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Warriors to play road game at Texas Tech in November


The University of Hawai’i basketball team will make a rare trip to Big 12 country in November, when it travels to Lubbock, Texas, to face Texas Tech.

The Warriors are scheduled to play the Red Raiders on November 28 at United Supermarkets Arena, according to a schedule posted on the texastech.com website.

It will be the first meeting in the history of the programs. What’s more, it will be UH’s first road game at a Big 12 Conference opponent since 1978, when the Warriors traveled to play Oklahoma State (the conference was known as the Big 8 back then, so this November game could, technically, be considered UH’s first road game against a Big 12 opponent).

The last time Hawai’i played any Big 12 opponent was in 2008, when it hosted Iowa State at the Stan Sheriff Center.

Texas Tech finished 13-19 overall last season, including 3-15 in the Big 12. Veteran head coach Tubby Smith is entering his third season as head coach of the Red Raiders. He previously led Kentucky to a national championship in 1998.

The official 2015-16 Hawai’i schedule has yet to be announced by UH Athletics.


  1. Nice Big 12 Opponent…very beatable, which could make for a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

    Just caught this today on another Pre-Season Prediction for one of our toughest conference opponents, Irvine. http://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/11846. They list LBSU at #120, UH at #112 and now Irvine at #82. “IF” that becomes true, the BWC should be getting some higher rankings this year…aside from beating us, they took Louisville to the wire in the NCAAs and they have practically everyone back.

    Here it is, that magical time of the year when all teams are undefeated still and speculations abound. We are all still waiting on whether or not the four recruits have arrived for school. Is Canda going to be eligible? Is Purchase here? Sai? What kind of Offense are we playing? Is our Defense going to give Bobbitt a chance to be a three time national champ in steals? Why are tickets being sold without a schedule posted? Is Benjy an option to replace Norm? Is there a gag order to disallow any filming by WI of our players?


  2. So, instead of traveling to California for two games and Las Vegas for another two, they will play Texas Tech in Lubbock. Texas Tech ended last season with an RPI of 185 compared to UH’s 159.

  3. I really hope this is not the big name team that was hinted to replace on the schedule when UH paid to get out of the Las Vegas tournament. Texas Tech RPI was worse than UH last year!

    Unless UH getting some big cash for this game, this not good scheduling IMO.

  4. LOL, looks like I was thinking the same thing as islandman. We can still hold out some faith because there are still games to replace from that Las Vegas tournament. When that announcement came out, there was mention of ACC opponent. I am still hoping and praying for that.

  5. As far as Big West’s rank as a conference, last year Pomeroy rankings had Irvine at 90; UC Davis at 95; UCSB 112; UH 123.

    So last year, it appears the Big West was slightly stronger than the pre-season rankings this year ?

  6. I like scheduling these games like Texas Tech. BCS school that will pay us an appearance fee and it’s still winnable. Now we need to see how much the appearance fee is.

  7. I agree no make sense this game unless they paying Hawaii

  8. I agree with Pono’s points. Additionally, I’m sure all the players will be stoked for the game.

  9. I know some people don’t like that we withdrew from the Vegas tourney but I think we should have gotten more money to play in the tourney. We were getting paid $85K to play four road games, two of which are against top 25 programs which typically pay at least $50K to show up an in most cases much more. I would expect the TTU game to have a payday between $75-$100K.

  10. No offense PONO, but your track record on facts is not exactly the best over here. I think there was an article on Long Beach State doing payday games to pad Monson’s salary and they were getting $70,000 to $90,000 per game from the top teams and that included Louisville and Arizona. I would not put Texas Tech in that top tier but I might be wrong. They are the last place team in the Big 12 and don’t come close to sellout their arena so I’m guessing they don’t have same money to hand out as Louisville and Arizona.

    Don’t forget that UH gave up $85K from the Las Vegas tournament and PAID additional $90K to break the contract.

    This is not to take away from the players because I agree that they will be stoked to play anybody anytime. But let’s also be real and think about this … where would you rather play a road game at Las Vegas or at Lubbock, Texas?

    Like I said before we can still hope and pray that Matlin comes through with a ACC opponent to fill out the schedule.

  11. What does the Vegas venue have to do with anything? I’m sure the players would much rather play a game at Texas Tech than a neutral site game in Vegas vs Sam Houston State or Bethune Cookman. The Orleans Arena will be a ghost town with few fans from either team traveling to see them play. No offense Chuck but I think it’s clear from a basketball standpoint that playing at TTU is a much better venue than an empty Vegas arena.

