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Hawai’i to host Nevada in ESPN2 late-night game in November


A former Western Athletic Conference basketball rivalry will be in the late-night spotlight when the University of Hawai’i hosts Nevada in ESPN’s eighth annual Tip-Off Marathon.

In what has become an annual tradition, the Warriors will host the late-night game at the Stan Sheriff Center as part of ESPN’s 24-plus continuous hours of college basketball games.

The UH-Nevada game is scheduled to start at 11 p.m. (Hawai’i time) on Monday, November 16, and it will be televised nationally on ESPN2.

Due to its unique time zone, Hawai’i has hosted a late-night/early-morning game in each of the past seven years of the Tip-Off Marathon. The Warriors are 4-3 in those games, including a loss to High Point last season.

Hawai’i is coming off a 22-13 season, and is now under the guidance of first-year head coach Eran Ganot. Nevada finished 9-22 last season, and also features a new head coach in Eric Musselman.

The Warriors and Wolf Pack were rivals in the WAC from 2001-09. Hawai’i is now in the Big West Conference, and Nevada is in the Mountain West Conference.

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The official schedule for the 2015-16 season has yet to be announced by UH, but it appears Coastal Carolina has replaced Prairie View A&M as the fourth team for the Rainbow Classic in November.

CLICK HERE to read an article from the Myrtle Beach Sun News

Coastal Carolina may not exactly be a “big name” team, but the Chanticleers have participated in the last two NCAA Tournaments as the Big South Conference champs.

Hawai’i, Montana State, Nevada and Coastal Carolina appear to be the four teams in the Rainbow Classic, although UH-Hilo could be involved in a single game against Montana State.


  1. still does not make Major NCAA DI top 35 MBB program sense, Dayton… the spin..
    UH coming off of A 22-13 season, and BWC title game appearance, just short of NCAA bid.. AND this is NEW HC Eran Ganot’s first run as HC.as permanent, unsigned, as of yet, MBB HC, for a MBB program in flux.

    Kind of makes, a lot of friends, older ones, 50 to 65, who were thinking of buying Season tickets, decide to JUST stay home watch ESPN games or whatever local station broadcast home games..

    Too, much turmoil . Still
    ONLY thing take minds off of impending uncertain MBB future? if UH FB and WVB have great seasons !!

  2. Still I Love the guys, Janks, Stef, Zach, Dyrbe, Isaace, Rod, Q, Aaron, Niko, MT.. they are Warriors.. !!
    Hope they can graduate soon, think even the juniors on pace to maybe grad next summer or fall..
    Hope they have a great season.. They deserve solid stable season,..
    Not uncertainty..

    Go Bows.. and Old guys returness are The Real Deal !!

  3. I wouldn’t worry about the ESPN encouraging people to stay home. All in all, I think it does much more good than harm to attendance in the long haul. If people see the Bows on TV, and they are decent, that encourages people to want to attend and feel what’s going on at the arena. Overall, more good than harm. And we might just have a very exciting team this year.
    Go Bows !

    By the way, where’s that news on our 7 footer. Any chance ?

  4. I think Janks is very close to 7 feet. He seems a lot taller than Jovanovic who is 6′ 10. If these bigs were not so foul prone we would not need another big since we got Thomas too. But all are foul prone. Maybe they will improve this year with better hands.

    We need a marquee team to come to the Stan. Then we will fill the arena. But if we are not ranked they won’t come. The program has got to consistently improve each year in order to get to top 25. Then ESPN will get in the picture and force teams to play us. But that’s not going to happen over night.

  5. I like to see the players play ‘where they want to play’. If Janks wants to play the 4 or even the 3, the coaching staff needs to make that happen. They need to make it happen for all the players, for them to become the best they can be. Not just have them sacrifice for the team playing out of position. That sacrifice might happen, but every measure should be taken by the coaching staff to prevent it. We still have time to recruit. Is there a chance we might get a 7 footer ?

  6. The ESPN TV exposure is the main purpose of the game. Attendance will be low anyways at this time slot. You can’t pay enough for a nationally televised game. I like how UHF1 again is the spokesman for all fans from 50-65 years old. He knows they all decided not to buy season tickets.

  7. He’s the only one that doesn’t shell out the kala to support the program Its Nevada from the Mountain West not Praire View.

  8. I am in that age and UHF1 definitely does not speak for me but I will say for myself that if UH is trying to get new season ticket buyers they did nothing to convince me to buy. In fact they make me not want to buy because I get the feeling they trying to pull a fast one.

