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Warriors “going in the right direction”

Nearly two weeks into practices, the University of Hawai’i basketball team appears to be on a proper pace to be prepared for its season opener in less than a month.

“We’re going in the right direction,” first-year head coach Eran Ganot said after a practice earlier this week. “We’re working through a lot of things. I know everybody in the country has some of those moments – teaching moments — some lulls in practice. You’re putting a lot of new stuff in, but our guys have been handling it pretty well.”


It might help that Ganot has been coaching at a deliberately slower pace, for now.

“We want to put a lot in, and coaches naturally feel like they’re behind, but the reality is you have to make sure what you have in is right,” he said. “Obviously, we have to have our zone offense and defense, our press offense and defense in, things like that. But for now, I feel good about the fact that we’re taking things slow in terms of making sure we do things right.”

Ganot said “it’s been different guys every day,” in terms of pleasant surprises, and he likes the competition that has emerged within the team.

“They’re not all going to have great days, and that’s a good thing,” he said. “You have to fight for some of those. Some days, one guys is having a good day and the guy guarding you isn’t. We just want to make sure they keep pushing each other and getting better.”

The Warriors will play an exhibition game against Chaminade on November 5. The regular-season opener against Montana State is set for November 13.

Ganot said he would like to schedule an intrasquad scrimmage open to the public before November 5, but is still working through some of the logistics.

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  1. This is a Team 2 Watch

    The Best starting Line-up

    PG Bobbit- Great Defense, Basketball iQ High
    SG Fleming- Very Crafty Ball Handler Can Create Anytime
    SF Valdes- Extremly Athletic And can Shoot
    PF Thomas- Nice Touch, Athletic, Getting Better & better
    C Jankovich- Can Shoot, Can Play in side out Must Work on rebounding but a legit Center/PF

    6th man- Quincy- Energetic spark you need off the bench

  2. Competition is the nature of the game; Survival of the fittest !

    Everyone has to start from somewhere, may it be 2nd team, 3rd.

    Had you done your best ? Start from making yourself “FIT” ?

    A winning TEAM begin from the HC, supportive fans…

    I’d been dreaming for a beginning just like this !

  3. Good lineup NBA Scout

    I would add Bobbit needs to knock down his spot up shots
    Flemming needs to be able to keep defense honest by knocking down from outside
    Valdez better shooting percentage
    Thomas needs to really crash the boards
    The J’s need to stay away from foul trouble

  4. Everything Servante said was correct but Thomas needs to stay out of foul trouble.

  5. Seems like Ganot is where he needs his team to be and is concerned about the quality vs quantity at this point. Take it slow and make sure the guys pay attention to the details and do things right. This attention to detail will serve us well down the road. It’s refreshing to have this type of coach vs a sales man.

  6. Don’t forget about the other Stef and thats Stef Jovanovic. He’s the only true post center on the team so we will need him especially if the opponent has big guys. I also think Sai Tummala have to be a contributor in different positions because he is a experienced senior. He could be the fill in guy when others get in foul trouble.

  7. I don’t think Thomas will be a starter. Personally, I’d pick Jovanovic. Have to see Tsai and the other new guys before I pick my starting five.

  8. Main thing, MT, AV, Janks, Jovanovich, Bobbitt, Fleming, Smith, ALL stay healthy this year. .ONE or TWO of these guys get hurt. .. it hurts UH depth..

    Hey guys, keep working, stay together.. do well in class. HAVE great season!

    NCAA tourney ? why not YOU GUYS.. true warriors !

  9. NCAA hearings all pau. SA article says results to be announced maybe in January, including whether a post season ban will be incurred. UH to pay $10,000 fine as part of self imposed penalties, plus scholarship reductions and reduced practice time hoping to avoid a ban.

  10. The former UH legal counsel (who was in charge when Gib’s contract was drafted) has rejoined the McCorriston firm as as partner. McCorriston is an attorney for UH in the Gib settlement case. Gib’s attorney Bickerton was also a former partner of McCorriston.

  11. islandman: Know who you’re talking about … two losers in this case as it turned out.

  12. UH hired new compliance officer…wow..

  13. Where did you see that report?

  14. Kitv 600 pm news
    Check 10pm
    Or other newscasts
    Caught me by surprise
    I think amanda was the compliance officer?
    Kind of shocked..wonder if bearing on ncaa hearings?

