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Ganot sets high expectations in opening practice

About one-third of the way through Friday’s three-hour, 15-minute University of Hawai’i men’s basketball opening practice, new head coach Eran Ganot finally raised his voice.

“Our issue right now is that you guys have no sense of urgency — what are you waiting for?!?” Ganot said sternly. “The other team is not gonna wait for us — if we’re not ready, we give up baskets. Bad habits make you lose, but good habits give you a chance.”

He then ordered the players to run additional full-court, back-and-forth sprints, which they did with increased speed.


“Now why couldn’t you guys run like that the first time?!?” Ganot said, again raising his voice.

If there were two prevalent themes at Friday’s practice at the Stan Sheriff Center, they were “hustle” and “structure.”

Ganot, a first-time head coach, and assistants Adam Jacobsen and Chris Acker made it clear that their practice mode is not of the walk-through variety.

“Everybody up, quick!” Ganot said at the end of every segment. “Quick!”

Jacobsen said, “The game of basketball does not stop, it immediately transitions from one play to the next. You cannot take even three seconds off.”

And Acker, while overseeing an intense defensive five-on-five drill, said, “It’s not a gallop, it’s a sprint!”

Ganot, a former UH assistant who spent the previous five years as an assistant at Saint Mary’s, was hired in early April and has spent much of the past six months doing “behind-the-scenes” work laying the foundation for his program. So Friday’s practice was by far the most time he has spent truly “coaching” the Rainbow Warriors as an entire team.

“The excitement will always be there, just to be on the floor with these guys,” Ganot said after practice finally ended at 7:15 p.m. “I love that part of coaching, I love the competitiveness. I’ve enjoyed the other parts, too, which is part of the reason why you want to be a head coach. But this is a great sanctuary, to get away from all that and be on the court. It was fun.”

He certainly made the most of that first day, using precisely timed segments covering everything from shooting drills, half-court offensive sets, fast-break drills, half-court defensive drills, even a full-court “scrimmage”-type segment complete with three striped-uniform officials.

And yes, there were plenty of full-court sprints in between, starting with Ganot saying, “Baseline!” in between the other segments.

“I think we’re moving in the right direction,” Ganot said. “You’re gonna have your ups and downs, you’re gonna have some struggles and it’s OK to be ugly sometimes. We’re still putting together our practice template, but I thought we finished well today. We have some things to clean up and we need to be obssesed with getting better every day. That’s the process, the journey.”

Ganot said the team responded well to his blunt challenges.

“They were pretty good,” Ganot said. “We all make mistakes, you just need to own up to it, be accountable and move on. But it’s unacceptable to not give your best.”

Senior guard Quincy Smith, who played under former head coaches Gib Arnold and Benjy Taylor the past two seasons, said the Rainbow Warriors are an adaptable bunch.

“We showed that last year (when Arnold was fired and Taylor took over a couple weeks before the season opener),” Smith said. “The main thing is to compete 100 percent.”

Smith said the team was able to adjust to Ganot’s up-tempo expectations.

“Some guys are used to walking into huddles, but he (Ganot) likes us to sprint,” Smith said. “There’s no wasted time. Everybody just needed to adapt. We responded well and everything was good after that.”

Like Ganot, Smith said he was looking forward to finally getting past the offseason and getting back on the court for full, official team practices.

“It was good, exciting, there’s always energy on the first day,” Smith said. “We did a lot of new stuff on offense and defense. I was excited because this was the first practice of my last year of college basketball. It was fun for me, and I’m embracing it.”

UH will continue to practice for a month before being unveiled to the public in a Nov. 5 exhibition game vs. Chaminade at the Stan Sheriff Center.

(Photo courtesy www.hawaiiathletics.com)

Here is video from www.hawaiiathletics.com:


  1. So much for laid back, low key coach(es), mentioned by a poster.

  2. Sounds like a rookie coach.

  3. Warriors working hard! Thats what it is all about. I hope and pray that this pays off with a lot of wins this year!

  4. islandman, just say the Name, say the name.. that is respect, fellow respect..Uhfanzonly1, it was me, the one who is accurate .95.99 % of the time with UH politics , Gib/ Benjy redemption, and Eran being super young new coach. to Hawaii.

