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Catching up with Mike Thomas


Mike Thomas is already making a difference in the realm of academics at the University of Hawai’i. Starting this weekend, he would also like to make a difference with the UH basketball team.

“I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re in September,” he said. “If we keep working, it’s going to be there. The opportunity is always going to be there for us. We have talent. It’s just getting our minds in the right place to go and get it.”

Thomas, a 6-foot-7 forward, is entering his junior season with the Warriors, who begin official practices on October 2. After getting limited playing time as a freshman, Thomas blossomed into a significant contributor as a sophomore last season, averaging 7.1 points and 3.5 rebounds per game while leading the team with 34 blocked shots.

“Definitely stepping into more of a leadership role this year,” he said. “Being vocal, leading the younger guys and some of the guys above me. Just working hard and getting after it every day.”

Thomas is taking a similar leadership role off the court. In between workouts and his academic classes, he is working as a mentor tutor at the Nagatani Academic Center. Specifically, he helps younger UH student-athletes with their respective studies.

“Just helping them get used to their schedule, mainly,” he said. “And then making sure they’re staying on top of all their work and going to class every day, having their books, getting ready to work every day.”


  1. Yes, Mike for Head Coach !
    That is one young guy has his head and heart straight, always impressed with him since his freshman year.
    Go get it Mike, MT.. rise above..
    I like the candor.. and honesty.. saying the returnees , they know the deal with MBB program and Hawaii.. IT IS the New coaching staff that has to adjust..

    Mike hit it on the head.. Not only the athletes.. the Staff has to support, and be proud of the past 3 years.. MT, AV, Quincy and company. they paid their dues..

    Go get it Mike and Bows !!

  2. Good man, Mike.

    SMU banned from post season play for this season and Larry Brown suspended for nine games. They lose nine scholarships over 3 seasons.
    “The NCAA says the problems include academic fraud and unethical conduct. It singled out Brown for making bad choices that included “not reporting possible violations in his program, initially lying to the enforcement staff during the investigation and providing no specific guidance to his staff on rules compliance.”

    SMU was the American Athletic Conference champion last season. The Mustangs went to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1993.
    This is Brown’s third coaching job at the college level, and each program has faced NCAA sanctions.

    ” ESPN.com’s Andy Katz reported on Twitter the NCAA found academic misconduct within SMU’s men’s basketball team and “unethical conduct on former secretary” in the basketball program. He explained Brown didn’t know about the issues as they happened but is suspended for not reporting promptly or clearly with the NCAA.”

  3. For Gib fans, whatever the outcome of the UH NCAA hearings, Gib could be back coaching somewhere in the future, if you look at Brown, Sampson, Pearl, et al.

  4. This is another example of a great student-athlete at UH!!! It is hard enough to do your own practices and homework and this guy Mike is helping others. That is first class!

    Listening to the interviews of the guys you can tell that they are focused on the academics. Mike, Q, both Stefs, Valdes, they all talked about their plans for graduation. Great group of guys and hope they can be successful on the court also!

  5. MT – I have to agree with ChuckChese. Great kid and student athlete. Always personable and respectful. I am sure that this carries over on to practices. Just put on a little more weight.

    Cal Assistant John Montgomery to be named new Assistant Head Coach today? Rich in family tradition and spent last couple of years at SF as DOBO. Welcome.

    Go Bows!

    Practice starts this Friday. My hairs on my arms and ears are beginning to stand up.

  6. That’s good new if John is named as an assistant. He’s the son of Mike Montgomery and played ball at Loyola Marymount. He has great connections in the bay area and west coast in general.

    MT is a model student athlete and I hope that he’s ready to shoulder a big load this year and put up big numbers.

  7. FYI: SA reporting UH will hire John Montgomery, a former Cal assistant and son of Mike Montgomery.

  8. Whoa … sorry for the “old news,” but it’s good news.

  9. Hey does UH MBB start practices this Friday.. I think so..
    Go Bows..
    Hey, like all UH sports.. we want wins.. and not only chasing championships.. WINNING championships and post season tournament games !!

    Got that BB feeling, basketball jones’


  10. Lakers in town from today for nine days, two exhibition games on Oct 4 & 6. It interferes some with the UH football’s training table today, per S. Tsai blog.

    ” … the two games at the 10,300-seat Sheriff were nearly sold out as of Monday.