    I didn’t get season tickets last year but still went to 7 games. Maybe I would of thought about season tickets this year if I knew what I was buying and the value I was getting. As it is now, they don’t even say how much games or when is the games.

    I can understand how some fans will buy season tickets no matter what and that is great for you guys. Not all of us have that kind of money and rather know what we buying before handing over the money. If I going dish out 400 bucks I want to know how many games I get to go for that amount.

  9. Sorry for that rant above. Now getting back to the article, I think that is a decent field for Rainbow Classic. Montana State is definitely a win game. Nevada used to be good in WAC but look like they down now so another win game. Coastal Carolina might be dangerous unknown like High Point last year but still should be a win game and UH can say they beat a NCAA team if they win.

    Like I said it is decent field but not great. Still hope and pray better teams will be announced for later.

  10. Rainbow Classic hasn’t been that great in recent years. Wouldn’t be too surprising if attendance is low for the midnight game since the attendance at the past couple midnight games were pretty low. Despite the low numbers, the energy is always great! It’s definitely the students’ favorite game, as a ton of them show up.

    I think attendance to most games will be similar to last year. Despite the last minute coaching change and the departure of Fotu, a lot of fans showed up to the Stan Sheriff. It’s all about supporting the players. And let’s not forget that it’s those young, talented guys playing and not the coaches. Despite the current situation, I think we have a very exciting and competitive team.

  11. Job opening posted for Asst. Basketball Coach (Men), per krusha on wsn. Aloha to Norm, hello to ?


  12. It says “Pending position clearance” and only calls for one year of coaching experience at the college level or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  13. We need to show up this more than last year. If we want to get good players to come to our school we need to show everyone that we support our teams. I was happy that I made several games last year and some we very exciting. Recruits feed off of that excitement and to at times not fill arena is shocking. The best game I went to last season was the Shockers game. #11 ranked I believe. To see the fans reactions and excitement was something I haven’t seen in years. Sadly we lost but as fans I felt we were finally on the same page cheering for our Warriors. This year the most of the gang is back, having trained in the summer together for the first time in a couple of years. What is not to get excited about? We get our leading scorer and rebounder back, out NCAA top steals leader back, our 6’10” forward/3pt threat back, our aggressive freshman/now sophomore guard, our 6’9″ forward/shot blocker/overly exicited junior in Thomas, we get 6’10” big guy in Stephan, keep healthy Q who will have a breakout senior season I hope, local Junior 3pt machine, soon to be breakout sophomore guard Niko and everyone else. Sorry if I missed someone. This is an exciting group and they have already played together for a year so we can only expect them to be better this year. I’m excited and will be there to cheer them on when I can make it to the games. I’m even planning on going to some of the Cali games. Great group of players and people.

  14. “Two separate sources have now told HoopDirt.com that Hawaii assistant Norm Parrish will become the next head coach at DII Westminster College (UT).”


  15. Prediction Zane Johnson to apply for this paying position , and get the job.

  16. Never heard assistant coaches getting hired for the upcoming season only to quit and accept a head coaching job elsewhere. I thought they only did it after the season. So when is it safe to assume that all the coaches are going to stay put?

  17. I am tending to agree with servante. Something just doesn’t seem right about this move. I am guessing it will be “family reasons” or a “better opportunity” as the reasons that come out in the press, but my guess is something else going on.

  18. The guy is from Salt Lake City He coached there for many years now a chance as a head coach at a d2 remember he was at a jc level. That’s a move up and he gets to go back home. Unfortunate for us. Good for him

  19. The existing Coach at that other school left somewhat unexpectedly. It was an emergency situation to get a new Head Coach, quick. Lucky for Norm Parrish. Good for him !

    Still waiting for information on our new 7 footer. Although, I am happy to know that our existing players will get more playing time.
    Go Bows !

  20. The timing is not good, but I don’t think there are any red flags. A chance to be the head guy at a D2 program is better than a #2 assistant position in a D1 program like ours. If he was at UCLA or a big school then I don’t think he would take it. Our assistant positions don’t pay very well and the cost of living coming from Utah and the relocation costs are quite high. I’m guessing his ultimate goal is to be a D1 head coach some day and this is best for that path. Normally these things happen at the end of the year but since this was an unexpected opening he had to take advantage although the timing wasn’t optimal. He’s a good guy and will hopefully be successful since he has connections to the JC and high school pipeline in Utah. There are some really good players in Utah recently and the AAU team that Avea (former kahuku player) is playing on is loaded with D1 talent.

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