    Hey Mr, or sir islandman..see, the respect for you…In the past.. there was Bolla, not that type of emotion and physical verbal abuse.. a more closely related coaching style.. Riley Wallace and Frank Arnold.. Frank’s first year.. He did not care that Andre Morgan was an NBA potential first couple of round kid.. all he wanted was for Andre to lose weight and play well., listen to coaches..
    Frank kicked him off of the team, I will never forget that. say what you will about the Arnolds.. Frank kicking Andre off squad, Riley not inviting back guys don’t make grades, even benching a Ruffin, Whitlock, English or even Savo, for discipline..Same with Gib.. bench Vander in the CIT AFA vs UH game at the SSC.. Vander, cries, and pouts. walks out.. that took balls on Gib’s part..

    Benjy, benching Isaac Fleming for Attitude problems on the historic, Florida Gulf Coast Mid Major Tournament, that UH went 2-1, fantastic,.. Isaac, agent Zero, giving Attitude to Benjy? Benjy sat his arse down for rest of tournament the last two games which UH won..

    So.. Eran.. he starting to scream with purpose. and the Seven Samamurai as servante calls them.says They Want to finish what was almost theris, the NCAA bid.. with the Structure,.. the spritn and run, hustle..like how we played hoops, footall, tennis, swimming, baseball, any sport, we hustled or had to take laps,.. and crazy as it seemed, dumb and dangerous now.. NO WATER..

    islandman, if you knw it is me , I love UH MBB , and APPREICATIE your metrics/stats, write-ups.. real time you have a great wife..
    My name is Uhfanzonly1
    heading for 70 and happy for team.. yes, if that is HOW ERAN GOING TO DO IT>.. Bennett, Poppovich, Riley Wallace style, that needed discipline, and listen, no pouting.. I LOVE THAT STYLE.. HE IS THE BOSS.. not bley vroman or lassner.. Eran is the coach, if guys want to win and PLAY…PT..they should..
    Now I am starting to like it.. I just wish the past 5 years were not as werird.. hope it , the ncaa, and court proceedings get done uku pau.. I think Eran and Gib on staff as assistants, with benjy , with Bennett as coach might have been good too

  5. You can tell from short video and Star Adv,, spin article of first day practices.. Eran wants and will DEMAND respect of his guys.. Any Attitude At all, and I am sure their folks the moms and dads want that for their sons if warranted.. I am happy to see, that Eran and staff Will sit down the Okoles of ANY player, from the first 7 to the last guy on bench The Good Attitude.. win for team, win for school and families. Win for State of Hawaii.. UH admin.. well they are on their own..

    Support the bows.. I am , honest excited, yet like several thousand, who were going to support Benjy and awaiting the Gibson Arnold vs NCAA/ UH , see how that plays out..

    Otherwise.. if guys listen and play together.. mantra since Bob Nash and Gib / Benjy all MBB coaches same coachspeak.. Win Together, Stay Together.. work together.. and I love how Eran added, get your arses out there and RUN… hurry, sense of urgency.. not the LAID BACK.. oh well.. everybody can wait for me.. run to glory..

    I like that about Eran,.. he maintains that Discipline and support the guys.. We have the makings of a Very GOOD YOUNG COACH.. that is what I see from day one !!

    Go Bows !
    Aloha to Tonganator and Family, Nevels, Spearman, Shamburger, Lojeski, NWC Davis Rozitis is viewing the comments.. hey pull up a screen name and log on.. enjoy your comments too !

