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2015-16 roster is posted


The 2015-16 roster for the University of Hawai’i basketball team has been posted at the hawaiiathletics.com website.

There are 15 players listed, including newcomers Sai Tummala, Sheriff Drammeh, Jack Purchase and Jakob Cornelissen.

Here is a breakdown by class:

Seniors — Roderick Bobbitt, Quincy Smith, Sai Tummala

Juniors — Dyrbe Enos, Stefan Jankovic, Stefan Jovanovic, Mike Thomas, Aaron Valdes

Sophomores — Niko Filipovich, Isaac Fleming, Jack Purchase

Freshmen — Zach Buscher, Jakob Cornelissen, Sheriff Drammeh, Brocke Stepteau

The only player assured of redshirt status for the 2015-16 season is Purchase, who played at Auburn last season and must sit out this season due to NCAA transfer rules.

There is still one spot to fill on the coaching staff – an assistant coach to fill the spot vacated by Norm Parrish, who departed last month.


  1. No surprises and I hope that is a good thing. Everybody expected back made it back so that must mean they all did the school work, except Canda as we all know already. That is good because there were some rumors about guys having to do extra work over summer to be eligible.

  2. Life is a matter of Yin & Yang, positive or negative, haves oppose have-not’s…

    Based on the past to the present averagely, referring to talent, mentality, physicality…

    This TEAM is THE BEST statistically IMO,

    We got someone’s dream HC, who is a dreamer on his dream job realistically!

    Wins are determined by coaching with all of the above dealt properly.

    Supports of course can be helpful !


  3. We have enough ball handlers. The question is, how much firepower do we have. How will we shoot the 3 ball? Rebounders need to stay out of foul trouble, meaning Thomas, Javonovic, Jankovic, and Valdes. We are missing Canda and one more big man.

    This team has some potential, but that doesn’t mean nutting. They cannot afford injuries.

  4. Basically, and good for MBB team and fans.. The core is back.. with exception of NWC..
    hopefully, Sai, Sheriff, and Jakob can produce that good 3 point and mid range shooting… That is the equalizer, 3 point shooting.. then let the core returnees do their thing.. Defense, and execute better in half court, also, I think Eran, will let them run.. that is their strength.. Turn ball over, defend well, get the rebound and go..

    Hope team can average 77-80 ppg, and hold other teams to 65 or below. that would have makings of very good Year..

  5. Derek:

    You always been REAL.. you are right.. we have to see product on the floor..
    With all the happenings.. without question, losing Canda, and not having at least one or two more 6’7″ athletic, or grinder Defender/ Rebounders.. UH is very, very thin, on the boards and in the paint.

    Last year.. yes, I have to go there.. was a miracle.. what they did.

    This year’s team has to shoot lights out.. Really, nation leader percentage.. and Rebound by committee..

    We shall see.. 4500 fans, the hard core, go to MBB games rain or shine. they accepted the HC change.. and whatevers…Now.. Those boosters and fans.. that wanted another, staff..are going to say..Team and new HC.. prove it.. on the court..

    we shall see.. hope the guys can do it.. and stay healthy…

  6. Just what we hoped for that all players from last year would return. It looks to be an exciting year with very high expectations.

    DE and RB to hopefully return late this week or by next week.

    A great 3 ball shooter would be Summers. Did he enroll and will he show up on the 10/2 date when practice officially starts? Do they have room for him?

    Shooters? Hey we didn’t support the purchase of the shooting machine to have our players shooting percentages stay the same or go down. I heard that it is on island and will be made use of soon.

    Go Bows!

  7. Mentioned by someone that Sai is listed as a Fr. and that Valdes and him are listed as guards. Doesn’t matter that much as far as the guard listing, i guess.

    I heard the SSC announcer introduce Wahine VB player Maglio as a freshman.

  8. Valdes stated that he thought the team made a lot of progress in shooting the rock over the summer. Hope that is true. If we can be more effective from the perimeter we’ll be hard to stop.

  9. UHF1, come on now. Last years team was not a miracle. Overall, they had a weak schedule. This year’s is also not that strong as far as the opponent. Arkansas Pin Bluff, Hilo, HPU. Give me a break. This team should win at least 22 to 23 games. If not, I would be disappointed. We’ll see how they do.

  10. Derek: I think UH can win some games, even get 20 wins.. the schedule is not top 35 SOS..non conference or in conference.
    BWC, a shooters, and guard dominated league.. so UH with that core, especially Fleming, Q and Bobbitt, with that experience, and AV, MT, Janks and Stef.. they know the deal..

    What I meant by Miracle last year record? What team had to deal with, loss of HC just before season start, then Interim, and he having to keep everyone, on board, Team .. we didn’t know, I thought half of the team might just quit or transfer.. they didn’t except for eventually Sammis at mid term..