  15. I believe she was the chief compliance officer; think she had at least one assistant. Did the report say she was replaced? If so, interesting timing.

  16. No just UH hired NEW ncaa compliance officer make sure compliant? Fogot exact words…part of steps UH taking to be better
    Check out kitv news tonite or maybe tomorrow media more
    Sounds like changes being made

  17. Remember the statement from Davis Rozitis about compliance officer?

  18. Yes…what goes around…it is happening..truth eventually unfolding I guess

    Too much needless battles
    Just should have worked together workout problems non acrimonious
    Man oh man..
    Took one year and now few more months…then pau?

  19. That new counsel for UH, the lead, she doing something though.. I like her candor on TV interviews…just telling it like it is..
    Cleaning house, and making sure Maintain the House..might shake up Roof, TOP of house, home of UH too, would be good.

    Hey Davis.. yes, good letter.. on point..

  20. hey island man,why would McCorriston hire the former UH legal counsel who seems to be incompetent?! Is there some kind of conspiracy here?! Seems like these attorneys are all connected to each other.

  21. UH late again, on purpose or incompetent. Why would you get rid of the compliance officer after the NCAA hearing. If they new they were dropping the pink slip it would have helped their case to do it before so it could be considered as part of the testimony for the hearing.

    As for our team. I am looking forward to the start of the season. One can’t argue with the comments posted but the bottom line that has been left out is scoring. That is how you win by getting more points than your opponent. What has been done to improve our outside shooting? Who has gotten better and who is the “go to” guy. Anyone have an opinion on this?

  22. Oh man, this whole thing can be in a movie one day. So much juicy stuff! The closing scene would have all attorneys involved from both sides at an exclusive restaurant with an expensive bottle champagne raising their glasses in a toast to each other while laughing it up at UH expense.

    How unreal would it be if all the attorneys involved truly were in on this thing together because they know they could make money off incompetent UH?

  23. Stop with the Benjy comparison already. Eran has competent assistants to can carry on what he established with HIS team.

  24. okay … just my opinion. what I see.. however.. a lot of things became real, actually are and have happened.. Davis.. really well written letter and response to things that went down.. BT..did hell of a job.. his 22 wins Vacated? nope.. he did good..
    Eran, hope he gets 28 wins or more, go to NCAA tourney. that is not dissing Eran.. and recognizing UH MBB past.. really recent. Eran has the athletes that Benjy coached.. and Benjy encouraged to stay and work with new coach, and admin.. life would not always be easy.. true words MR Taylor, things not always go your way.. true.. life lessons..
    If last year,.. team went 9-26.. would be the pits.. and we would have had dreary March, however team almost made the dance..
    You have your opinion.. 7 billion other people in world have theirs..

    However I support team, and Eran to do good job..that is it..
    Go Bows..
    been supporting MBB for near 51 years..

  25. Her testimony in that case may have led that pink slip. Pink slip her to early and she may have bad feelings and testify against UH interests.

  26. Just goes to show how easy you can be dismissed if you are one of those APT workers. Arnold, Compliance Officer, Athletic Director, Chancellor. You slip up they get you out. Fired without cause. Dirty world we live in today.

  27. IF, the KITV report is valid, my guess is they’re adding to Amanda’s staff and not replacing her. She was, after all, the golden girl in the eyes of the somewhat clueless (in athletics) chancellor.
    There are currently three staffers in the compliance office; whether that includes the latest hire or not, I don’t know.

  28. Davis letter didn’t add up if you read what one of the compliance coordinators said about the episode, etc.

  29. Piling on “Firings”
    ALSO The ‘Little Guys’…

    1) Speaking (ill) of Attorneys —
    And U.H. Propensity to FIRE! AIM! Shoot!?
    Former B.E. Trustee Gerard Jervis just ‘earned’ a six-month SUSPENSION for “altering dates” —
    [Betcha HIS ‘Boss’ is still Paying Him…]
    Isn’t that What Brandyn was “FIRED” for…?
    (Except NEVER Filed — Caught & Corrected Internally…
    Almost Like how a Good, Working Organization would handle it (except Train/Chastize & Watch/Verify versus Fire…
    Winning Organizations Know a GOOD Employee Will Be Better having Learned from a Mistake)
    How Do We Learn? [From Mentors, Training and Mistakes…]

