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Preseason work is underway for Warriors

Fall classes are in session at the University of Hawai’i, which means the preseason work for the upcoming basketball season is already underway.

According to head coach Eran Ganot, all the eligible Warriors are enrolled in classes and participating in conditioning sessions and individual workouts.

“Just talking about getting off to a good start,” Ganot said. “The first couple of days are logistical in getting them off to a good start in terms of paperwork and classroom and getting organized – team meetings and team functions. Obviously it’s exciting for everybody here when school starts. You see all the students here and just happy to be able to work with the guys again.”


The Warriors will have another month or so to “warm up” before official team practices begin on October 2. Still, this week is the first time that the entire roster has been on campus together.

“The big thing for us is to kind of start putting in a template of what we’re trying to do – our system,” Ganot said. “Skill work early – continue to emphasize the shooting, the ball-handling and getting strong in the weight room, get in shape. Right now our goal for the fall is to continue to get to know each other, move in the right direction and do what ever we can to get ready for October 2nd.”

The final piece of the team was put in place just last week, when freshman guard Sheriff Drammeh was announced as a signed recruit. He arrived in Honolulu in time for the start of classes and workouts this week.

“Sheriff’s exciting,” Ganot said. “He’s a dynamic player. He’s got a lot of talent. He’s very happy, pleased and pumped to be here. Needless to say he needs to gain some weight … but we wanted to have a young guy in here with a bright future and a lot of potential.”

Ganot also said a search is already underway to find a new assistant coach to replace Norm Parrish, who departed the staff two weeks ago to accept a position as head coach Westminster College in Utah.

“We’re happy for Norm; we’re going to move forward,” Ganot said. “Obviously this is an attractive position to be in and we’re going to continue to bring in the right people.”

There are other topics that Ganot declined to comment on, including the yet-to-be-announced schedule, and the status of recruit Bryce Canda.


  1. Where is the Finalized MBB schedule?
    What is the deal with Top Assistant leaving , at last minute?
    Why could you not convince NWC to stay at least one more year?

    You have to have Passion Eran, and a signed contract..

  2. What is the deal with Your JC Jewel recruit, not even able to maintain 2.2 gpa, and finish and get his Associate Degree, to enter UH this fall?

    Same questions , for Red, Bruce, Larry, Frank, Riley, Bob ,Gib and Benjy.. level playing field.

    Realistically, I cannot go, disabled and tooooo old.. however I listen on radion of live feed stats..
    If Not a good non conference schedule.. a really really good one. expect 4000 to buy season tickets?
    And Eran, What Exactily is Jamie Smith’s title and duties?
    Bryce Canda, by participating in NCAA summer workouts, supervised by you and staff, IS THAT A MAJOR NCAA VIOLATION?

    Answers please.. sir.. Eran.

  3. Big question still out there: Recruiting! How’s that going?
    Is it team policy not to talk about that? I forgot. However, that would bear repeating in place of an actual update.

    Go Bows !

  4. Lol. Yes! We need answers!

    Why wasn’t uhf asking this from the former?


    Not easy.

    Lol obvi in any year.

  5. More UHF BS. His Debbie Downer attitude is really annoying. Someone keeps waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

  6. UHFanz, I’m going to put this as simple as I can for you so you can drop this NWC nonsense. There was no convincing of NWC to stay. It didn’t matter who the coach was going to be, Eran, your beloved Benjy, or John Wooden. He was gone, checked out, finished, Alooooha!

  7. Time for Dayton to put a squash on UH Fanz ( which he isn’t) and his multiple Personnas on this website.

  8. Just my opinion and advice but UHF should take a look at his comments from a year ago and past that. Everything was super positive and about the team. When the haters came out he tell them to take it to other message boards because this the site for UH family and friends. Maybe it is time to take his own advice and move on.

  9. Amen Chuck. I’m sure we are all to an extent not happy with some aspect of the program whether it be the schedule, recruits, less interviews with coaches/players but we still try to keep it somewhat positive. How can UHF be questioning Eran’s passion? That is crossing the line.

  10. If I was Odd Ball, I’d tell UHF1 “there you go again with your negative ways”. With a new season coming up this is the time to work hard and get ready. We have some good players in the program that we hope will improve and get better so the team can build on last year’s success. If anything now is the time to be positive. Woof, woof!!

  11. I too would like to have a tentative schedule of set dates so I can plan my trips around. Even if a few dates aren’t filled, it would help.

    You can only guide and provide student athletes the tools to succeed, but they’re ultimately going to have to do the work. Bryce didn’t make it for whatever reason. Just be positive and hope that he’ll gain eligibility in Decmber/January. We could use a lift like how Janks came in last year.

    This “better do this and that” nonsense or else tickets won’t be sold stuff… we’re talking loyal fans again. If you win, the bandwagon fans will come… tough schedule or weak. The 2 or 3000 loyal fans will show up no matter what. I don’t know why UHFanz is trying to hold Eran to some crazy standard. I hope Eran and the players DON’T read these comments because all this scrutiny by supposed “fanz” should make Eran think… who do they think they are?

  12. Breaking or braking news – UH schedule to be released today.

  13. Looks like three games short of last year’s schedule, not including post season games ?

  14. Very easy schedule Hawaii should be undefeated heading to the diamond head no excuses

  15. 10-0, other than in the DHC games ?

  16. Coach Ganot is not hitting any of his marks yet that he preached when he was hired. 1. Better Recruits? Nope-Lost a recruit because of grades, 2. Coaching? Nope-Lost an Assistant Coach, 3. Upgraded Schedule? Nope. Might be Matlin’s fault, so not 100% to blame, but should have kept that Vegas Tournament. This is a weak schedule. Of course people will blame the old staff, but at least had that Vegas Tournament. Coach Ganot needs to pick it up. Let’s go Bows!

  17. More time to hit the books, since three non-conference games less than last year, so far.

  18. I say give Ganot a chance, but I have to give it up to Manoa Baller hitting it on the head. Giving up on the Las Vegas Tournament is a real question mark. No real reason was given for that. Perhaps there were long term goals that were trying to be reached quickly, but it was certainly not urgent enough to implement the withdrawel from that tournamnet this year. Perhaps in future years, they could plan to stay home more. But scrunching that long term goal and then not completing this years schedule, let alone getting some quality opponents does not look good. Maybe there is more in store. I still say give Ganot a chance. With this year’s team, there is some room for moving things around. The ultimate goal is still doing well into the post season. I’m still focused on that. I would like to know that Ganot is focused on that. So now, two questions: Recruiting, where are we? And the post season: where’s the passion?
    Go Bows !

  19. we all wanna know about the recruiting status and other news…ganot needs to keep us fans updated or there won’t be much interest in the program

  20. Excellent point Hawaiifan09. Coach Ganot has been on the job since April. I think I can count on one hand how many times he has done any type of interview. Part of the job is building up the fan base, not keeping us in the dark. I am like everyone else in that I want to give him a chance, but he makes it so difficult to get behind him.

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