  12. I have to agree with many on this site that the withdrawal from the Las Vegas Invitational leaves us without the opportunity to not just play 2 but 3 Top 25 teams that are in it, covered nationally by Fox Sports. Vegas is Hawaii’s second home and I have been to sports events there that had more Hawaii fans than the home team. Aside from that the withdrawal is fiscally unsound, no matter what kind of spin you want to put on it. As for missed school, it takes place during Thanksgiving weekend, just like flying to Lubbock for one game. It is my hope that we are picking up a top opponent from the Maui Classic and the return trip to play Pitt.

    I believe that we all need to give Matlin and Ganot at least a season or two to settle in, learn from their mistakes and hope that they can propel this program to where we all want to see it. Besides, just like Benjy’s case, the withdrawal from that tournament has the fingers of Captain Bley all over it.


  13. Believe Bobby Knight, as mentioned, tried to get Texas Tech going uprwards from 2001-2008.. Don’t know if he went NIT or NCAA’s
    I think Texas A&M is the program with those NBA bigs..?

  14. Men’s Basketball – Texas Tech Red Raiders (2014-2015)

    RPI Rank: 184 SOS Rank: 58 Record: 13-19 (3-16)
    Conference: Big 12

    HIGHER RPI, BPI, SOS rankings then any team in Big West?

    UH MBB 2014-15 rank.

    Men’s Basketball – Hawaii Warriors (2014-2015)

    RPI Rank: 152 SOS Rank: 166 Record: 20-13 (10-9)
    Conference: Big West

    Too similar teams.. however those Big 12 Teams, have the Big guards, Big Small Forwards and Big Bigs who can rebound, shoot and defend.. I hope UH can beat the.. good confidence builder.. just like Red, Bruce, Rick , Larry, Frank, Riley, Bob, Gib and Benjy, don’t want to load up like LB and possibly lose 9 or first 16 games.. and struggle going into BWC league play.. have some a few good ones at home top 100 TPI team, 2 on the road, top 100 rpi teams.. and WIN RBC, DHC.. and of couse BWC regular and BWC conference title.. NOT EASY ERAN.. however, You have to go Street language and ball, with some hellfire and brimstone to motivate a team that was very very laid back and loose, only way Benjy could get guys to win near 23 games ,shoots Almost Made it to the NCAA ball !!

  15. Uhfanzonly1 sometimes I think your a wahine who is having an affair with Benjy,

  16. Interesting stuff right Lahui? otherwise, withoud Eagle, n2joy, sevante, clyde, derek, al, and a few others, 5 years ago for WI.. things would be as dull as dirt..

    Have to be real.. MBB IS IN TRANSITION.. a Rebuilding Year.. What other tem guy will be suspended, or another coach quits, or another puff of pakalolo on the road, and the pouting of the players, when Eran trying to go off Riley style..

    Benjy, nothing but respect for the man.. He could take his hang nail and knock you on your okole.. he has taken the High Road, with the ncaa hearings and civil litigations to come, Gib , Benjy, Davis, Isaac the whole crew screwed by dumb UH agenda hangers on.. they will pay big time..

    That is why the Silence from UH.. THEY KNOW IT IS COMING.. say goodbye to big time UH MBB for another 5 years.
    THE ,TEAM and Benjy, Gib love the guys they recruited.. any good they do,.. and NIT of NCAA tournament the win games in this year. . NO Credit to Eran.. All credit to Gib and Benjy..

    Thanks Gib Arnold and staff. .. this hearing agenda UH.. thing. to knock out, and destroy good people? Bruddah, you reap what you sow.. reap what you sow..

    as Benjy says.. going be real interestin.. the NCAA hearings and settlement and the ligitation against UH.. bet 10000 coconuts.. a lot of UH admin heads will fall , and lo and behold.. wow.. Benjy and Gib coaching again.. maybe even at UH MBB !!

  17. I’d like to see some ‘big bigs’.
    WI great site. Mahalo.
    ‘Big bigs’. That’s how to do it ! Quick guards, big bigs, and boiled peanuts ! Good start !
    Go Bows !!

  18. Here goes “Another Habitual Academic Casualty”!

  19. Very disappointing that Canda did not make it. I thought we were done with this when Gib left town. How could Canda have been here for workouts but not be qualified to enroll at UH?

