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Introducing Sai Tummala

Sai Tummala knows he has only one chance at the University of Hawai’i, and he plans to make the most of it.

Tummala, a 6-foot-6 senior forward for the Warriors, is a rarity in college basketball – an NCAA Division I transfer who is immediately eligible to play because he already graduated with a degree from his previous school (Arizona State).

“It’s my last year to play so I’m really putting everything on the line,” he said. “I really want to help this team win and I want to make the NCAA Tournament. Those are my goals for this year and I’m really excited to start that first practice and get ready to go.”

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Tummala arrived in Honolulu two weeks ago, and is enrolled in graduate-level classes and participating in workouts with his new teammates.

“I really like it,” he said of the workouts. “They’re really detail oriented and they really push us to make sure we’re doing the right thing all the time, which is important to me to learn. I really like how they focus on the minute things, make sure we do it right all the time.”

Tummala’s arrival in Honolulu capped an interesting summer that included a goodwill trip to India (home country of his parents). “I traveled quite a bit,” he said. “I went to India to do some volunteer work for about three weeks, teaching impoverished children about basketball and how they can use that to leverage it in their life.”

A big adjustment for Tummala at UH has been the timing of his graduate classes – which are mostly in the evening or on weekends. “That could get in the way of team meetings and stuff, but it’s a cost you have to pay (as a graduate student),” he said.

On the other hand, the unique schedule offers some extra time during daylight hours, and Tummala said he has already made use of it. “I’ve been to the beach a few times, that’s a really good benefit, too,” he said.


  1. Welcome Sai..you sir are Key to team success
    Your rim to 3 line game helps much

    Hey make sure encourage seniors and juniors get their degrees

    Have great season Sai !
    Go Bows!

  2. It’s unfortunate to hear about Rod And Dyrbe. How they make full and speedy recoveries.

  3. Here’s your man that can get you rebounds inside, although he can apparently shoot from outside too. Dayton, thanks for the reports on all the newcomers.

    Regarding the Rod and Dyrbe incident, wondering why no charges filed vs. outside parties ?

  4. Your personality and high IQ captivate Hawaii.

    Opportunities could not be any better.

    A boost of physicality just what the TEAM need.

    Full year of total contributions determine a successful GOAL ultimately!

    May Lady Luck be with us for a change!

  5. I agree that Sai could be the wildcard factor for this team. I think he is the only one of the new guys who might be physically and mentally ready to step in and play right away.

  6. Welcome aboard to the newest Warrior

  7. I just read the story about Bobbitt and Dyrbe. What da heck!!!

    The story said they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and I wonder what that means. Did they walk into BJ Penn Gym and challenge guys in the ring? Bobbitt and Dyrbe might be small on the basketball team but they actually are not that small compared to most people over here. If they both got broken jaws they must of got assaulted by guys who know how to box or fight. If it is, they both lucky they only got broken jaws.

    Just like islandman said, I hope the authorities going after the guys that did this.

  8. Welcome aboard Sai. Let’s see how you can be worked in to lineup.

    We are sure that you will enjoy playing at the SSC and in front of such great fans as we are.

    Bobbitt and Dyrbe – Was wondering where Bobbitt was during the summer session and workouts? Both of them need to take care of themselves and hopefully be back when practice starts in October. Most definitely, reports should be filed and charges brought against those who are responsible. We have to hold public individuals accountable just as we would expect our coaches to do with our players. These people are no different.

    Go Bows!

  9. Sometimes no aloha spirit in aloha land.

  10. dyrbes accident was around a month ago and he was at a club and got knocked out by some random person…you would have to think it’s the same person or a group of friends going after UH players….on another note to this video….all i see is a faded door, peeling paint, ugly gym sign and a ghetto light that is not even straight….i believe we should showoff the better of the campus

  11. So many stories and rumors coming out now about this incident. The only consistent part is that two players got assaulted and sent to hospital. No matter where ever this happened, the authorities need to find the assaulters and let the justice system find out the truth. This includes UH administration backing up their own students and doing what it takes to find the guys who did it.

  12. Aloha and Welcome to both Sai and Sheriff. Great to finally get a look at Tummala..he looks strong and solid and given hes coming from ASU and the PAC 12 even at 6’6″ I think he’ll be a real factor at both the #3 and #4 on the boards and hopefully a steady scorer. He just seems like a confident experienced guy who I hope can earn a starting spot at either SF or even PF, depending on matchup. Tummala has one yr. as a Warrior and he looks very Focused on making an Impact…averaging 12/7 or something like that would give the Warriors a versatile scorer from the 3 pt line to midrange and around the lane. Looks like he brings a physical game and hopefully can get after it on D.

    FT’s are going to be HUGE this season-hoping we can see solid gains there team wide. And as was said whoever Banged up our Guards Dyrbe and Roderick needs to get prosecuted. Don’t know the circumstances but both guys don’t seem like the type to start bar scraps. GO BOWS!

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