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A few notes from “Call the Coach”


Some excerpts from “Call the Coach” with Eran Ganot on ESPN1420 AM radio on Tuesday night:

On the team’s perimeter shooting …

“I think shooting a lot of times is one, mechanics and reps, and then two, taking better shots. I think this group has improved as a shooting group. Obviously, we didn’t come out of the gates very well against Chaminade, and finished up very well. I thought that was the difference in the game. A guy like Brocke Stepteau obviously helped us, but Aaron Valdes and Stefan Jankovic are guys who have proven they can shoot it. Roderick Bobbitt, to be honest, shot it in junior college and did not shoot it very well last year, and that’s been a point of emphasis for him and for our staff this year.”

On opening the season with three games in four days …

“It is great prep. You’re going to play three in four in the Diamond Head (Classic). You’re going to look at a three-game stretch, potentially, in conference tournament, but obviously, there’s no prep for an 11 p.m. game. That’s unique. I think it’s quick turnarounds, but there’s going to be quick turnarounds in conference.”

On Roderick Bobbitt’s defense …

“He is gifted, as a lot of our guys are, in terms of putting pressure on the ball. He’s got the combination of anticipation and great hands. Some guys have the anticipation, but they can’t get there. It’s just keeping him there. You want to continue to help put them in position where they are the best versions of who they are. We don’t want to change them.”

On Mike Thomas’ status …

“He’s done everything he can to get himself back for this weekend and right now it looks encouraging … obviously, we missed him the other day.”

On Isaac Fleming’s status …

“We’re step by step with him. He’s re-acclimated himself …we’re kind of going from there. In the meantime, he’s no different from any of the other guys in terms of making sure we do things right in all areas.”

On using schemes learned from Riley Wallace …

“I took a lot from Coach Wallace in terms of how he ran his program and obviously I thought he was an excellent offensive coach — actually excellent in a lot of areas. He’s a mentor to me, somebody I respect a lot. I’ve learned a lot from his screening situations, but more recently, I spent the last five years obviously at Saint Mary’s and had the offense there, rebounding … so more accustomed to playing that style.”

On the new 30-second shot clock …

“I don’t want to be too reactive ourselves. It’s five seconds less. One of the dangers is now you can play faster and not make as sound decisions in the frontcourt. I think for us, pressing would have been natural because it is a strength of this group and something we like as well and obviously we like to push the ball anyway.”

On Sai Tummala …

“Obviously I think he wished he played better, but that was his first minutes in a couple years. He last played a significant role at Salt Lake Community College and went to Arizona State and didn’t play that much … I do think not having Mike Thomas the other day affected him because those guys would usually split time He probably played too many minutes.”

On Sheriff Drammeh …

“With freshmen you don’t really know exactly. The talent you can see is there. He’s got good size in terms of his height. Obviously he’s got to gain about 50 to 60 pounds and we’re working on that … he’s a great kid, puts the work in. He does everything right. He’s a star in the classroom. I think he’s got a bright future. How quickly he can adjust to this level with that strength is to be determined.”


  1. Thanks for the recap but I will say again what I said last night and that is Booby C. was rude to some of the players by putting them down on the show. He was saying how Janks not tough to play in the post and Isaac too much flash like he belong on the And1 playground team.

    Booby trying to be funny but really not. He even was saying how the best shooters on the team is the coaches. Even if that true, thats why they the coaches!

    I don’t think Booby should do this show anymore. He didn’t make me feel like I want to go and watch this team.

  2. Great write up, thanks!

    Here are some other comments from Ganot that may be of interest:

    Curran: Asks about the Chaminade exhibition game:

    Ganot: It was a unique game. It created some situations which were good for us. One, dealing with adversity, and, two, having to adjust our lineup a bit. I think overall it was a good experience for us, playing an opponent in front of a crowd, which was the first time for this group. They responded well, which is great. We watched a lot of film and addressed in practice this week about not getting into those situations. With that being said, what I said after the game was, number one, give credit to Chaminade. They did a great job and have a great coach and I’ve always had a lot of respect for them.

    Curran: On the team’s 1-in, 4-out system, doesn’t that depend on people being able to put the ball in the basket?

    Ganot: I’d say with all offenses, that usually helps. You gotta put the ball in the hole. Our 4-out, 1-in system has always been wrinkled every year. That’s why I say, when people ask me about my system, that it’s not my system at all, it’s *our* system. It’s a system that me and my staff are comfortable with. It’s a blueprint that’s been successful, but we are wrinkling it and adjusting it for the strengths of this group, which is what you should be doing.

    Curran: Asks about the team’s post players.

    Ganot: Stef Jovanovic is more strictly your back-to-the-basket kind of guy. And he’s gotten better there because we play a style that’s gotten him a lot of reps. We play inside out rather than ignore him. We have him make decisions inside the post and have him set ball screens. Whereas the other guys are more inside-outside guys, even Jankovic. Janks is 6’10”, but obviously we’ve made a point of emphasis to get him inside so he can play physical, so he can get to the line. And he’s actually a really good and underated post player.

