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Long Beach guard Buggs commits to Hawai’i

The 2015-16 season has yet to start for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, but the Warriors are already off to a fast start for 2016-17.

Drew Buggs, a 6-foot-3 guard at Long Beach Polytechnic High School (Calif.), said he has accepted an offer to sign with the Warriors. He is currently a senior at Long Beach Poly, and will have four seasons of college eligibility, starting with the 2016-17 season.

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“I took my visit out there with my parents and we really liked everything about it,” Buggs said. “Everything the coaches told us was straightforward. They told us their goals for the team and what they wanted to accomplish as a program and I wanted to be a part of it. After I got back home, I talked it over with my parents and we just knew Hawai’i was the best place for me.”

Buggs is a 188-pound combo guard who averaged 8.8 points, 4.1 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 2.4 steals per game as a junior last season at Long Beach Poly. He was also a key player this summer for the Earl Watson Elite team that is considered one of the top clubs in the nation.

The espn.com prep recruiting page describes Buggs as: Buggs is best described as a “basketball player.” The rugged combo-guard uses his skill and savvy to get buckets at the rim, drain mid-range jump shots, or facilitate the offense. He changes speeds very well with the dribble (clever ball handler).

“I consider myself an all-around player,” Buggs said. “I’m probably known more for my defense, but I can score, rebound, pass, do what ever my team needs to get the win. I’m listed as a combo guard, but I’m willing to play any position.”

Ryan Silver, coach of the Earl Watson Elite basketball club, said Buggs is “an absolute steal for Hawai’i.”

“This is a tough, tough kid who does all the right things,” Silver said. “We went 13-2 this summer against top-level teams, and Drew was a huge part of our success. We had him at the point (guard) but he can do so many things to help your team win. He plays smart, and he’s a hard-nosed kid, and he’s a real leader out there.”

Buggs said he also had offers from Dartmouth and Cal State Bakersfield. Among the many other schools that showed interest were Wichita State, Portland State, Utah, Fresno State, UC Irvine, UC Davis, Drake and DePaul.

“After visiting Hawai’i, I felt like there was no need to wait and see,” he said.

Buggs is also an honor student with a 3.5 grade point average at Long Beach Poly, and a member of the school’s Program of Additional Curricular Experience – which is for the school’s most “gifted and talented students.”

“I put a lot of time into school work,” he said. “Being in the PACE program and taking rigorous classes, that’s getting me ready for college.”

Silver added: “This kid is everything you want, on and off the court. Great student, great player. You guys will love him over there.”

Buggs and Australian point guard Matt Owies visited Hawai’i on the same weekend. They are both now committed to playing for the Warriors as freshmen in the 2016-17 season.

“I actually never met anybody from Australia before, so that was cool,” Buggs said. “He knew some of the other Australian guys on the team, and I got to know Mike Thomas because he’s from out here where I’m from. We all had a great time. I really like the guys on the team.”

Buggs said he will sign a National Letter of Intent during the early signing period in mid-November.

(Photo courtesy Earl Watson Elite)


  1. Sounds like another good student-athlete. Any highlight videos?

  2. Awesome, welcome to the Ohana, Drew.

  3. must be UH counsel / admin gag order and UH MBB HC instructions.. NO VIDEOS..
    we were spoiled .. remember all the great open gym run videos.. and interviews , with athletes, recruits., staff. and even some of the parents of guys?

    Mahalo for the past Dayton.. that was wonderful..
    Now.. we just watch.. wait a minute.. even the local TV spots.. NO videos..hmmm.. must be Gag order..
    that is okay.. as long as the guys have great season !

    Go Bows !!

  4. Besides jack purchase that’s the only big man I’ve seen recruited. Tons of guards but no big men. Hopefully the next recruit is. Welcome drew to da warrior nation!!

  5. What is meant by no videos and a gag order ? Dayton just had one with the HC on Sept 22 at the shelter and many with the current players (Mike Thomas,Quincy, et al.) and new players like Sai, Sheriff, Jack and Jakob. Also, with the new assistant.
    For the doubters, something to begin to lessen your doubt, in addition to the warrior insider article above :
    “I really liked the coaching staff,” Buggs said via phone. “They laid out what their goals were for the season, what they plan on accomplishing. I really got along well with them and I believe they would be the best fit for me as far as taking my game to the next level. And I feel like they’re headed in the right direction.” (SA, 10-1-15)

  6. Must be a good one, 3 star rating. Quality starts somewhere, so if this is an indication of what might be expected this is great.

