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Introducing Sheriff Drammeh

Sheriff Drammeh is already a versatile speaker, fluent in three languages – Swedish, English and Mandinka. He is now looking to become a versatile player for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Drammeh, a 6-foot-3 freshman point guard, was a late addition to the Warriors – his signing was announced a week before classes started. He is from Stockholm, Sweden, and made the nearly-7,000 mile flight to Honolulu in time to get enrolled in classes and begin workouts with his new teammates.

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“It’s different, it’s really different,” he said. “Everything is in English, so it’s going to be a challenge. But I like challenges. Challenge is good.”

Drammeh attended Igelstavikens Gymnasium School in Sweden, but was better known as a member of his home country’s junior national program that competed in numerous international competitions over the past few years.

“What I think I can bring to the team is a little bit of smartness … passing, a little bit of scoring,” he said.

Sweden is better known for winter sports, but Drammeh said basketball was always his first sport (though he did play a little bit of ice hockey and soccer as a youth). His sister, Binta Drammeh, is a member of Sweden’s national women’s team, and is currently playing professional basketball in Hungary.

“Growing up in Sweden playing basketball wasn’t that hard,” he said. “I got my sister, she’s going to play pro in Hungary this year. She taught me a lot of things. The pace here is a little bit faster. More physical basketball here in the States. I think that’s going to be the biggest difference.”

There is also the big difference in campus size. Drammeh said his previous school in Sweden consisted of one building. It made for a somewhat overwhelming experience on his first day of classes on the UH-Manoa campus. “It was pretty hard – this campus is so big,” he said.

There is also the adjustment to the weather. Temperatures have been near 90 degrees with high humidity in Honolulu recently. In Sweden, the summer temperatures rarely go higher than 70 degrees. In the winter, the temperatures often dip below 20 degrees.

“I like the heat,” he said. “Sometimes it gets too hot, but I can’t complain coming from a country that’s ice cold.”


  1. A positive person who speaks three languages ! Look for two Australians and one Swede looking for their classrooms.

  2. Stef Jovanovic speaks Serbian, English and Spanish.

  3. should be interesting, with Sheriff, Q, Rod, Fleming, Niko, Dyrbe, Brocke, Zach, Jakob Cornelisson, maybe throw in Aaron, that makes for about 9 or 10 guards..
    the Two Stefs, Mike T. and Sai Tummala, 4 bigs..
    I want the guys to win, however, very thin in frontcourt.
    I guess, live by the 3, and die by the 3.. see last year, UH vs Davis, UH defense able to shut down, a lot of the looks at 3 line for Davis, outstanding defense by last year’s team.

    Whether Sheriff and Jakob are another English/ Savo/ Burneika, Mcintyre, Tes Whitlock, Trevor Ruffin, remains to be seen.

    Still think.. even a couple more 6’6″ 230 pound rebounders would help this year’s team reach post season.
    Well, we just have to wait and see..

  4. New Sheriff in town…
    How Often can we literally say that?
    Welcome Sheriff

    Practice Your Arm Bars
    Rod, Isaac and Q should get you feelin’ the speed soonest
    Suspect Coach has a System To Fit in Euro-Skills (Sooner)
    While Building Ability, Physicality and Skills for Both the U.S. & International Games

    Mahalo, Dayton

  5. We have the same front court as last year, so what’s the difference? Just replaced chan with Sai.

  6. Fans would love to see you work hard on stamina and speed for shooting development!

    Your agility would take you to undreamed of successes in Hawaii.

    Hope Jakob joins you to form as the Versatile-Dual!

    Enjoy & Rejoice!!

  7. I agree that we are a little thin with Bigs but we should be fine as long as we don’t get into major foul trouble.Many teams go with 3 guard offenses these days especially if they want to play uptempo. We have Purchase RS so he’ll be ready to go next year to replace Sai and I’m sure Eran will bring in another couple of bigs next year.

  8. High-MEDIQ could easily translates to High-BBIQ!

    Hawaii decidedly needs HIGH-SCORING for WINS.

    While we are at it, how about a HIGH-TREYS-TRINITY!!!

    Would you Sai?

    Go Bows!

  9. A true Sheriff to run the Sheriff Center! He does seem to speak very positive and mature for a freshman. As said before even by Ganot it looks like he needs to get stronger to be a factor on this level. Welcome Sheriff!

  10. What you guys and gal, say, I agree, last year had NWC playing 4 and 5, he got crushed, however still best 3 ball shooter, Sai, looks much stronger, and can pop 3 ball too.

    Just, the past history, whenever, Any past UH MBB team, needed that firepower or depth, were playing well, a key one or two went down.. If lose the 2 stefs to injuries ill, have to have Sai and MT, maybe AV, and by committee rebound defend paint.

    UH will probably have problems with Tall teams, with depth upfront, who can shoot, along with 3 ball good shooters.. that is a top 35 team for sure..

    anyways.. if Eran working Australia, start getting zeroed in on couple of bigs for next or next next season.. I still say, having depth at every spot, an A and B unit, pretty even, no let down, UH MBB can win lot of games. Eran says will play to UH returnees strengths, the quickness, getting steals, and their athleticism.. THAT IS what I like, like Fab Five, Henderson teams, AC, etc.. lot of fun.. and recent vintage team..

  11. Yes, Fab Five did not have any big bangers in the starting six ? Only slim Bob Nash, Al Davis and Penebacker in front court.