    And I am sure Mama V, TribeVx4, Bigdaddy, and the Thomas’, the Smiths, Jankovich’s, and Jovanovich’s, Bobbitts’ monitor our comments..
    So to you all of the UH MBB ohana.. Aloha… and HOPE for great season.. I AM GETTING EXCITED.. go bows.. if you all can win 27 28 games and the BWC tourney title.. that will be REDEMPTION

  6. Uhfanzonly1, by always making derogatory remarks about the UH basketball program and new coaches, how exactly can you call yourself a fan? You never offer constructive criticism, it’s all slander. How do you call yourself a fan? You live in Honolulu but don’t even go to the games! Why does your opinion matter if you’re not contributing to the program? How do you expect other Warrior Insider posters to appreciate you, and how do you expect the players’ families to even acknowledge you? I don’t expect you to respond, I’m just asking these questions because I hope they make you stop and think about how insignificant you are and how your comments are just garbage. If you don’t have any intelligent and constructive feedback to give then just don’t post. Stop using multiple usernames – we all know which ones are you. Lastly, stop saying you’re quitting Warrior Insider to focus on life and family; we all know those are lies because you’ve made your farewells way too many times.

    I hope the Warrior Insider team would consider adjusting their WordPress settings to enable comment moderation. WordPress allows the administrators to moderate all comments (each comment would need to be approved before its posted), or set up moderate keys (which would only moderate comments that use certain words or come from certain IP addresses) or create a moderate blacklist (which would simply delete any comment that uses specific words or comes from certain IP addresses). All this can be done under Settings>Discussion>Comment Moderation.

    If the Warrior Insider team chooses to allow Uhfanzonly1 to continue to create all this negativity and to be the only smear of this great website, then I guess the only thing we can all do is ignore Uhfanzonly1.

    This is the last time I’m acknowledge Uhfanzonly. I urge all other users to do the same.

  7. TAVs totally did not know if eran was going to discipline and demand effort proper attitude from..
    I am very happy he will.
    That is what team needs, combine with team’s athletic ability
    They stay healthy
    Going be good season
    I am excited, are’nt you?
    Go Bows
    Just needed to listen to eran and guys if they on board, they will have to…get feel vibe of team..it is good..
    Like Riley, Little. Red, Frank, Gib and Benjy…when needed to scream directions
    Seasong going to be fun..
    Hope they take bwc touney title..no..if they get breaks and improve peak into march they will ne in dance

    Thanks for video Dayton!!
    Go Warrior bows!

  8. I think what Ganot is trying to instill in the players is the fact that this is a team sport and that everyone needs to be on the same page. That means all hustle, all concentration, all discipline—not 1 hustle and 1 go through the motions, 1 listen and 1 dreaming, 1 serious and 1 laughing (Remember early Gib era?). There’s a time to play and a time to work. So when coach asks for work, better show up in your blue color clothes. No doubting Thomas’ please. Because only the tough need apply. Suffer now. Harvest later—UC Irvine and NCAA Tournament.

  9. Yup. I don’t know where that lunatic got the info that 150 boosters no longer support the program. I donate to the booster club and we don’t have a 150 , that would be nice if more joined to help out the team. The troll needs to be banned. Many boosters supporting the team over 39 yrs. and bless them they ante up and renew season tickets and pay to join the booster club. Support Eran and staff. They’re working their butts off to make this program better than ever. Warrior time. !

  10. jjay

    With that type of childish gibberish coming out of a senior citizen..is it any wonder interest in uh sports going down?
    The name calling just shows the maturity of you and a few boosters
    I like uh sports, I am not fanatical.
    Never abusive and support dayton’s site

    Have a little class
    Otherwise WI becomes a sounding board for juveniles
    With no respect for hawaii kamaaina
    Probably peeves you off that UH just might get neede discipline for the better

    You drove off eagle..why?
    Guy super warrior fan..

  11. This is why EG was selected as the head coach. Obviously, they liked what they saw during the interview process.

    These players have the hustle and good work ethics that EG will demand. In class, off the court, and on the court. Would like to hear or get more insides on the type of offense that will be run. 4 in/1 out? Flex motion? Half court pressure/traps all night?

    UHF1 – In one breathe you say that you like EG and the team and excited for the season. Yet in another breathe, you go right back to your negative, irritating, and derogatory remarks. What is it with you? You and Kim Browner.