  7. Buggs is a very solid recruit. LB Poly is one of the top schools in California and his AAU team is one of the top teams in the nation. He’s playing against a lot of quality competition and has his academics in order. Very solid recruit.

  8. islandman:

    must be Eran style.. he very low key, not the emotionally charged.. promote team and program..that is okay.. his personality.
    However. interest in BB season tickets.. and general interest by Student body..on the wane, like the interest for Men Football team..

    We shall see..
    THIS is obviously, at least the returning 11 Benjy / Gib recruits…NOT Eran type of team.. he inherited this core group..
    Wait and see.. that is all we are saying.. Hope the team does well.
    However.. Eran has to go door to door, dorm to dorm.. pep rallies..

    Promote UH MBB. like , Riley , Gib and Benjy did.. that is a GOOD thing.. NO VIDEOS.. of OPEN GYM bruddah.. ON WI.. that is what we are saying.. Must be HC Ganot.. is gagging, the coverage his MBB team, by Dayton.. No Video Interviews.. Open gym runs.. live video interview. of families. potential recruits.. staff etc..

    islandman.. used to be, maybe every other week there was Video.. all through the summer and early fall.. the Metrics.. have changed. the platform has changed..
    You can rah, rah, your guy Eran,… and that is your choice.. however.. Just wish he had MORE coverage.. otherwise.. BB interest will go waaay down, Unless.. the team wins 14 games in a row to start season and wins the DHC !
    Go Bows.

    Hey, islandman.. you have to respect the Other side.. different view.. and What is obvious.. Eran, has to stay low key..

  9. sorry Dayton.. could be Monies too ! Cost money to have video coverage…
    Mahalo for the PAST full on video coverage.. it COST a lot of money and hard work for Dayton to film and edit the Videos.. We understand..

    Thanks for the great past 5 year run.. the Best Dayton and the support of super BB fan Ohana, The Schmidts !!

    Go Bows !!

  10. and careful whom watching open gym..protocol/ compliance..

  11. Solid pick-up. Looking forward, with Bobbitt and Smith having exhausted their eligibility next year, that would leave us with Isaac Fleming, Niko Filipovich, Sheriff Drammeh, Matt Owies, and Drew Buggs as scholarship guards (Enos, Buscher, and Cornellssen are walkons). Very young and inexperienced with the exception of Fleming. Hopefully Filipovich and Drammeh are able to get some minutes this year. The loss of Canda hurts from an overall experience standpoint. An experienced D-1 transfer or JC guard would help to spread out the classes.

    While Tummala is the only other senior on the roster, Valdes and Stefan Jankovich are aiming to graduate Spring 2016 which frees them up to have the option to transfer to another D-1 school without having to sit out a year. For next season, the only other big men on our roster are Mike Thomas, Stefan Jovanovich, and Jack Purchase (who has to redshirt this year due to transfer). Obviously, there is a need to bring in a player or two above 6-5 so that Ganot can have either another stretch-4 type or big man in the middle (example: Brad Waldow from St. Mary’s).

  12. Great pick-up. Sounds like this kid faces great competition year round through one of the top CA programs and AAU ball. Looking forward to the other recruits we bring in!

  13. Pull-Ups:

    Good comments/ observation ….sure Bobbitt/ Q are leaving.. don’t know about Valdes and Janks. .know they definitely want to grad this May 2016.. with Their Parents and Ohana in town..

    Just wonder, JMO.. if they have had enough of 4 years of school. and get their degrees. ..want to find other options? Like Keith Shamburger last year, and even Davis Rozitis, who was going to go pro or business.. however stayed for 5th year grad school?

    You got it.. I don’ know why on other forums.. everyone cheering about having possibly 10 or 9 guards deep for next few years.. Have to have at least, I would say, SF’s, 6’6″, 6’7″ who can defend rebound, and score.. say about 6 of those guys.. so half the roster, Guard types. and half the roster, stretch bigs.. or smalls, who play big..