    2) I’LL NEVER ACCEPT Giving Up a First-Team ALL-Conference Sophomore
    (with two/three years remaining eligibility And a FAN Favorite!) for a <$200 USED iPad…
    Fan Favorite = ?500 to 2,000? Fans?
    And HE Was Representing His National Olympic/FIBA Team @ The Time
    TRYING to do His Homework…
    IF You Cannot Earn An NCAA Waiver (Or Light Penalty) In THAT Case
    What are WE Really Paying For?
    Compliance VERSUS Performance
    Value ADDED Versus Checking Blocks…
    i.e., Three Better Go After The Stuff they 'didn't have time for' with only two
    NOT More of The Same…

    [VENTED…HOPE We Are CLOSE to PAU on This Lack of Management Fiasco]

    Go Eran!
    Go 'Bows!

    WE Have a HIGHLY Potentially Bright Season to Look Forward To…
    20+ For Three Straight [B.S. On Vacating, too…]
    Warriors WIN Three In Anaheim…
    Na Wahine WIN ALL in Anaheim (probably earn Early 'Byes')

    Just So Opinionated…
    [ftr…no, not uhf1…]

  30. well said….eagle! go bows!

  31. OK we hear you Can we all move on to this year Great to hear team is moving in right direction Main focus is on returning guys What are new guys doing

  32. Who made the call to suspend Fotu? No one stepping up and backed the young man. Not a squeak. Yes, I agree with eagle and I view it as a great blunder and disrespectful to the player and his family. Was that lending of an IPAD to have UH banned from postseason play?

    Now where on the bus is the former compliance officer?

  33. Moving on and sweeping things under the rug is not the answer regarding how this fiasco turned out or ran its course.

    They need to get the person who orchestrated this whole mess and leading the basketball program down this path. Meaning the way things were handled by the chancellor and the brass above him needs to be looked into and incapable leaders to be eradicated. Looking back at the timeline one can see things were being orchestrated due to the one main fact that Arnold’s contract was basically sitting on the Chancellor’s desk before all this went down.

    Yes, for the team and the new coaching regime continue to control what you guys can do. Practice hard, play your best and win.

  34. AND I Would Suggest A State Auditor (Hire Special Project Marion Higa out of Retirement)

    And/Or State Attorney General’s Office and PUT The Corruptors ON NOTICE — …OUT With Cause and NO PAY…

    And Start Learning and Doing Their Jobs,,,

  35. Man…I can’t stop looking at the guy’s ears…

  36. Then ‘Ear Me Out…

    I’ll just DO THIS..
    HERE On The Back Pages Where ONLY The MOST Observant would even Notice…
    NOT The Boo Birds and Get-All-Excited Guys that Someone Else Actually Has a Different Opinion….

    TODAY Kinda IS “BACK-TO-THE-FUTURE” Day Anyway…

    SEE I DO ‘Like’ Benjy’
    BUT Honestly I DON’T KNOW IF he did a Good/Great Job

    I Like that he Kinda Kept Most of the Team Together…

    NOT Everything…
    A LOT of Things ARE Just Beyond OUR Reach, Grasp And Control
    BUT Maybe…

    1) IF HE Did His Homework OR Found a Better Mentor For NEGUS
    He Could Have Had a Fourth And Fifth College Year Here
    IF He Could Survive Misery, Even Missouri, then i think so…

    2) IF He CHALLENGED Amanda and Bley-Vroman AS HARD AS GIB Would
    MAYBE ISAAC FOTU Coulda had Junior and Senior OR Ashley Karaitiana Type 5th and Shawna-Type 6th YEARS(!) (YIKES!)…

    I THINK OF COURSE IF HE FOUGHT That Hard The ONE-Minded NON-Thinkers Probably Woulda FIRED BT, Too

    I Understand HE WAS NOT In ANY Position OF Authority OR Even Position To Negotiate…
    HE Couldn’t Even Get Himself a Promise of A Year OR Season…

    OR Maybe He Already WAS Doing His Best…



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