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Season ticket sales start on August 17

The complete schedule for the 2015-16 season of the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball has yet to be announced, but season tickets will be on sale starting Monday, August 17.

The upcoming season will feature new head coach Eran Ganot and 11 returnees from last season’s team that finished with a 22-13 record.

Here is the official release from UH Athletics:

Season tickets for the 2015-16 University of Hawai‘i men’s and women’s basketball campaigns will go on sale Monday, Aug. 17. Fans can purchase men’s and women’s basketball season tickets online, at the Stan Sheriff Center Box Office, or by calling 944-2697. The box office is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed on holidays).


UH is again offering a special “Combo Pack” as fans purchasing men’s basketball season tickets have the option of paying an additional $30 to receive women’s basketball season tickets as well, a savings of $40.

The men’s team will once again feature a challenging home schedule that includes the Outrigger Resorts Rainbow Classic and the seventh annual Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic. The ‘Bows will also play eight Big West Conference home games where they will welcome conference powers UC Davis and UC Irvine.

The 2015-16 men’s season also marks a new era of Hawai‘i basketball, as head coach Eran Ganot begins his first campaign at the helm of the ‘Bows. UH returns 11 players from last year’s team that was just one game away from a trip to the NCAA Tournament, suffering a tough loss to UC Irvine in the final of the Big West Tournament.

The Rainbow Wahine host 15 games this year, beginning with an exhibition game on Oct. 28 versus UH-Hilo. UH opens the regular-season with a five-game home stand, and is set to kick off the Bank of Hawai`i Rainbow Wahine Classic against Loyola Marymount on Nov. 20. UH also hosts a stellar field of teams in the Waikiki Beach Marriott Shootout, Nov. 27-29.

UH is led by fourth-year head coach Laura Beeman who has guided the Rainbow Wahine to three-straight postseason appearances. Last season, UH won its first regular-season conference title since 1998 before advancing to the final of the Big West Tournament.

Beeman returns a solid core of nine letterwinners, including starters Destiny King and Connie Morris, while four newcomers join the squad.

UH Manoa students who pay the student athletic fee, receive free admission to all regular-season men’s and women’s home games, with the exception of the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic. UH Manoa student identification cards will be scanned at the gate for entry.

Men’s and Women’s Combo Pack Ticket Prices
Lower-Level Adult: $445-$465
Upper-Level Adult: $230
Upper-Level Senior Citizen: $200 (65+)
Upper-Level Youth (ages 4 – high school): $109

Men’s Basketball Season-Ticket Prices
Lower-Level Adult: $415-$435
Upper-Level Adult: $200
Upper-Level Senior Citizen: $175 (65+)
Upper-Level Youth (ages 4 – high school): $89

Women’s Basketball Season-Ticket Prices
General-Admission Adult: $70
General-Admission Senior Citizen (ages 65+): $60
General-Admission Youth (ages 4 – high school): $30


  1. Anybody have a schedule yet?

    This is what I know…..

    12/22/15 UNI Diamond Head Classic
    12/23/15 TBA Diamond Head Classic
    12/25/15 TBA Diamond Head Classic

    1/9/16 Sat. UCSB
    1/30/16 Sat. Long Beach
    2/4/16 Thur at UCSB
    2/11/16 Thur UC Irvine
    2/20/16 Sat at UC Irvine
    3/5/16 Sat at Long Beach
    3/10 – 3/12 Big West Tournament

  2. This is not a good sign when the administration trying to sell tickets BEFORE announcing the schedule. My guessing is that the schedule is looking weak so they didn’t want to show it especially after a lot of big talk about needing to upgrade the opponents asap.

    I also noticed that UH does not even say how many home games are included in the season tickets for the men’s team. I hope and pray that is nothing to do with NCAA and that home games being taken away as part of sanctions. If it is like this, UH should say something about it. That is bad business practice to advertise product and leaving out major details.

  3. The Wahine basketball schedule came out today, which includes 2015 NCAA semifinalists Arizona State and South Carolina, along with San Jose State from the Mountain West Conference, Washington St, Loyola Marymount, BYU, Texas A & M and Penn.

  4. Interesting: Ferd Lewis reporting that Norm Parrish in consideration for head-coaching job of DII team in Utah.

  5. The hawaii athletics site says the Wahine were undefeated, 8-0, in conference home games last season ( 6-2 in regular season Big West road games).

  6. UHf1 and others may have as opinion on whom the replacement should be.

  7. LOL. Let’s see here, there are schedule problems, contract issues, and now maybe a assistant coach leaving before the season even start. Was there really a changing of the guard? Seems like more of the same.

    I must admit, this is why I enjoy so much following this program all these years because the drama never ends!

    I want to hear some of the conspiracy theories going around about this!

  8. That’s life bro. Gotta deal with it and move on. Gotta keep truckin

  9. Good for Norm Parrish !
    Just proves Coach Ganot can pick pretty good assistant coaches.
    Go Bows !

  10. UH scrambling, for example, they were apparently trying to get UH-Hilo as the replacement for Prairie View A & M in the Rainbow Classic ( below article noted by a McInnis tweet).