    Curran: He’s got very good feet.

    Ganot: He’s very talented and we’re excited about where he could be. We like where he’s at now, but he can be a lot better. He can finish with both hands and he’s hard to cover because he’s so tall and long. He’s going to be a mismatch. There will be times when he’s going to have a smaller guy on him and we’d like him to play inside. And there are times when he’s going to have a bigger guy on him and we’d like him to play on the perimeter.

    Caller: Asks about all the technical fouls last year.

    Ganot: That’s a great question. It’s been something we’ve talked about early. We’ve brought in officials for most of our practices and scrimmages and I’ll talk to them about that. We’re re-establishing our reputation with the officials. The reality is we have a reputation now. We led the conference in technical fouls. No team can play that way, especially in this game. You have to have a “next play” mentality. So we do that in practices and in the film room. The encouraging thing is that I will ask the officials after each game how we’re doing and they’ve said that so far we’ve improved in those areas. If there’s a technical foul they’ll be sitting right by me on the bench. So, just in general, improving in that area, playing with a “next play” mentality. And it’s not even just the calls – make or miss, if you’re playing well or you’re not – we just have to be locked into moving forward.

    Can’t wait for the season opener on Friday night.

    Manoa Maniacs, LET’S RIDE!

  3. However, Bobby IS the voice of UH MBB..should be at least more optimistic positive, since HE is promoting UH sports..?.he should let the coaches give their observations. And go from there.
    On his own morning show, he does and says what he likes., a style not unlike some mainland sports talk call in shows.
    Probably extra motivation for team, the radio guy for UH, questions team, and athletes abilities.. all they have to do, prove Bobby wrong !

    Go Bows/ Warriors.. very excited for season to begin.. aren’t WI fans too ?

  4. Owies signs NLI; Buggs to follow.

    Matthew Owies ‏@mattowies 12h ago

    “Finally signed my NLI to the University of Hawaii Super excited to be apart of such a great program #UH #hardwork”

  5. No announcement yet on Star Advertiser re signing, hope we see a news release soon and Buggs to follow.

  6. then, after the two good guards LOI signed official early period.. a great wing shooter, one of the best , and a couple of 6’8″ 235 pound guys that can shoot it, rebound and defend .. UH should be good to go for several years.

    Go ahead eran, I hope you are not tied down too much with that dumb negative recruiting pitch by other schools and coaches,.. they are doing it.. that is why hard to get the good SF to PF/ C.. to come for now.
    shooter, shooter, and a couple of bigs. we all be happy.. !

    Think this bunch, which I am very, very proud of the Elite Eleven from last year. will do well !

    go Bows/ Warriors !

  7. ” … a couple of 6’8″ 235 pound guys that can shoot it, rebound and defend . ” Kentucky yes, UH only wishing.

  8. islandman: one can dream?

  9. i’ll take a 6’9 shot blocker that also dunks everything

  10. Welcome to the team Matt Owies!

    Drew, looking forward to welcoming you aboard too!

  11. I was more impressed with the rainbow wahine volleyball recruits

    Norene iosia 5-11 setter from redondo Union hs voted 2012 national freshman of the year and 2014 national junior of the year

    One day Hawaii will recruit a gem yes Uhfanzonly1 we can dream

  12. Good interview, thanks to WI.
    It was interesting to hear the words “wrinkling it out” by coach Ganot. Meaning adjusting his blue print to the talent on the floor. Riley was not as flexible in his system.
    Coach Ganot speaks the talk, so let’s see what he does bc it all comes down to his orchestration. Im not expecting a miracle this season and like most fans who support the program I want our team to be competitive.

  13. Boobs an idiot. Dude should not be giving his opinion on “Call the Coaches Show”. Its coach Ganot time to get the public up to date on how the team is doing….recent happenings ….and players update.

    He has his own show to express his opinion. Sometimes the guy talks too much. Clown need to learn to just ask simple questions and let the fans and oaches speak. Guy always asking long-winded questions with his personal opinion added to it. We fans didn’t turn on the radio at that time for his opinion.

  14. Just wondering. Based on the reported conversation, Ganot says Drammeh needs to gain 50 to 60 pounds? At his listed weight of 170 and height of 6’3″, that would make him 220 to 230 lbs. The two Stefans are 6’11” and weigh 235. Bobbit is 6’3″ and listed at 205. So, is Ganot trying to make Drammeh a linebacker?

  15. About Drammeh needing to gain 50 to 60 pounds, Coach Ganot was just making a joke to emphasize how slimly built Drammeh is. It got some laughs from the crowd.

  16. kahuna, I totally agree with you. Its way worst for basketball because Booby think he expert so he want to give his opinion. If one of the goals of Call The Coach show is to get fans excited for the season, Booby did the opposite and made me feel like this team not that good.

  17. My guess at starting 5:
    Jankovic (if healthy)

    First few off bench
    Tummala (mike likes to foul a lot)
    Stepteau (until Flemming is totally out of doghouse) assuming can keep up 40-50% 3 pt shot
    Flemming absolutly awesome off the bench & brings so much energy into the game

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