    Not only can people support the team by joining the booster club, but there is a nutritional fund that will help feed our players. Send in a $25 or $50 donation to AKA and list in the memo area, “Nutritional fund.” Our players need to eat right and healthy.

    Go Bows!

  12. Hey we did it for all mbb coaches right…? Prove you can lead and win..ven eran he knows he is rookie coach, hampered by ncaa sanctions and battle to gain trust of fans
    So daboyz just have to be fair and balanced
    I like the discipline, know not as much past few years

    Hey eran and team win dhc , I am right with you guys and gals cheering on team
    Give eran a chance I will
    Daboyz just upset with uh amin politics not coaches and athletes

    Hey just chill and cheer team to wins

    Have grest season!!
    Go bows!!


  13. I hope bobbitt is okay..poor guy several injuries past few years
    I care for guys, even former staff and alumnus of uh mbb

    That is the thing I really care about people…
    Human beings

    Thanks for letting me comment dayton, mahalo to eagle and schmidt ohana sponsors
    New staff , eran new head coach, benjy and ohana and gib and his ohana

    Hope everything works out

    Yes..I care for people, want people be trustworthy and at peace,


  14. Let the politics and other distractions play themselves out. We are all aware of the past, NCAA NOA, admin issues. We have no control over it and at this point it is so much better for all of use to get behind this team and support them 110%. The players are the innocent ones and only want to ball it up, win some games, win the BWT, and get to the NCAA’s. The constant reminders of these things has got to go! It OLD.

    The last I recall, EG could not comment on Summers and being on the team until 10/2. Now that practice has started, does anyone know if Summers is in school and showed up for practice? Tried looking for him in some of the video clips but did not see him.

    Go Bows!

  15. Eagle was and is the same person as UH Fanz , go see a shrink buddy and stop making false statements about the booster club members, put up your kala if you support the program.

  16. UHF is a sick man with dementia and physical disabilities. Let him spew his venom but pay him no mind. EG will drive the program to be more disciplined and that will lead us to the promise land. The question in 3 years will be can we keep him vs can he perform. Cheehoo.

  17. Jjay – I guess I had it wrong. Thanks for clarifying this.

    Pono – Is that right?

    As soon as he starts winning, you’re right, other programs will be seeking him out.

    Go Bows!

  18. Eagle is a different writer, his syntax or whatever you call it is different. He is generally optimistic writer, too.

  19. [O-O-Town…but…]

    FTR — Islandman … True

    Besides Syntax (Very Different for the ones who Pay Attention);
    Da Boyz and several others Know i’m @ Maui, BWC, etc. Games…Banquets
    [Donate Thousands, But So What? We Need Millions
    Until The Next Trump/Knight/Sheriff/Inouye comes along…
    10,000 per Night IS the Upper Ceiling…
    Frustrating, But Also Do Not Wanna move to NC or KY…]

    Some Things take The Time They’ll Take…
    BTW Stuff like The Shooting Machine WILL Make a Difference
    Nothing Like 500 to 1000 Good Shots per Day
    And Not Needing a Second Person to Improve/UP Your Game 24/7

    Results WILL Speak for Themselves
    Coaches Know, so apparently taking Low Key approach
    There’s Plenty Work To Do
    Other Than The Obvious Needs (for ALL Programs)
    Players ‘Returning’ (Never Left) saying the Right Things, Doing the Work [Enough?]
    Players Committing ‘Sound’ Workable (Never Know ’til D-1 Games)
    Mahalo: Dayton, Wes & Company for Plugging Along through Transitions

    [”Nuff” — i ain’t The Subject of This Site…
    Thanks im and those who like accuracy and rspect truth
    and can tell the difference from opinion And Still Let it be…]

  20. Christian Standhardinger and Brandon Spearman played against each other today in Germany’s second tier basketball league. Christian’s team won 78-75. It looks like Brandon is a starter for SC Trier, while Christian starts from the bench for Vechta Rasta.

  21. Fleming never got benched in that tournament I heard he was having family issues and wasn’t in the right state of mind to play.

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