  20. Was there any NCAA violation, if a player is ineligible and participates in team workouts during the summer ? Or are summer workouts okay ?

  21. Good question. I was under the impression that UH has higher standards than the NCAA qualifying standards. This whole situation is baffling. He would have finished his JC summer class before coming to the islands. Why would they bring him over if he didn’t pass that class?

  22. Maybe to get into UH summer school easier than to get into UH regular session school. Also, can you not clear the NCAA but still get into UH ? In the past, it seemed you had to clear the NCAA before coming to UH.

    Means more time for players like Brocke ? He’s a good shooter .

  23. I would assume that getting into UH is the same standard regardless of semester attending the school. I thought that since UH has stricter admissions standards if you were into UH than you were definitely eligible by NCAA standards. In the past kids have been NCAA qualifiers but couldn’t get into UH because of the Algebra 2 requirement.

  24. He would have only one year to play, if he plays only next year ? Unless he can complete 80 % of his degree by the start of his 5th year.

  25. Jamie Smith will probably be with the team this season, per Brian M.

  26. Apparently, a coach on staff was monitoring the JC transfer’s progress in the course he needed, per a wsn poster. So someone slipped up somewhere.

  27. UH has offered Toronto high school senior, PF Isiaha Mike, 6-7, 200, for 2016, per verbal commits. So have six other schools.


  28. The more things change the more things stay the same. If it is true that Canda only needed one class to get eligible and still couldn’t do it then that is nobody’s fault but his own. Makes me wonder if we would even want a kid like this for later. If he struggles with one summer class, how do he expect to get through a full load? Also makes me wonder about the coach’s initial statements about only going after players who excel on court and in class.

  29. Red went thorough it the non qualifiers, coming in with the hype all the way to ncaa miracle granted last second wiaver, Sammis Reyes.. so not new.. however think about it islandman, PONO, ChuckChees.. what a way to start new Era, seems like the same Ole MBB era.. continued or 2.0, hard to get bigs , good ones to come here, to get athltetes, and it did not matter if Eran or Benjy coach, getting DI transfer and future gets.. with I counted on heavily, JC transfer, not getting into fall session//

    HEY ISLANDMAN>.. do your thing brudday, dig deep.. IS IT AN NCAA VIOLATION? How could Bryce be enrolled at NCAA DI school, unless he taking non credit day time, like volunteer classes, not towards degree? not part of UH yet.. however that is what I though the past few coaches wanted, the guys get jump start on schooling towards degree and the ncaa approved workouts.

    HEY ISLANDMAN and PONO.. seriously, Are Those things NCAA violations?
    Dayton Morinaga, you think can find out too?
    guys come in summer, work out with team, and not be qualified, for UH entrance NO Associate Degree earned yet.. Isn’t That a Major Violation of NCAA rules? seems kind of fishy

  30. I don’t think he was supposed to participate in the summer workouts, but an expert will have to tell us the answer.

  31. Jeff P or Jackson ?

  32. You can attend summer school as a non-qualifier, but to play the season, you have to qualify, i think.

  33. so is canda still committed to play for UH even if it means he can’t play till next season?…and does he lose a year?

  34. Probably can play only one year, unless he completes 80 % of the degree requirements by the start of his 5th year in college, i think.

  35. Per Kaleo, Canda can be eligible next Spring. However, he can’t even practice with the team until then.

  36. TAVS, PONO, Islandman, just to get things straight, and UH just in a confused last minute scramble mode to make like nothing happened to MBB program with riddance of Gib and Benjy..

    This Workouts with NCAA approved summer with MBB coaches, If Bryce part of.. That Is a Violation.. would be akin, if he not part of team, Amanda Paterson.. IF that tita is fair,, would be a tryout.. Bryce not part of UH, and just working out so Eran can check out his skill level..

    Would like to Know Who paying his living expenses..
    This is the Fuel that Gibson and counsel will add to their attack against UH/NCAA, the agenda driven unfairness. Including, making Poor Jamie Smith a whipping boy..make him jump thru hoops to finally come over for one season as Perforamance Analyst..

    Jamie might consider going back to Boston Celtics..

    Something pilau.. like flood waters in Hamilton Hall, Library, STINK at UH..