    Matlin said UH expects a combined cash windfall of “high five figures to low six figures” for hosting the games.

    “I know sales are brisk, which is great,” he said. “It gets a lot of people going to basketball games and that can continue on to our (UH) season.” (SA, 9-29-15)

  11. After researching little bit about Montgomery, I hate to say but it looks like the pickings must of been very slim if he’s the best choice. He was at Cal for a few years and that sounds good but looks like that’s because his dad was the head coach. When his dad retired, he didn’t stick with the new staff and ended up being a DOBO at U. San Francisco. Thats not a good sign when a assistant coach drop back down to being a DOBO.

    What is also a bother to me is that Eran and his staff is now all guards! Maybe that explains the recruiting style. At least Norm Parish had a track record of recruiting and coaching bigs. Maybe I am wrong and I hope I am wrong on this but going be tough to get big kids to come here when no big man to coach them up.

  12. Bill Amis?
    Fish was a Bigs coach, and Gib could coach bigs..
    Eran loves guards.. wants to use a lot.. sometimes 4 or 5 at once.. remember last year.?

    It is the MBB situation.. that makes it tough to get the good even 6’7″ 235 guys..

  13. Let’s see…. Our Bigs for this season are Janks, Jovanovich, MT, and Sai. AV plays like a Big. Add Purchase to next year’s squad.

    MT, Janks, and Jovanovich need to stay out of foul trouble.

    Anyone have any news on Buggs?

  14. Well.. Sai.. should be bigger stronger version of NWC.. NWC was a 2 guard.. and HAD to play 4 and 5, many Negus got buss up pretty good last year.. AND STILL was the top 3 point shooter..

    Mr Bill, that is the concern.. Janks, Jovanovich, get into foul trouble, get hurt or ill for extended time.. UH really small.. everybody says.. no worries Big West small guard dominated league… I guess so..concern is Out of Conference, and into NIT or NCAA.. where the teams are Both small, good guards shooters.. With some very good SF and PF, Bigs..

    A good balance.. roster of 14, including the preferred walkons.. 7 SF to PF and 7 PG to SG types..

    Good the returning guys. Been there seen it done that.. If they have that WE AGAINST THE WORLD, mentality with a good half court offense, and some control down the stretch, with good shooters, Sheriff, Jakob and Sai.. UH can win some games..

    Hey.. Hey, Hey.. UH starts practice THIS OCTOBER 2nd Friday I believe..And Notice, No Midnight Ohana?
    I guess No Need that.. just get ready for season.
    REMEMBER fans.. THIS is a brand New Young HC and staff.. so there will be growing pains.. Unless. the returnees.. just crank it up a notch.. I think they will… be very disappointed, if UH does not win 24 games at least.. and wins the BWC tournament..

  15. you can’t call janks or mt a big

  16. You heard Eran on sport animals, they are thinking of what to do for midnight ohana or equivalent.

  17. Good night UH Fanz. Take care of your personals as you stated earlier. Aloha. Talofa.

  18. Yes uhfanzonly. Take care of things you need to. See you when you return.

    As far as Mike is concerned I believe he will make some kind of impact in this world. Just a terrific gentleman. I know we in middle football season and I go to all the home games but man, I am so ready for basketball.

    Thus team is shaping up. Only gripe is we need more bigs. But support anyway. GO BOWS!!!!

  19. Can’t wait to see what the Seven Samurai will conquer this year.

  20. Seven Samurai? Will get justice served to UH admin.. finally.. those boys worked their okoles off. for that Ole Boy, and one Gal network..

    UH MBB, one of the strangest seasons about to start…
    Hope the best. I wish all the 11 returning guys would grad by next year and go pro of profession.. then their families would be happy.. bye, bye UH and Hawaii..

    great run.. guys..

    NCAA hearings.. Gibson , here you come.. and BT. there you go.. Go get em !!

  21. “I wish all the 11 returning guys would grad by next year and go pro of profession.. then their families would be happy.. bye, bye UH and Hawaii..”


  22. hawaiifan09 – What would you call them? They are the only BIGs that we have. Would you call them 3’s? 4’s or 5’s fall into BIGs!

    UHF1 – Can’t wait for the season to start….. so you can grumble even more? Curious, do you go to the games? BWT? In my opinion, last year was one of the strangest seasons in a long time.


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