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Catching up with Brocke Stepteau

Brocke Stepteau is hoping that a year of watching and learning will pay off for him this year with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Stepteau was a redshirt player last season, and thus did not suit up for games or travel with the team on road trips. He said it was the best decision he could have made.

Hawaii College Summer League action at Manoa Valley District Park, Honolulu, HI on July 14 2015. Photo: Brandon Flores.

“Last year I was really young and a little inexperienced,” he said. “To come in and redshirt, try to get stronger and get adjusted to the strength and pace of the game was good. I learned from guys like Rod (Bobbitt) and Quincy (Smith) … to sit back and just learn at a slow rate, I think it helped me out a lot with my game.”

Stepteau, a 5-foot-9 point guard, said he put in extra time during the summer training with Isaac Fleming and a few other teammates who stayed in Honolulu.

“Me and Isaac and a couple other guys kind of worked out on our own – just played a little bit together and worked on things we felt like we need to work on individually,” he said. “We all pushed each other to work on each other’s weaknesses. I thought that was productive.”

Stepteau showed glimpses of his potential during the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League, where he averaged 14.8 points per game in five appearances.

“After Summer League, I just kept working on my game,” he said. “Individual workouts, extra work, get in the weight room as much as I can to get stronger and bigger.”

Stepteau is also focused academically, already taking classes that will help him earn a degree in journalism.

Stepteau is from Dallas, Texas, so he was thrilled when the 2015-16 schedule revealed a road game at Texas Tech. Lubbock (where Texas Tech is located) is actually a five-hour drive away from Dallas, but Stepteau noted that it is still a lot closer than Honolulu.

“It’s pretty far, but my parents will drive down there, for sure,” he said.

Although he is from Dallas, Stepteau noted that not all residents from the area are fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

“That’s not true – I’m actually a Redskins fan,” he said.


  1. He’s 18 years old? Wow.

  2. Like this guys character, poise and confidence. Good interview. This will be a fun season.

  3. Am impressed with your 14.8 PPG in this Summer League!

    As hard worked-outs with teammates promote improvement on available time.

    Looking forward for your regular season output above 50%+ PPG for team.

  4. Can see the hard work paying off in your body frame. Look forward to your contributions to the team the next several years.

  5. Fans Holding Up for your Step Up !

  6. To see Jakob, Sheriff, Jack, and Sai in action, I Guess NO VIDEO of Open gym?

    Well, if that is Coach Ganot’s policy, that is fine.

    just wanted to see how they shoot, and if they have put on some muscle since August..

    Thanks in the past for all of the open gym runs, of video.. Dayton those were awesome, gave fans something, an idea of how team looked like.

    Hope guys stay healthy,

    And Dayton.. How are Dyrbe and Rod doing, ? the Broken jaws? Are they near 100% ready to have full contact drills, practice by Oct start of fall practices?

    Mahalo in Advance.

  7. New wahine basketball Director of Operations, Teneshia Ruff .

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