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Fans are invited to scrimmage on Saturday afternoon


Fans of all ages are invited to attend the Green & White intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday afternoon (October 24) at the Stan Sheriff Center. Doors will open at 2 p.m., with the scrimmage to start around 3 p.m. Admission is free.

Although it is being called a Green vs. White scrimmage, the lineups will likely be switched around throughout the session.

This will be the first opportunity for fans to see the 2015-16 Warriors in action under first-year head coach Eran Ganot, because the team did not stage an “opening night” practice earlier this month.

The 15-player roster includes 11 returnees from last season’s team that finished with a 22-13 record.

WHAT: Green & White intrasquqd scrimmage
WHERE: Stan Sheriff Center
WHEN: Saturday, October 24, 3 p.m.


  1. I am hoping all big 7 improved plus 1 surprise.

  2. I just hope that Seven Special from last year and That One Surprise, don’t get hurt.. ill or worse…
    Every team goes through that. ..for UH..past couple of years…critical, cost them chance at NIT or NCAA .. dance I believe.

    Heard from BM.. that Eran closed doors to Media today, to get after guys…at practice before Public scrimmage.. man Eran, like any other coach.. remember he is coaching guys that are 20-23 years of age, so still young. and a half and half group.. about half of team.. .. kind of new under SSC lights,.. in front of maybe several hundred, maybe thousand? people.. plus Eran just getting Fundamentals down..My only concern? the guy’s attitudes.. .. they have to accept Eran and his staff direction.. I think that is why Eran so keen, and emphasis, on getting guys’ attention and respect..and Wanting them to still have fun..
    IT is a New Type of team, and HC…

    Heard that Q tweaked his leg or ankle today, Friday, hope he is okay,. .just love his quicks and hops. he is a WARRIOR. man.. he has fought through it.. and hope to grad in May !

  3. They will pass the ball in quite a bit to the low post man or men to score, per a poster on another forum. If so, that’s good because that’s the higher percentage shot.

  4. Hope more than one surprise! Takes 15 to scrimmage and get to court, lets support all of them! They are young 18-23 With good coaching and fan support they can all grow – all 15

  5. Any update from the session Good to hear what you saw

  6. Looks like probably what we thought …returning top 7 with sai will be eight man rotation maybe with sheriff in mix?
    Still early
    Very happy proven right …last year’s Eran’s top bb athletes ..unless significant changes

  7. Top 7-8 players look good, but after that there is a major drop off. We will need to stay healthy this season or we may have some depth issues. The walk ons and the freshman are not ready for regular minutes yet. Still excited for the season to start.

  8. Sorry not me right…it is the returnees…
    Rod, Q, Aaron, Mike, Stef, Janks , Isaac, top scorers
    They know the deal
    Cannot get hurt..otherwise
    Very hard

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