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Official practices begin on October 2

There will be no Midnight Madness – at least not yet – and no public fanfare when the 2015-16 University of Hawai’i basketball team opens its official practices on October 2. Just a good hard practice.

First-year head coach Eran Ganot has had about six weeks to learn about the current Warriors through preseason training and individual workouts. Now it gets a little more serious.


“There’s a big difference between the Spring, the Summer and even the Fall, of having eight hours a week (of training) but only two hours a week of basketball,” Ganot said. “A lot changes on October 2nd, when you’re looking at … 19 hours a week. Very excited about getting more time with them and continuing to put in the work.”

Fall classes – as well as preseason conditioning and individual workouts – started in late August. The Warriors have also used that time to bond with team meals, outings and community service projects.

“The Fall (training) was about this six-week period going into October 2nd,” Ganot said. “To get us in the best position we can be to start practice on October 2nd. Now, we’re going to visit with our guys again, review the Fall and set some goals for this next six-week period.”

The Fall training period has given Ganot an idea of what each player can do, but he said it is still too early to start determining starting spots.

“This team can change and it’s still shaping itself,” he said. “A lot can happen in the next six weeks. Guys can make a jump. It’s happened in the past with this program, even last year. We’re hoping the guys who we know a lot about will continue to go in the right direction, and maybe there will be some surprises.”

As for a more grand opening entrance to practices, Ganot said several hurdles made it difficult to plan. The NCAA allowing an earlier start date (it was previously in mid-October) coincided with the Los Angeles Lakers’ training camp at the Stan Sheriff Center; there are also dates reserved for the current UH women’s volleyball season.

Ganot said there is still a possibility of the team scheduling a public event for the preseason, but nothing is set yet. He added that he would like to see the return of a midnight event in the future.


  1. Eran…if you go .500 I would be happy..

    Recognize not ignore past 5 years..and what mbb did to bring back interest to basketball

    Be ready to wave rally towel for team

    You have 11 great Gib and Benjy recruits
    They are warriors
    Treat them well

    Hope your UH admin gets pono..

  2. He will use his system but adjust it to the strengths of the group. Regarding the past five years, Eran knows the tradition at UH because he was on Riley’s staff. As far as UH admin getting pono, maybe some on the previous basketball staff were not pono enough at times, it remains to be determined. Don’t see any big gag order.

  3. Everyone curious to see how this team will play with new coaches and new style. All the players sound like they are happy and ready to go in their videos. Lets all hope and pray for a great season!

  4. I can’t believe that some people would think that a coach would be so insensitive to some of these things nor know about the recent and past history of the program. Of course he does……

    In my opinion, a flex motion type offense will really work to the strengths of this team and the personnel that they have. BT put in a new version of his offense and the players took to it nicely. I have trust that the players that we have are equipped with good basketball IQ’s and will get through the learning curve to learn EG’s new offense. Who knows, the players may really like playing with this type of offense.

    No midnight ohana due to Lakers and wahine volleyball? Hopefully some type of event in the near future.

    Party theme nights:
    11/13 Montana State Green-Out
    11/16 Nevada ESPN Midnight Blackout
    12/12 Hawaii Pacific Holiday Pajama Party
    2/11 UC Irvine Old Skool Rap Night
    2/25 UC Riverside Nerd Night
    2/27 CSUN Senior Night Whiteout

    More to come.

  5. Gib counsel and UH counsel.. are they going to Get this dang NCAA / litigation/ HGEA arbitration over.? Or are they going to let UH MBB program, just concentrate on BB and winning championships and going to the NCAA’s.

    Some say,All perfect in Eran Ganot, hand picked by Bley Vroman/ Lassner, Wheels and Port…Don’t think so..
    That is why what Benjy did.. asked by UH admin, keep team together as interim for ONE YEAR.. they did not know with major negative influence.. team just won and won and won, whould have won many more games, exepct for 4 key injuries at wrong time.. cost them the NCAA invite.. so close..

    If Eran and team RISES above ,,can battle the Negative Pall over UH and getting the Cali, Northwest, South, East coast, and Midwest, 2 high star and 3 or 4 good guy espn star rated talents.. little bit on the kolohe side, yet smart enough in class..