    ” Sources told Big Island Now that UH-Hilo had been approached to be the fourth team in the Rainbow Classic, replacing Prairie View A&M, who had decided not to make the trip to the islands. At least one school, however, did not want to face a Division II team as part of the three-game event, leading to the one-off game instead.

    There are also plans for UH-Hilo to host its big brother in a men’s basketball contest on the Big Island in December. A date has not been finalized and neither has a venue, but there is an early possibility that the game could be played in Kona.”


  11. I have to call this what it is. This scheduling issue we are having now is the responsibility of the previous coaching staffs. The way I see it they were all paid throughout the year. The school sent them their pay checks as promised on time, so why not complete the job. If there were teams already set up to play us, why are we having issues this late in the scheduling process. I have a feeling this years schedule is not going to be strong. Sadly if that is the case I can’t blame the current staff. I heard of too many unfinished things by the Gib group and Taylor group. Scheduling is just one of them. Both groups I feel failed the school, fans and the players more importantly. More I’m sure will come out later on as the season progresses. I give the current staff all the credit. Rarely do I hear of any excuses, all I see is this staff working hard to right the ship.

  12. Note, the current administration pulled out of the Las Vegas tournament set up during Benji’s time which included FOUR games. They had to buy out of the tournament with $90,000 and also would have received $85,000 to play in it.

  13. I dunno. That article is about UH-Hilo but it says a lot about why UH is being so secret about the schedule. That is a desperate reach if they were truly asking UH-Hilo to be in the Rainbow Classic. Remember how people criticized the schedule of last couple years and Matlin said they will upgrade asap and he can use his ties with Diamond Head Classic to do that? I wouldn’t exactly call UH-Hilo an upgrade.

    Don’t forget that UH paid money to get out of a Las Vegas tournament that was already booked for four games. I thought it was a bad move but they said it was wise so I thought they had good back up plans. Matlin and Ganot talked up their scheduling ties and said they would upgrade so I thought thats what they were doing by canceling four games off the schedule. It is probably very true that the old staff didn’t finish a lot of the schedule but this new staff has been working since April. That is not ideal but still a decent amount of time to fix up the schedule.

    I will keep the faith for now and believe that Matlin and Ganot will surprise us all with a good schedule when it comes out. If not, they got some ‘splaining to do.

  14. Eran said on sports animals yesterday that he is for a balanced schedule. It could be different year to year, depending on what his team looks like, etc., i think he said. Said they need a couple more signatures on game contracts and one more game for the schedule. Said he has respect for Laura’s program.

    Also said the team is not where he wants them to be at this point, but they are making progress or something. Expects all the players to be here by the start of school. Practice starts around October 2 .

  15. Yes,.. whomever the coach, a new outside hire, would be.. It would be filled with drama.. and You cannot blame the past staff. they were thrown under the bus.. however soon, they will sort things, out and get settlements, and maybe restoration..

    Agree with all above posts.. Matlin Ganot, finding out how Hard it is to schedule. that balance.. still will have weather vane schools. same like UH fab and Henderson.. times.. do what you gotta do.. cannot, play 10 top 35 teams every year. killer to W-L record.

    THE BIGGER blow to Eran? That losing top Assistant, Norm Parrish.. that is huge.. at very last moment..Something is going on. and MBB program… with Matlin Eran era.. Rough First Year.

    well for sake of the Old guys.. the guys stuck it out, through Gib/ Benjy and now Eran.. I hope they make it some way to NCAA tournament.. they Deserve it.. great guys !!

  16. For Norm, I think closer to home.. and maybe Hawaii Not the right fit for he and his family?
    HC job at well known DII school..
    maybe family situation?
    we shall see.
    I still feel sorry for the remaining last year’s returnees. all of the drama.. too bad cannot just play ball,.. play like semi pro .. go Part time to sports related classes. teach in schools MBB fundamentals. and Play ball.. bet the guys would love that , with Stipends !

  17. Norm Parrish is not the top assistant coach on the staff. That would be Jacobsen who is the associate head coach. We are starting to get ridiculous again with the UHF1 comments. With all the comments about how much harder this off season has been in the gym it hopefully translates into more skilled players. Gib was rarely around to coach as he just liked to recruit and once Fisher left we didn’t have anyone that had extensive experience working with the bigs.

  18. After beating Pitt last year I don’t think the quality programs want to gamble and play in Hawaii. Right now it’s a no win situation for UH. Playing against DII programs or low ranking teams does nothing for your RPI and it does nothing for improving your game. Plus many people said that it was not a good idea to pull out of the Vegas tournament. That’s like bachi when you do things like that. Because it will bite you back in the form of other teams pulling out of your schedule which has surely happened. Learn from the mistakes of Herman the procrastinator. You can’t swing for the fences when you got nothing to back you up.

  19. Maybe the new coach will bring along that 7 footer we need.

    What was the reason we pulled out of the Vegas tournment ?
    If I have the chance, it is really nice to visit Vegas. Just sayin. This is a factor that should be takin in to consideration. Some fans like Vegas.
    Go Bows ! Meet you in Vegas ! And Reno is good too !

    Go Bows !

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