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Catching up with Quincy Smith


Back in June, Quincy Smith had a close-up view of something that left a lasting impression with him.

“I had finished my summer school class the day (the Golden State Warriors) won the championship,” said Smith, who is from the Bay Area. “I got to go back home and I went to the (victory) parade and everything. It was good. I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time. Just to be in that atmosphere, it was a lot of fun.”

He would like nothing more than to end his senior season with the University of Hawai’i basketball team by participating in a victory parade here.

“It’s my last year here,” he said. “I don’t want to leave without making the (NCAA) Tournament.”

Smith, a 6-foot-1 point guard, is entering his third season with the Warriors. He played a key reserve role last season, averaging 4.5 points and 2.7 rebounds per game, and finishing third on the team in steals with 43.

The preseason training for his senior season has been slowed a bit because he dislocated a finger during a Summer League game. He recently has been cleared to participate in workouts.

“It’s fine now,” he said. “I’m just trying to get back (in shape). It’s still tender, but I’m doing all the open gym, all the workouts, everything.”

Like several of his teammates, Smith is also taking extra classes this semester in an effort to graduate in Business Management at the end of the Spring 2016 semester.

“9 (a.m.) to 3 (p.m.) every day,” he aid of his class schedule. “They’re tough classes, but it’s my senior year. I gotta do what I gotta do. I don’t want to be here three years and not graduate.”


  1. Play your heart out Quincy and get the degree!

    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  2. In case did not see… Thanks and mahalo, from previous “Final” post for few months, to get back to important things, Real Life.

    Mahalo to Dayton , Schmidt Ohana, and diverse, and great comments from all WI forum !

    Q and All the guys, hopefully. get college degree.. as I said.. If a few want to grad in 4 years.. let them ! If want to move on.. that is their choice.

    The last year’s guys, the 10 retunees are Warriors, and forever etched in our hearts..

    What Kimo B. said.. some merit.. however, takes time to get the Bobbitts, Flemings, Valdes, Smiths, Thomas’, Nikos, from USA..

    Still await what will happen, with UH and GA.. the hearings.. that WILL be the Battle of this early 21st century.. hope best for both UH, get it PONO.. and GA and BT can be happy and move on..

    Mahalo once again WI Ohana.. sigining off on ALL forums.. until March Madness..
    Thanks for the chance to express opinions..!

    go Bows Warriors !!
    islandman, How You Do it? the stats and metrics? Must be online with 6 different smart devices, PC’s , 24/ 7.. good job on several forums !!

  3. And Kimo Browner, yes, I wish Matlin kept Benjy for at least 2 more years. would have been smooth and exciting ride !! for sure.
    UH will get some discipline for sure,.. we wait to see what will happen.
    My Question… maybe Dayton, or others who are part of UH. and post here.. What are Season tickets for MBB looking like? Same, more, less.. or even steven ?
    That is the telling thing.. for this staff and support of new AD and UH.. will fans of Benjy and last year’s team, Still buy tickets?
    Probably..they love the guys..

  4. Mr. Doubt fire still going at it. Oh well.

  5. Quincy Smith is a great guy and a great athlete. We need more like him.

  6. Q always had good attitude since he got here even though he was backing up other guys. I think he was one of the unsung keys for last year because he came in from the bench to give Bobbitt and Nevels a rest and he kept the D strong. He probably going have to play the same role this year.

    Good to hear he is taking care of his class work at the same time. He is a good example for the younger guys to do your role with the team and in the class.

  7. Great to hear more structure and team game coming Need this to go to next level Go bows

  8. Great hustle, underrated player. Biggest flaw of his is being too hard on himself when he makes a mistake. He’s gotta remember to just say ‘screw it’ and keep playing.

