team:
    Players & Coaches’ Results and Classy Behaviour
    To Help Keep Most of the News here, positive

    Go ‘Bows!

  6. Thanks for your efforts, Dayton. Is your daughter(s) playing baseball or softball ?

    Last day to withdraw without penalty from UH was Oct 23; not last Friday, i think.

  7. Family first … good move Dayton. And Mahalo for all the hard work!

  8. Mahalo Dayton. This site still the best for UH basketball! I and many others come on here every day to find out the latest. I hope and pray this site keep going and you do your best to take care. I also happy to see you remind people about the rules because some been getting out of hand the last few times.

  9. Mahalo Dayton, rest of the WI team, and to your wonderful sponsors (the Schmidt)! You definitely made the best decision to take care of your family first. Looking forward to the start of the UHMBB season this Thursday. GO BOWS!

  10. Dayton,

    Mahalo for all the articles and video surrounding UHbb.
    Great to hear your making time to participate and watch your kids in sports programs. YOU don’t want to miss this in your lifetime


  11. ChuckCheese-

    true, however if Dayton allowed some of the parents to make statement, nothing to do with above topic and islandman free to post Real Time updates UHMBB.., that is the real time news and issues..He just does not want the attacks.. and I am guilty of tooooo long, wordy, posts..I will stop that. and ISLANDMAN.. he is our Go to guy, for all the stats, rules, and inside info.. Chuck , I am solid fan ot MBB too, just want things Pono, right.,So truce, no need bring up past..We move forward, and I HOPE Isaac Fleming is okay, whatever or wherever he is. Okay back to ..Mahalo Dayton..I hope to see you at ONE game. if I can..

  12. Dayton,

    Thanks for all you have done and continue to do. I am much older than you and have been through that that youth athletics “thing” with my kids. It takes up a lot of time being a chauffeur and volunteer but it is truly worth it. Times have changed as my parents generation did not participate as much as they do now. Don’t know if we’re spoiling the kids but it is great time and it goes fast.

  13. Uhfanzonly1 – I’ll believe it when I see it. Mahalo Dayton, your a straight up guy and hope all the best to you and your family. An old saying Isaac that is worth repeating “the tail doesn’t wag the dog”. The coach runs the team!

  14. Mahalo Dayton for all your hardwork and keeping the fans connected with the team. Enjoy the time with your family.

  15. Mahalo and aloha Dayton. Family first

  16. Just wanted to say that Dayton’s work has been outstanding…I hope we don’t miss you too much as this IS The Site for all things UH Basketball. Mahalo and good luck.

    Like I did when this site first came online, I took the time to see what the new Coach, Gib, did before I began to make comments. This team and Coach deserves the same. Just a couple more days and we will begin to see DA BOWZ begin to develop for the new season.


  17. McInnis 25m ago

    ‘UH says its #HawaiiMBB game against UH Hilo will now take place on Dec. 8 at the Stan Sheriff Center. Not on the Big Island”

  18. anderpops: Believe it.. mandated by my family care givers.. stay off the forums. don’t blog too, much..doctor order too.. however if UH MBB blowing up.. 30 game win streak, and elite eight, look out, will post a lot of POSITIVE stuff, just a fanatic fan.. NEVER attack other posters. just the admin.. people.

    anderpops.. .. will be short like this.. or else I will share links and you all can read the latest. my budd, islandman, is the stat/metric guy. if I had hijacked this or other forum sites. I am sorry.. I remember eagle told me.. hey.. nobody even commenting in first few months. .Uhf.. go for, it. keep site alive or could die.. so I DID..

    go Bows.. I love all you guys and gals..? You know why.. we want, not only High Character good student athletes and people in MBB program.. we want WINNERS.. NIT and NCAA bids. and 20 plus winning seasons.. EVERY season.. I Got Dem Baskeball Jones Already. shaking all ovvvverrrr !!

