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Summers scores 48 in Summer League, still looking to join UH

Jace Tavita’s scoring benchmark for the 2015 Summer League lasted all of two nights. Chris Summers scored 48 points – the highest output of this season’s Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League so far – on Saturday night at Manoa Valley District Park.

Summers, who is aiming to join the University of Hawai’i basketball team as a walk-on player, scored 34 points after intermission, but it wasn’t enough as his National Fire Protection Co. team lost to Clark Hatch Fitness, 106-103, in overtime.

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“I feel like throughout the season I’ve gotten better,” said Summers, who is originally from Detroit, Michigan, but moved to Hawai’i when he was stationed at Schofield Barracks while serving active duty in the U.S. Army last year. “I’ve realized stuff in my game that I need to work on and I tried to improve it as best as I could. Hopefully I can continue to get better.”

Summers shot 19 for 38 from the field, and also contributed four steals, three rebounds and two assists. He also made six 3-pointers, giving him a Summer League high 49 through the regular season.

At the start of this year’s Summer League, Summers expressed interest in joining the UH team. Since then, he has befriended several of the current UH players, and has been invited to participate in a few open gym sessions.

“I’m pretty cool with a few of the teammates that play for UH now, so I know if I were to walk on, that I would be welcomed. I already know a few people; I already know what goes on.”

However, Summers is not yet enrolled at UH, and Fall semester classes begin on August 24.

“Hopefully soon,” he said. “If it’s too late to enroll, hopefully I can enroll as soon as possible.”

Clark Hatch Fitness led by as many as 15 points in the second half, but Summers led a National Fire Protection Co. rally. His 3-pointer from the corner with 7.2 seconds remaining in the second half tied the score at 96 and sent it to overtime.

Leon Ballard (Chaminade) scored seven of his 36 points in overtime to led Clark Hatch Fitness to the victory. Kawika Lyons (Kamehameha / Hawai’i Pacific) added 32 points, including 7-for-13 shooting from 3-point range, and former UH forward Phil Martin contributed 11 points and 13 rebounds.

Despite the loss, National Fire Protection clinched the No. 2 seed for the playoffs, and will receive a bye into the semifinals.

In the second game of the doubleheader, former UH guard Pi’i Minns (Kamehameha) scored 23 points to help lead Grantco Pacific to a 94-91 victory over Chosen Few.

Tavita, who scored 47 points for Chosen Few on Thursday night, had 10 points, three rebounds and three assists in the loss. The game was delayed about 15 minutes due to a power outage late in the second half.

The first round of the playoffs are scheduled for Tuesday at Manoa Valley District Park. The semifinals are Thursday at Manoa, then the championship game will be on Saturday (August 8) at Maryknoll School.

Saturday’s results
Clark Hatch Fitness 106, National Fire Protection Co. 103 (OT). Top scorers: CHF—
Leon Ballard 36, Kawika Lyons 32, John Avila 17, Phil Martin 11, Bob Tuala 10. NFP—Chris Summers 48, DeAndre Haskins 25, Kahanu Puulei-Auld 12, Antonio Washington 12.

Grantco Pacific 96, Chosen Few 93. Top scorers: GP—Pi’i Minns 23, Kaleb Gilmore 21, Geremy Robinson 19, Altrekia Christmas 14, Ikaika Phillip 12. CF—Scott Kato 31, Matt Ching 16, Ryan Reyes 12, John Lane 11, Jace Tavita 10.

Tuesday’s games (playoffs)
6 p.m. –
Chosen Few vs. Grantco Pacific
7:30 p.m. – Wealth Strategy Partners vs. Clark Hatch Fitness

Final regular-season records
Electricians Hawaii 10-0
National Fire Protection Co. 5-5
Wealth Strategy Partners 4-6
Chosen Few 4-6
Grantco Pacific 4-6
Clark Hatch Fitness 3-7

— — — — — — —


Here is a final reminder that the Rainbow Warrior Basketball Camp for youth players is scheduled for August 3-6 at the UH-Manoa Athletics Complex.

Walk-up registrations will be accepted on Monday, August 3, at the Stan Sheriff Center (Security Entrance on the ground level) beginning at 8:30 a.m.

WHAT: Rainbow Warrior Basketball Camp
WHO: Open to boys and girls, ages 6-17, all skill levels
WHEN: August 3-6; 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. each day
WHERE: UH-Manoa Athletics Complex (various gyms)
COST: $250 per child
INFORMATION: www.hawaiiathletics.com or 956-6501

Here is a replay of an earlier video that announces the pertinent information:


  1. Go Chris ! Artie for coach !

  2. any update on dyrbe’s jaw?