    We shall see. no question staff, is searching for the PF, SF who can shoot.. However, Pull ups.. you know the deal.. if UH MBB, if they are going to be that 3 ball shooting, live by the 3 , die by the 3.. when shots, not falling.. they have to have inside guys.. ones to get O boards. and score close to basket, off of the half court sets..Just good balance.

    I like the Seven Samurai, as servante calls them.. Fleming, Smith, Bobbitt, Valdes, Janks, Stef and Mike T., that is a good first 7 with Sai, Sheriff and Jakob for shooting.
    Next year and on. going to be challenge.. hey we await.. what will happen soon in October, with that other ncaa challenge, and court things.. that will affect what happens to Recruiting for MBB for couple of years..

    go bows !!

  14. Niko may be still a walk on. Did Benjy didn’t go dorm to dorm ? Jamie along with some of the players did, i think.

  15. s/b : Did Benjy go dorm to dorm ?

  16. A 3 star recruited stolen right out from under UC Davis, Long Beach, and Irvine. His numbers look to be good and the level of competition that he has been playing in will help with the adjustment from HS to college.

    Part of the decision making process is the coach and staff, facilities, and teammates. Staff are all in tact now with recruiting connections overseas and the west coast. With all of our attention getting, maybe we can steal one or two from the east coast. Maybe even a BIG.

    UHF1 – Did you ever think that Dayton has a full time day job and sometimes getting those videos may be difficult. Maybe no videos are available? Videos for Owies posted! EG doesn’t have to go to the dorms. The interest is there and the excitement for the 2015 – 2016 season is there. Maybe if we didn’t have someone like you being so negative or a skeptic that we could even get more interested. Promoting this team and season are responsibilities of Marketing and DOBO.

    Closing gyms and practices is a good way to protect the players from the negativity that some news stations and columnist write to sell a story. I would limit what went out too otherwise I would have to perform damage repair similar to what we have to do with you. This team had made a name for themselves after last season and not much more needs to be said except for, “don’t miss the excitement of a team that went to the BWT championship game and returning all but one player for last years team. You can call it two, but BJ really did not play much at all last season.

    By the way, Shamburger left due to his on and off relationship with GA and the whole NCAA NOA thing. He was the only one who lacked faith and jumped ship. We didn’t lose much and am sure that he wish he stayed. He handled the ball and shot good from the free throw line. Otherwise, he was a so so shooter from the outside.

    Bobbitt steps in and now we have a real point guard.

    Go Bows!

  17. We lost Negus, too.

    Eran is apparently going to run a 4 out offense and sometimes a 5 out, per wsn post. I looked it up, and Villanova runs that. Many variations though.

    ” By alignment, Villanova forces the defense to defend the entire width of the floor. Spacing is paramount, and Villanova often plays with four players 6’7″ or smaller. Wright’s version of “small-ball” spreads a defense out and puts pressure on the opponent by employing athletic drivers and shooters in space.”


  18. islandman:

    Yes I can see where Eran is going..I think He is going to mix, UH defensive pressure, their ablity to get steals, trap and get up and run and score quickly, along with, slowing it down, disciplined half court.. Euro ball.. You can win with that.. Eran alludes to his love of San Antonio.. however.. They had some all world, and all college all americans.. in Big Shot Bob, Robert Horry, 6’10” stretch big, who could shoot inside and waaay outside, and inside, to mid range.. Hall of famer, Tim Duncan 6’11”, Manu.. at 6’5″ one of the best BB athletes in the world.. and Tony Parker.,. Really ELITE BB talent..
    They made it work under coach P.. for several titles..

    However.. having Horry and Duncan.. as well as before, the Admiral David Robinson 7’1″, and even Dennis Rodman. Mr. Rebounder, 6’8″ and of course Hawaii’s own AC Anthony Carter !
    So a LOT of talent to run that Euro pick and pop,..

