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Sheriff Drammeh joins Warriors from Sweden


The University of Hawai’i basketball team has added another player just a few days before the start of Fall semester classes. Sheriff Drammeh, a 6-foot-3 shooting guard from Sweden, will be a freshman with the Warriors during the 2015-16 season.

Here is the official announcement from UH Athletics:

HONOLULU – As the 2015-16 academic year gets underway, the University of Hawai‘i men’s basketball team continues to solidify its roster with the addition of Swedish guard Sheriff Drammeh.

“We are very excited to welcome Sheriff to the Rainbow Warrior basketball family. Sheriff is an exciting player with great defensive instincts,” praised UH Head Coach Eran Ganot of his 6-3 true freshman shooting guard. “His vast international experience will allow him to adapt to the college game. Sheriff is very excited about Hawai‘i and will fit well with our program. ”

Drammeh prepped at Igelstavikens Gymnasium in Sweden and played club ball for Sodertalje, but made his mark on the international stage with Sweden’s youth national team. He stared for the U18 squad at the 2014 European Championships where he averaged 10 ppg, 6 rpg, and 3.5 apg for the tournament. His international experience also extends to the Albert Schweitzer Tournament, Nordic Championships, Baltic Sea Cup, and the 2012 European Championships with the U16 Swedish national team.

“Being able to continue to play the game at such a beautiful school as the University of Hawai‘i is a blessing,” said Drammeh, whose sister Binta is an all-star professional player in Sweden. “I believe that going to UH is the best way for me to take my game to the next level with the help of a great coaching staff. After visiting the beautiful island and meeting the friendly people in Hawai‘i, I knew it was the place for me. I am really excited about arriving in Hawai‘i, meeting my new teammates and getting to work.”

“Sheriff is a good attacking guard, who can score and make the right decision,” added Ganot. “We are excited about his continued growth and the player he can become at the University of Hawai‘i.”

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Here is a highlight video featuring Drammeh:


  1. Sheriff looks like a really nice get. He looks quick and very active. I think he will be a great addition to the team! Go Bows!!!

  2. We need another big man! A shot blocker, rebounding, put backs, and bangah!

  3. Awesome to have a fellow Swede play for UH!

  4. He looks like a solid HS recruit that could physically benefit from a redshirt year.

  5. It’s Sheriff Center for Sheriff Drammeh; In beautiful Paradise with a admiring EURO recruit of 2015-16 MBB!

    Academically qualified, took care of business, willingness to work hard, knows his own weaknesses and committed for improvement…

    Good example for the D1 athletic inspired!

  6. There is a new sheriff in town welcome to Hawaii

  7. Bryce apparently not cleared yet academically.

  8. I like the kid…looks smooth with the ball..If he can contribute the same way Isaac Flemming did as a Freshman, this would be a good get…Still want a force inside!

  9. Welcome aboard remember to visit Rainbow Drive and have a beef or chicken cutlet plate at least five times a week and pump the iron. !

  10. okay now for upcoming class let’s see some athletic wings and shot blocking bigs

  11. Welcome to The Sheriff and Hawai’i, Sheriff

    You Kinda Remnd me of a (6-3) Chris Gaines (Look Him Up — Good Role Model Four Year Star/Starter)
    NO HESITATION Passer and Shooter (Quick-MINDS Do Well in Basketball)

    Wiry & Quick — Hit The Weight Room and Training Table/Trainers; put on 10 – 15 pounds of quick-twitch muscle by November (hardest when you’re playing two to four hours per day);

    Already has quick hands (on long arms) and plays defense — He WILL Learn Much from Bobbitt;

    Good (Quick) Vision, Hangs, Balances and Finishes well; able to Find and Get to Opening(s), and Make Shot
    CAN Play Right Away Because of the Decision-Making (BBIQ) and Finishing Skills — He Won’t Just be Passing (Wasting) Time on the Court; which (Gman might have been alluding to: ‘Right Away’) Does Bear a semblance to Agent Zero (As in Waste Zero Time);

    Eran & Company Can Maximize His Skills, Game & Contribution…
    [Thanks, Sheriff, Coach!]

  12. Looks quick with the ball…needs some polish to his game but looks like he could be a menace at the point once he refines his skillset. I as well would like to see a big banger not necessarily and agile big man but one willing to do dirty work and beast in the paint. Need an enforcer in the middle.

  13. that Big or two, cannot go to battle and win BWC and NCAA games, with 10 guards, and slender guys.. Eran live by the 3 , die by the 3, don’t go to far.. even Golden State, did small ball, however their 6’7″ guys, who were in there, and the guards.. got all the loose balls, and rebounded, defended when needed..
    Still say, the Balance, 14 on roster, 7 guards, and 7 SF’s to PF’s, that would be a roster that could go far..

    UH will struggle, against, Any Good shooting, BIG team..

    yes, agree, however This Late.. in game.. and the limit on scholarships.. eran, hands tied. to get any bigs..unless another, mid term DI transfer..

  14. So Bryce red shirt or did he clear the NCAA ?

  15. Sheriff > moroof Clair

  16. Pokekilla, I agree. He also reminds me of Manroop Clair. Hopefully Sheriff will be better.

    Sheriff is friends with Alex Larsson, the Swedish sophomore at UC Riverside.

  17. they say good defensive instincts so that already is better than clair….defensive minded people aren’t scared

  18. No doubt Sheriff has potential but the few international competition statistics I’ve been able to find online indicate he’s not a good shooter and has a poor assist-to-turnover ratio. It appears he has a lot of work to do to be a contributor at the D-1 level. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t redshirt this season.

    Canda on the other hand looked ready to step right in and play. I sure hope he gets qualified because the team needs him.

  19. Welcome to the sunshine ? of Hawaii. Whoever made it for the first day of school at UH.

  20. Hoping to see a first day of school perfect count soon.

    Thank you very much!

  21. Any theAir_ India or sheriff sightings ?

  22. He looks like a good kid and character is everything. But let’s be honest. With the amount of players in the US, we had to go to Sweden? Really? Michael Jordan from NC, Magic from Michigan, Bird from Indiana, LeBron from OH, Wade from Chicago. From the US. Now in comparison if Sheriff is showing sparks of Parker or Giniobly then great. But if not, you got alot of talent out there in the US. BTW, why did UH release the last head coach when he obviously had a winning season? He stepped up to the plate, got thru all the scrutiny of the last regime to make a winning team. His Chicago style of playing came thru. All about the basic fundamentals. Impressed with what he did. Then they release him. Not cool and not good for the team or school. It never fails. UH knows how to fix something that ain’t broke. I’m not going to play the race card but even Steven Wonder can see it.

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