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Gib Arnold is now a scout for Boston Celtics


Former University of Hawai’i basketball head coach Gib Arnold has accepted a job as a scout for the NBA’s Boston Celtics franchise. Arnold said he is the West Coast Scout for the Celtics and will be based out of Los Angeles and will begin working this week.

Arnold was the head coach of the Warriors for four seasons before being relieved of his duties prior to the 2014-15 season.

Here is the “Arnold Family Aloha Video,” courtesy of the Arnold Family:


  1. Good luck to Gib. I’m glad he’s moving on and we can put that chapter away. Time to focus on the current coach and team and the upcoming season. With Gib definitively out of the picture we can focus on what matters.

  2. That was an impressive video.

    Here’s an article from a few years ago.


  3. Best of everything to the Arnold Ohana.

  4. What a wonderful way to say Aloha Coach. For those of us who have enjoyed your style of play and particularly the type of recruits, Mahalo Nui Loa.

    As a former Kailua resident, those videos are sure making me homesick about now.

    With an Ohana like yours, your life will always be filled with Aloha…good luck to all.

  5. Wow, yes a very impressive video. You can see how much this family enjoyed the Hawaiian playground. Makes me realize that lost in all this drama is that a lot of young lives were greatly affected. Best of luck to Gib and family.

  6. Mahalo for sharing this video, Coach. Aloha to you and your family. Too often we forget how the cruelties of your chosen profession can impact the ones you so love. They are what’s most important. Thank you to Lisa for the words we all should try to live by: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Love it.

  7. Congrats Coach! Wish you and the family well. Really nice video.

    Hey UHF1 – I hope that you won’t take this too hard. Your love affair with GA and wanting him back must be a tough break up. If you need any help, we are here at Warrior Insider to listen.

    Go Bows!

  8. Always said, the Arnold clan, not Evil, good people, got caught in a lot of political things, in the wrong place at wrong time. Good Gib can move on, hope he gets some justice, if it can be worked out. AND UH will learn.. don’t let this happen again.. remember, what affected, Gib, Brandyn, Fotu, Davis, Benjy etc, affected their friends and family.

    First class way to say Aloha !

    Come back again to Hawaii, Gib, you are Kamaaina for sure.

    You have great wife, and 5 beautiful kids, and great parents.

    Aloha, Mahalo, Thankyou, for bringing back exciting MBB to SSC, after 3 down years !

    Thanks Gib, will miss your passion for MBB and promoting it among the students !!

    Aloha !!

    Go Bows !

  9. DaBoyz808:

    Hey bruddah, still got by boy Benjy in town for now.. that IS Still the Connection, hope the best for Benjy too.. maybe…soon, he might end up at UH MBB..?
    Still Eran has to step up his Passion for Hawaii, and MBB game.. get the masses excited.
    That is what Gib did..

    What a First Class Way to say Aloha, and thanks to Dayton , WI, the Schmidt Ohana, for letting us enjoy the ride.
    Those 94 wins, by Gib and Benjy.. forever, great wins.. Eran still 0-0, hope he gets 28 wins this year. !

    Go Bows.
    And Gib, get those Celtics beating down the Lakers.. again !!


  10. Must be emotional for MBB team too.. Gib and Benjy lot of love and passion support for the recruits they brought in, plus the preferred walkons..

    After the Nash 3 year downward spiral.. those wins over Xavier, St Marys, Colorado, Nebraska, Irvine, Cal Davis, Northridge, LBSU.. and Pitt. Awesome..

    I stay Watching you Eran, my boy, let’s see you step it up.. and another thing, FIGHT like Gib did.. go after UH.. Why vacate, and self sanctions if NO NEED.. I bet that is irritating Eran to no end..

    Will support team, Me love MBB UH style, sorry Laura, love your gals too, however, MBB if they can go NIT or NCAA again.. that is where, MBB , and Basketball Jones’ start in Hawaii..

    Go Bows !