    YOU KNOW WHOSE IDEA IT WAS TO GO DORM TO DORM.. and he funded out of HIS OWN POCKET for Jamie to get ideas and promos, etc? Jamie Smith Never took full credit.. rightfully so.. HE CREDITED one Gibson Arnold.. and Gib sat in the background and saw what Jamie did.. I mean, getting close to 400 plus in that Manoa Maniac section, incredible.. and when Admin, that junk was happening at UH AD lower campus.. Jamie. with Gib backing, the Theme and promos were working so well? what happened.. UH throws. Jamie under the bus.. and makes it HARD for him to get back into UH system with that work visa situation.. sad.. what a bunch UH admin..
    Not Gib , Jamie, or Benjy fault.,the higher ups. who sadly bring UH DOWN..
    Kind of wish, West Oahu campus, was REALLY a state of the art campus with their own DI program, and 15000 seat new arena, and 25000 seat FB stadium, and pool, soccer fields, BB stadium.. UH athletics could REALLY start fresh, with ALL NEW ADMIN.. volunteered retired not paid, former UH grads and athletes, / coaches.. good ones..

    Then that is Fresh Start !

  19. islandman:

    just saying, not hating the guy.. Eran more quiet than a lot of local guys including myself.. He has to get T’d up the first game, or go curse out the refs or on the road, go beef some guy in the crowd at UCSB..Just Joking gang..
    I know even the great John Wooden, when his brilliant teams with Alcindor, Walton, Sidney Wicks.. great big men with good SF and guards. lost to USC , I think with Paul Westphal, Nortre Dame with Adrian Dantley, Houston with Elvin Hayes, and North Carolina St. with David Thompson.. one of those games.. Wooden was to peeved, he threw his chalkboard on the court.. Yes the great John Wooden, DID NOT LIKE TO LOSE.. especially when his team was ranked Number ONE in the country with all of those back to back to back National titles. so you can be laid back, teaching coach.. however okay to go Riley/ Gib on court.. Riley, loved when he threw his jacket into the crowd..sort of like Pro wrestler.. and Benjy lying on the ground pleading for ball to go in.. or for guys to run plays right.. creates a buzz. and the games are fun, either in person, or viewing on TV

    So Eran, if laid back that is okay..LET the assistants Rev up the crowds and support..otherwise, will be small attendance.. less than WVB that is for sure..

  20. Islandman – AKA as the flex motion offense with basic options, double screens, ball screens, low screens and back screens, give and go’s, dribble entry, low set entries, clear outs, and feeding it in to the post.

    All of these work better using a 4 guard style offense and work well again man to man defenses. This will be good to isolate Mountain Dew (Mamadou) down low with one of our BIGS while our guards fly around and set screens for each other and hit the jumpers. We can even have our BIG bring Mountain Dew up by the free throw line and then have our guards work around that too.

    Go Bows!

  21. Islandman – AKA as the flex motion offense with basic options, double screens, ball screens, low screens and back screens, give and go’s, dribble entry, low set entries, clear outs, and feeding it in to the post.

    All of these work better using a 4 guard style offense and work well again man to man defenses. This will be good to isolate Mountain Dew (Mamadou) down low with one of our BIGS while our guards fly around and set screens for each other and hit the jumpers. We can even have our BIG bring Mountain Dew up by the free throw line and then have our guards work around that too.

    Go Bows!

  22. Good info above, but Villanova not the best comparison to UH. They can put out four guys 6-7 or smaller but all those guys are long and quick and can jump out of the gym. They recruit different level of athletes.

    Not saying UH not able to duplicate that system here but it might take time to get it going. What I like is that there is a system in place and Ganot recruiting to fit his system, even if on a lower level scale.

    Also need to keep in mind that even if you play 4 out offense, you can not force your opponent to play 4 out at the same time. If the opponent has height advantage expect to get pounded inside when you are on the defensive end. Thats where Villanova athletes long and quick enough to match up with bigger opponents.

  23. Defense on tall men a question, yes. Also, if the outside shots are not going in, then the opponent doesn’t need to spread out too much.

  24. What happened to Summers? Not gonna walk on no more?

  25. Lakers exhibition games at SSC are all sold out. Does this mean we have avid basketball fans in Honolulu ?

  26. uhf1 – Here you go!

    Do you like it?


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