    Go Bows..anderpops I go POP go Warriors , best time of year for me !!

  19. islandman:

    Reason? maybe costs and missing classes.. man I think only Texas Tech road game only time off the island before BWC conference season, and Post season time?

  20. Haad to stay on topic not knowing if Isaac is still in school and for that matter still on the team.

  21. Pocho: yes.. that is The HUGE concern for Eran and team..
    pretty sure the moderators. the ones helping day to day upkeep of site, will not delete or block some Real Time issue concerns..
    see.. how islandman, I think he has his posts setup already, and copy and paste, here WI and Scout.. then click, post..
    Just as long as WE fans, go Eran hook em up, Reel em in.. Pocho, we go back 5 years or so.. we just want that fist slam dunk and first 3 pointers, and a run to give UH the RBC championship game.. start season.. we all be happy.. I tell you. Lot of guys, the walkons WILL play. hope some of MVB team and FB players, taller ones. will help Eran’s team this year..

  22. No I. F. today, per McInnis .

  23. Isaac Fleming has as good a chance to make it to the NBA as any sophmore I have seen at UH. Starting for UH this year will not increase his chances of making it to the pros, unless he thinks that he has a chance of jumping to the pros early before graduation. It is likely he will start next year, if only because we have so many great Jr. and Sr. guards this year, and he will easily put up the kind of numbers that will get attention as well as being a team player, which also garners attention. I think his game looks like Isaiah Thomas’s game and we all know that Isaiah played and learned from Bobby Knight who was arguably very disciplined and who unquestionably loved the game and his players. Unless Isaac’s problems are really off the court, and if they are he could come back next year anyway, his best course of action is to be the best player and student of the game this year, that he can be.

  24. Yeah,

    Isaac has game that and looks he’s game. I think he’s gone for good though

  25. UhFanzonly1,

    if BM’s tweets Issac’s not at practice, he must be snooping around knowing he’s still here on island. I mean BM would know, no?

  26. Once a team member, always a team member. We hope for the best for each of the players. Not knowing anything else about the situation, it reminds one of Josten Thomas’s decision to leave early. Is Josten Thomas still playing basketball? Anyone know?

  27. Isaac,

    I really enjoyed your game and only a freshman to boot. Haven’t seen one come along in Hawaii for a good while.

    Good luck to you where ever you may end up and I hope you find Happiness. Mahalo!

  28. A huge thank you for all the kind words and thoughts. The community of fans who follow this site are a big reason why I want to keep it going, even with what little free time I have remaining.

    islandman, to answer your earlier question, my 7-year-old daughter is playing baseball — one of two girls on the team — which is why I feel a need to be out there for support and assistance. There are also soccer schedules for both daughters (separate teams) to juggle. Really busy, but really fun, is probably the best way to describe it.

    Thanks again to everyone.

  29. Mahalo Dayton I appreciate you

  30. Thank you to all the WI fans and followers who are in full support of Dayton not posting daily. WI will still be up and active, just not having a daily post. Of course, following his own children’s sports, development and growth is of the utmost priority. He may be the dad on the side videoing all of their games because old habits die hard!

    To the hard core commenters, thank you in advance for keeping your comments positive and constructive. As a reminder, there are other readers young and old who look to all of us as role models of the positive effects of sports and teamwork. Your personal egos are not being challenged, there is no reason to feel that you need to prove a point. We are here to support the University of Hawaii basketball team as a family. Remember to spread the power of ohana using the aloha spirit.

    This is the month of Thanksgiving, to remember all that we are thankful for. I am thankful for the passion that surrounds the young men players and their families who continue to choose to call Hawaii home.

  31. thanks Valerie and the Schmid Ohana for all the years support of WI.. that is what we wanted from the beginning the fan, friend and family friendly MBB site for young and old. not the Attacking mode.

    It shall return to that focus on MBB and the team and coach winning ball games. bottom line

  32. Mahalo Dayton! Ohana 1st!

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