  12. Per UHf1, Gib has been hired by Boston Celtics. See Rob Demello tweet.

    Rob DeMello ‏@RobDeMelloKHON 5h 5 hours ago

    Former #HawaiiMBB Head Coach Gib Arnold has been hired by #NBA ‘s Boston Celtics as West Coast Scout based out of Los Angeles.

  13. UHf1 can now mostly move on now, as a fan of the team ?

  14. yes. I love MBB.. the guys from last few years, the returnees, they deserve our support, truth be told though. Eran so young and new, however he got HC job, hope guys bond, with him. He needs Jamie to jump start some life into him, so used to that fire from Larry, Bruce, Frank, Riley, Gib and Benjy made the games exciting, cause the coaches were amped up.

    MBB.. really Only Sai, Sheriff and Jakob new guys, too bad Bryce could not get in this all. However, Eran did identify the BIGGEST weakness of last year’s team, shooting, from FT line to 3 line..Everything else, team was athletic, and high energy, producing 22 wins..Eran very fortunate to have Janks, Jovanovich, Thomas, Valdes, Fleming, Bobbitt, Q, Niko, Dyrbe, Brocke, Zach. coming back , great, great young men.. they, islandman been through hell.. wish them a Run at NCAA, and if eran, let’s the Team shine. steps back.. will appreciate it.. Then in next couple years IT will Be completely Eran’s guys.

    You know I am back JUST focus on Hawaii MBB winning a lot of games exciting ball, balls to the walls, better shooting and lockdown, half court sets, smart BB. as we all want.. then Wins will come championships and Post Season.

    Wonder, you all heard Gib hired by Celtics as a West Coast Scout? Wonder if NCAA/ UH and Gib counsel settled? or just a slight hiatus and getting ready to settle at NCAA hearings and in court.. When all settled, and Gib , Benjy, Eran, We fans, the student athletes, the families are happy and team winning.. Then FINALLY I have moved on.. just that Last Piece of Puzzle the ncaa/ UH/ gib battle, when over.. then WE all can move on.

    Sad , the apathy for FB, will there be a downturn for new HC with average BB schedule? too.I think economics, and social media.student athletes and average fans watch on Tv or do other things..
    Gone the days of Fab Five, Henderson teams, AC, Savo , and Gib / Benjy teams.. very exciting, and the SSC whether 4000 or 9400 in the house,. SSC was rocking, hope Jamie Smith can get the Maniacs rocking again.. we shall see.. poor guy, he was knocked around by UH politics too.

    Go Bows !

  15. Haha. Arch rivals of my beloved Lakers . Perfect.

  16. warriorhaw:

    should be fun, the pro game, yes, remember the Boston, Bird, McHale, Parish, DJ, going against, Magic,James Worthy, Jamaal Wilkes, Kareem, classic games.

    Think that Gib will do fine.. Wish the best for all current and former MBB alumni..at is all we want really, everyone to be happy, or at Peace !

    Go Bows.. should be interesting year, hope Rod and company can win the BWC !

  17. Welcome to Hawaii Basketball SHERIFF!
    Sure like most Freshman he has to add muscle and good weight but he looks stronger than I was expecting from the highlight vids. Ganot is high on his upside but right now maybe he’s a sparkplug off the bench brought in when we want to Press and turn teams over. No need to rush him along-if hes not redshirted whatever we can get from SHERIFF in the rotation is great, as he continues to get Stronger work on his shooting, overall Ball skills and get used to the faster more physical style of American Bball.

    *And don’t forget CANDA is still trying to get eligible for later this season. Don’t know anything but this seems like a huge “save face” deal for Canda..if he can’t get in this season its a Wasted season for him not to mention extremely disappointing for Ganot and UH and I think they move on from Canda. So, just saying this is a big deal for Canda I think so don’t write Him off. Hed be a valuable add of course bringing 43% 3 point shooting and a strong solid experienced Guard game. We’ll see!

    This business tho with BOBBITT sideliñed with a broken jaw along with Enos is nuts..the national steals leader last season is a huge part of this Squad to say the least and I’m hoping he can take this setback and turn it into motivation to be even better this season.. more of a complete season..better shooting % and decision making/efficiency. But am expecting a big season from RB and our other top returners.

    Early Starting 5..am expecting 6’6″ F Sai Tummala to make a impact in his one yr as a Hawaii Warrior. After 2 yrs at ASU in the PAC 12 he sounds very focused on making a Difference on the court for UH.

    PG. Roderick Bobbitt 6’3″ Sr.
    SG. Aaron Valdes. 6’5″ Junior
    SF. Sai Tummala. 6:6″ Grad. Student.
    PF. Mike Thomas. 6’7″ Junior.
    PF/C. Stefan Jankovic. 6’11” RS Junior.

    Top Reserves.
    G. Isaac Fleming. 6’4″ Sophomore.
    C. Stefan Jovanovich. 6’10” Junior.
    PG. Quincy Smith. 6’3″ Senior.
    *G. Bryce Canda. 6’4″. Junior.
    G. Niko Filipovich 6’0″ Soph.
    G. Dyrbe Enos. 5’10”. Junior.
    G. Jakob Cornelissen. 6’3″ Freshman.
    G. Sheriff Drammeh. 6’4″ Freshman.

    So we’ll SEE how this all plays out. Heal up Rod and Dyrbe, and have a great season ahead Warriors!!! GO BOWS!!
    VV TH

  18. Sorry almost forgot 2 other walkon Guards…
    G. Brock Steptoe. 5’10”. Sophmore.
    G. Zach ( ). 6’3″. Sophmore.

    GO BOWS!

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