    So, yes, even if Not great SOS.. like this year, BT did good job, and credit to guys like Dyrbe, Quincy, Mike, Stef, Janks who did not play whole season, and Fleming.. nobody except BT and team thought they would beat Pitt.. they did.. Nebraska, Colorado and almost beating Wichita St. in DHC.. that Was Maybe My personal miracle team.. really My all time favorite.. credit to Team, their families.. and we fans who did not give up on them.. hey 22 wins and one win away from NCAA tournament.. if Eran and team can match that.. Team and coach deserve My vote for Team and Coach of the year..

    Hope UH gets that 20 wins, and NIT or NCAA. bid that is what we want

    Go Warriors
    And GO BOWS !

  11. we’re gonna die on the boards!!!

  12. We don’t even have one wide bodied buffo to keep guys out of the paint. That’s why last year the bigs always in foul trouble. They were not able to keep them at bay then would have to resort to blocking over the top. Critical our bigs need to stay out of foul trouble. Or that’s the game.

  13. I want to see if UH gets beatup on boards and has problem defending paint?

    Are Janks, Jovanovich, Thomas that much bigger and better?
    Everyone support new staff and say losing GMoney, NWV and Canda, no problem, core back..however
    GA and BT last go round recruiting focus , shooter and Big, good one, rebounder BT was just about to sign if he chosen..

    Could be long year?
    Scary, bet eran feels it too..need bigs stay out of foul trouble

    Me? I want to see non conference, if lack of bigs..depth. will hurt team?

  14. Sai will help on the boards, 6-6 , 218.

  15. Is it possible Flemming is now 6′ 4″ and 200 lbs ? And regardless, I think actually has a chance to make it to the NBA (though he won’t jump early).
    And is it possible Mike Thomas is 6′ 9″ by now ?
    And aren’t both Jovanovich and Thomas great students who can learn not to foul, pick up their scoring, and can both play a lot more minutes ?
    And won’t this be Janks break-out year with Nowitski-like leadership ?
    Valdes is solid and we have seen him improve his game consistantly.
    Quincy is solid as perhaps the quickest player on the team and go to guy down the stretch.
    Bobbit is solid as the returning NCAA steals leader.
    And our recruits might have a ringer amongst them. It happens.
    Go bows !!

  16. And Valdes will be on the boards, leading rebounder for the Bows last year.

  17. UH averaged the same number of rebounds per game last year as UCI, 35.2; and more than UCSB’s 34.4. For conference games only, UH averaged more rebounds at 33.7 than UCSB’s 32.1. However, overall, UH averaged slightly less rebounds than their opponents for the year.

  18. Duke averaged 36 rebounds per game, Wisconsin, 33.5, Kentucky 38 , Michigan St. 37.4. Not sure what this proves, but UH at 35.2 was just slightly behind Duke’s rebounds per game and more than Wisconsin’s .

  19. Blocks, UH averaged 3.97 per game; UCI, 4.94; UCSB, 3.6 .

  20. Team stats don’t always tell the whole story especially because teams like Duke, Wisconsin, Kentucky all play way better competition than UH. When comes to rebounds, rebound margin is probably better stat to look at.

    I would not worry too much about not having big guys on the team. Was good enough to beat Pitt, Nebraska and Colorado last year and get to Big West title game.

    If this UH team can beat Texas Tech, Northern Iowa and one more team in Diamond Head and get to Big West title game again and win it this time, everybody will be happy! Not having the height might be asking for a blowout in NCAA Tournament but if we even get that far nobody will care by then!

  21. Chuck:

    yes, it was the BT scheme, getting Rod to defend the guy with ball, they as team, had that D frenetic style set up. Not hectic, however planned.. that created a lot of offense.. and they got up and ran, got leads, and at times caught up.. So , UH wanted to be last year, however No Fotu, an inside out O team, however BT adjusted well with what he had.

    If team shoots way better, less rebounds to go after on O, They Have to put into play their fundamentals.. Remember the famous, box out. put your body between man and ball?
    yes, they can do it, against non big, or not good rebounding teams..
    However, when this team runs into teams with good bigs AND shooters.. inside and out.. is where it will be the test.

    Yes, thanks for recognizing.. BT.. he did it.. and team bought in, Bet you were one of thousands, myself included, thought UH would be fortunate to win any games.. however, after that Pitt win.. Hawaii fans were on board.

    I will be cheering for the Same guys. Go Bows !

  22. True we got enough to do some damage in the Big West and beyond. But there will be games when the lack of good bigs will cost us games.

  23. Just maybe this team is thinking. In order to get closer to the interior spaces I want, I need to vacate it first? How about forcing the other team’s bigs to come out and guard. In other words, shooters have the ability to create space when they make their shots. Once you can get a big to commit to guarding the outside, a smaller and quicker team, we can then attack the space vacated by the other team’s bigs. Still remember that Arkansas team, years back, recall Sidney Moncrief and Company. We got what we got, now, just have to be creative and how to use existing talent.

