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Jankovic takes control at Media Day

2015-2016 UH Men's Basketball Media Day at the Stan Sheriff Center, Honolulu, HI on October 19 2015. Photo: Brandon Flores.

Media Day wasn’t just about photographs and questions about the upcoming season for the University of Hawai’i basketball team. There was also Stefan Jankovic with an open mic to interview who ever he wanted for WarriorInsider.com.

Among the interviewees:

• Zane Johnson, former UH standout who is now a member of the staff. When asked who his favorite player on the team is, Johnson quickly replied with a “not you” before adding, “I like everybody. Everybody is good guys.”

• Sophomore guard Niko Filipovich, who was distracting his teammates with background antics during some of the photo shoots earlier in the Media Day. “I bring a good atmosphere to the team,” Filipovich said. “Bringing a couple laughs here and there, it’s not that bad.”

• Assistant coaches Adam Jacobsen and John Montgomery. Jankovic prefaced the interview by saying, “Media Day is supposed to be a time for fun and jokes. They’re ever so serious, making a scout for (practice).” Sure enough, Jacobsen answered a question by responding: “I’m excited about you guys taking off your (game) uniforms and getting to practice.”

• Jamie Smith, the team’s Sports Performance Analyst who is also still coordinating the “theme nights” for home games. Smith said there will be a “Return of the Bowzos Night” in addition to the “classics” such as Star Wars Night, Superhero Night, Green Out and Black Out.

• Isaac Fleming and Stefan Jovanovic. Fleming invited people to challenge him at NBA 2K video game on Xbox; Jovanovic said of Media Day: “It was a pretty good success. Good pictures, good moments. I think social media is going to be full of nice pictures and going to give us a lot of publicity.”


    Janks, Enjoyed Your Presence at Our Table
    At The Banquet, As Well

    A Little Light-ness
    Hard Work And Play

    IF THIS TEAM And Staff
    Manage To Have Max. Fun AND Work Really Smart AND HARD
    Just May Be A Good, Very Good?, Season

    As Smart As The Coaches and Players Appear
    As Hard Working and Skilled and Talented
    Doing The Right Things
    Gets The “Right” Results,
    The Desired Outcomes

    So Mental
    So Physical
    So Execute
    So Start the Clock

    Rack Up The Wins?

    Mahalo, Dayton & Staff
    (Will Call Soon)

    GO ‘BOWS
    Build A New Legacy
    ‘DANCE’ Upon The Efforts and Lessons of The Past
    Back to ‘The Dance’?
    THE Goal
    Back to The Future

    As Rick Knows, OR ‘Shoud Have Known’?
    What a Tough Dance
    This, NCAA

    So Maybe A Little More Light-Ness
    Maybe A Little More Fun

    Let’s Play Ball!
    Go, Eran, Go Team
    Go, Anaheim And Beyond
    GO ‘BOWS!

  2. Eagle

    I’m thinking the same. They have had one year under their belts to get to know each other and their tendencies. I remember Washington State and Derrick Low and how their first year together wasn’t much to think about. But the second year they really took off. Especially the seven samurais. I feel that they are all interchangeable as far as talent level. If they can stay out of foul trouble it could be a year like we had with the Fabulous Five. They had pretty much 6 top players. The key was they did not get into foul trouble and were able to play most of the game. With the exception of Bob Nash I think the talent level was comparable to this team. If they turn out to be great the only sad part is we won’t know how good this team really is because we don’t play any top 25 teams unless it’s NCAA tournament.

  3. The video was good for some laughs.

  4. Pretty close to a reminder of Lowshedoes!

    No coaching and/or untouchable previously.

    Overnight-miracle does happen; You from show-me-state right?


  5. The men’s roster at hawaii athletics now has pictures of the players, except Janks.

  6. Jeff P, how come contract not signed ? Sorry to say, but other mainland schools get it done when the coach is hired.

  7. Two lawyers on upper campus to I assume write it up, then it goes to the new head legal person for her to double check it and cross the T’s then it goes to Vrohman then it goes to the president then it goes to the regents then did I miss something ? That took six months LOL

  8. Funny stuff Janks! Looks like he turning into one of the leaders of the team and I hope and pray it shows in his play.

    What’s up with AV photobombing?!? Was funny when you can see the new assistant coach get distracted by AV behind him.

  9. Dayton,

    Mahalo for all your WI pre-season updates on UH MBB! Really believe that this year’s team will be vastly improved as there will be a lot more returning players into their 2nd or 3rd year with the team. The returnees should definitely play with more cohesiveness & confidence. My only concern (as others have posted) is that the bigs stay healthy and out of foul trouble.

    Mahalo also for updating the Roster & Schedule for this year (although the Header at the top of WI still shows 2014-15). One suggestion: Perhaps you should just drop the season reference and just show “ROSTER” & “SCHEDULE”. Or you could show the date updated: ROSTER (UPDATED MM/DD/YYYY).