  3. I am wary of whether or not this young man wants to enroll in college just to play basketball or he actually wants an education.

    Why is he waiting so long to enroll? If he only wants to play bball, then he need to rethink his desire to attend UH cause I don’t think the coaches want kids who does not want to work hard on the academic side.

    He need to enroll first before asking Ganot for an opportunity. If he ask Ganot now, Ganot cannot do anything for him because he is not a student of UH. Just like in football…..you have to be enrolled before you even be consider for a walkon tryout.

    Enroll first then ask for a chance. Coaches like see if he is serious about school or not.

  4. Yeah, I agree. Why wait till the last minute to enroll?

  5. When you’re dealing with admissions dept. you don’t want to depend on them doing their job with three weeks before start of classes. Online registration foot classes well under way.

  6. I admire Chris Summers’ ambition and think he could help UH, but he’s probably not going to be offered a scholarship just based on his summer league play, and to join the team as a walk-on he’s not only going to have to enroll in school but also find a way to afford it. Moreover his comment in the video about staying fed suggests that his financial situation is tight. Instead of walking on at UH he may need to consider trying to hook up with one of the local D-II schools, who might be willing to give him a free ride.

  7. HawaiiMongoose:

    Yes agree with you. Summers, has to have priorities straight, have to feed himself, family, take care of that first. Would, think he would LIKE to enroll and ask Ganot for walkon spot, however, he might be waiting for Chaminade, HPU , BYUH, or even UH Hilo to offer him scholarship.
    To shine in Summer league in Hawaii, the level of play is decent, however not the Drew League or San Fran Pro Am league summer league level.
    Nice story, hope he gets a shot somewhere. Should be able to get financial aid , remember the VA loans, or provision to help Vets get college degree, he should check with VA benefits..too.

    How many walkons ? We are guessing.. I think Dyrbe, definitely Zach and Brocke, Niko, I don’t know, and Now . maybe Summers.. that is a total of 5, about a third of the roster.. Football, you can have maybe 2 units, of O and D.. that are walkons , paying tuition, with hope of earning that coveted full ride scholarship.. that is how it goes for All NCAA DI FB programs, UH has one of the best walkon football programs to earn scholarship.. I think Colt Brennan was a walkon too?

  8. Looks like he could get his tuition paid using VA benefits ? as Uhf1 mentions.

  9. Your right islandman, he probably can cash in up to 90K if he stays in good standing. Waiting until the last minute is foolish. He will be left with the scraps and teachers no one wants.

  10. So stoked Jamie is still around! Seems like Summers want to go to college only if he’s guaranteed a walk-on spot which will then turn in to a scholarship. As others have mentioned, I don’t think Eran wants that type of person on the team. If Tavita can score 40+ points in the summer league, then Summers scoring 48 points doesn’t necessarily mean he’s D-I material.

  11. Brah…if I had a dream of playing for UH, I would have enrolled as quickly as possible so I can be part of the team right away.

    The more he hesitate, the less chances that he will be a warrior. I just get the feeling young man is waiting for sometime to happen to him as opposed to going out and doing something to make good things happen.

    He just doesn’t seems like a “doer”. A take charge guy. Someone with big dreams or big ambition.
    Maybe its best he find somewhere else to go since he so unsure of himself.

  12. Josh Ko could be a possible walk on at UH, per McInnis. He was granted a release by Jamie Dixon at Pitt.

  13. islandman:

    so that makes.. what? Enos, Niko, (if not on scholarship), Brocke, Zach, possibly Summers AND Josh Ko? that would be 6 Walkons? I guess with the ncaa thing and litigation, and contract for Ganot in limbo, UH is the place to Walkon , too bad 6’7″ walkons that can play, were not available, maybe about 2 of them..More Hawaii HS, or ex military local HS products, should walkon too..

    maybe the scholarship limits too, .. and Waiting for whatever happens with ncaa hearings..

  14. A lot of walk ons ,Josh can get playing time at Chaminade or UH Hilo , Hi Pacific , too many guards,
    I like Josh , just needs some bulk on that body , lift and eat bruddah .

  15. The self imposed sanctions, the limit on scholarships, and the ncaa / litigation things hanging over UH MBB and UH AD dept.. It must, and IS hurting recruiting.. I agree, how can you have a team with about 10 guards?

  16. If we are going to talk about height, then
    7′ 0″ or maybe 7′ 2″ or maybe taller.

    Let’s go Bows !!

  17. … no, I wouldn’t pass on Michael Jordan.
    nuff said.
    Go Bows !

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