    I would be first to shake Eran hand.. and walk away quickly to jump on pile. of UH MBB team Gib and Benjy’s loveable guys..for making it to the ncaa dance.

    As I said.. and quite foresighted..UH with Eran.. who walked arse backward, politically pulled in over Benjy.. he should be glad to make 750k over 3 years.. IF THAT DARN contract is ever signed.. Eran will be at hearings.. maybe Gib counsel will pull him up to stand too.. are you or ARE you not part of the Agenda to break up UH MBB and All UH athletics.. no matter whom you hurt.. for sake of some li hing mui.. and mango seed? This year can be brilliant or an Augie T. comedy sketch.. Augie was for Benjy as coach anyway.. as well, as 150 members of our high donor booster family, who will now stay at home and watch, UH on OC 16 and espn telecasts..

    Go Bows..Go the Old Bows.. with ,Sai, Jakob and Sheriff !!

  6. Politically pulled and handpicked person only okay if it’s your man.

  7. I have to hand it to you. You’re a fantastic troll. I try to ignore you but your asinine posts keep drawing me back in.

  8. Mr Bill – Thanks for the info. Especially on the theme nights. Let us know when you find out more.

    No need to worry, UHF1 won’t be there at the games. He’ll be at home along with the 150 booster club members watching it on TV.

    Kaimiloa, islandman, Mr Bill, et al – I have to agree with you folks. I try to block it out, but the comments are so far fetched and irritating. I’ll bet that there are many others that feel the same way. I’ll bet that the bball players agree with us too.

    Season ticket sales have surpassed last year’s sales, so people have the same feeling of those of us who continue to support the team in positive ways.

    The hairs on my ears are beginning to stand up as practice is now starting and the season is right around the corner.

    Boys, don’t listen to some of the comments made by a few others here. Just understand that they have nothing else better to say or do. Feed off of their negativity and play your hearts out. We will be there to support you folks at each game and the BWT.

    Go Bows!

  9. DaBoyz808, thanks for your info.

  10. Yep! I’m irritated as well. As much as I liked BT, it is now the Eran Ganot era. We have to move forward and give our full fledged support to our new head coach and not dwell in the past or try to twist things around with negativity and doubt. Let’s Go Bows!

  11. UH UnFAnz. Get off the Insider. Your hypocritical gibberish is the American old krappola you’ve been spewing for ever. Your constant reference to the prior regime serves no purpose. Your shrink has been waiting for you ever since you said goodbye to all on a post What a BS artist. Move on.

  12. Three hour practice today just ended, how can the men study ? But tomorrow is Saturday.

  13. Keep the positive comments flowing and look forward. Cant change the past but can create the future If you cant move on then perhaps move out! The boyz need us and together we can create a successful culture and a bright future. Go bows

  14. Each coach has their own method, but the practice was much more organized than last year’s style (per SA today). Also, rule changes:

    1. Shot clock now 30 seconds, from the old 35

    2. Expanded restricted area under the basket

    3. No timeouts for coaches while the ball is live. ( What does this mean ? Can a player still call a timeout like they did before when they were in trouble ?)

    (Women will have four 10-minute quarters this season, changed from the 20 minute halves)

  15. Louisville basketball may be in trouble, subject to verification. Do you call those improper benefits ? If any program does some things not following the rules, then it may have consequences (if they get caught).

  16. “If you do not know your history, you are doomed to repeat it.”
    Look, we have the worst assembly of wannabee athletic administrative leaders at Manoa ever put together in any region of the NCAA. We are cloned to repeat disaster after disaster… No matter who they select, it fails. Call it Manoa DNA. Failure propagates continued failure. That is bc the root of the problem has never been fixed. Without going througth a painful explanation… old timers know what I speak.
    I like the new 30 second rule. Amazing what 5 seconds can do…or NOT allow to do. It definitely will change the pace of the game requiring more stamina. Perhaps 3-guard play. Against a good zone, it appears a team is KATSU without perimeter shooters. More depth is also needed as teams will be moving up and down at a faster clip. Does anyone know the reasoning behind the wahine rule change to quarters?

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