  9. jjay….just wait and see, either 3 very accurate strong bloggers on SA forum whenever dispute between GA, BT and UH comes up.. THEY not me.. know more than all the forum people on this site.. They Know.. things are going to start to get heated.. 1.4 million possibly or more to GA.. to be arbitrated settled.. where going to get money? from Wisconsin and Ohio St. football body bag payouts..? maybe..
    And the hearings.. Amanda might go down, who knows.. and DOBA’s might have to come clean..who knows.. some of current or former staff and athletes might step forth too, to clear record. BT and GA not criminal, neither was Isaac Fotu , or Davis.. Just Agenda driven drivel

    Hey, chuck, jjay,..etc..you want to believe every spin that UH is throwing out there.. and poor eran..I bet his wife really feels for him too.. caught in an almost No win situation because, this IS his One and Only shot at a NCAA DI HC job.. this is it..I hope the best.. he can lead team to NCAA tourney..

    Yes.. I don’t know everything.. however.. GA counsel so confident.. they are going to get things cleared up.. names cleared.. and compensation.. if UH MBB gets more , I HOPE not.. don’t wish it on the guys.. UH should be the ones who get crushed. the Power brokers.. the spin doctors.. You think that possibly All 5000 hard core MBB fans are for the current HC and how he got job? Of course not.. I am sure there will be that 4000 hard core fans and their young ones who will come to every game.
    Wonder, if some who supported Benjy and The Bows, if UH starts to lose 5, 6 , 7 , 8 or 10 games.. don’t start to get a little nervous.
    As I said.. I WANT UH MBB to do well.
    UH ? My alma mater.. I don’t trust them AT ALL..Public confidence, the hard core and the casual, and the majority of Hawaii population who don’t even care about UH athletics.. could do with out it..get on with REAL life.. rough times out there..

    Just hope that Rod, Quincy, Sai gets his masters.. and Aaron, and possibly Janks get early degrees and choose to move on if they and their families want..

    UH spinning that MBB is squeaky clean now? I don’t know.. I hope so..However litigation, arbitration, possible civil suits against UH? I don’t know.. NCAA hearings that is where as BT says.. it will get cleared up.. they are thorough.. and who knows. .. Maybe UH MBB will go Back to The Future.. and start all over again.. the Pono or fair way..
    anyways.. jjay…aloha. and see you in March..

  10. How about we focus on Q since the article is about him. Stop writing the same old news about your hopes for past coaches to be resurrected. Q is going to play a vital role for the team this year as a leader and a floor general. No matter what role gets assigned to him I’m sure he is going to fill it with passion and effort.

  11. This guy never stops badmouthing the new coach who’s hasn’t done anything wrong , the athletic admin. Upper campus. Etc. Things are changing albeit slowly. Stop the bashing. You were going on hiatus. Bye bye.

  12. Why do you guys get upset with this poster? Sure, he takes up a lot of space on the board but how can you take anything he says serious. He can’t even write a complete sentence. I’m sure if a current or potential player or parent were to read it, they would know that he can be ignored. I can’t see any harm being done.

  13. Q has been very instrumental for this team’s success. His role off the bench has the potential to start too. Just maintain the same playing attitude and things will happen. Great guy with good ethics. I like the idea of being part of a “parade” after the completion of this season. We will all be there through the season, BWT, the NCAA’s, and this parade.

    For the most part and from the season tickets holders that I have spoken to, their love for bball and the program, they are still getting their tickets.

    UHF1 – There is no cheese out there that can go with your whine. Still stuck on GA, BT, lawsuits, and all that other nonsense. Even putting it out there that if they choose to leave after this season then its good. In the summer you were even posting that the players wouldn’t be coming back. What will be… will be.

    Monku, monku, monku.

    About 1 month and 6 days before the season starts.

    Go Bows!

  14. Good recruit in Owies. Still waiting for a couple of Big Men.

    What about Drew Buggs? Heard he made a recruiting trip to the HI. 6′ 2″ 175 out of Long Beach. 3 star recruit. Also being recruited by Dartmouth and Cal State Bakersfield.

    What’s up with this Uhfanzonly1 guy?

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