  24. good comments all, We Want MBB to win..basically..

    Always helps to have a Bob Nash, Melton Werts, Bill Amis, Isaac Fotu, Seth Sundberg, Tony Maroney,Ahmet Gueye , Reggie Cross, at least some Big that can block shots, score inside to mid range, and hit FT’s, that, as islandman says, the banger, the Enforcer..

    If only.. well too late this year….
    I think Sai, Mike, Stef and Janks, more finesse, nice guys.. not physical bangers.. though with the change in ncaa rules.. MBB NCAA DI.. equalizer.. cannot be AS physical..
    just have to have smart, guys, to get loose balls and rebound.. all 5 on the court..

    So IRONIC.. totally.. We are talking About what last year’s team accomplished had to do, without, Christian, Davis and Frotu.. That bunch 2014-15.. one of the Best !
    Hope the core 7, scholie guys, returnees, will have same will.. I think so.. 20 wins doable..

    I think ONLY pre conference road game to Texas Tech, the rest are home games, including, the DII schools..
    Last year. Wild stretch remember that 8 games in 11 days was it? With Pitt, and that Florida Mid Major tourney on east coast thrown in? .. So last year, with The Small team, without Janks yet, they won, including, against Chaminade at Blaisdell, in short span,. 4 out of 5 AWAY from SSC.. that was great.. and as BT said.. when they beat Pitt, or before that, when they hit that last second shot to close half of controlled scrimmage against BYUH.. and went crazy, I think Nevels hit that shot.. a 35 footer. or something.. THEY KNEW they would be good or Competitive.. The little team That could, and Would !

  25. we may have decent to good 3 point shooters but none of them can create their own shot off the dribble and our inside presence isn’t good enough to where our shooters can just spot up and shoot the 3…ganot’s offense needs to not just move the ball around the 3 point line like we’ve seen for years but players need to move set off ball screens, double screens and cut and always move…as far as rebounds, it’s not always the total rebounds but the last 10 seconds of the game when the ball is bouncing around and being tipped….most times the taller player will win

  26. hawaiifan09….

    appreciate more and more your comments through the years.. Keeping it real, not drinking the kool aid.
    Lot of fans, mysdelf included… don’t want to get locked into.. This team will just blow up the BWC or go 28-4 ,.. maybe maybe not.

    New AD, new coaching staff, couple of RS’s activated, transfers, couple of new recruits.
    some mention about Golden St Warriors and Steph Curry, shoot the ball, see the 3 be the 3, etc. and they win record number of games, and NBA title.. still I saw the warriors. even small ball, they were going after those rebounds.. with a couple of 6’7″ guys.. plus a couple of tall guys off the bench, David Lee, 6’10” tall.. was a key too, his effort, D, getting some inside shots, hustle, and Rebounds, the key ones..

    To be Honest, and WI, Dayton, he is real, just report the facts….Eran has to recruit, I don’t know how much damage this NCAA thing will affect UH recruiting, down the line.. I think definitely, the allegations, and pending hearings.. prevented, previous coaches and current one, Ganot, from getting a Very Good big.. too late, and even international connections..too late.. or They go elsewhere..Australia connection? I don’t know. New Zealand, with Isaac Fotu.. that was a huge get..very talented Big..

    agreed, you can shoot the ball, however to grab rebounds.. helps if little bigger and more desire..
    6’7″ 230 hustle guy, can move feet, and get the boards.. cannot hurt to have about 4 or 5 on team like that.. that is the difference from going far.. That Inside game..Too bad, we never got to see the Inside, with the Outside game,, past few years..

  27. Not sure this roster is fully updated. Know some of these guys had to get bigger and stronger over a year, but the numbers not changed from old roster a few weeks ago. Only added new guys. Maybe more updates coming. Still time before season starts.

  28. Hawaiifan09 how can you say we have no one that can create their own shot? I think Flemming did a great job breaking down the defense on his own. Bobbitt created off the top and Valdes scored a lot on his own. What last years team lacked was offensive plays and that was pretty obvious. We got a lot of possessions off steals but it didn’t seem like we were able to finish many of those opportunities until late in the season. I think Ganot will help the guys create a lot more on their own by having plays that allows our top scorers from getting double teamed. I agree with most that the Bigs have to play big for us and spend a better amount of their time at or near the paint. Janks can shoot but he needs to create off the offense not by going at it alone. We need to take advantage of Flemmings left hand drive and crossover, Rods scoring and passing off the offense, Valdes and Janks having some plays run for them, Thomas given an opportunity to take that base line 3 and make use of his long body, Q’s quickness, Steph’s size and strength down low and use our bench more since we are guard loaded to tire the other team down.

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