  11. Forget suing us taxpayers. We overpaid you for the time u were here GA. You got a job Another door opens. Leave the taxpayers alone and drop your lawsuit. You ain’t going to win. Aloha

  12. Maybe that is why the Arnold’s are smiling, they love Hawaii, the people, the student athletes, however, they just want things right..

    As far as we know.. the litigation and the Hearings, unless a HUGE turnaround, GAME ON..GAME ON !
    Should be interesting the next month or so.. see what happens.


    Go Gib go get em !

  13. Great video and a great family. Fearless divers! Unfortunately, we all make mistakes but at least Gib’s mistakes did not ruin the program completely. Good recruiter so at least we had players to work with. They look like they really enjoyed their time in Hawaii and it will always have a place in their hearts. Time to move on. Yes, I hope Gib drops his lawsuit.

  14. UHF are you moving to LA to follow your boy or did you buy an Audi yet to support your other boy? You must continue to support them in any and everyway.

  15. At least u can’t cheat being a scout, can u?

  16. Danny Ainge is Celtics’ president of basketball operations. His son, Austin Ainge, is director of player personnel. Frank Arnold was head coach at BYU, 1975-83, when Danny played there, 1977-1981, per SA article.

    Frank was an assistant to John Wooden, 1971 -1975, and UCLA was the NCAA champion for three of those four years.
    BYU reached the NCAA Elite Eight in 1980-81, but wikipedia says he “struggled” in his last two years ( He still had winning seasons, though). Frank: “In order to win here (Hawaii) you have to have J.C. transfers and that doesn’t fit into my recruiting or coaching style”.

  17. I’ve said in the past that this is where Gib needs to go. I’m happy to see he got a good job that seems to fit his best abilities.

    His mentality and way of doing things just isn’t a fit at the college level. He has proven to have a great eye for finding talent and as an NBA scout, he can solely focus on his best attribute. I think he’s going to do great in this capacity.

    In the pros, he no longer has to worry about coaching duties, grades, admissions, iPad acquisition stories, and an overbearing/incompetent administration hovering over his head.

  18. I watched the first few minutes of the Arnold family video and then stopped. Did Gib submit it to warrior insider? What’s the point of it? Is it Gib’s way of saying farewell and thank you to Hawai’i? It’s so much fun watching them having a great time in Hawai’i, living the good life, and knowing that it’s all made possible thanks to Gib’s coaching job and the lucrative pay check that came with it. While the video tries to portray Gib in a different light – active, adventurous father figure with successful children and an attractive wife – I can’t help but think of his pivotal role in ruining UH’s basketball program. What’s pretty pathetic is that his cheating ways didn’t even amount to anything worthwhile – no finals, titles, or NCAA appearance. In my mind, he’ll always be remembered as the coach who failed his staff, his players, UH, and Hawai’i. It’s yet another case all to known in Hawai’i – where a ha’ole comes to Hawai’i, reaps its benefits, and leaves it worse than how they found it. I’m glad he’s moving back to the mainland. The only positive thing to come out of the Arnold family video is now Uhfanzonly1/Eagle has something to keep him occupied while waiting for new Warrior Insider posts.

  19. Former UH Athlete, while UH administration may be overbearing and incompetent, there’s no denying that Gib broke the rules. If he couldn’t handle being a college coach and abiding by the rules and assuming all the responsibilities of the position then he shouldn’t have taken the job.

  20. And I thought when Gib got the gig he couldn’t do worse than his pops……….

  21. There are many that came from the mainland and did good at UH, Otto Klum, Donnis Thompson, Dave Holmes, Dick Tomey, Bob Wagner, June Jones, Riley Wallace, Bob Coolen, Laura Beeman; Paul Durham, Ray Nagel, Stan Sheriff, et al.