  37. UH fanz the only thing that’s PILAU is your STINKING ATTITUDE . GET LOST

  38. jjay .. save you , your mate, wife kids and grandkids money, invest in charities,.. If eran can get 4000 season ticket holders, would be a miracle.. if turnstile.. eran get 5000 plus per home game great..
    if eran can finish at .500, fantastic..

    However, the real deal mr jjay, Ben Jay’s cousin? just kidding? Lose top 3 month assistant, the REAL experienced coach to help Eran, that is HUGE BLOW.. who goind to fill the gap? Dwight Holiday? I don’t think so.
    losing Key get, Bryce Candea who will NEVER where MBB uniform.. that is HUGE blow..

    Losing NWC, because he does not want to wast time learning 3rd offense in 3 years. goes pro..

    The Gib Battle that will bring down these blogs, writers, UH admin, and chancellors, all the legal experts I talk to around the mainland and locally, If Gib has the time and witnesses, and can refute every point, clearly, without a doubt.. NCAA can be sued, UH can be sued, if they compromise out court system, would not doubt if Gib if he desires, is made HC along with Associate HC Benjy Taylor. again.. say good by to Eran.. after next season, ERAN suffered the ONE year temp that Benjy had to endure..

    What stinks.. Not, me, shallow thinking people, girl or guy that your are, probably 25 years or younger, tweeting, blog blurbs.. who have no DEEP substance no heritage of watching UH do dumb arse, things, and screw a really great MBB program, not guilty of anything.. WHY? alleged, and each and everyone of those allegations will be shot to hell.

  39. UH Fanz: Your name is a disgrace. You spew nothing but negativity about UH. I understand your passion for the past regime, but disrespecting Eran by saying “no credit to Eran” if they have success is unacceptable. This is probably a key reason why Benjy and anyone related to the old coaching staff was not retained.. because people like you hold on and drag the new coaching staff down like an anchor with the hope that at any bad turn, they’re going to come to the rescue.

    Let’s face it, one of the key reasons for our success was not really Benjy… it’s a to do with Bobbitt. He’s the only true point guard we’ve had in many seasons. In the past, we had difficulty bringing the ball up half court because our point guards couldn’t handle the ball too well. Add his stealing ability which caused points off of turnovers and the faster pace that UH fanz attributes all to Benjy, you got a big game swing there.

    As much as Benjy contributed to the team, unfortunately, his presence in Hawaii and the looming Gib situation is making things difficult for some people to move on in support of UH basketball. It gives people like UHFanz this hope that the program will might actually do poorly so that Benjy can come back. Come on… is that a true UH Fan? I liked Benjy and would’ve supported him, but he wasn’t chosen… so move on and stop saying Eran is going to have a hard time and Gib/Benjy should get all the credit. Benjy’s not going to be back. Live with it. I wish he’d get a real coaching job so I wouldn’t need to here this same negativity all the time.

    Eran is doing his best to fill the schedule with anything at this point. Texas Tech may not be the Wisconsin or Michigan State you want, but it sure beats some D2 team.

    Just support UH and the team. I’ll go to every game even if they lost all their games. That’s how much I love UH basketball. I think some pro-Benjy/Gib people here will jump off the bandwagon which may be a good thing.

    That’s actually why our athletics can’t make money. Not enough truly loyal fans. So much fairweather fans. If Alabama football had terrible seasons somehow, they’d still make money because as upset as they’d be, they’d still be loyal to show up. Most of our fans, win, show up, lose, watch tv.

  40. More hate from UH Fanz towards Ganot and the team. He is so far off base on some of his accusations. He is just spouting BS to try and support his point of view. NWC leaving because he didn’t want to learn another offense?! Lol Get a grip! Sounds like you’re no longer a fan of UH basketball so why not either change your handle (oh wait, you have many more to use), or stop posting on this site as it is really meant for fans of the team! Hearing your constant hate for coach Ganot and love for Gib and Benji is beyond irritating!

  41. Pre-requisite to coming back -pay the 2012 outstanding Las Vegas hotel bill for $2,132 . Did anyone reimburse the UH for the January, 2015 Riverside hotel room damages of $500, assuming UH paid it ? Also, bring back Akana and any of the former directors of operations – Fisher, Rupp or McMillian, since they didn’t do much wrong. If you bring back Gib, you may not have Benjy frenzy ball, though.

  42. I tell it like it is Fanz only, short and to the point , I dont have to constantly talk to myself the way you constantly do on this website blog. Perhaps you should apply for a position at the star advertiser as a editor of propaganda. LMAO

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