  10. team probably do well against BWC and some of those small ball pre conference teams.. I guess the bigger teams talented like perhaps.. in DHC, at Texas Tech, Irvine, and if UH goes to NIT or NCAA.. when they go against teams with Physical INSIDE presence.. the Real Bigs.. and the physical big guards who can shoot as well, as quick and as athletic.. UH might just struggle..and agreed.. We all agree 100% .. servante alluded to too.. That Seven Samurai, or Seven returning major contributors.. Quincy, Rod, Isaac, Stef, Janks, Mike, Aaron they cannot go down to injury or illness during BWC season..

    This team, if you like to shoot the ball from 3, mid range , or can drive to hoop.. is for you..
    DEFENSE? well we shall see. maybe that trap and pressure.. then drop back into.. YOU GOT IT.. The Zone, matchup Zone, Zone press.. the equalizer..

    Well we shall see.. hope UH MBB does well..
    And more importantly UH SIGNS GANOT.. what the heck.. why so long?
    guess they don’t want that CLAUSE.

  11. Is this a family site ? The ad which is not controllable, i guess,may not be family oriented, or it could be only some get that ad.

  12. I it that Adchoices one? you click on that.. it gives reason WHY it pops up with certain ads.. maybe you can disable? I don’t know.. Techies chime in..
    I love music, oldies.. download, instruments.. so adchoices.. all the ads for music, instruments etc..that I see..

  13. Maybe i’m to blame, well it had one ad on the 5 worst fishes to eat, briefly.

  14. There were a few of us including myself that made comments that when all is said and done that Arnold may be vindicated and he will come up on top of this whole fiasco. Would Boston hire him if they knew he was a cheat and not an honourable man? Would UH have paid him this settlement knowing he was in the wrong? They did so for him to not say anything more that would make the higher up look like greater fools with leadership qualities to be in the fog somewhere.

    The NCAA is wondering what and how do we penalize an institution for creating stories of their basketball coach making him look like a person who ran a crooked program. I believe the penalties will be minor and if anything to give the NCAA some accolades, Arnold have agreed to be mum going forward and he will abide by the ruling of the NCAA that he will not be able to coach at any NCAA institution for 1-3 years. Getting something from him for the time he spent as an assistant at USC and they abiding by Arnold wishes that they be lenient on the players and the basketball program. Need to give Arnold some credit besides the players he has recruited that has made a winning team for UH although not coached by him.

  15. UH had no choice but to pay him because they terminated him without cause under his contract. This does not necessarily mean that the NCAA will be lenient towards him. An article mentioned that he may say that there were NCAA violations but they were not willful. Also, it has to be determined what his instructions were to his three Directors of Operations, etc. and whether he provided false information to the NCAA.

  16. Very entertaining interview by Jank. Seems like everyone on the team gets along well and the coaches also have a fun side to them.

  17. Islandman, the type of ads that show up on this site are unique to each visitor and are dependent on the visitor’s web history. If I recently visited Under Armour’s website, and Under Armour pays a fee to AdWords, then I would probably see an Under Armour ad on this site’s ad space.

    Not too impressed with the new jerseys. I preferred the Adidas ones.

    Fun video though! Thanks Janks and Dayton!

  18. Not an Expert:

    Well…Gib attorney did say he was very happy with settlement and both sides secretly met for mediation.. both sides said things were moving ahead..
    Glad things seem to be getting fixed up.. as was stated before. all 7 billion people on this earth make mistakes.. whether employer or employee, parents or children…etc..fixable.. get things straight. .might take a little while.. however UH seems to be moving in right direction.. and Gib and family off to another chapter of their lives…and yes.. BT too..

    For ALL 11 of the returning guys. ..they are the former 2 coaches recruits and preferred walkon invites.. so that is good. Eran has been fortunate to inherit a Ready to go . .. fight for BWC tourney crown team.. I am happy for the guys.. hope the ncaa decision comes quickly, so like the late seventies. get through that portion.. and move on..
    Thanks to WI, BM, scout, and other forums for letting us post our thoughts..wish the best to all..
    Go Warriors Go Bows !

  19. Go Bows! This season should be the best one!!!!!

  20. Yea, the joker added the scrimmage line to the schedule!

    Now, very curious how they going to differentiate the Green and the White?

    Hope a lineup will be available Saturday!?

  21. TAVS, Uhf1, thanks for the info on the ads. If you click on the upper right of the Ad Choices, you can opt out of that Ad. Also, browsing history is linked to all computers at your IP address. So the web browsing history includes that of any other household member who has a computer at that IP address.
    Hearing on Tuesday at the legislature on UH contracts. Hope they find out how the previous coach’s contract provision on liquidated damages was allowed.


  22. ^^^ islandman, LOL at trying to point finger at “other household member” for the ads. No worry brah, I get the same ones sometimes and thats why I never like say anything!

  23. Ha, ha, chuck.

  24. was just checking see how NWC was doing.. came across a hilite video.for NWC pro teams to view.
    look at UH , the last year guys working with Negus.. until they got injured, ill or tired at the end.. man it was a GREAT run.. not too hectic, or helter skelter..guys played hard..


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