  22. TAVS , PONO.. etc,.. You all Tell Me to let it go. the Past.. well the Arnolds, unless back for vacation and they will.. They love Hawaii.
    At least the passion, the Hawaii culture, I mean, Janks, Fleming, Sammis, a lot of last year’s team, when Jay/ Chancellor fired him. the WHOLE team was thinking of leaving, or quitting. That was the Gib factor.. however he sold Hawaii and the program.. they bought into it. that king of the beach, the canoe races, the Uncle Kane telling them about the culture, . classic.
    AND Gib started the Read to Hawaii, give back program

    Yes, the Video, does not make out Gib to be evil monster, felon, crook, criminal, .. makes him out to what he said He would be, Family man, great wife who helped him and stood by him through a lot, I fell for his Beautiful 5 kids.. taking some hits, from the public.. for what Gib was alleged to have done..

    Even the Star Advertiser piece. HE MADE NO MENTION OF THANKING UH.. it was thanking Friends made, the state of Hawaii, the fans.. And that is Aloha.. UH admin.. Now Gib has a Good job on the West Coast, still close to Hawaii ,and courts, as well as wherever the NCAA hearings will be.. He can now, have Boston Celtic, support, a lot of. through Ainge-Arnold connection..

    I have Not Heard of Anything, that Gib is dropping law suit, or giving in to allegations.. The bruddah is a Fighter. something that Eran should be.. passionate, guy. and He will probably battle, till his last dime and breath to clear up inaccurate reports. allegations, and character assasinations.. However the above video. man classic.. Aloha Gib, thanks for the 94 wins.. and the great athletes you brought in.. Hope One day, you be coaching in the NBA too !

    Gib and Family physically move on, their hearts still in Hawaii, I know it..
    And TAVS, jjay, Pono, Give Gib and his family a rest. they been beaten down for about a Year now.. Nuff, Pau…
    We see what Eran can do… going be hard, depends on the returnees, and Sai T…the one and done, he is So Key to UH success.

    Aloha Gib , you made my interest in MBB glow again after Nash years.. though Bob is still great, Gentleman !!

  23. Uhfanzonly1 Gib didn’t recruit well during his first and second until he had to cheat to get Fotu

    uhwarriors wrote:
    Arnold’s first two years have been really shaky in terms of builidng a program. At least 4 recruits have not been eligible to get into UH and 6 players have left the team.

    Not eligible

    Left team

  24. islandman,

    Yeah, Gib isn’t one of them. Besides, my remark was a general one in reference to the many cases in history of the foreigner arriving in a place and screwing it up.

  25. Before Canda there was four of his Arnold’s original UH signees for the coming season — swingman DeShawn Mitchell, power forward Ronnie Stevens, small forward Dillon Biggs and now Blakes — won’t be enrolled at Manoa when formal workouts begin in October.

  26. Curious: How did Arnold “cheat” to get Fotu? That’s news to me.

  27. UHF1 – You QUACK me up. Still have BT left.

    BT is fine and making a living so his children can remain in the islands and play ball since that already have roots here. But some of the comments that you make are pretty far out there. And if the opportunity presents itself and he is back coaching again, then fine.

    But why not get behind Eran and support him, his coaching staff, the players and the program?

    Also, it was Nevels that got the team together after GA’s announced release and asked his team mates to remain committed to the program.

    Go Bows!

  28. Tavs, like the foreigners coming to the Hawaiian Islands or to the American Indian lands on the mainland. But some of us wouldn’t be here, if the foreigners didn’t arrive.

  29. islandman,

    I have nothing against foreigners; I’m hapa. I have something against outsiders that come in and do harm. That’s what Gib did: he came to Hawaii, took control of the UH basketball program, and did a crooked job of it. Even by cheating he was a very mediocre coach.

  30. If Arnold settles with UH, I would be very disappointed. If you are a man of principle and want to make things right don’t settle. If they are initiating a settlement with you that can only mean that they are covering up the truth. Your name will have that cloud over always. Clear yourself and regain your rightful integrity.

    These people who conspired against you at the expense of the program needs to be taught a lesson and rooted out of their manipulative positions. I can understand if your pocket is not deep enough to battle through the legal system that you may need to settle. However any settlement should come with a public apology that will restore your integrity.

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